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Battle for Atlantis ✾ Battle for Atlantis kindle Epub ❂ Author Greg Donegan – The Shadow has invaded before Ten thousand years ago they destroyed Atlantis and left the world's most technologically advanced civilization in ruinsThey have attempted to overthrow the world in the B The Shadow has invaded before Ten thousand years ago they destroyed Atlantis and left the world's most technologically advanced civilization in ruinsThey have attempted Battle for Epub / to overthrow the world in the Bermuda Triangle the Devil's Sea and Cambodia Now they've stripped Earth of its ozone layerHumankind's most ancient enemy won't stop until they leave behind a dead planetEx Green Beret Eric Dane has helped avert disaster before but Earth is running out of chances In a space between worlds he is traveling through past portals linking parallel Earths where history has taken different turns Where Washington DC is desolate but modern skyscrapers stand in Paris as Nazi swastikas fly from the Eiffel Tower Where than two billion have died after the polar ice caps melted in an isolated future timeline Dane and his Navy SEALs must find the Shadow's portal but even with their next generation weaponry what will they do when they reach that alien world The only certainty is that Earth is dying and the final battle against an enemy force bent on its destruction has started.

10 thoughts on “Battle for Atlantis

  1. David Dalton David Dalton says:

    What a great series 4 stars for this book and the entire series If you like sci fi action and lots of history then this series is for you I started reading this series back in 2013 and spaced myself out with a book a year In the meantime I read several other Bob Mayer thrillers like the first 3 in the Area 51 series and several of the Green Beret stories I have about 32 of Mayer's books in my Kindle and plan to start on The Sphinx nextEnjoyed the ending especially with Lincoln and his wife Mary but could have used some closure with Dane and a few other characters

  2. Weylin Weylin says:

    A cool book I stumbled upon in a used book store It incorperates history and sci fi in a uick read The book starts fast but ends a bit hokie For me the best parts of the book were the inclusions of the Civil War If nothing else this book has inspired me to read about the warfiction and non fiction in the future

  3. Ralph Ralph says:

    After reading all six Atlantis books this is another Bob Mayer series that I loved The Atlantis series is similar in style and approach as the Area 51 series where the author blends history with fiction seamlessly The story line is great fun with the unknowns being slowly revealed over the course of the series into a conclusion that wraps up the series

  4. Jenniferk Jenniferk says:

    194 page history lesson not a great endIt feels like a combined physics and history lesson not an end to a series If parsed down to what is relevant to the series 20 pages would have sufficed Disappointing

  5. Ed Tinkertoy Ed Tinkertoy says:

    The review I provided for the previous book in this series applies here The 6 books should have been combined into one or two at most and all of the repetitive stuff eliminated

  6. Mark Easter Mark Easter says:

    Hate to see the series end but it seemed a good ending at 330 am when I finally put it down Every book was interesting and engrossing Character development was certainly lite but the plot was a lot of fun

  7. Kathleen Lubbers Kathleen Lubbers says:

    Great seriesWhat a ride Exciting to the end No doubt Mayer is a talented author who weaves facts with fictional characters in a most entertaining way

  8. David Gilley David Gilley says:

    Overlooking the type's the whole series was time we'll spent reading

  9. Simon Simon says:

    Al righty then I read the entire series thanks Kindle Unlimited and to be honest I read it in one day This is the kind of thing that makes Ripping Yarns look like documentaries Eric Dane first encounters the Shadow and the Ones Before during a special ops mission in Cambodia 1968 The war between the two groups has been going on for eons and before the six books are done all kinds of people will be involved from Robert E Lee to Amelia Earhart who winds up leading medieval samurai into battle alongside the ship's medical officer from the Cyclops lost in the Bermuda Triangle in 1918 Other cameos are from the USS Scorpion Robert Frostno kidding and a raft of others who whip in and out of the adventure saga is a sort of para Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure way All of the Asian women are hot and deadly except for the Japanese scientist she just comes across as deadly The really cool people are actual descendants of ancient Atlanteans with the very coolest getting to have their bodies become crystal when they use them to save the planet from whatever each entry in the series has as the McGuffin Well sort of save them There are a few tsunamis that take out places like Puerto Rico and Iceland actually kind of blows up Bummer But it's that kind of nutty space opera writing that keeps the pages turning Nothing ever really makes any sense although Donegan certainly seems to think it does but you will get an alternative to the Indiana Jones explanation of crystal skulls And no Shia LeBouef so there's that to recommend itNutty But reasonably entertaining if you can get past the ueasy violence People get eaten vivisected blown up speared by krakens immolated by nuclear explosions the fun never ends If you haven't actually connected to a single damn character after six books well you haven't It's not Anna Karenina with Atlanteans

  10. Lee Lee says:

    Well after so many episodes in book length there is a lot of repetitions of things already said in previous books of the series but justifiable I would guess if someone is not reading all the books in seuence I enjoy the technicalscience and historical descriptions but feel it was too obviously a clever way to lengthen every book in the series and trap the reader in buying books to get to the finale For that reason I give 3 stars The last two books deal with how to defeat the threat being made These books have two or even three stories going at once and are a bit confusing at times I think the biggest issues is that sometimes the concurrent stories are given to much precedence in comparison with the main story There is great detail given to some aspect of these stories that could be better used progressing the main story lineI found the ending to the entire conflict to be a little short It's pretty clear what happens to most of the main characters but nothing is really mentioned about the conflict as a whole other than it is finishedThe series as a whole is uite interesting though There wasn't as much in respect to Atlantis as I figured there would be when I started the series but it still works If you like a story that takes place over different times deals with places like the Bermuda Triangle and the Nazca Lines and maybe even takes you to other worlds then this is a series that would probably interest you

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