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The Desert Hedge Murders ❰Reading❯ ➿ The Desert Hedge Murders Author Patricia Stoltey – A body in a bathtub is the last thing Sylvia Thorn expects her mother’s travel club to find when they check into their Laughlin Nevada hotel roomsThe Florida Flippers named for their long standing s A body in a bathtub is the last thing Sylvia Thorn expects her mother’s travel club to find when they check into their Laughlin Nevada hotel roomsThe Florida Flippers named for their long standing support of the Miami Dolphins scatter like dandelion fluff intent on investigating a murder case to which they have no apparent connection From the elderly wannabe cowgirl with wild red hair to the caustic tongued volunteer The Desert PDF or park ranger in orthopedic hiking boots the Florida Flippers keep Sylvia on her toes as she does a little sleuthing of her ownBut when the Laughlin detectives want to interview the Flippers one of the elder travelers and her rental car are nowhere to be found The tour group soon makes a grim discovery at the Lone Cactus Gold Mine near Oatman Arizona and Sylvia realizes there may be a connection between her mother’s club and the body in the tub after all To add to the confusion and Sylvia’s internal turmoil the handsome and much younger FBI agent who tormented her in so many ways in Florida is now in Laughlin showing intense interest in her group’s activitiesSoon Sylvia’s brother reluctant clairvoyant Willie Grisseljon senses trouble Unable to contact his mother by phone and prompted by his father who is eually alarmed Willie abruptly abandons his bachelor weekend in Florida and impulsively with Dad at his side flies to the rescue Willie soon wishes someone would rescue him insteadThe Desert Hedge Murders is a tangle of puzzling events that seem to have no connection until Sylvia and the Florida Flippers stir up so much trouble that Laughlin detectives the Mohave County Sheriff and the FBI are forced to work together to reveal the missing pieces.

About the Author: Patricia Stoltey

I grew up on a farm in central Illinois and have also lived in Oklahoma Indiana the south of France and Florida A retired accounts payable manager I currently reside in Colorado with my husband Bill Sassy Dog and Katie Cat My first two novels the Sylvia and Willie mysteries The Prairie Grass Murders and The Desert Hedge Murders are available as e books for Kindle and NookDead Wrong.

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  1. Stephen Tremp Stephen Tremp says:

    For ex FBI employee and retired circuit court judge Sylvia Thorn a trip from Florida to Laughlin Nevada should be a celebrated vacation filled with memories and pictures of good friends and fun times Sylvia is accompanying a group called the Florida Flippers named after their favorite sports team the Miami Dolphins which includes her mother and six other membersHowever events take an immediate turn for the worse when a corpse is found in the hotel bathroom of two members Sandra and Patsy Patsy is the newest member of the group and no one except Sandra knows anything about her Then Sandra disappearsDuring an excursion to a deserted gold mine Sylvia and the Flippers come upon Sandra’s body hanging over a deep dark shaft Not knowing if she is alive or dead the tour guides try to reach the body only to see it plunge into the seemingly bottomless creviceThe intrigue mounts as Sylvia discovers Sandra’s unscrupulous husband is operating a hedge fund Ponzi scheme and the Flippers had invested in the fund Then it is revealed to her an organized crime boss she previously tried is also involvedThe story also contains an FBI special agent who is as personally interested in Sylvia as he is in the case Local law enforcements Sylvia’s clairvoyant brother Willie and her father and local residents fill out the believable yet sometimes eclectic cast of charactersSylvia Willie and Patsy continue to investigate the murders and return to the mine at night only to find them selves trying to save their own lives as they are confronted by the bad guysDesert Hedge Murders is a fun amateur sleuth cozy mystery Patricia demonstrates her writing talents with terrific character development team and individual dynamics within the Flippers a couple murders and describing the desert scenery at day and during the night There are also a couple scenes when the lights go out in the mine Sylvia has to navigate her way through the pitch black tunnel surrounded by strange noises and the sense she was being followed Nicely done

  2. Mandy Burkhart Mandy Burkhart says:

    I uite liked that the main characters in this book were a little bit older than those in most mysteries I have to say it ALWAYS bothers me when I'm reading a book and the narrative flip flops between characters with no warning and for no good reason Each and every time it happened in this book it took me half a minute to catch on to what just happened Likeable characters though

  3. Cathy Cole Cathy Cole says:

    First Line I barely had time to slide my hotel key card into the slot before a loud crash thud and clatter set my heart racingFormer Miami judge Sylvia Thorn's heart should be racing She let herself be railroaded into accompanying her mother's seniors group the Florida Flippers to a weekend of fun in Laughlin Nevada and Oatman Arizona and they haven't even settled into their hotel rooms before a body is found in one of themThe seventy and eighty somethings are excited because of the body found in Sarah Pringle's bathtub and they're all set to investigate the murder That first night all the Flippers run around the casino asking uestions while Sylvia has the feeling that Sandra and her roommate Patsy know than they're letting on Sure enough next morning finds Sandra missing And speaking of feelings Sylvia's brother Willie is in Florida and he can feel that his sister's in trouble Nothing doing but he and their father hop the next flight out The stage is now set for all kinds of goings onSylvia and the Flippers go to Oatman Arizona By this time Sylvia realizes that she's signed on to herd excited cats When their tour of a nearby gold mine is ruined by a grisly discovery the ladies are willing to settle down and listen to the local police and an FBI agent who is now on the scene The Flippers are in danger and Sylvia knows she's going to have to work hard to keep them all accounted for and safe The situation doesn't necessarily improve when Willie and their father show upI enjoyed this book with all its elements of the Keystone Kops Anyone who's spent any time at all with a group of spry senior citizens knows the probable outcome if said group is on vacation and smack dab in the middle of a murder investigation Stoltey had me caught between bouts of laughter and frustration as those little old ladies went to workAny time the action took place in Oatman I was even happier I've been to this old mining town on Route 66 several times and Stoltey really captured its ambianceThe cast of characters in this book is so good The Flippers are a hoot and Sylvia is a level headed woman who doesn't panic even though she does need to learn to relax Sylvia's brother Willie is also a wonderful character who adds so much to the book A Vietnam veteran Willie suffers from post traumatic stress disorder but he's learned how to deal with it and has made a good life for himself He also happens to be a bit psychic which can be both a blessing and a curse for his sister depending on the circumstancesI couldn't help but wish there was a tiny bit to The Desert Hedge Murders as I read In one scene Sylvia is planning a night time visit to the old gold mine and all the Flippers start digging through their purses to provide Sylvia's fanny pack with emergency items The things the Flippers toss at her are funny in and of themselves but I was envisioning Sylvia stuck down in the mine trying to be MacGyver with all those goodies Alas it was not meant to be probably because Sylvia is Sylvia not MacGyver and she doesn't need to imitate anyone else This book minus my wishful thinking thank goodness is thoroughly enjoyable Read for yourself

  4. Beth Beth says:

    Library recallto be continued

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