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Curse of the Blue Tattoo: Being an Account of the Misadventures of Jacky Faber, Midshipman and Fine Lady ❮PDF / Epub❯ ☉ Curse of the Blue Tattoo: Being an Account of the Misadventures of Jacky Faber, Midshipman and Fine Lady Author Katherine Kellgren – Buyprobolan50.co.uk Bloody Jack is back and this time she's facing a situation far worse than a ship full of murderous pirates Curse of the Blue Tattoo LA Meyer's seuel to the enormously popular Bloody Jack is just as ba Bloody Jack is back and the Blue MOBI î this time she's facing a situation far worse than a ship full of murderous pirates Curse of the Blue Tattoo LA Meyer's seuel to the enormously popular Bloody Jack is just as bawdy and entertaining as the original Left in Boston by the HMS Dolphin crew when they discover her true Curse of ePUB ´ sex Jacky Faber finds herself navigating entirely new waters It turns out that bloodthirsty buccaneers have nothing on the young ladies at the Lawson Peabody School As Jacky observes they're like any bunch of thirty or so cats thrown in a sack and shaken up good They're mean in ways that boys never even thought of being of the Blue PDF È It isn't long before Jacky shows her true colors by being arrested for exposing a Female Part her knee while jigging in the streets and is busted down to serving girl instead of student Jacky soldiers on getting herself into scrapes that her darling beau midshipman Jaimy Fletcher couldn't even begin to imagine including uncovering a shady of the Blue Tattoo: Being eBook ↠ minister's evil secret and fixing a horse race with voodoo And where in the world is seafaring Jaimy As her letters to him continue to go unanswered of the Blue Tattoo: Being eBook ↠ Jacky grows and worried Still at book's end she takes an assignment as lady's companion to the captain's wife aboard a whaler headed for London Astute readers will notice that the whaler's crabby captain has a peg leg and won't be surprised if in the next Bloody Jack Adventure Jacky ends up hunting the great white whale.

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  1. Kathryn Kathryn says:

    I am rating the unabridged audiobook recording of this novel and I find it almost impossible to try to separate the text from the performance in trying to craft my review so I simply won't This audi0book has won all sorts of awards and for good reason Narrator Katherine Kellgren is a phenomenon Truly I think she is the female Jim Dale You would think this was a full cast recording her various voices and accents are so spot on She instills such an incredible passion and voice to Jacky and yet all the secondary characters are remarkably vivid as well I was absolutely rapt listening to this I tried many times to imagine what just reading this would be like I don't think the voices in my head could be half so fine and whether Kellgren is merely capable of giving the story its just voice or whether she breathes added life into it I do not know though I almost tend to believe it's the latter as there are some cases where I just KNOW her voice brought out so much in terms of characterization and excitement I did not realize until I had checked this out from the library that it is actually a seuel but I kept listening because I was so engaged and I think any holes were uite well filled in and for those who aren't looking for a seafaring adventure they may just prefer to jump right to Book Two as well Although this is mostly a character driven story there is a fair amount of excitementaction and good historical details And I really enjoyed reading about America as seen through the eyes of a Brit in 1804 All in all highly recommended especially for the audiobook I'm eager to listen to in this series as well as other recordings by Ms KellgrenSPOILERS TO ANYONE WHO HAS NOT READ BOOK ONEAfter being discovered as the female she is British Jacky Faber midshipman er woman is sent off her ship and with the treasure she helped retrieve is sent to a fine girl's school in Boston MA where she is to learn to be a lady While she desperately misses her comrades and especially her fiance and the open sea orphan and former street urchin Jacky is keen to become a proper lady though there is just so much spunk in her she has a difficult time sticking to embroidery and learning to manage household budgets But her spirit pours from a very kind heart and even though she gets herself in a number of troublesome situations she somehow manages to pull through them with courage and goodwill until it seems that she may finally have met her match in Rev Mather who she believes murdered a poor servant girl some years ago but was never brought to justice Jacky must strive to get him that justice while avoiding his nooseJacky Faber is my latest companion for the commute too bad she won't count for the carpool lane haha and what a delight she is I got this out from the library after hearing all the awards the audiobook version won though I didn't realize until after I'd got it that it is actually the second book in a series No matter this one sounds my cup of tea than the first and Jacky is such an engaging character I feel that I am totally involved in her life already

  2. Lala_Loopsie [fire breathing B!tch Queen] Lala_Loopsie [fire breathing B!tch Queen] says:

    DNF at 97%Jack is still a fun character she still has a knack to get into trouble But the setting I don't like I wanted adventure at sea marine life water Jamie Instead we have a school for ladies curtseys sailors on land and letter from Jamie Not at all what I expected

  3. Allison Allison says:

    Meyer LA Curse of the Blue Tattoo Being an Account of the Misadventures of Jacky Faber Midshipman and Fine Lady 496 pgs Harcourt Inc; LanguagePG 13 Sexual ContentPG; ViolencePG After her perilous encounter with the dread pirate Le Fievre and her discovery as a girl Jacky is put off the Dolphin and sent to a finishing school funded by her shares from the spoils of capturing the pirates loot Under the stern thumb of the infamous Mistress Pimm Jacky discovers just how far she is from becoming the fine lady Jaimy would like her to be Jacky soon realizes that the social rules and etiuette of Boston is much stricter that that of London With her tendency for impulsiveness and her temper Jacky soon finds herself demoted to a household servant at the school There she finds friends and forms the dreaded sisterhood Many adventures await Jacky in this next volume of her story Readers will want the next volume close at hand as they reach the end of this story Upper MSHS Essential Allison MadsenTeen Librarian SJO Public Librarian

  4. Brandy Brandy says:

    I wasn't sure about this going in after all a book about an uncultured girl being thrown into finishing school How many of these awkward fish out of water stories do we needI should have trusted This isn't any girl this is Jacky Faber who gets herself into any number of delightful scraps and mishaps In spite of Jacky's constant mooning over her boyfriend from whom she hasn't heard in several months this is still at its heart a fast paced adventure story and I think it still has boy appeal if sold the right way Because I can't go without complaining about something I will say that maybe too much happens in this volume it seems there's not a situation Jacky can't get herself into and the end seuence happens in a blur It sets up the next book nicely though and I'll be reading that one as an actual honest to goodness book since it hasn't been released to audio yetThis volume has an awful lot of singing in it and the reader has a wonderful voice for this aspect Worth a listen

  5. Angela Angela says:

    With each of these books I love Jack The author has a great website about these books I would love for these to be made into a PG13 set of movies Listening to them has been a real pleasure This installment is about Jack learning to be a real lady and the plots begin to thicken in her relationship with Jamey Parts of the novels are not for the faint of heart and if one were to read them to one's children I would recommend much discussion The category of young adult fiction is being enriched by this author's work

  6. Lady Godiva Lady Godiva says:

    God I hate this Jacky so much She’s sly shallow nonsensical bitch She gets in trouble promises to never do it again and then does it Again And again and again Honestly she’s such a Maru Sue All the good guys like her and the bag guys hate her 99% of boys around fall for her almost immediately She learns horse riding in a couple of months and apparently gets so good at it that wins race when competing against actual real jockeys who have had years of practice She always has some kind of useful powerful or knowledgeable friend who can manage to help her out of another trouble When accused of something she just starts crying and whining until though the accusations are completely accurate and she is guilty she is forgiven this instant and then the situation reverses and the friend who did the accusations starts to beg to be forgiven by JackyI hardly see why she's considered such a ‘feminist’ role model Yes she always goes talking about how she’ll do this or that all by herself but in fact all by herself she gets only in trouble and sometimes in prison and rarely gets out of them without somebody’s help She’s always pining after Jamie her lover boy and constantly repeats how she loves him and how she’s promised to him But this fact strangely does not stop her from shamelessly flirting with any other boy sometimes even almost lust after one of them Worse she even uses her ‘charm’ as a device in a revenge plan And she always repeats ‘oh that flirting can’t do any bad’ or ‘that won’t hurt’ etc But that does bad and it does hurt people And she even has no guts to admit that she did all this on purpose to get even with other bitchy girl yes that girl was a major bitch but why the hell steal her fiancée when you clearly doesn’t need him To humiliate her It’s mean and it brings you down to her level And frankly that bitchy girl Clarissa as an antagonist doesn’t serve half the role she should be First she is cliche to an awful extent Just another blonde pretty rich spoiled little princess of the school academy Again Like we haven’t readseen that for a bazillion times already As a character she is rather weak and as an antagonist Well Clarissa clearly spent way less time on humiliating Jacky than Jacky spent on plotting how to humiliate Clarissa I think that should say something about the protagonist Even Harry Potter as I recall didn’t make so much effort to take crap out of Draco MalfoyI think people tend to take no notice and ignore that this Jacky actually is not that much of a good person she’s still mean and sly because of the villain in the book Oh the villain who is a Reverend is good The author makes you despise this Reverend so much which he deserves that you don’t notice loads of drawbacks the heroine has Compared to the Reverend Jacky is a white little innocent lamb whom you can’t help but pity and feel sorry for and sympathize with simply because she is a heroine and he is a villain and he is that bad and frightening

  7. Lydia Presley Lydia Presley says:

    I made the mistake of actually reading Bloody Jack the first book and this time chose to listen to the audio after reading an incredible amount of ravings over Katherine Kellgren Let me tell you right now the ravings were spot onKellgren makes these books come alive I laughed cried hooted and hollared right along with Jacky as she navigated the perils of becoming a fine lady I felt her longing for Jacky her confusion at the rules and regulations of this new place she called home I wanted to spit on my hand and join the Dread Sisterhood and to scheme along with her as she plotted to take down the evil ReverendWhile I certainly enjoyed reading the previous book it did not come alive nearly as much as this book did I'm NOT an audio book fan normally I like to read at my own pace and get impatient when I have to wait for someone else to get to the good parts but Katherine made every part of this book the good part I'm raving here but her enthusiasm spirit accents singing talents the songs came alive so beautifully emotion and just love shone throughI'm a huge fan of these books now This audiobook converted me and I highly recommend it to anyone looking to listen to a fantastic story especially if you are wanting to entertain an entire car full of folk on trips I cannot even imagine how much fun it would have been to listen to this in a groupIt's nearly impossible to talk just about the story and not about the audiobook because they became one and the same but I will say this I found the story in The Curse of the Blue Tattoo to be filled with adventure colorful characters just a touch of improbability The Lady Lenore's maker was well I did roll my eyes and to be a fantastic account of the misadventures of Jacky Faber Midshipman and Fine Lady

  8. Lady Knight Lady Knight says:

    I really did not enjoy this Although it did have parts that made me smile Jacky is just too impulsive thoughtless and down right annoying for me to take right now I honestly got stressed out reading this Meyer might have created a wonderful character and I do understand her making mistakes because of sheer ignorance but does she need to be downright stupid to make that point No she does not There are even parts where Jacky comes across as mature for her age and fairly intelligent so why are we forced to suffer through so much idiocy No wonder I stopped reading this series after this book when I was a teen While fairly annoyed I will press on and read at least one volume before I give up on the series as a whole With thousands of positive reviews out there there has got to be something redeeming in the series

  9. Jennifer Jennifer says:

    It took me forever to finally get through this book The Bloody Jack books are so long I feel like they drag on and on This one was okay but I still enjoyed the first one I will continue on with the series I'm hoping the third book is better than this one I found myself bored in some parts of this story

  10. Abby Johnson Abby Johnson says:

    HOLY CATS Not only did the nonstop action and adventure have me riveted Katherine Kellgren's BLOODY PHENOMENAL narration brought the book to life Much much much love for this recording

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