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  1. Mizuki Mizuki says:

    I jumped to read another comic penned by Grant Morrison but oh boy I'm disappointed The 15 stars rating is me being kindThe concept beyond the story is refreshing but the story itself has left too many things to be desired plus the outdated 1990s artwork really gives me a headacheI am glad to see the JLA characters but I'm pissed that supposedly the members of JLA are forced to do battles against foes from the future? but I never see these battles in this volume what the hell? Another reviewer mentioned this flaw in his review Vandal Savage seems to be the only saving grace in this comic He is an interesting villain

  2. Brent Brent says:

    Rereading this was better the first time spread across the line of DC superhero comics than in this collected but abridged formThis height of Morrisonian hyper time and space stuff seems like Gardner Fox and Otto Binder via Mort Weisinger's Superman sensibilities to me this time Appropriate but if this is not as successful as Mutiversity from Morrison recently I do love his JLA the James Robinson Starman whose dad and descendant appear here and I like the Resurrection Man appearance from his creators Dan Abnett Andy Lanning and Jackson GuiceOh and Vandal Savage such a great villainMildly recommended

  3. Abe Abe says:

    an unpleasant reminder of how awful DCmarvel were at compiling trade paperbacks before the mid 2000s i don't even want to get into how horribly put together this thing is however it's an interesting companion piece to morrison's later always stunning Superman All Star we're introduced here to Solaris the Tyrant Sun as well as the Superman Dynasty but really avoid this thing and wait until the day when they put together all of the issues of DC One Million this one only has about 13 of the stories from the crossover event what a rip

  4. Matthew Matthew says:

    I recently reread One Million and it was worth the time It's a fun book based on the highest of comic book high concepts what would the millionth issue of a current DC monthly title look like? Or specifically what happens if you age the DC Universe than 85000 years?The results are mostly good This trade paperback collects the highlights of one of those multi title events that the big comic companies love so well In this one the heroes of the extreme future are evidently feeling nostalgic and so they visit the heroes that they're part of the legacy of Superman Batman Wonder Woman Auaman The Flash and Starman who I'm a big fan of but still ??? all meet their future counterparts while an android Hourman hangs out in the shadows They seem like nice enough guys and their plan to switch places so the 21st century league can compete in a kind of Chrono Olympics seems benign enough Too bad everything goes to HellSPOILERSThe villains for this story are immortal Vandal Savage and Morrison's creation Solaris the Tyrant Sun They both make great initial gambits Savage strapping four members of the Teen Titans into nuclear suits and firing them at world capitals pretty much the second the heroes leave for the future Simultaneously Solaris activates a virus that infects organisms and machines worldwide plunging the world into madness and death YayThere are some rough patches in this book owing at least partially to the fact that the entire One Million storyline was spread out over a dozen monthly titles and written and illustrated in a cacophony of clashing styles and skill levels The story's only improved by just giving us the highlights though I do remember enjoying Mark Waid's story of The Flash fighting Heat Wave and Commander Cold even if the result is kind of choppy in places The heroes of the future labor to save the present while the heroes of today gamely defeat the future's most terrible adversary Not the very best of comics but the very good It avoids most of the problems of an ensemble book giving most of the heroes a chance to shine though poor Future Flash and Future Wonder Woman sure get thrashed and having clear goals and motivations for both antagonists and protagonists throughoutSomething that was weird is seeing that Morrison came up with some really key phrases and concepts that DC ham handedly co opted for 2006's Infinite Crisis Superman Prime is the future's name for the original 20th century Superman who 85000 years later has a Fortress of Solar Solitude in the Sun and has emerged for the first time in millennia in a veritable Second Coming of DC's most perfect solar hero The 852nd century's Superman uses his fists to literally punch through time almost killing himself in the process a process that Prime replicates in Infinite Crisis Comics Plagiarizing themselves since well forever

  5. Brad Brad says:

    Grant Morrison delivers another great big concept Justice League story with most of the team transported to the 853rd century The TPB is kind of loose since the crossover affected SO MANY books There are recap pages talking about things like “the Bizarro plague” that I wish I could’ve seen And Solaris the evil star isn’t a great villain but I do like how he uses Vandal Savage Also neat is how the JLA members that don’t get transported forward are the ones that don’t have their own solo series There’s a nice tribute to Superman at the end

  6. Chadwick Chadwick says:

    Superman Punches A Hole In Time

  7. Nate Nate says:

    Some cool stuff here I love how this connects to All Star Superman and the Starman issue issue is fantastic pause between the timey wimey cosmic craziness However DC One Million exhibits several of the traits I don’t like about superhero events namely that they’re plot driven exposition fests Also while this collection does have the essential parts of the story it’s missing most of the crossover and feels like an incomplete read But I’m not about to shell out 100 for the omnibus so

  8. Adrian Mcauliffe Adrian Mcauliffe says:

    Very good artwork but kinda confusing story

  9. Lee Lee says:

    Fun core story about fighting Solaris the Tyrant sun A lot of other nonsense stuff that’s not as interesting

  10. Nicole Nicole says:

    The year is 85245 Pluto is a fully staffed prison planet ALL of the staff are straight men and possibly lesbians? 25 stars

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DC: One Million [PDF / Epub] ✅ DC: One Million Author Grant Morrison – Buyprobolan50.co.uk A sci fi adventure of epic proportions JLA One Million is an imaginative time travel story that introduces a future generation of the world's greatest super powered beings Appearing from the 853rd cen A sci fi adventure of epic proportions JLA One Million is an imaginative time travel story that introduces a future generation of the world's greatest super powered beings Appearing from the rd century the ancestors and descendants of the Justice League arrive in the th century to invite their idol to a DC: One eBook Û celebration in the future But when the two groups become stuck in each other's times the present and future of the universe hangs in the balance Now as a megalomaniac threatens the th century and a vindictive super computer takes control of the rd century it is up to present day and future incarnations of Batman Superman Wonder Woman Green Lantern Auaman and the Flash to rescue time and return order.

  • Paperback
  • 208 pages
  • DC: One Million
  • Grant Morrison
  • English
  • 22 November 2015
  • 9781401203207

About the Author: Grant Morrison

Scottish comic book author Grant Morrison is known for culture jamming and the constant reinvention of his work He is known for his nonlinear narratives and countercultural leanings in his runs on titles including DC Comics' Animal Man Batman JLA The Invisibles Action Comics All Star Superman and Doom Patrol and Marvel DC: One eBook Û Comics' New X Men and Fantastic Four Many of these are controversial.