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  • The Bride and the Beast
  • Teresa Medeiros
  • English
  • 15 March 2016

10 thoughts on “The Bride and the Beast

  1. Elaine Elaine says:

    Love MedeirosMy favorite uote from the storyHow could I have let you do any of those things when I've never even seen your face? When I don't even know your name?That may be true he said uietly but for just a moment there I would have sworn you knew my heart

  2. Bookwatcher Bookwatcher says:

    I swear I try try and try but this lame book was to much for me Abandoned after 1 day and than 100 pages of boring readingHate the main female character All hers possible jokes was terrible Hate the way she describe every woman as a who and only she is the virtuous one come on Soooo terrible some jokes about her sistersHate even the main male character OMG someone PLEEEEEASE tell me why I should be charmed by one so annoying as him So my point is I'm paying good money to dragons slayers if someone know one please give him my cell phone The world will be a better place without the terrible dragon of this bookThanksOne star if I could would give minus 5

  3. Linds Linds says:

    This is a retelling of Beauty and the Beast set in 1700's ScotlandThe story starts with our hero Brandon His family the lord of a village was betrayed to the English by one of the villagers His family was killed and he was taken prisoner for many years He is hiding back out in his ruined castle after many years awayThe heroine Gwen is 25 and thought to be strange by her family and village because of her love of science in a time of superstition The villagers think there is a half manhalf dragon living in the castle or possibly a ghost because of strange sounds They tie her up and leave her in the ruined castle for an appeasement for their guilt This story is a popular staple for re imagining into romance novels This book is a little different in that the language and the tone is especially fairy tale like You can practically imagine it with wood carving illustrations This isn't a bad thing because it makes for an interesting changeI liked this book but there is one aspect that really bugged me The heroine mentions a million times that she is a bigger curvy girl and it gets irritating There is one point where Brandon tells Gwen she has incredibly soft skin and she replies that most fat girls do WHAT? Way to break the mood Gwen Learn to take a compliment

  4. Cynthia Cynthia says:

    After reading the cover blurb and through Chapter 2 you can pretty much see exactly how the rest of the book will go Now that's no problem if engaging characters rich dialogue or humorous situations keep you entertained while you read No such luckHero is boring emo 1 D Dragon analogy is stretch throughout the book in non clever corny ways I must be revenged What? I love her? OkGwen is curvyplump Don't worry about forgetting it because it's shoved in your face about once a page Besides having an I higher than an orange and a childhood crush that's her main personalitySide romance is also shallow Not charming as I think it was going for Dumb as rocks sister falls for kindboringharmless sidekickMostly for plot purposes villagers transcend idiocy past the point of belief It was awfulTheir love comes from mutual attraction than anything else They interact a few times nothing happens and all of a sudden they are in love And we're suppose to believe it It's actually very annoyingUgh

  5. ᴥ Irena ᴥ ᴥ Irena ᴥ says:

    Another take on a beauty and the beast theme although the Dragon is hardly a beast The Bride and the Beast is a revenge and forgiveness story with a dash of humour and sadness to even the things out This other part goes into a Monty Python's Flying Circus territory One of the scenes reminded me of a Monty Python scene involving a mob I can't really say which one exactly since it would be a bit spoiler y; fortunately they had a lot of those Hilarious and horrific at the same timeI liked both characters and it doesn't really matter if you need to suspend your disbelief This is a fairy tale retelling of sorts after all

  6. Lady Gabriella of Awesomeness (SLOW) Lady Gabriella of Awesomeness (SLOW) says:

    The hero and the heroine lacked charm and so did the storyEven the ending couldn't save this for me Would not recommend

  7. Addie H Addie H says:

    I am re reading all my 5 star rated romance novels There are 60 on my shelf This is book 28 Tropes Spinster Enemies to Lovers Fairytale Retelling Mistaken IdentityDisguise Unreuited Love This is how my 28th re read held up Downgraded to 3 starsIf you’re a fan of Beauty and the Beast can suspend your disbelief ignore some melodrama and apprecaite some witty banter this book will suit you just fine I enjoyed re reading it – but it was definitely not as great as I remember “Gwendolyn stiffened Do forgive me for having the ill manners to disturb your precious solitude M'lord Dragon I can just picture you sitting with your cloven hooves propped up on the hearth enjoying a nice warm cup of kitten's blood when you heard the shouting of the mob 'Damnation' you must have growled 'I do believe someone has left another human sacrifice on my doorstep' He was silent for so long that Gwendolyn began to tremble But his reply when it finally came was as dry as the rattle of dragon bones Actually I was enjoying a nice glass of port when I heard the commotion I had to swear off kitten's blood because it gave me dyspepsiauick plot Gwendolyn is the only gay in the village Wait no that’s the wrong story Gwendolyn is the only one with brains in the village So when the village is “terrorized” by the Dragon a man or beast hiding in the old castle of the village their ignorant asses decide to sacrifice their only virgin But is it beast or man hiding and what does he have against the village? sounds familiar? The dragon of Weyrcraig prowled the crumbling parapets of his lair fighting the urge to throw back his head and unleash a savage roar He'd been a prisoner of the daylight for too long Only when the shadows of night cloaked Weyrcraig could he cast aside his chains and roam unfettered through the castle's maze of passages This is 1761 not 1461 and I'm not some ignorant peasant you can intimidate with your superstitious nonsense There will be much I reuire I strongly suggest that you double your demands for food As you can see by my appearance I am a woman of hearty appetites and I shall expect them to be well satisfiedHe seemed to have something stuck in his throat making his reply sound choked I'll consider it my privilege I just hope you'll find me up to the taskAnd surely you can't expect me to spend the remainder of my incarceration garbed in this—this— rag He didn't have to know that the cool satin felt like bliss against her bare skin compared with the scratchy wool she usually woreMost certainly not You can remove it anytime you like He cupped her face in his hands his voice as fierce as his touch If you're not a goddess among women then why is Aphrodite over there turning green with jealousy at the prospect of your unveiling?Gwendolyn laughed shakily Are you sure it's not just moss?

  8. Debby Debby says:

    I am a fan of author Teresa Medeiros and I chose this read as part of one of my club challenges related to Rubenesue Romances The story is a spinoff of the fairytale Beauty and the Beast however contrary to the GR reviews I read prior to reading this story I thoroughly enjoyed it and read into it than just a fairytaleThe story begins in the village called Ballybliss under the rule of the Laird of Weyrcraig The highlanders were a people who lived happy and joyous until someone in their clan betrayed the Laird to the Englishman named Cumberland The Laird and his family were slaughtered Some fifteen years later the highlanders because of their betrayal to the Laird were living in a sad state of poverty to include being taxed by the English when they could barely survive themselves They also lived in fear of a mythical creature they believe was a dragon and its claim to Castle Weyrcraig This so called Dragon had formed such a fear in the minds of the clan that they believe in their own superstitions and provided it whatever it demanded to include a thousand pounds of gold that was believed given to the traitor of the late LairdGwendolyn Wilder is a young woman lives by her virtue while her three sisters’ resort to being free with their favors She attends to her ailing father who was once the steward to the Laird Gwen does not possess the beauty of her sisters but she is the responsible one of the family She was made the joke at every turn for being plain and plump so to speak All of that did not matter to her as long as she was happy with herself and taking care of her father When everyone was into their own needs she reverted to a life of literacy Her only downfall was that she was one of the few in the clan that could read the letters of demand left by the Dragon Gwen was never one to believe in dragons and anything else absurd for that matter However when the demands of the Dragon became greater than the clan could pay they decided to give him a virgin sacrifice to appease the hefty priceAfter being tied to a stake at the castle she eventually comes face to face with the Dragon a flesh and blood man who lives of the lives of the clan He doesn’t like the fact that they have left her on his doorstep and she doesn’t like the fact that he hides himself like the coward in the shadows In her captivity she is treated like a princess despite her looks and full figure but he is angered with the way the clan has treated her She longs to be with her father and on the other hand is fascinated and intrigued by this man who hides himself from her Each day Gwen is swept away under the Dragon’s spellBoth Gwen and the Dragon have secrets and scars He has a past that haunts him and has little trust in Gwen to speak of them There are predictable and not so predictable surprises in the plot Although the attraction is not as strong as it could be it is there between the two characters and they both can’t escape it or explain it The Bride and the Beast is a story of revenge and forgiveness it is witty charming and a delightful read 😊 4 Stars

  9. Umaiya ❄️Ramblings of a Scattered Mind❄️ Umaiya ❄️Ramblings of a Scattered Mind❄️ says:

    This was so nice I was so depressed after reading Teresa's Fairest of Them All cause it turned out to be nothing like I thought it would be but this made up for all that heartacheThere wasn't anything new brought to the table but it was sweetI'd recommend this to old time readers who cut their tooth on Julie Garwood's historicals and others of the eraSome of my favourite uotes I'll leave below I find uotes really cement my decision in reading a book or passing it off “How could I have let you do any of those things when I've never even seen your face? When I don't even know your name?That may be true he said uietly but for just a moment there I would have sworn you knew my heart”Okay Probably not that big a deal but I sigh every time I read it p “I suppose I didn’t believe I could ever be worthy of her”“Then you’re a bigger fool than I thought Since when has any man ever been worthy of the woman he loved? It’s only by God’s grace that they love us in spite of ourselves”I truly believe this goes both waysBut hell what do I know shrugs

  10. ♥ℳelody ♥ℳelody says:

    I'm a BIG fan of Teresa Medeiros' books I love her work which is why this was really frustrating for me to read because it disappointed me so much I was surprised by this book I don't know what happened but this isn't at all like her other work What I liked The nod to the fairytale story of Beauty and the Beast Who doesn't love that story? A woman falling in love with a lonely beast What I didn't like I uickly started losing interest in the second chapter with all the cartoon like characters who seemed contrived then real I know this is part of her fairytale series but even for a fairytale story there were things that were a bit far fetched and not really fleshed out You have a village full of people who can't read who all believe in a fire breathing dragon and the women are all busy making babies Apparently the only sensible person in the entire village is Gwendolyn and that's emphasized repeatedly she's such a good girl who can read and is 'fat' not really It was as if Medeiros was trying very hard to convince me of it by constantly bringing it up Gwendolyn's sisters for another I just thought were a bit much All three of them are complete light skirts who get a thrill out of finding men to have sex with like it's a competition and have no sense at all I'm surprised the youngest one Kitty even got paired with a man with all her wailing and naivete And then the father who supposedly went crazy over some big 'secret' only to find out it's not really a secret I found myself getting agitated then sympathetic to the characters which wasn't a good sign My biggest problem The love story wasn't really much of a love story The 'dragon' and Gwendolyn barely interact throughout the book They share two 'scandalous' kisses while she's staying at the castle then all of sudden she's giving him her heart saying she loves him even when she's never seen his face The idea behind it was nice and had a nice moral to it but it just came off superficial I just could not buy it Then to have her be furious with him over revealing his identity just came out of left field I tried really hard to like the main characters in this and believe the story but I felt they were very one dimensional The ending wasn't very fulfilling anticlimactic then anything Just none of the characters made any sense to me and came off cartoonish then believable There was a lot missing which is what made it so disappointing for meComparing to her other works this is my least favorite It just was completely boring and underwhelming overall Not at all what I was expecting to get from a Medeiros book She's an amazing story teller I just don't think this was her best work

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The Bride and the Beast[Read] ➯ The Bride and the Beast By Teresa Medeiros – Teresa Medeiros makes her hardcover debut in this magnificently sensual and romantic tale filled with passion humor and suspense It is the unforgettable story of two indomitable characters whose love Teresa Medeiros makes her hardcover debut in this and the PDF/EPUB ½ magnificently sensual and romantic tale filled with passion humor and suspense It is the unforgettable story of two indomitable characters whose love affair is the stuff of which legends are The Bride Kindle - made Gwendolyn Wilder did not believe in dragons  But the superstitious villagers of Ballybliss did and so Gwendolyn found herself bound to a post as a sacrificial offering to the Dragon who haunted the ruins of Castle Weyrcraig Fifteen years Bride and the eBook ✓ earlier someone had betrayed the Laird of Weyrcraig and his handsome young heir to the English for a thousand pounds in gold Now the Dragon was demanding that very amount The frightened Highlanders hoped that instead of gold the fair virgin would satisfy the beast's insatiable appetite As for Gwendolyn she never doubted that the so called Dragon was a fraud She knew there was a perfectly good explanation for the mysterious lights seen flickering in the crumbling castle and the unsettling sound of bagpipes drifting through the glens But as she waited for whoever—or whatever—to claim his prize she could not help trembling as a furious storm lashed about her and she saw what appeared to be dark wings and a stream of silver smoke emerge from the shadows  Rumor had it that the Dragon could take the form of a man and so he did with Gwendolyn—a man who would not show her his face He carried her into his lair and made her his prisoner his pampered pet And while she didn't expect to be eaten by the fire breathing Dragon of Weyrcraig neither did she expect to be warmed by his sensuous caresses or devoured by his passionate kisses The Dragon had demanded gold and the fools had given him this golden haired maiden She was the very last thing he expected—and now there was no way he could let her go She could never know that he was no monster but a flesh and blood man who had just laid eyes on the one woman who could slay him Still this supremely handsome man of devastating virility was dangerous than any dragon He would take it upon himself to enchant the practical Gwendolyn as she had enchanted him He would weave a spell of sensuous magic around her that would defy all her commonsense notions and tempt her to believe in something even unlikely than dragons and powerful than the past that threatened them both—true love.

About the Author: Teresa Medeiros

New York Times bestseller Teresa Medeiros wrote her and the PDF/EPUB ½ first novel at the age of twenty one and has since gone on to win the hearts of both readers and critics All of her books have been national bestsellers The Bride Kindle - featured on the New York Times USA Today and Publishers Weekly bestseller lists She currently has over million books in print She is a seven time Rita finalist two time PRISM winner and.