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Knitting in America ✭ [PDF] ✪ Knitting in America By Melanie Falick ✺ – Author Melanie Falick traveled thousands of miles to create Knitting in America an inspiring and revealing portrait of knitters spinners dyers and breeders of fiber producing animals The most complete Author Melanie Falick traveled thousands of miles to create Knitting in America an inspiring and revealing portrait of knitters spinners dyers and breeders of fiber producing animals The most complete survey yet published on the scope and influence of this vital art form in America the book profiles many of this country's most fascinating artisans and farmers and features than thirty original patterns for adult and child sized garments designed especially for Knitting in America In addition to Knitting in Kindle - the designer profiles the book includes special features on locations such as a musk oxen farm in Montana a school in Detroit where children learn to knit before they learn to read and a New Mexico yarn shop that supplies many of this country's top gallery artists with handspun naturally dyed fibersThe thirty plus patterns in the book range in difficulty from basic to advanced and in style from traditional to contemporary The patterns are clear the charts easy to read and a complete listing of mail order sources ensures that the patterns can be executed to perfection.

10 thoughts on “Knitting in America

  1. Cheryl Cheryl says:

    I'm conflicted about how to rate this book because it is lovingly compiled and lavishly illustrated and spans all of American history from Jamestown to art knitting today How can I be so hard hearted as to give only three stars to a book with a pattern for the very first knitted hat of North America? Yet for all the facts that the author musters for every chapter it's so very hard to read and to get new insights about knitting in the context of American culture because the facts aren't digested by the author There's no narrative You just can't sit down and read it cover to cover it's a matter of dropping in to learn a little about this era a sidebar about this person look at the pictures consider whether a historical pattern is worth trying they are a big sketchy on the details and intimidating I like the book but cannot love it

  2. Laura Laura says:

    I liked looking through the pictures in this book There were some pretty cool patterns The photos throughout were interesting and showcased the knitted items well The patterns were fun and colorful but I didn't find anything I wanted to knit though I'd probably still recommend to othersTaken from my book reviews blog

  3. Karen Karen says:

    I've never read this book through but years ago I looked at loved it before the days of Goodreads I think it's worth another look sometime I think this is where I found the pattern for my FAVORITE wimple which I've knitted at least 3 times

  4. Laura Laura says:

    Just a good coffee table type book Lots of fun information and pictures Great read for those that like to read about knitting as much as knitting itself

  5. Tonileg Tonileg says:

    History mixed with knitting patterns with an American themeLots of colorful sweaters cardigans for men women and children but again it feels like 1970s to 1990's style cables and color work Nothing that I would make for myself but I like simple vintage 1920's to 1950's styles This is really for people that like to color charts and complicated patterns where you'll have to concentrate223 pages and large format hardback book full of colorful pictures and a cute chapter where they teach children to knit in school what a great idea3 stars

  6. Melissa Melissa says:

    I didn't know what this book was about when I reuested it through the library It is made up of two page profiles of various women in America who are related to knitting through breeding animals for wool breeding cotton andor designing patterns it was fascinating though discouraging to read about their lives and how they approached their work

  7. Liz Liz says:

    A good capsule of the era and an introduction to the career beginnings of some of our most well known knitwear designers Am going to be rereading and studying this in depth after the first uick run through for hints and detailed instructions

  8. Diane Diane says:

    A review of knitting designers and gifted knitters across America along with gorgeous but difficult patternsWorth a read just to see the patterns and the height of knitting design

  9. Caroline Caroline says:

    My Aunt Katy is in this book

  10. Karen Karen says:

    Many of my knitting books sit on the shelf getting dusty but this one is a visual delight It never fails to inspire me to grab the sticks and string

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