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Crystal Healer (Stardoc #9) [BOOKS] ⚦ Crystal Healer (Stardoc #9) By S.L. Viehl – NINTH IN THE CONTINUOUSLY SURPRISING AND DEVIOUSLY WRITEN SERIES Genetically engineered interstellar surgeon Dr Cherijo Torin her husband Duncan Reever and a handpicked crew journey to the planet oKia NINTH IN THE CONTINUOUSLY SURPRISING AND DEVIOUSLY WRITEN SERIES Genetically engineered interstellar surgeon Dr Cherijo Torin her husband Duncan Reever and a handpicked crew journey to the planet oKia to locate a strange black mineral that is the source of an intergalactic epidemic When one of the crew members becomes infected his body slowly begins to crystallize While Cherijo races to save the crew member mercenaries arrive in the oKia system wanting Cherijo's genes and her near immortality It will take all of her abilities to elude the mercenaries and discover the black crystal's secrets before it's too late.

10 thoughts on “Crystal Healer (Stardoc #9)

  1. Amanda Ryan-Romo Amanda Ryan-Romo says:

    I just finished this and have to comment on it I think I got this early perhaps my local bookstore shelved it a week early because according to every other place I checked it's not supposed to be out until Tuesday Aug 4 That said I'm done with itOkay I liked this series from the start until Rebel Ice which I hated with a passion After I got the gist of it I skimmed it and it immediately went to GoodwillThen I found Plague of Memory on the new books shelf at the library It was free so I read it And I was again intrigued Given the titled I was convinced that JarnCherijo would somehow become integrated Not so Still the plot was captivating and I thought Jarn learning to live in a new culture ie Jorenian was interestingSo I bought Omega Games and I liked it I re read the series minus Rebel Ice and I discovered that I liked Jarn I liked the fact that she loved her husband Reever whereas I never uite believed Cherijo loved him While Jarn was just as intellectually sharp there was something compassionate and womanly something I always felt was missing from Cherijo the feminist movement notwithstandingWhen I noticed Crystal Healer on the bookshelf I picked it up immediately And SPOILERS AHEAD began to read I knew when Marel related her dream that her momma would not come back that the end would not be a pleasant one though not uite what I expectedI did enjoy this book It furthered the plot Viehl has been developing though I'm disappointed that she's moving towards a religiousspiritual ideology rather than the scientific ideology she's previously exploitedBut I don't like what happened at the end with Jarn I really came to like her And the good bye death scene at the end with Marel really did me in I simply don't understand why Jarn couldn't have integrated Cherijo's memories either dramatically and with a whole novel devoted to that or gradually as it seemed was happening Certainly integration would fit with the spiritual aspect Viehl is heading for so I am very disappointed that Jarn's character simply had to die to be replaced with sharp tongued bitchy CherijoThe next book in the series better be a free one at the library or it won't get picked up by me

  2. Cathy Cathy says:

    A bit better than the last book But I just didn't enjoy Jarn She's a pill The different perspective on familiar characters and situations is interesting but she's just to judgmental and sanctimonious to be likable Although she and Reever are perfect for each other she doesn't mind being pushed around and he's still a jerk Cherijo was sometimes rash and immature certainly prickly but she was vibrant funny and interesting It's unclear from the end what's really going to happen to these 2 women I assumed an integration would turn then into one better person but perhaps not We'll see Finally some progress was made on the big universe wide story arc After yet captures and imprisonments It appears that the black crystal has invaded every settled world in the galaxy except three; was it annoying luck or some kind of fate that hooked Cherijo up with the crystal clear Jorenians? The author has fooled me before when I felt like something was too much coincidence but was later revealed as story dictated and supported I'm also now hoping that Cherijo's perfect health is responsible for her being one of the few Terrans in the galaxy who isn't a total bigot despite being raised in the home world Perhaps the black crystal is responsible for the mass hysteria That would be a good twistThe next book is indeed the final one in the series so it looks like it's going to be a big rush to cram in the real story before the finish after all of the leisurely detours and imprisonments The pacing of this series has been very odd

  3. Marya Marya says:

    Spoiler AlertreturnI picked up this book reluctantly since I am fond of Cherijo and not overly enad of Jarn THe last two books have been entertaining but my heart was not with Jarn I missed Cherijo So I made myself a deal I would read this book and if Cherijo was not back in this book I would not follow the series Thankfully she is backreturnThe book is written with Viehl's usual skill and the story lines are great We revisited a few characters from the past and met a few new ones but for me the end was worth it I really thought that Jarn was annoying and a little dense if Viehl did not have the skill of telling a tale I would have dropped the series two books ago but now I must wait impatiently for the next oneI missed you CherijoreturnreturnI would have given this four stars except for my extreme dislike of Jarn Is that a fair thing to do to not rate higher because I don't like a character? Hmmm pondering

  4. Mitch Forman Mitch Forman says:

    Loved Cherijo and her real human being three dimensional conflicted personality Loved how she grappled with issues of immortality healing personal vs universal destiny definition of personhood etc Hated absolutely HATED Jarn whom to me was nothing than a 2D monolithic plot device who wanted nothing than to backpedal from any philosophical conflict and go live a boring threescore and ten with her eually un conflicted friends and family Agreed with Xonea who felt although it was clearly not Jarn's fault that Jarn was just another in the long list of occurrences destined to deprive Cherijo of life liberty and the pursuit of happiness Was smiling all the way through the heartrending Jarn bye bye scene First novel in the series I've truly enjoyed since Eternity Row

  5. Kessily Lewel Kessily Lewel says:

    Crystal healer is the ninth book in the StarDoc series The main character is Cherijo Torin formerly Greyveil a Terran doctor who was engineered to be immortal Because of what was done to her before she was born half the galaxy wants to capture and experiment on her for the secrets of immortality but every time she’s managed to eventually escapeUntil she ended up crashing on the alien iceplanet Akkabarr She meets her end on the ice when the memory centers of her brain are destroyed The only problem is her body can’t die so on that day a new personality is born Jarn When Cherijo is finally rescued two years later it’s Jarn who rejoins Cherijo’s life It’s Jarn who is wife and mother along with being a healer among her adopted people the Jorenians It’s not easy and it means forming a new relationship with Reever Cherijo’s husband and Marel her daughter But in some ways Jarn is able to be to them than Cherijo was because she puts family first always And although it’s hard for Cherijo’s loved ones to accept that she’s gone forever they slowly come to love Jarn for herselfThere’s just one problem—after finally being sure that Cherijo is never coming back it seems like certain parts of the Terran’s memories are returning leaving Jarn scared For her Cherijo returning would be death and the people encouraging her to try and remember don’t seem to understand that And one person in her life refuses to accept that Jarn is there to say Her clanbrother Xonea seems determined to do anything he can to keep Cherijo’s body safe no matter what that means for JarnWhen Jarn and Reever are forced to go off planet to investigate the mysterious black crystal that has been plaguing them for years Xonea tries to stop them but finally accedes only if he is the one who brings them on their investigation Coming along for the ride is a new character but one who just might have a major connection to both Jarn and CherijoAs Jarn gets closer to finding the answers they seek it gets harder for her to pretend that Cherijo’s memories aren’t coming back Terran modes of speech slang things she was never around to see edge their way back into her mind In the end will she be pushed out so the original inhabitant of the body can return? Or will her love for her husband and child be enough to keep her intactAs usual the author is fantastic at fleshing out new worlds and new alien species There’s non stop action and all the little side plots help build a full and beautiful story I cried at the end of this one just from the emotions it raised Highly recommend you read the whole series

  6. Karen Karen says:

    This is a fun series but it's been a while since I read the earlier books and I had forgotten a lot Viehl gives clues about earlier events in the story so that one is not completely lost but personally I prefer to actually remember stuff So I hope that I won't let another 5 years go by before I read the next Stardoc novel

  7. Carolyn F. Carolyn F. says:

    Oh my gosh I'm sitting here blubbering thinking No this can't be I've been reading a few reviews for the nextlast book in the series and I have a feeling it's going to be harsh like I'm imagining view spoiler Jarn has metaphysically walked away bringing Cherijo back I seem to be the only one who liked Jarn and I especially loved the way she was with Duncan One of the last paragraphs Jarn tells Duncan Nothing that is lost is gone forever It is my turn to wait now I hope somehow Duncan remembers this in a dream or something Although Marel does say that she dreamt she never saw Jarn again so maybe it's a long way off I'm choosing to believe that unless I read something different For Duncan to finally fall in love and then to lose it such a heartbreak I hope for his sake Jarn comes back hide spoiler

  8. Wendy Wendy says:

    This book was slow compared to the others in this series Not a lot of action too much scientific jargon and sadly an ending that I did not like muchAs much as I disliked 'Rebel Ice' and the plot twist that the author introduced in that book I have to say that I was disappointed with the ending of this book I suppose that Jarn has grown on me and that her opinionview of Cherijo has influenced me a bit but I was sad to see how the author ended this book I am not too sure that I am going to be pleased with the next book and am wondering if the ending of this series is going to be a disappointment for me I suppose that there is only one way to find out

  9. Kate Kate says:

    My review will contain a spoiler about the end of the bookTHANK GOD FOR THE END OF THIS BOOKI was so over Jarn it was beginning to get ridiculous Everything about her character grated on my nerves whereas Cherijo I found to be a very interesting and delightful if a bit angry and hurtful character As soon as the end of the chapter hit I nearly did a dance I had a huge grin on my face because I feel like I can finally get back to the point of this series CherijoReading about Jarn has been similar to watching your favourite show suddenly switch the main character from someone interesting to someone who has the likeability of a moldy potato

  10. Ruby Ruby says:

    Long story short I'm glad Jarn is gone because she irritated the everloving hell out of me I was so glad to get Cherijo back and even though I hate hate HATE the CherijoReever pairing I'm interested in seeing what happens next in their dynamic Although I also hope he gets bumped off soon

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