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A Thread of Sky A Novel ➳ [Read] ➮ A Thread of Sky A Novel By Deanna Fei ➾ – Buyprobolan50.co.uk Looking to reconnect with their ancestral home and with one another three generations of women tour mainland China on a journey that will change their family forever A stunning debut A Thread of Sky i of Sky eBook ↠ Looking to reconnect with their ancestral home and with one another three generations of women tour mainland China on a A Thread PDF/EPUB ² journey that will change their family forever A stunning debut A Thread of Sky is the story of a family of Thread of Sky MOBI · women and the powerful thread that binds their lives In following the paths chosen by six fiercely independent women A Thread of Sky explores the terrain we must travel to recognize the strength and vulnerability of those closest to us When her husband of thirty years is killed in a devastating accident Irene Shen and her three daughters are set adrift Nora the eldest retreats into her high powered New York job and a troubled relationship Kay the headstrong middle child escapes to China to learn the language and heritage of her parents Sophie the sensitive and artistic youngest is trapped at home until college increasingly estranged from her family and herself Terrified of being left alone with her grief Irene plans a tour of mainland China's must sees reuniting three generations of women her three daughters her distant poet sister and her formidable eighty year old mother in a desperate attempt to heal her fractured family.

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  1. Annalisa Annalisa says:

    I love books about China particularly about how Chinese culture impacts women In this tale three Chinese American sisters their mother aunt and grandmother travel to China for one last chance to bond the way a family should but they never have Each chapter is told through the point of view of a different woman all in third person which at times was hard to follow but for the most part I liked getting the different perspectives and what they thought of each other Strangely enough I didn't care for one of these cold women in fact I disliked most of them who had no reason to be unhappy and somehow managed to push anything good away and force themselves to be unhappy But I cared so much for their journey that they somehow did not bother me and still interested me until I grew to understand them and how decisions and personalities affected them for generationsHere's my take on the charactersLin the grandmother was a revolutionary in China but left her husband after the government fell to the Communist party and came to American She's closed bitter and lashes out at her children and grandchildren when they choose family over career She is so blinded by her cause that she can't bare to see how it could have failed her because if she does she is nothingIrene the mother is a nagging wife and mother who lost her husband the night he left her and although annoying is inherantantly good hearted if she can just find the will to accept her choices and her difference from her motherSusan the aunt is the only weak character in the bunch that annoyingly dependent weak who in her selfishness sees none of her faults as her problem or even faults and has trouble committing herself to anything for fear of failure She's the only character that I felt didn't grow through this process and didn't think she deserved a kind pampering husband when she cares so little for people herselfNora the oldest daughter works on Wall Street and refuses to accept her boyfriend's proposal in fear that he will someday disappoint her so instead she is cruel to him and pushes him away It is her own high standards that set her up to fail if she can only learn to live for what she wants instead of what she thinks people expect of herKay the middle daughter is an indignant student in China out to save its women from sexual exploitation She won't let anyone close to her including the guys she fools around with and then shoves away when they ask anything too personal Fei uses her as platform than once to rant about the discrimination of Chinese Americans but that platform is important to show her own insecurities and her need to embrace her Chinese culture and decide where she belongs in the worldSophie the youngest daughter is self conscious of her weight and sick of being the baby She was the least fleshed out character I felt like I was told about her than shown much She's just graduating from high school so her course in life is yet to be set but will have to work through the same traits of indecision and trustThe setting in China falls secondary to this character driven story but it still holds an important key to their growth and Fei manages to throw in some Chinese history through Lin's and Kay's stories The plot is sometimes repetitive and wandering but Fei had beautiful moments with her writing moments like infected her with a languor or the tidal waves of migrant workers I'm impressed that this was a first novel

  2. A Turtles Nest Book Reviews A Turtles Nest Book Reviews says:

    Nice story line about a disconnected family that trys to come together on a tour to the ancestral land of China I expected a little out of the story and it ended on a note of I believe one person's regret

  3. Megan Megan says:

    I really enjoyed this book This was less about China which was a bit disappointing and about the experience of Chinese people who have left China I found this the most interesting aspect of the book the connection and lack of connection to China but at the same time the sense of alienation from the adopted country I learned uite a bit about Chinese history as well Some of the characters could have been fleshed out better but overall this was an great read

  4. Abriana Abriana says:

    I tried with this one I really did It just didn't work for me at all I think I see what Fei was going for with this sort of character driven interwoven series of conflict glimpse into the bigger picture sort of thing ? I think?For starters this book is like 350 pages and told from SIX different perspectives I'm not someone who is usually bothered or put off by perspective switches but these felt unnecessary I'll even say at times they ran together for me There wasn't enough space to really explore each character who had both the main conflictsplot going on plus their own personal drama view spoilerLike Sophie having bulimia could have been it's whole own book but instead I got like three 10 page snippets about it hide spoiler

  5. Cami Bissen Cami Bissen says:

    As a fellow 20 something currently living in Chinawhose own Taiwanese grandmother is turning 80 this year—this book was at times shockingly relatable and all in all incredibly powerful My favorite book about China I’ve read in my time in China

  6. ☮Karen ☮Karen says:

    It is to present day China that ChineseAmerican Irene decides to take her 3 daughters her Chinese mother and Chinese sister to visit The chapters alternately focus on each of the 6 females with their individual problematic lives so the characters are very well developed The only one I really had any empathy for was the 80 year old grandmother who lived through all the wars of her young adulthood as a revolutionary feminist until finally leaving China and her philandering husband 20 years ago As occurs in many novels with elderly Chinese females she isn't very likeable initially; but once you know her whole story and her secrets you gain an understanding of her Another excellent book from Goodreads First Reads

  7. lisa MacColl lisa MacColl says:

    This book came highly recommended by a friend I really wanted to like it The writing is beautiful and evocative I'm 34 through the book and I'm still trying to like any of the characters I'm at the well I'm 34 through so I might as well soldier on and finish the thing stage I'm not carrying this book around snatching time to read it It stays by my bedside table and I read at bedtime but I'm not staying up late trading sleep for one chapter It's beautifully written the descriptions are word porn I just couldn't relate to any of the characters

  8. Jennifer G Jennifer G says:

    The writing was beautiful but I found the book difficult to get in to It wasn't until close to the end where I found myself caring about the characters

  9. Manuhuia Barcham Manuhuia Barcham says:

    I can't say enough good things about this book Deanna Fei has done to me what Hume did to Kant awakened from my dogmatic slumber I feel invigorated once again to read and write It's just a great story Some of the sentences and phrases are just gold The type of thing where you stop to re read sentences because of the way they glide off the tongue It's rare that happens when I read nowadays so its such a joy when it does occur The development of the story is delightful and one has to admire the way in which Fei does this through the voice of of so many protagonists It's a simple story but such an important one the story it timeless but at the same time especially relevant given the place of China and its descendants in the modern world My only negatives are that the development of the plot is a bit choppy at a few points it feels like a few things just jump out at you and they could have been subtly introduced Shock value can be good but the introduction of these new ideas comes too uickly and disrupts the overall flow and development of the story Butit is the first book and I see great things for Deanna Fei Can't wait to buy the next one

  10. Mari Mari says:

    A compelling read about three sisters first generation American sisters who travel back to their parents' native China with their mom aunt and grandmother a former nationalist revolutionary forced to flee the Communists to Taiwan The author does a great job of conveying the mixed emotions of the sisters as they spend time with their older relatives than at any previous point in their adult lives Their mother sacrificed her career in favor of stay at home motherhood and the trip is sort of a desperate attempt to illustrate that her choices were justified The mom was indeed the hardest character for me to buy although the scenes with her buying whatever the tour guide wishes to sell are pretty priceless I can see that readers might take issue with the grandmother while harsh and hardened has a logical reason for her outlook on life So few of us in the western world have walked in the grandmother's shoes that I find it impossible to judge her pivotal life decision I'm also a huge sucker for any first generation tale The drama of loving two countriescultures and feeling totally at home in both and neither at the same time really resonates with me I thought the descriptions of contemporary China and its relatively nascent tourism industry were spot on

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