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The Footprints of God [EPUB] ✻ The Footprints of God ❀ Greg Iles – In the heart of North Carolinas Research Triangle stands a corporate laboratory much like the others nearby But behind its walls Americas top scientists work around the clock to attain the holy grail In the heart of North Carolinas Research Triangle stands a corporate laboratory much like the others nearby But behind its walls Americas top scientists work around the clock to attain the holy grail The Footprints PDF or of the twenty first century a supercomputer that surpasses the power of the human mindAppointed by the president as ethicist to Project Trinity Dr David Tennant finds himself in a pressure cooker of groundbreaking science and colossal ambition When his friend and fellow scientist is murdered David discovers that the genius who runs Project Trinity was responsible and that his own life is in danger Unable to reach the president and afraid to trust his colleagues David turns to Rachel Weiss the psychiatrist probing the nightmares that have plagued him during his work at Trinity Rachel is skeptical of Davids fears but when an assassin strikes the two doctors must flee for their livesPursued across the globe by ruthless National Security Agency operatives David and Rachel struggle to piece together the truth behind Project Trinity and the enormous power it could unleash upon the world As constant danger deepens their intimacy Rachel realizes the key to Trinity lies buried in Davids disturbed mind But Trinitys clock is ticking Mankind is being held hostage by a machine that cannot be destroyed Its only hope a terrifying chess game between David and the Trinity computer with the cities of the world as pawns But what are the rules How human is the machine Can one man and woman change the course of history Mans future hangs in the balance and the price of failure is extinction.

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  1. Jeff Jeff says:

    The Johnny Depp movie Transcendence suspiciously mirrors the plot of this book Nerd scientist puts his consciousness into a super computer; bad stuff happens I saw no mention of this book as the source material anywhere in connection to the movie I guess this is a good thing because this book is horrible but couldn't they at least steal a better storyline?I generally don’t go by review blurbs on the cover of books but I noticed after I bought the book that no reviewer had anything nice to say about this tome No New York Times no Entertainment Weekly no People magazine; the only people pimping this book were fellow authors Not usually a good sign I liked Greg Isles’ The Black Cross It’s a taut and entertaining WWII era thriller so I wanted to check out something else he had written I was at a thrift store and saw several of his books I picked up this one and another I should have read the other oneThis is Michael Crichton lite; one of those techno thrillers that borrow concepts from the headlines in this case a super duper computer that will control everything – a new weapon It mixes half baked theology with some sci fi pseudo uantum physics It’s like mixing scotch and vodka and hoping that the result will be palatable It isn’tThe protagonist goes from nerd scientist to BourneBond in a matter of days uite a transformation Then there’s the reuisite chase across the country by uasi government agents meh Just what happens when super duper computers go amok well in Star Trek Captain Kirk would talk it down with kindergarten logic Or Mathew Broderick can ask it to play a game of Tic Tac Toe I would have preferred either endingHe's no Jeff GoldblumYou must trust me on thisYou would think it would have been Spock since he had the whole inbred logical thing going for him

  2. hllf hllf says:

    A fun read but lacking in many aspects Here is a breakdown of my ratingEnjoyability 35Re Readability 2Character Development 2Complexity 25Writing Style 3Believability 15Overall 242This book is a cross between Dan Brown's Digital Fortress and David Baldacci's Simple Genius with possibly a bit of the Star Trek Episode Spock's Brain thrown in While I considered the book a rather enjoyable read it lacked considerably in the areas of character development plot originality and especially believability If the book were classified as science fiction then I may have given it a slightly higher rating but it wasn't Having a couple degrees in computer science it was not easy for me to ignore the fallacies behind the scientific principals in the bookIn the areas of character development the book was below average not necessarily because it lacked sufficient depth into the characters' backgrounds but because the characters were shallow predictable and not original There was very little to make the reader really relate to or connect with any character It was also hard to believe the two main characters repeatedly escaped death despite a world class force pursuing them; absolutely no insight was provided into the characters that would explain the source of couragebraverycunningtactical proficiencyI also was not overly impressed with the writing style as it was not descriptive enough when it came to both people and the surroundings The reader had a decent picture painted of the events taking place but not so much the people or the places involved Greg Iles also used a techniue in this book where time suddenly jumps forward then the character goes back and explains what happened in the gap I would have not minded this if it had added anything of substance to the story; however it did notIn conclusion I still would recommend this book but don't expect much from it other than a uick fun read when you just want to kill some time

  3. Tim Tim says:

    As an undergraduate student in ComputerCognitive Science I often wrestle with uestions of ethics and unforeseen conseuences concerning artificial intelligenceThis book has a thrilling and thought provoking narrative Through the last half it wanders off course uite a bit from where I thought Iles should have lead This was disappointing but overall I enjoyed the entire story and his interesting view of how a truly intelligent artificial life form could be created

  4. David David says:

    I'm a programmer by trade I'm happy to report that for a book with a computer at its core I found Footprints of God pleasant to read Unfortunately authors often mangle even the most basic aspects of computing which I have a hard time ignoring But Iles kept things firmly in the theoretical and therefore avoided too many cringe worthy mistakesThere was one other red flag I found myself raising an eyebrow every time the main character would experience a religious vision The visions seemed wildly out of place in the context of the themes and story But curiosity got the better of me and the pace was fast enough that I plowed through them with little difficulty Books have done far worse than elicit a where the heck is this going? response from meIn the end despite having a pretty standard international chase seuence with our hero and his special lady friend finding love against all odds of course I was surprised to find that the book was largely philosophical and theological I don't think you have to agree with any of the book's conjectures to follow the internal logic of the fiction And in that respect it all made sense and was uite interesting in the way that any good science fiction isIn fact from a technological perspective as well I think there were a lot of neat ideas I don't necessarily believe some of the basic premises are true For example I'm not sure I buy the idea that our brains use aspects of uantum mechanics not just electrical properties to function though I am aware that this is a popular idea As with the philosophy and theology you don't have to actually believe the technological and biological facts presented in the book to enjoy their internal consistency And again I think Greg Iles succeeded in making some plausible conclusions about the world he'd createdThe character development and the basic storyline was decent But importantly it was an interesting book and I'm glad I gave it my time

  5. Scott Rhee Scott Rhee says:

    I've read several Greg Iles books and enjoyed them tremendously He is a solidly entertaining writer of suspense thrillers and he is not afraid to tackle some interesting subjects Footprints of God while not my favorite of Iles is nevertheless an interesting sci fi thriller that delves into some pretty controversial subjects The Big Bang Theory vs Creationism and artificial intelligence Basically scientists in a top secret facility have created an AI supercomputer that begins to have delusions of god like grandeur Inexplicably the select few researchers and programmers on the project have all simultaneously developed different neurological disorders The hero Dr David Tennant a psychologist suffers from narcoleptic seizures in which he has memories of being Jesus of Nazareth He and his girlfriend flee to Israel to find answers Okay it sounds kind of ridiculous and it is to a point It is also a page turner with the right amount of plot twists and turns that one comes to expect from Iles

  6. Irina slutsky Irina slutsky says:

    since i'm always joking about getting a brain shunt so i dont have to use a laptop any this was right up my alley i found the god stuff to be a little much like did he really have to think he was god? i think we could have gotten all that stuff wo rereading the new testament as written by giles i did spend a few days thinking about the singularity so that means it wasnt all bad THE DUMBEST part is as usual the forced love story and how the number one jungian phychiatrist in the world also happens to be super hot and wears awesome clothing

  7. Marianne Marianne says:

    Interesting that I started this book fully expecting it to be a less than exciting read but I seldom start a book and don't finish it because I know what the author went through to write it based on a number of other reviews I'd read Bad science implausible plot flat characters fairly typical complaints And granted I had a hard time getting into this one It took me two weeks to get through the first three chaptersAfter that however something kicked in I willingly suspended my disbelief and never looked back as Iles took me on a smart and wild ride with Dr David Tennant Iles isn't Tolstoy but this is no Harleuin Romance either The Footprints of God is thoughtful as well as thought provoking and in a political climate where many reasonable people worry about the intelligence and stability of our leaders in Washington it's very timely in spite of the fact that it was published well over a decade ago It's an exciting story of espionage and cybernetics to coin a very old term with characters who are both brilliant and exceedingly flawed but not flat by any means An easy tale to get lost in it's imaginative and includes painstaking descriptions worthy of of Steinbeck And like Steinbeck Iles can describe a tiny circuit as well as the entire city of Jerusalem for pages without boring his reader It's a rare talent or a well honed craft to make the pictures come alive in the reader's mind and Iles is a masterIn grateful memory of Ralph L Noah who wanted the books he loved kept in circulation after he left this earth Thanks for sharing Ralph and I hope your neuromodel has gone Trinity in that mysterious nameless dimension

  8. Danielle Tremblay Danielle Tremblay says:

    This book can be categorized in many genres It most certainly is a thriller with the tension pegged high It could be considered a road novel since the MCs travel a lot by car or plane from the beginning to the end of the story It's crime fiction to be sure since crimes are commissioned and performed yet there is a healthy dollop of science fiction And there is a little mysticism and romance just for the hell of itIles has an amazing knack for maintaining suspense and breathlessness in the reader at least it works very well for me I was afraid until the very end that things go wrongReviewers who complained on the way this book was written had certainly never tried to write a book Iles seems to know so much about the scientific parts of the story that I looked his background to see if he was an astrophysicist or a doctor besides being a writer And I'm a voracious reader of science magazines But he included his information in a smooth way never giving too much or not enoughAnd other reviewers complained on the ending because it was slower than the rest of the book Sure but the rest of the book was breathtaking So a little slower was good since we need to breathe once in a while ;That's why I give this book 5 big stars

  9. Almeta Almeta says:

    While reading this book your beliefs will be challenged The debate might sway you then turn you around again The likeability of the hero is dubious then he is an okay guy then he's not then he is thenwell just what SHOULD you think?Extend your checkout days at the library This will give you time to think things over maybe discuss it with a loved one or better yet a strangeryou don't want your loved ones to know what you are contemplating yet

  10. Nina Carboni Nina Carboni says:

    Read this if you like Dan Brown or James Rollins Great for the beach

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