To Love, Honor, and Betray: The Secret Life of Suburban

To Love, Honor, and Betray: The Secret Life of Suburban Wives ➚ [KINDLE] ❄ To Love, Honor, and Betray: The Secret Life of Suburban Wives By Stephanie Gertler ➤ – A provocative look at the lives of 26 married suburban women offering a fascinating and nuanced portrait of marriage and infidelity Extramarital affairs are often whispered about behind closed doors I A Honor, and Betray: The PDF/EPUB ² provocative look at the Honor, and PDF/EPUB ✓ lives of married suburban women offering a fascinating and nuanced portrait of marriage and infidelity Extramarital affairs are often whispered about behind closed doors In this groundbreaking book the doors open Stephanie Gertler and Adrienne Lopez take an intimate and sensitive look at the lives of married or previously married women who have either had an affair are having an affair or are wrestling with their conflicting emotions and loyalties Love, Honor, and Betray: The ePUB ´ as they consider the possibility of being To Love, PDF/EPUB or unfaithful to their husbands The women are between the ages of and They hail from various cultures races professions and economic levels Most have children Many crave passion intimacy conversation romance And when those things aren't forthcoming in their marriages they seek them elsewhere To Love Honor and Betray never judges It provides candid conversations rendering women's lives in ways that are surprising and moving while offering remarkable insight into the complexity of long term relationships It's the book that women have been Love, Honor, and PDF/EPUB ¿ waiting for.

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  1. Pat Pat says:

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  2. Paula Phillips Paula Phillips says:

    Are you an avid watcher of the TV Show Desperate Housewives ? You know the one where all the main female characters are having affairs with their gardeners plumbers and handymen whilst their husbands go out to work each morning its only a TV show we all say its not real but what if it was ? To Love Honor and Betray tells us the story of the secret lives that Surburban wives have once their husbands have kissed them goodbye and waved and driven off to work in their flash cars The idea for this book was developed over a night of drinks and discussions about Marriage Two women ventured into the lives of a numerous amount of Surburban housewives titled in this book as Mrs A K etc The book is split into three different parts we have the Doing That with stories like Mrs A who is a fifty one year old who is having an affair with her handyman to Mrs C a forty nine year old who has had a numerous amounts of affairs and describes herself as Cinderella having to leave her affair behind when her husband comes on and as a bit of Cloak Dagger stuff sneaking around To the Been There Done That these are the women that have had affairs and as we read some have been swept under the rug whilst others like Mrs O whose affair lead to her becoming divorced As we see women having affairs can be damaging to marriages to the final chapter the Would like to do that these are the housewives who fantasise about having those romantic affairs with their gardeners So women out there if you have ever wondered what it is exactly that it is some of these Surburban housewives get up to this is the book to read full of emotions as we read of these turbelent rides of Love Relationships and Affairs A great read for those who love those books that have mixtures of Love relationships and those infidelities we all love to read of This book is a non fiction version of authors like Jilly Cooper Tasmina Perry and Louise Bagshawe

  3. Cathy Cathy says:

    This book has an interesting premise Suburban wives Mrs A Mrs Z offer their stories of infidelity some who are currently having affairs some who already did and some who wish they could Here is a book that offers a lot of stories told from the perspective of the wives but it offers no real insight I understand that anything told truly from first person is going to have an unreliable narrator but this book would have benefited greatly from input from ualified sources such as therapists attorneys even people with theological background who could comment on the religious implications; however this is an unapologetic and nonjudgemental look at women who cheat Many of them are clear on the ramifications and the feelings of guilt and still seem to feel that their actions are justifiable and their husband's fault Because of this reader's inability to read this with a predisposition against anybody who can consider that decision to cheat at a time when marriages and commitments are unfortunately disposable it is not possible to give an unbiased review So I will just leave it with if you feel strongly that there are always honest options than cheating you might want to steer clear of this book

  4. Anime Anime says:

    I love reading about real life stories and all these short stories were great It is hard not to be tempted sometimes and for these women to lay out the truth of the experiences they went through it was just a great composition of short stories Would highly recommend

  5. Beth Beth says:

    Tales of women who are having affairs who had affairs or who want to have affairsinteresting stories

  6. Kristi Johnson Kristi Johnson says:

    Bought this book on the99 shelf at Barnes Noble The first chapter was interesting but sad I didn't finish because the whole book was story after story of people who had affairs and why

  7. Jenni Jenni says:

    This looks like a good one

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