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  1. Nikki Nikki says:

    Before I start I should say that I adore Marian Keyes I’ve read all of her books; I’ve laughed I’ve cried and I’ve loved almost every word I could probably go as far to say that I worship the ground she walks onSo it pains me to say that I struggled with this bookThe story focuses around a small block of flats in Dublin and a mysterious character that is watching over all of its residents This supernatural visitor who acts as a narrator is able to see into the memories of everyone in the building – and through this we gradually learn about each of the people living at 66 Star StreetUnfortunately I’m not a fan of ‘fantasy’ stories Magic and mystery just don’t appeal to me as much as realism The narrator whose identity is not revealed until the climax of the book was of an irritation than a selling point for me as I didn’t understand who or what was telling the story and my cynicism kept getting in the wayDespite the magical storyline The Brightest Star in the Sky is actually a rather depressing read None of the characters are happy and their backstories are all very dreary – cheating loneliness and mental illness among the mildest issues being dealt with Which leads me to the most fundamental issue I had with the book I didn’t really like or care about any of the charactersThere are a lot of characters in the book There’s Matt and Maeve a couple with a terrible secret that’s eating away at their relationship Katie the music exec with a rubbish boyfriend Andrei and Jan two Polish men who despise their flatmate Lydia And what seems like hundreds With so many different names and personalities to remember and short chapters that jump between them at a uick pace there was little time for a character to grow on you It seemed that every time I got mildly interested in someone the focus would change to someone else – and I’d find myself thinking “not her again”With some novels your need to understand everything has you racing towards the end but the mysteries within this story didn’t really grab me With each chapter that revealed nothing I found myself irritated than intrigued Aside from the secret of the narrator the chapters act as a mysterious countdown – from Day 66 to Day 1 We’re supposed to wonder what the book is counting down to but I just wondered why it was taking so long to get thereAs the story reached its climax my interest finally peaked despite things getting even harrowing and depressing than I’d anticipated The last few chapters although unsettling were much easier to get through than the rest of the book But it was still a bit of a relief when I finally finished it The Brightest Star in the Sky might be a book that divides opinion If you’re a fan of fantasy and magic you may engage with the storyline If you enjoy reading about everything that could possibly go wrong in the world then perhaps you’ll like the depressing themes But don’t read this if you’re looking for a happiness; you won’t find much of it hereDon’t worry Marian I still love you This review was originally published at Judging Covers

  2. Chloe Chloe says:

    The residents of 66 Star Street in Dublin are all being watched but by what? Maeve and Matt seem happy enough to anybody looking in but behind the facade is a truth that neither of them wants to be made public Katie and Conall have a lovehate relationship but how will the arrival of TV gardener Fionn affect their relationship?Lydia lives with Polish men Andrei and Jan but can’t stand either of them not to mention the problems Lydia is having with her own mother as well And Jemima lives with her lovely dog Gurudge but is sure she feels the presence of something hanging around the house of 66 Star Street Just what or who is watching these people? And will the secrets that bind them ever come out?Marian Keyes is one of the most successful chick lit authors of all time yet strangely I have only read 2 of her books I loved Watermelon one of her earliest books but her last release This Charming Man just didn’t do it for me So it was with trepidation that I decided to try out her latest offering which has probably been the most anticipated books of 2009 It’s had numerous cover designs posted all over the net some loved some hated but finally the book had its British release at the end of last month and I couldn’t go into a bookshop with seeing Marian’s gold shiny book everywhere I got my copy from the library as I don’t buy hardbacks and uickly sat down to read itI have to admit this book was a real struggle for me At over 600 pages long it’s a very large book that reuires the reader to put in a lot of time and concentration to read so I was hoping it would be good enough to hold my attention that long but I was sure it would because it was Marian But straight away I disliked it and sadly that continued throughout the whole book until the last 50 or so pages when I felt the whole things managed to pick up a bit but enough to move the book into 4 star territory for me It seems authors are trying to branch out in their material to try something different and Keyes has almost taken the lead from Cecelia Ahern by introducing a magical element into the book but I just felt it didn’t work here at allThe narrator who we don’t find out the identity of until almost the end of the book is somewhat creepy and doesn’t feel magical at all just somehow wrong It adds to the creepy and unsettling tone of the whole book – there is not a whole lot of happiness in this book at all and I think that is what made me struggle to complete it I knew nothing good was going to happen only that things would get worse for the characters I found Matt and Maeve’s story in particular uite harrowing to read and the shocking conclusion of it all was a bit too much for me Katie my favourite character of the book was the only good thing for me and the only believable character Conall was unlikeable and I bet most readers will struggle to identify with him Fionn was an awful character Rosie was easily forgetable I actually did forget her in parts and Jemima was another of the greats but they just weren’t enough to save this bookThere were too many characters to keep track of throughout the book and I wasn’t entirely sure why there was a countdown of days throughout the book Clearly we were headed towards day 1 but why – what was going to happen? I wasn’t altogether sure I cared that much and that’s a fundamental flaw here I hadn’t guessed the narrator until the point I think we were supposed to realise but many have claimed they guessed it – when I did realise I was a bit flummoxed by it because it was slightly odd and seemed like it had come out of nowhere to be honest The chapters are relatively short so the story keeps going at a good enough pace but I do feel it could have been 200 pages shorter and therefore succinct and perhaps better readingYes I have to admit I am really disappointed with the latest offering from one of Ireland’s greatest authors and I am glad I decided to wait to get a copy from my library It isn’t something I can recommend you go and buy but if you’re a fan of Keyes you’ll want to read this However if you’ve never read Marian before – DO NOT start with this one you probably won’t want to pick up another of her books reviewers also seem split on this – some love it and some hate it and sadly I just couldn’t get on with it at all It was just too depressing and painful to read and while elements of the book showed promise it just didn’t work for me Such a pity

  3. Kirstine Kirstine says:

    Why did I read this book? I was waiting in the library and it looked interesting Am I regretting it? No I'm not Not reallyThe thing is if this book had held on to the atmosphere and narration from the beginning it would have gotten 4 stars I would have thoroughly enjoyed it Instead it suddenly turns from oh warm cozy book about love and loss and finding yourself in a world of turmoil to PAIN AND ANGER view spoilerAND HERE HAVE THIS DETAILED RAPE SCENE AND A SUICIDE ATTEMPT hide spoiler

  4. Thomas Strömquist Thomas Strömquist says:

    If the first few reviews you saw was the I usually love Marian Keys but I'm rewarding this one star kind I'm happy to tell you those unfortunates read this book all wrong uite the contrary it has all the traits and character and characters that makes me adore Ms Keyes books unreservedlyYes there is a very odd seemingly omnipresent but certainly not omniscient narrator in this one and that detracts nothing from the warm and engaging story This is not the first time this author has pulled me back from the brink of a reading slump and going back over my reviews I find that I've given her 4s and 5s only I'm not surprised in the least

  5. Sarah Sarah says:

    Ahh another gem from Marian Keyes I didn't even know she had another book coming out so it was like an unexpected gift so excitingI didn't like her last one This Charming Man so much but this one was back up to her usual top standard I spent a lovely day in bed racing through it and enjoying every minute I love the way she writes I always find her characters so endearingly excitable and uirky possibly because MK herself is like that? Anyway I certainly am it's nice to know I am not alone in being easily excited by random things I loved Katie's enthusiasm for chemists they're such a force for good and Lydia's fascination with Polish towns ending in 'sk' they sounded like swear words only far hissier and snakierFor a while I thought that the whole thing with Death and Life or the spirit of the future baby or whatever it was watching everyone's lives and commenting was a bit weird and distracting but by the end of it I was uite enjoying their bits ESPECIALLY David getting suashed by the flying block of ice HA Rarely have I seen a villain come to such a delightfully satisfying endI loved Matt and Maeve's story although I found it a bit frustrating not knowing what had gone wrong for them I think I will enjoy this book in subseuent readings of it I often find that actually Mysteries frustrate me I like to KNOWFor some reason halfway through I started picturing Conall as Mr Big from Sex and the City Something about the way he was described After that I couldn't respect him as much I loathe Mr Big and all that he stands forI was slightly disappointed that nothing ended up happening between Lydia and HOT Andrei although there were hints at the end that there might be something in the future for them Boo I loved all the scenes between them SUCH great chemistryAnyway all in all a fantastic read Yay Marian Keyes

  6. Sophie Sophie says:

    I found the characters well rounded and despite their diverse personalities they were for the most part likeable with one very large exceptionAlthough the story jumps about a fair amount it is still uite easy to follow once you adapt to the style From a negative point of view I did not enjoy the story and found the book uite a distressing readContains Spoilersview spoilerSex suicide rape and death are major themes of this novel and I really did struggle to continue at pointsThe rape is graphic the treatment of the rape victim by her friends and the police is horrific This book would never inspire a victim of rape or sexual abuse to report their assault to the police and paints a very grim view of even confiding in close friends Whether or not it is a realistic portrayal of the treatment sex victims receive it is certainly a very bleak view The suicide is unpleasant reading as was the first death sceneThe death of the sex criminal is unrealistic and laughable in an otherwise relatively realistic portrayal of life Unfortunately as we all know the bad guy never gets his just desserts in reality hide spoiler

  7. Arielle Arielle says:

    It pains me to give this one star and I'd prefer to give it 15 but I just can't as I love Marian Keyes but this book took me by surprise and not in a good way I figured out the big secret with Maeve early on but I'm not sure whether that was due to it being obvious or a recognition of subtle signs so maybe not everyone would work it out so uickly While I understand that having any warning as to what had happened would essentially take away any suspense in the story if I had known what the book would focus on I most certainly would not have read it I guess there is a reason that the statement trigger warning has become so used online and a book like this could really use one Marian usually handles difficult subject matter well but not here I finished the book feeling sad and lost and even the cheesy and unlikely happy ending was not enough to change that

  8. Elaine Elaine says:

    A real disappointment It is over 600 pages and I got 150 pages in before I threw the towel in The story centres around a block of flats in Dublin and its various inhabitants and it switches from character to character with lots of flashbacks so that you get to know them all but it does get a little confusing trying to get each one straight in your mind There is some mysterious “ghostly” type of invisible entity hovering over the flats and its inhabitants which keeps saying that “everything is about to change” but I can’t wait any longer I have really enjoyed Marian Keyes’ books before but this one is just leaving me stone cold

  9. Ash Ash says:

    Just finished reading the book fifteen minutes ago and am slightly scarred by the ending Very graphic and dramatic and the just desserts for David seemed unbelievable However the writing was good and it was an enjoyable read if you're in the mood for something heavy Let me clarify that this is not in any way a beach read particularly the final 50 or so pages Many characters Rosie in particular I really wanted to slap She's like an annoying neighbour that pops over unannounced and stays for hours And the relationship between Lydia and Andrei should never have been written if he was going to end up with Rosie as a beaten man anyway why waste time with Lydia? Their zinging connection the sexual tension ripping each others' clothes off and going at it over and over Something should've happened between them Not just mindless sex I would've liked it if Andrei had grown a pair and tolf Rosie to eff off pardon my language back to her nunnery This coming from someone who isn't having sex till marriage due to my religion Sure I follow my religion but I don't go around rubbing it into people's faces with Rosie's Holier than thou bullshit again sorry for swearing but oh she annoyed me so The narrator once I realised who it was creeped me out slightly but I know what Marian was trying to do and it was sweet I wouldn't recommend this book for youngsters I'd classify that as people below the age of 18 because the themes of sex rape and death are just too vivid and somewhat disturbing Plus now that I really think about it what in god's name was Dr Shrigley ON telling Maeve to do Acts of Kindness and Trios and Blessings and all that yoke????? To a rape victim seriously?? It all seemed so new agey and made it seem like Shrigley was dealing with a rape victim with a hearts and flowers approach and that did not seem appropriate Prescribing antidepressants seemed realistic but I found the Trios of Blessings particularly hard to take It almost seems like Shrigley is taking the piss But it was effective in terms of storytelling because it showed how damaged Matt and Maeve's relationship was Before I started reading this book I'd just finished reading last Chance Saloon another one of Marian's books and I felt slightly frustrated with Katie's character she seemed like all three of the protagonists discounting the gay best friend combined with all that whining about never finding a man again and her body turning into a museum and all that I was glad when she met Fionn but irritated by his immaturity Conall's character was a bit under developed in a way all I really knew about him from the first 300 odd pages was that he was a workaholic who continually disappointed his girlfriend He came across as a cookie cutter character the workaholic boyfriend who realises the error of his ways and subseuently changes himself Further another bug bear of mine had been the best friends of the characters Marian you've already included so many protagonists Lydia Katie Conall Matt Maeve Fionn Jemima Andrei Jan Grudge the narrator etc including best friends just made the story difficult to follow at times I often found myself wondering Who's Alex? Who's Sissy? Who's Russ? Who's Bronagh? even now aside from Sissy because she was included in the final 50 or so pages I can't remember any of Lydia's friends Katie's friends are all a blur to me Was there a guy called Danno who loved coffee or red bull who had a very high freuency or am I thinking about Last Chance Saloon?All in all this book was an enjoyable read and kept me interested despite its length I'd recommend it to people sure However it is far from my favourite Marian that spot might be reserved for Angels or This Charming Man

  10. Anne Anne says:

    I've been a massive Marian Keyes fan since way back in 1995 when I read 'Watermelon' and I've read every one of her book since then some have been better than others especially those that feature the Walsh family but I've enjoyed all of them Marian Keyes' books always contain hilarious one liners wittily drawn characters that are warm and that the reader cares about whilst usually dealing with uite serious and often serious issues To me this almost feels like s lagging off one of my best mates but The Brightest Star in the Sky really has been a big let down Whilst still dealing with some difficult and very emotional topics this novel just didnt engage me at all I found the concept of the novel just so very strange for some reason she has decided to have a narrator who is not of this earth the Brightest Star of the title The time line of the novel is so confusing it starts on Day 60 something then jumps back day by day then jumps back a few years which becomes really confusing The very short chapters concentrate on one of the many characters in the story which again becomes uite difficult to follow there are just too many characters some of them are pretty one dimensional and to be honest I just didnt really care about them at all The characters all revolve around 66 Star Street in Dublin their lives become mixed up together but it felt as though a few of the relationships were just so outrageous and had been added to the story purely for effect There are still some uite funny parts of the novel and a few good plots but on the whole this really is a massive disappointment and I think that most die hard Keyes fans will feel the same way It's a massive tome of a book with over 600 pages and I was determined to make it to the end in the hope that maybe it would all pull together in the end but sadly I closed the book after finishing it with just a sigh of relief I dont know why Marian Keyes has chosen this concept for the novel maybe she's seen the success of Cecilia Ahern? The concept of the story is very similar to Ahern's book called If You Could See Me Now which I also really disliked I really hope that this was an experiment for Keyes and that her next book is back to her usual standards personally I'd love to see another book about the Walsh family

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