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Atlantis Gate [PDF / Epub] ☉ Atlantis Gate ❤ Greg Donegan – Former Green Beret Eric Dane has a cataclysmic dream that the earth was engulfed in flames years ago Is it a warning of things to come If the world's end came in 1962 then where is the world now Dane Former Green Beret Eric Dane has a cataclysmic dream that the earth was engulfed in flames years ago Is it a warning of things to come If the world's end came in then where is the world now Dane and his team must find the answers before mankind becomes history at the hands of its oldest enemy The Shadow which invaded ten centuries ago and destroyed Atlantis August.

10 thoughts on “Atlantis Gate

  1. David Dalton David Dalton says:

    Darn if I can explain why I like this series Good ole sci fi action might be one thing This particular book was so fun to read because part of the story dealt with in 480 BC King Leonidas and his 300 Spartans to Thermopylae as they try to delay the massive Persian Army Could not help but think of the Frank Miller comic series and the 300 movies I just recently picked up the last two books for free in this series and plan to knock this out soonI am also returning to the Mission 51 series as well just starting the 3rd book in that series

  2. Martin Hill Martin Hill says:

    The world is about to end The multi dimensional enemy known as the Shadow is about to devour the vary essence of earth unless two warriors can reach each other across the ages One is Eric Dane former Green Beret and the hero of author Bob Mayer's Atlantis series The other is King Leonidas best known for leading 300 Spartans and other Greeks against a Persian army of than one hundred thousand during the battle of Thermopylae in 480 BC Leonidas must hold back the Persians to allow Dane time to battle his way through the Space Between dimensions and time and retrieve the only device that can stop the ShadowAs improbable as this plot sounds the author makes it work Mayer has a particular talent for mixing historic fact with fiction—in this case science fiction A multi genre writer all of Mayer's works are rooted in history the kind of writing that sends readers like myself back to the history books to read about the events he describes His description of the battle of Thermopylae though fictionalized provides a realistic view of Spartan life and tactics Atlantis Gate is Mayer's fourth entry in his Atlantis series There are at least two books in the series So the earth isn't safe—yet

  3. Johnny Le Bon Johnny Le Bon says:

    Another good light read from the author of the Area 51 series Action packed Though I am not a big fan of the back and forth chapters between past and present I feel he is just using the past chapters as fillers That's just my opinion But I do look forward to Assault on Atlantis

  4. ✿Claire✿ ✿Claire✿ says:

    This has to be the best so far in the series Simply because of the description of the Spartans and their fighting tactics They completely gave me chills

  5. Bill Bowne Bill Bowne says:

    Continues the shifting between a past time and modern time scenes but now brings in other universes Interesting and fascinating

  6. Thomas Roth Thomas Roth says:

    A fascinating blend of history and fiction Well done

  7. Kathleen Lubbers Kathleen Lubbers says:

    Answers and mysteryDeeper into the rabbit hole with Mayer leading the way Can't wait to read the next book in this series

  8. Jason Jason says:

    Worth every wordThis is book 4 of 6 with each being better then the last So many layers to the story it keeps you guessing the entire time Can’t wait to finish the series

  9. Shari Scott Shari Scott says:

    I was sort of disappointed in this one Too much jumping back and forth in time so that when the finale occurred it didn't seem all that important Not as good as some of the other ones

  10. Sarah Sammis Sarah Sammis says:

    Atlantis Gate is the third book in a five part series by Greg Donegan a pen name for Bob Mayer As it is so far along in the series there is little time given for back story or character development Gates start opening all around the world in the present and past and the Shadow start making their moveI believe books should stand on their own even if they are part of a series It isn't always possible to start at the beginning Atlantis Gate doesn't live up to that standard It may very well be good book having arrived at it after having read the previous two books By itself though it is a choppy disjointed narrative that is somewhere between mysterythriller and science fictionThe five part series is Atlantis Bermuda Triangle 2000 Atlantis Devil's Sea 2001 Atlantis Gate 2002 Assault on Atlantis 2003 Battle for Atlantis 2004

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