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Warning Signs [Reading] ➶ Warning Signs Author Stephen White – Buyprobolan50.co.uk Sometimes the warning signs come too late The brutal slaying of Boulder’s controversial DA strikes deep in the heart of everything clinical psychologist Alan Gregory holds dear After all Alan’s wi Sometimes the Warning Signs come too late The brutal slaying of Boulder’s controversial DA strikes deep in the heart of everything clinical psychologist Alan Gregory holds dear After all Alan’s wife Lauren worked for the dead manWhen a new patient walks into Alan’s office—a terrified mother with an explosive secret—he finds himself edging even closer to the darkness Soon her privileged exchanges convince Alan that a crime is about to be committed And when he uncovers a shocking link to the DA’s slaying Alan is suddenly locked in the ethical dilemma of his career thrust into a desperate manhunt for a killer whose identity no one could have guessed As the minutes tick down Warning Signs explodes into a gripping story of crime and punishment tragedy and retribution—and of human beings caught in the shattering cross fire of forces beyond their controlforces sometimes within themselves From the Paperback edition.

10 thoughts on “Warning Signs

  1. Carol Hunter Carol Hunter says:

    I love every book that I've read by Stephen White The combination of psychology mystery and the location set in BoulderDenver is a winner with me He is my favorite mystery writer

  2. Lynn Lynn says:

    I really enjoy the characters writing and logic in this series This book is no exception Fast moving interesting and relevant

  3. Janice Janice says:

    This was a re read for me but it still brought home to me how much I am going to miss this series Stephen White's writing is so good for pulling the reader into the story immediately for building the suspense and for excellent character development I feel like I know these people and hate to see my glimpses into their lives come to an end I guess that is when you know you are reading excellent fiction when the characters seem so real and definitely people you know well and care about As others have said the story here though written several years ago is eerily similar to recent shootings in Aurora and other places But as always with White's writing there are multiple layers of story and plot and all are woven together for a very satisfying read

  4. Jody Jody says:

    I picked this book up for free at a trade show several years ago and put on my shelf to never think about it again Years later a good friend gave me some books and there was another Stephen White book in the mix and so I decided to finally read this one and you know whatI liked it I am already in my second White book and so far I like it as well

  5. Nancy Nancy says:

    A murder of a district attorney pulls both Alan Sam into a case It took some time to prove who the killer was although it was suspected early on I did not like the ending where Sam manipulated the ending for the killer and despite this person being despicable what happened at the end verged on Sam being just as culpable in killing as the suspect

  6. Punkin Punkin says:

    Whoa That was unexpected Liked the bomb ending Wow that was a horrible pun Lots of twists and mystery Really liked Bummed it was the #10th in a series Off to find #1

  7. Jim Jim says:

    Tenth book in Alan Gregory series All in all just a little too far fetched This series sometimes has some flat periods Number ten here klunked just a bit Characters could not save this goofy plot I'd say leave this one on shelf until later Being nice giving this one three stars out of a possible five stars I really like the series so I'm grading on a curve

  8. Jeannine Eilers Jeannine Eilers says:

    This is a definite page turner and one that will keep you reading until the very end There is uite a few twists and turns in the plot This is a must read thriller I read it in a couple hours straight thruWhat happens when a psychologist enters the darkness of the criminal mind? When a tormented killer takes revenge on an unsuspecting city? When the warning signs come too late? The grisly slaying shatters the uiet of a residential neighborhood in the foothills of the Rockies The battered body of Boulder County District Attorney Royal Peterson lies amid shards of broken pottery while his wife sleeps upstairs Within forty eight hours a homicide detective is the prime suspect in the brutal death that will send shock waves through the city's political ranks—and reverberate in the professional and personal life of Alan Gregory Alan knew Roy Peterson Lauren his wife a prosecutor in the DA's office worked under Peterson for years And while Lauren contemplates taking on the defense of the accused cop Alan meets with a new patient Almost from the moment Naomi Bigg starts talking warning bells go off in Alan's mind A terrified mother with an explosive secret Naomi tests the limits of doctor patient confidentiality when her privileged exchanges convince Alan that a crime is about to be committed But when he uncovers a shocking link to the Peterson slaying Alan finds himself riding the slippery slope between professional judgment and personal responsibility as he struggles to protect his patient while probing the mind of a deeply troubled teenager As violence erupts throughout the city—and a pattern of vengeance becomes chillingly clear—Alan is plunged into a desperate manhunt for a killer whose trail of rage winds all the way up to the Colorado Supreme Court As the minutes tick down in a brilliantly conceived vendetta that targets the guilty and the innocent alike Warning Signs races to a harrowing climax in which the lives of hundreds hang in the balance

  9. Vannessa Anderson Vannessa Anderson says:

    A woman was brutally attacked The attacker received so little jail time that her father decided to conduct his own form of justice and the father receives time in prison then the criminal Another innocent person dies and her son who is fed up with the justice system decides to take matters into his own hands He believes that his mother would not have been murdered had the murderer stayed in prison Shortly thereafter the DA lawyers and members of lawyers’ families are being murdered by bomb Alan Gregory and Sam Purdy race to find the bomber before others are murdered including Alan’s wife Assistant DA Lauren Gregory Dick Hill did a good job in telling the story

  10. Christine Christine says:

    This book came too close to real life for me After what happened in Aurora it is hard to say that you enjoyed a book like this A young man seeks vengeance and goes on a killing spree in and around Boulder and Denver Colorado Stephen White was up to his usual standards but my heart just wasn't into reading a novel that similar to newspaper headlines Even with warning signs you never know what a person will do

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