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The Sacred Cipher A Novel [PDF / Epub] ☆ The Sacred Cipher A Novel Author Terry Brennan – History's greatest secret could be tomorrow's greatest threat More historically and biblically accurate than The DaVinci Code and just as adventurous as an Indiana Jones movie The Sacred Cipher the fi History's greatest secret could be tomorrow's greatest threat Cipher A ePUB ☆ More historically and biblically accurate than The DaVinci Code and just as adventurous as an Indiana Jones movie The Sacred Cipher the first book in The Jerusalem Prophecies combines action and mystery to draw readers into a world of ancient secrets and international escapadesWhen an ancient scroll appears in a secret room of the Bowery Mission in New York City Tom Bohannon is both stunned and intrigued The The Sacred PDF/EPUB ² enigma of the scroll's contents will send Bohannon and his team ricocheting around the world drawing the heat of both Jewish and Muslim militaries and bringing the Middle East to the brink of nuclear war in this heart pounding adventure of historical proportions The Sacred Cipher is a riveting fact based tale of mystery and suspense.

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  1. Victor Gentile Victor Gentile says:

    Terry Brennan in his new book “The Sacred Cipher” Book One in The Jerusalem Prophecies series published by Kregel Publications gives us another thriller with Tom Bohannon History’s Greatest Secret Could Be Tomorrow’s Greatest ThreatFrom the back cover A secret room has been discovered in the chapel of the Bowery Mission And what’s hidden inside could change the world as we know itWhen New Yorker Tom Bohannon uncovers an ancient cipher containing a dead language that has been lost in the sands of time he doesn’t fully comprehend the danger that’s about to unfold Though Tom and his team of ragtag scientists and historians want to decode the ancient text there are others who don’t want the cipher revealed And they are prepared to kill to keep it hiddenFrom a market in 19th century Alexandria to an apartment in present day New York to the tunnels beneath Jerusalem the secret of the cipher has spanned the globe–and threatened the lives of everyone in its path Will Tom be next?Prophecy intrigue and terrorism saturate “The Sacred Cipher“ The Cipher has been found again and a small group of men are working at trying to decipher it However there is a group that is devoted to making sure that this never happens and sets about to eliminate them Tom Doc Joe and Sammy are not ex CIA or Navy SEALS or anything like that they are simply middle aged men who have discovered something significant and want to know what it is The Cipher takes them to Jerusalem and they work their way under The Temple Mount to find the answer There in addition to the original group that wants them dead are the terrorists that want them dead and the Israelis that want them stopped because they think our group are terrorists And the action hasn’t even begun “The Sacred Cipher” is almost a non stop action thriller Mr Brennan has put in so many twists and turns in his story that it would make a roller coaster envious Tom Doc Joe and Sammy are wonderful characters that we care about want to see escape the danger that they find themselves in and want them to succeed Terry Brennan has given us a uniue thriller that will keep you on the edge of your chair as you read and flip pages as fast as possible I recommend this book highly and am looking forward to the next book in the seriesDisclosure of Material Connection I received this book free from Kregel Publications I was not reuired to write a positive review The opinions I have expressed are my own I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR Part 255 “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising”

  2. Pat Pat says:

    This book is an intriguing page turner From the very beginning to the last word the author held me riveted to the story eagerly anticipating what would happen next An international thriller the novel leads the reader through plot twists and turns around unexpected corners and deep into Biblical historyTerry Brennan has defined believable characters and launched them on a seemingly impossible uest riddled with danger and brimming with adventure He captures the challenge of the mission as he ushers his characters through a cacophony of doubt fear disaster and hopeThe pacing was just right enough to keep the reader guessing what was coming next yet detail and imagery never slowed the action There is nothing preachy about this Christian novel but it is so well researched and presented that even those who normally don’t read Christian fiction would probably enjoy itGreat news is that there is a seuel The Brotherhood Conspiracy which is on my TBR listI would recommend The Sacred Cipher to any reader who enjoys a fast paced mystery thriller that is exceptionally well written

  3. Janna Ryan Janna Ryan says:

    Sacred Cipher is the kind of book that sucks you in slowly and then won't let you go til it spits you out at the very end What I mean to say is that it took me a few chapters to get oriented to what was going on who everybody was and where the story was going Then I had to grab on with both hands and just hold on for the ride There are plenty of seeds of truth in this book and storyline the preacher Charles Spurgeon and his love of books the Demotic language and the Rosetta Stone Sir Edward Elgar and the Dorabella Cipher Abiathar of Jerusalem and the Bowery Mission all of these things are real Terry Brennan takes these items and people of fact and weaves an amazing story of mystery intrigue and some incredible suspense that kept me up until 300 am reading to finish because I couldn't go to bed until I knew how it ended Archeology puzzles theories Muslims Israelis assasins and the President throw in a couple Americans and a Brit and a Sacred Cipher and what you have is a tale that will set you on edge and keep you holding your breath

  4. Flsunluvr Flsunluvr says:

    46% of the way through I pulled the plug

  5. Kathleen (Kat) Smith Kathleen (Kat) Smith says:

    I believe what has always drawn me to the Indiana Jones movies is the possibility of the discovery of an ancient biblical artifact being discovered that might hold untold powers in the right or wrong hands For those of us that study the Bible we know that many religious artifacts still remain hidden even continually searched for to this day That is just the reason for my fascination about novels that deals with that type of genre A bit action adventure mystery and of course suspense For those that love such types like National Treasure The DaVince Code or the Indiana Jones series you might just want to check out Terry Brenna who has written a series of books called the Jerusalem Prophecies Series The first novel in the series The Sacred Cipher takes readers into the heart of a discovery of an ancient scroll that has been found in the late 1800's by Charles Spurgeon In the metal case contains a scroll consisting of a series of unknown characters on it and from all appearances is very old The only issue Charles has with it is knowing what it says and even how to go about reading it He only knows he must mail it to a professor in London who might be able to help As he is attempting to do this he notices a group of men want to stop him from taking the scroll from Egypt and will stop at nothing to ensure they get it back Nothing As the scroll's mysteries deepen Tom Bohannon discovers an old map room hidden in an old church during the present day Calling in support for what he discovers with scientists and historians he trusts he unlocks a safe believed to contain a priceless collection of old religious books Among them he finds a metal case containing a scroll along with a letter warning whoever has it that is must be uncoded and protected whatever the cost and that danger surrounds those in whose possession it remains It will take an entire team of men to use all the resources available to them to unlock the mystery of the scroll and what they discover could uite possibly mean the end of the world if what is reveals is true Now all they can do is true to find out if is true or just some kind of random treasure hunt but if that is the case why are there so many people out there killing others just to stop them? I received The Sacred Cipher by Terry Brennan compliments of Kregel Publications for my honest review I did not receive any monetary compensation aside from a free copy of this novel in exchange for my honest review At first the book was hard to get into with so many characters being introduced and understanding the difficulties in dealing with ancient languages and cryptology but the further into the story you get the involved you become in wanting to know if such a thing is there and if it is possible By the end you will do anything to get your hands on the seuel The Brotherhood Conspiracy For me this one was a 45 out of 5 stars and now I can't wait to read the next one Knowing Bible prophecy things just got a whole lot interesting

  6. Shaun Shaun says:

    Renovations were underway at the historic Bowery Mission in New York City and by chance the construction workers came across a hidden room behind the organ pipes of the chapel Tom Bohannan executive director of the mission uickly realizes that what they've discovered is the office of Dr Louis Klopsch the first president of the Bowery mission While the office has the traditional furnishings you'd expect the one piece of furniture that stands out is a large ornate safe After a bit of searching through Klopsch's desk and file cabinets Tom discovers the safe's combination Much to his surprise the safe is filled to the brim with books scrolls manuscripts and the like The most uniue item in the safe is an ornate mezuzah containing a five by twenty four inch scroll The writing on the scroll is in a script that Bohannan and his brother in law do not recognize Accompanying the mezuzah was a letter from Charles Spurgeon to Dr Klopsch warning that there are men who will kill to posses the very scroll that they held in their hands Their curiosity peaked Bonannan and his brother in law Joe Rodrigurez embark on a journey to uncover the meaning of this mysterious scroll The deeper they dig the dangerous things will get Their journey will take them from the streets of New York City all way around the world to the city of Jerusalem What they uncover could be the greatest archaeological discovery of all time However it may also be the last straw in the constant struggle between the warring factions in the Middle East If you're a fan of archaeological fiction you need to read The Sacred Cipher Terry Brennan's engaging style will keep you on the edge of your seat as you work your way through all of this book's 352 pages This well researched work of fiction will be enjoyable for the both the academic reader as well as the armchair archaeologist This book was truly a pleasure to read and deserves a rating of five out of five stars Terry Brennan has had an extensive career in journalism winning several awards including the Valley Forge Award for editorial writing from the Freedoms Foundation Terry served eleven years as the vice president of operations for the Bowery Mission in New York City and is currently a management consultantDisclaimer This book was provided by Kregel Publications for review The reviewer was under no obligation to offer a favorable review

  7. Yannick Serres Yannick Serres says:

    As a fan of Dan Brown I was expecting a good reading with 'The Sacred Cipher' I got well servedA temple under a temple A group of diversified people will find themselves prisoners of the uest to discover this hidden temple They will be hunted by many radicalist groups and by the government The discovery they thought would make them famous could kill themTerry Brennan made a fabulous fiction novel based on some real facts and personnages The story keeps you alert and intrigued during all its 350 pages'The Sacred Cipher' is the kind of book that mix well religion intrigue crime and history This very nice book has not much to envy to 'The Da Vinci Code'The uestion is will this group of normal people will be able to decrypt the cipher and find what has been hidden for than a thousand yearsI got to thank Terry Brennan and 'Kregel' for this book I received through Goodreads giveaways

  8. Dennis Dennis says:

    A good read I can understand some of the problems mentioned in the negative reviews; but overall I thought it was a good adventure story Not sure I'll read any of the others in the series Too many books too little time; I have to be selective

  9. Kim Sargent Kim Sargent says:

    I thought it was awful Poorly written I had to stop reading it

  10. Lawrence Lawrence says:

    Renovations at the Bowery Mission in New York City uncover a hundred year old office containing a collection of rare books sent to the director of the mission by a world renowned minister during his travels But one item of this collection an ancient scroll includes a letter from the minister with this warning “Within it are written certain assertions which if true and verified will dramatically alter our understanding of the past our perception of the present and our hope for the futureIt is also on of the most dangerous documents in existence A document I am convinced some men would commit murder to possess and other men would commit murder to destroy”Director of the Bowery Mission former investigative reporter Tom Bohannon begins pursuit of the the meaning of the scroll written in a language not used in over 1200 years and discovers the warning in the letter to be very trueI would put this into the category of “religious artifact thriller” This one is faith based than some in this genre Bohannon will face obstacles both ancient and modern while attempting to complete the hunt for the answer of the scroll For me the reason for the adventure the challenges and dangers overcome in pursuit and the main characters all went together in an enjoyable way

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