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  • 07 January 2016
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  1. Michèle Michèle says:

    A jolly stroll through the end of the world as seen from a 14 year old boy For the end is nigh and humanity’s future is counted So when Vincent stars seeing elves not cute ones and pixies which the elves hate then is chased by a soccer ball sized demon they don't need pitchfork they have teeth than can grind though everything he know that something is amiss His only ally is a young witchy neighbor dabbling in magic and meditation an anathema to his ultra orthodox family Humanity time is up and the only salvation lies through mysterious portals But a Corporation has hidden the portalsAs in most YA book Vincent also deals with other issues like bullying by a rich heir who goes to school with his bodyguards and outwitting his religious family There is the unlikely allies action up turns etc coincidences overly caricatured characters out of body experience tussles struggles fights and a Lot of punches to the thorax of our unlikely hero so much that it becomes a running gag Remember it is written for boys in the 10 13 age bracket The story tackles religious issues at least from a small fringe religious cult of the triumvirate But Vincent even as the youngest is less dogmatist than his parents and older brother whose pastime is protesting against everything unorthodox There is a scene where Vincent while forced to act as the elves’ unwilling thrall punches his best friend to gain the trust of the rich bully to no avail and may smart the teachers in us There is like the 2012 movie a real end of the world with real death in the end and a few saved so maybe not for the sensitive ones

  2. Phil Bacon Phil Bacon says:

    Got this book for free so figured I'd give it a tryIt's really not all that good Heavily inspired by Gaiman and Pratchett's Good Omens it has your basic apocalyptic scenario with the young hero and his friends realizing at the last that the world is full of mystical creatures But that's where the similarity endsThe characters are single note with no growth or change The humour is intended to be slapstick but there's zero variety to it just a lot of punching There's some revelations of secrets but most of them are not even really hinted at in advance and have no impact on the plot Oh no a terrible thing happened to this person Oh wait no they're fine Strictly there as artificial drama with no impactThe best thing I can say about this book was it was a fast read so now I can move on to something elseWorth every penny I spent on it

  3. Sara Sara says:

    Short and funny book about the end of the world believe it or not The demons will consume all of mankind if the humans can't make it to the portal to be whisked away into another world Teenagers Vincent and Max happen to come from a religious family some kind of fundamentalist cult called the Triumvirites and although the Triumvirites believe in the end of the world they don't believe people should be consorting with pixies elves and demonsYes this book got weird It was rather violent too Nothing serious but a lot of punching and getting thrown around rooms Must be a guy thing Lots of tongue in cheek digs at Christian fundamentalists in a light hearted sort of wayI possibly would have liked this better if the elves hadn't been so well mean They weren't really really mean but they did some damage It was a bizarre read with a few funny moments

  4. Tish Tish says:

    This book is clearly for very young readers I felt that the characters were undeveloped and the dialog was too simplistic The author definitely hit the mark with this YA book I really had to push through this story Though I do like the subject of the story and its conclusion There was no emotional connection and seemed predictable

  5. Ruby Ruby says:

    Epoch by Timothy Carter is an action filled book which uses a common story in a uniue wayEpoch follows the story of a boy named Vincent during his uest to save the people of the earth before the world ends While the world being in danger of ending isn’t an uncommon theme in young adult novels Epoch takes it a step further and follows through with it even making the chapter numbers go down instead of up like a timer ticking down This small touch condemned the world with the ending no spoilers being similar in that a majority of the population doesn’t survive; the fact that Carter didn’t try to save everyone made the story interesting and placed a higher importance on Vincent than simply making the ending tidy and neat However Carter does save all the characters even faking the deaths of a couple for a small shock This made it seem as though no main character was in danger and lost the impact of dangerous situationsThe story is a pleasant read and funny at times though the jokes are sometimes simpler and aimed for a young audience It does a good job of twisting our reality in that it often feels like the world’s ending it’s just that in this story it really does endThe characters in this book are fun and enjoyable to read about but most have no major growth; the only character that does is Vincent’s brother Max The characters felt static and occasionally forced into their relationships One complaint I had for this book was the odd pacing it had; it was relatively fine until it reached the end; the heroes were facing the final boss who was endangering the whole world and yet he was defeated easily because he had 2 bodyguards While making the villain of a story weak adds onto his or her character here it just seems like an anticlimactic ending to an otherwise interesting book The book correctly and efficiently conveys its message that some things are inevitable some things cannot be changed and some things can only be solved with the effort of others This idea can often be seen and remains a constant truth throughout the bookOverall Epoch was an enjoyable read albeit I’d be hesitant to reread it again For an uncommon and light read this is the book to go with

  6. Nicky Dierx Nicky Dierx says:

    This is the single worst book I have ever read in my life I have read hundreds if not thousands of books so this is uite an achievementEssentially it's a 300 page run on sentence that I couldn't bear to put down simply because I couldn't believe how utterly crap it really wasThe characters come off as bad tropes that were hastily cobbled together out of half remembered characters cribbed from better authors than thisThe dialogue reads as though it were cereal boxes being read aloud by a speakspell I daresay the plot itself feels rather like a few old episodes of doctor who being smashed together in a blender then filtered through some used diapersI'm rather amazed at all of the positive press this book has gotten here on goodreadsI picked this book up at Polaris a Sci Fi con in Toronto because a gentleman presumably the author had an impressively large sign which read I'd like to tell you about the end of the worldHaving read the book I'm sad I wasted the ten bucksI keep it on my shelf however for two reasons First I've never read anything uite so terrible in my life before and I like having it there as a reminder of the benchmarkSecond I can look at it and be reminded of the fact that the following year again at Polaris I ran into the author and informed him of my reasons for not liking his work To be fair he did ask me for them He only has himself to blame if it made him cryAnyone who puts a work of and I use this word very ashamedly literature so terrible as this into the world really must expect some negative feedback now and thenPlease if you're reading this I implore you look elsewhere for your armageddon fantasy needs this is not the book you are looking for

  7. Stephen Pearl Stephen Pearl says:

    I originally picked up Epoch because I met Timothy Carter at Polaris and I could have it autographed As a result it took me a while to get around to reading it When I did I was sorry for two reasons One I was sorry I hadn't read it sooner and two I was sorry I was finished because it was so much fun I can't think of a book that has made me laugh The lead character is likable but in no way sickly sweet The conflict is solid but Tim manages to make the situations that spring from that conflict both logical and hilarious This is probably the best young adult novel I have ever read Yes I am including books about boy wizards I enjoyed in my comparison Along with being a load of fun the book also points out the real danger of religious extremism and the whole one true and only right way mentality It even takes a shot at certain retail outlets with a less then stellar reputation If you haven't read Epoch you should treat yourself If you have watch out for flying red basketballs with lots of teeth This is a great one for youth and adults and would make great fodder for a family read aloud in the evening with your preteens and teens

  8. Robert Chartrand Robert Chartrand says:

    The premise of the book is what caught my attention Now I’m used to the usual end of the world books where at the very last second the heroheroine is able to save the world from total destruction plunging into 100 years of darkness etc; but to have the end of the world be inevitable? I found that to be intriguing However that isn’t the only spin that the author puts into the book The way he makes you take a different look at what most have deemed “fairy tale creatures” and the slight poking of fun at various religious beliefs is enough to make most people smirk at the sheer cleverness of it all While at instances the book seems to speed through the story making you wish a tad time was taken the fact the plot goes off of the beaten path makes it very enjoyableOn a side note if anyone else knows of any books where the end of the world is something that can’t be stopped I would love to know about them Epoch is the first that I’ve come in contact with Thanks

  9. Trae Trae says:

    This book is definitely a favorite It's basically a book about the end of the world from a 14 year old view This boy doesn't believe in his religion based on the triumvirate and he doesn't think the end is nigh He also doesn't believe in demons or angels or anything like that Until one day during his science fair themed on the end of the world he sees a elf And when he gets home his parents throw him in the chapel for not spreading the word and he gets out He then goes to a girls house who his parents call a witch and sees elves and it starts his knowing of the end of the world On the way home a few pixies explain the world is ending and before long he is being chased by demons beat up by elves helped by pixies and trying to save the worldText To WorldHe doesn't believe in a religionThere are Atheists all over the worldRecommend this book to any one with a sense of humor and spare time to read a small but great book

  10. Cynthia Cynthia says:

    This book is unlike any other book I've actually read because in the beginning the book starts out on chapter 30 It represents the down of Earth's end of time Earth's destruction In the beginning the author began to base the book off on a new type of christianity which was found The portagonist of this story is a boy who can see mythical beings compare to regular human beings As long as the person opens their mind they can actually see the unbelievable and that everyone could realize that Earth is full of many mythical creation before the dawn of human era This shows that the world would be engul into chaos and that demons would appear throughout the Earth to kill all humans and destroying the Earth It also serves as a potential message that humans do not keep the Earth clean and pollute it and in order for the Earth to be clean we have to reborn Earth once again

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Epoch[Reading] ➸ Epoch By Timothy Carter – Buyprobolan50.co.uk Nein dieses Buch enthält keine »nette Geschichte« – denn am Ende dieses RomansBis es aber so weit ist hat der 14 jährige Vincent sich mit Dämonen Elfen und Feen auseinanderzusetzen An seiner Se Nein dieses Buch enthält keine »nette Geschichte« – denn am Ende dieses RomansBis es aber so weit ist hat der jährige Vincent sich mit Dämonen Elfen und Feen auseinanderzusetzen An seiner Seite hat er die umtriebige Chanteuse die ihn mit dem missmutigen Elf Grimbowl bekannt macht Vincent wird zum Vermittler zwischen Menschen und Elfen auserkoren was nicht nur angenehme Zeiten mit sich bringt Wie soll er das seinen fantasielosen Eltern erklären und nebenbei die Welt vor der Zerstörung retten.

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