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Assault on Atlantis ➿ Assault on Atlantis Free ➶ Author Greg Donegan – In 10000 BC the Shadow approaches and destroys the mighty empire of Atlantis leaving not trace of it other than vague legend Only a handful of survivors priestesses and warriors survive knowing they m In BC the Shadow approaches and destroys the mighty empire of Atlantis leaving not trace of it other than vague legend Only a handful of survivors priestesses and warriors survive knowing they must pass their legacy down so that the next time the Shadow comes mankind will be better preparedNow it has come back But it wants Assault on ePUB ´ the entire planet Across parallel dimensions the Shadow has consumed Earth after Earth but one Earth has repeatedly stopped it oursNow it 's not a uestion of just stopping the Shadow Green Beret Eric Dane aided by Amelia Earhart and from the past by the daughter of Crazy Horse must lead an assault into the Space Between and go to the very home of the Shadow and destroy them once and for allA war beyond time An enemy beyond space A thriller beyond your wildest dreams Three areas on the Earth 's surface defy explanation the Bermuda Triangle the Devil 's Sea of Japan and a small region of Cambodia Inside these realms planes have disappeared ships have vanished and in Cambodia an entire civilization has been lost leaving behind Angkor WatThe book brings to a close the riveting Atlantis series of books Battles across time and space Massacres and noble sacrifices Creatures and events mankind considered legends come to life All in one terrifying climax with the fate of the world hanging in the balanceIf you enjoyed LOST you ll love this book and be amazed at the similarities in concept although this book was published before Lost.

  • Paperback
  • 304 pages
  • Assault on Atlantis
  • Greg Donegan
  • English
  • 24 July 2014
  • 9780515136302

10 thoughts on “Assault on Atlantis

  1. Ralph Ralph says:

    After reading all six Atlantis books this is another Bob Mayer series that I loved The Atlantis series is similar in style and approach as the Area 51 series where the author blends history with fiction seamlessly The story line is great fun with the unknowns being slowly revealed over the course of the series into a conclusion that wraps up the series

  2. Shane Shane says:

    The story continues to grow just one book left in this 6 book saga I really hope we find out who The Others and The Shadow are

  3. Ms. Just One More Book (Kris Miller) Ms. Just One More Book (Kris Miller) says:

    After learning that the Shadow has consumed multiple parallel earths Eric Dane must figure out a way to stop the Shadow and the effects of the Shadow's last attack Millions are dead the ozone layer is compromised and radioactive gas is spreading like wild fire If the Shadow can't be stopped and the effects reversed this will be yet another earth consumedThe author manages to combine historical events from the past and combine them with the world he's created to put together another enjoyable read While I have enjoyed the series overall I'm finding the endings a bit rushed with little resolution as it leads to the next book Still good but a bit redundant

  4. Kathleen Lubbers Kathleen Lubbers says:

    InterestingAs with much in this series an 'end of the world 'mentality is prevalent History mixed with fiction in an entertaining way though it may be offensive to some war is brutal and freedom indeed our very existence reuires many to make the ultimate sacrifice This author is skilled at weaving tales of the past with other timelines in an unusual way I look forward to the next

  5. Mark Easter Mark Easter says:

    Fun read continues

  6. Robert Mills Robert Mills says:

    As noted before there are errors in the books that need to be cleaned up

  7. Frank Peterson Frank Peterson says:

    I love the entire series for a variety of reasons As another reader commented each of the seuential installments serve as History Lessons however contrary to his negative assessment of this fact I find it to be uite a positive element The strength and inherent uality of a work of Science Fiction lies in my opinion in not just the so called Hard Science composing the core nucleus of whatever Science Fictional embellishments the Author builds hisher story around but also the period history either past or future describing the when or the might be component of the Author's World Building ability Bob Mayer establishes himself in most all of his writings as not just a Science Fiction Author well versed in the core Science used as a platform from which he extrapolates his Science Fictional theoretical embellishments but also as an exceptionally well read and well researched historian In addition to the fact that I thoroughly enjoy both his writing style and his incredibly imaginative themes I also look forward to the refresher courses in period history which come free of charge in virtually all of Mayer's novels

  8. Lee Lee says:

    Assault On Atlantis is the fifth book in the series and it is just as good as the first four Millions are dead and still could die as radioactive gas moves across Russia towards Europe while a huge hole in the ozone layer is getting bigger and bigger Dane has to find a way to repair the atmosphere and he has to do it with Shadow technology Otherwise his Earth a long with others will fall to the ShadowsCan our Earth survive with help from the past? Or will we get help from another Earth which is already doomed but wishes to lash back at the enemy? Amelia Earhart Sitting Bull Crazy Horse Robert Frost and George Armstrong Custer will all have their parts to play in this struggleIn conclusion I am hooked on the Atlantis series but now I want answers Assault on Atlantis earns a conditional recommendation from me if you're an Atlantis series reader pick it up but do so knowing that IMO plot advancement is limited and that the novel appears to be a big build up to a finale of sorts in the next novel

  9. Jolie Jolie says:

    I believe this is the 3rd book in a 5 book series and this was the first book that I read Even with me starting reading in the middle of a seriesthis book was FANTASTIC I literally devoured this book read it in about a day and immediately downloaded this series was on Kindle the other 4 booksEven with the jumps from the past to the present to the Space Between it was pretty easy to follow the book Plus the author tied everything together at the end of the book Having past meet presentso to speakI gave this book a 5 star review on ShelfariWould I reccomend this book to friends and relatives? Absolutely Even though it is the 3rd book in a series it is also a stand alone book The author does cover what happens the previous books in the first couple of pagesso you don't get lost

  10. Darla Stokes Darla Stokes says:

    I'd enjoyed the previous books in this series but I had trouble getting through this one Part of my problem might have been the freuent shifting between timelines though this was a feature of the previous books as well There were also a lot of scientific details which I had trouble suspending disbelief for after the assertion that Earth's atmosphere was mostly oxygen I also took issue with the fact that all left handed people and only left handed people were creative and non logical while all and only right handed people were logical and non creative Nonsense like this made it hard for me to take the rest of the book seriously

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