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  1. MsBDiamondDiva1 MsBDiamondDiva1 says:

    Thanks to the blue sky I have finished this piece of junk I am so sorry I just could not like this story as much as I tried; this zombie story fall flat Why are there so many good reviews on this book? I mean here is the main reason1 The characters know that a bite blood fluid or scratch would get them infected but no one thinks to put on leather extra layers or anything to protect their skin So they were basically saying Look at me zombie; I am a walking fried chicken leg2 Sherman doesn’t make good decision but yet the author has you under the impression that he is a wise guy Well he isn’t too smart walking into a silent town; knowing damn well that the outbreak has been spreading at a rapid pace for the last week 3 The characters language mostly Brewster is so annoying that I had to stop reading several times to relax my jaw muscle from clenching so hard This guy is super annoying and should have got killed off soon He put a lot of people in danger with his stupid ass suggestions to Sherman And for Sherman to even consider this loser advice is beyond me 4 The author kills off character that are likable and that you want to live to fight another day 5 Why keep making body shoots? When all you have to do is make one good head shot 6 The over use of the military terms and military language is a major turn off Just think about it if an outbreak really happened; the 1st place to go would be the areas most crowded and therefore the authors logic of the military lasting as long as it has in this book in illogical Therefore this book in one of the waste books I have ever read

  2. Michelle Morrell Michelle Morrell says:

    A military focused view of the zombie apocalypse While were this a real apocalypse I'd arrow straight for the guys with the military grade weapons it's not my favorite to read Lots of machismo and don't you want to touch my shiny guns?? and not a lot else Meh

  3. Doug Lewis Doug Lewis says:

    OK so it was a nice try The explanation for why there are fast AND slow zombies was GREAT But unfortunately not a whole lot else has great merit The characters are all cookie cutter Every military character is the same as the next and they use A LOT of cheesy jargon like FUBAR and SNAFU constantly making it seem like the author did military research by watching too many movies Also some of the pop culture references seem very out of place such as it looked like somewhere that rejected props from tim burton movies went to die Yes i get what that means but does it belong in this book?Also complicating the issue of under differentiated characterization is the fact that half of the main characters have very similar sounding names Some other things just done mesh either while having an NSA agent as a main character using safe houses during the apocalypse is cool having an evil agent that is preoccupied with chasing him down that the millions of undead just seems a bit unrealisticAnd lets not get into under researched world geographyAnyway could have been good with a bit of research or maybe even an editor at Permuted Press just doing their job but oh well

  4. Jocelyn Jocelyn says:

    I swear as I was reading this that I’ve read it before 2007ish? It’s so familiar AnywayZombie book mostly from the perspective of military personnel A decent idea but not my overall favorite If I were interested in military perhaps I’d had been able to get in to the book I found myself bored with the military jargon and annoyed with the macho man feel The characters were all very basic the military men were so similar I couldn’t remember who was who or why I should be remembering them The dialog was extremely corny and sometimes forced My overall impression is that this was a good but an amateur try

  5. Andy Andy says:

    I had a discussion with my wife about what constitutes a zombie story Plague of the Dead seems to be of a virus story The strain hits turns people into mindless seemingly soulless infected carriers but for all intents and purposes they are still alive However when the carriers are killed they turn into the living dead because they rise and continue on in the attempt to get some food namely you and me So I would venture a change of the genre to something like infection novels A couple of things that Recht does nicely though are these He distinguishes between the infected and the dead The characters refer to the infected as sprinters because they are still alive and muscles and what not are functionally normally aside from the fact the attack and try to eat you and shamblers because they are the dead and obviously their muscles have stopped working properly mostly due to the fact that higher brain functions are obsolete The other aspect that I really enjoyed was when Stiles had to go into town to seek out euipment from the sporting goods store That was the most intense scene in the novel The set up in pretty intriguing and the overall feel of the novel is scary and sort of unnerving as I found myself wondering about the possibilities of something like this really happening That would freak me out but I think I could survive Maybe

  6. Carolyn Storer Carolyn Storer says:

    35 StarsPlague of the Dead is such a fun book if you can call the downfall of mankind fun which I can as it's just fiction This book has all the elements I love in zombie fiction; lots of zombies great characters and an absorbing storylineThe writing is very smooth nice and easy to read great description and imagination Recht also uses both types of zombie the fast '28 Days Later' kind and the shuffling slow 'Night of the Living Dead' kind And there are lots of them thousands in fact all running and shuffling their way through humanityThere are many characters in this book and it changes point of view numerous times Normally this would annoy me but I really enjoyed it It was interesting to see the crumbling world through the eyes of such different people ranging from a soldier and a journalist to a photographer and a doctorThe other aspect to characterisation I usually have to have is depth if a character has no back story or substance then I can lose interest pretty uickly but although the characters in Plague of the Dead weren't written about in any depth it didn't prevent me from enjoying the book This is uite unusual but I felt it was because the story in general is a really fast paced read and didn't drag The tension builds as the characters begin to hear snippets of the disease spreadingI also felt the writing was uite sophisticated compared to other zombie fiction I've read in the past and it was actually very refreshing There are a lot of the typical tropes found in zombie fiction but Recht was a little different in his approach to his characters especially the womenThe female protagonists are strong independent and completely capable of their own survival At one point they were being tortured for information and one of them refused to give it opting to take the torture instead I enjoyed reading about them and not once did I roll my eyes in annoyance or frustrationMy only complaint is that as with most horror novels I read I find myself knowing what is about to happen but I'm like that with movies too I'm very difficult to surprise Also this zombie horror didn't affect me as other books have there were no nightmares no skin prickling but it was still a very good read all the sameVERDICTPlague of the Dead is an enjoyable zombie read I'm looking forward to reading Thunder Ashes the next and last instalment in this series 1 click here I comeSadly Z A Recht passed away Dec 2009 a great loss to zombie fiction

  7. Kat Kat says:

    I've said before that Jonathan Maberry is responsible for my zombie obsession but what I don't think I have spoken about before is that ZA Recht's The Morningstar Strain series cemented my love for the undead As soon as I had finished Maberry's Patient Zero I went on a hunt for another zombie book and the first one that I picked up was Plague of the Dead way back in 2009 In preparation of reading the final book in the series I decided to go back and read the first two books again even though re reading makes me nervous as hellPublished before every author and his dog had a stab at writing a zombie book Plague of the Dead captures every single thing about zombie books that I love it starts with a bang and doesn't let up all the way throughThe plot itself is fairly straightforward but what I love about this series is the amount of time put into building a plausible cause for the virus and the fact there are two types of zombies the carriers who transmit the virus without mercy and the true zombies those that have died from the virus and re animated making for double danger and some pretty gruesome scenesThere is a huge amount of focus on the collapse of the world rather than just everything falling apart within a matter of days the path of the virus is closely tracked and explained and although it is a gradual fall the pace escalates along with the impactThere are a bunch of varied characters mostly focused around the military but some civilians and medicos thrown in for good measure and in Plague of the Dead a lot of focus is put on the key characters and all of them are individual and realistic One thing that I particularly enjoyed is that characters make mistakes that had me almost yelling at the book all too often in apocalyptic stories the characters are either faultless or just plain stupid whereas in Plague of the Dead the mistakes they make are driven by emotions which makes them very realisticI'm very glad I went back and read Plague of the Dead again I was worried that time had put this book on a pedestal but it was just as scary intense and captivating as I remembered it to be a book that should be a zombie classicRead of my reviews atThe Aussie Zombie

  8. Patrick D& Patrick D& says:

    I am interested in character development than I am in raw visceral appeal that is related to the horror in horror novels Give me some folks to root for and I will read with baited breath every last bit of their stories Sad when they died thrilled when they live Don't get me wrong the raw fear and emotions the violence and excitement of a zombie tale are what makes them appealing It is just that without the first element listed above the story is nothing than just a gory bloodbath that has little to no meaning to it This story has a good handle on both areas fortunately and keeps you entertained at every turn ZA Recht has spun a tale worth reading for both zombie enthusiasts and those who enjoy thrillers in general Two seperate stories are told here one of the military troops stationed in Africa and the Middle East attempting to contain a new strain of virus which has infected millions The other part of the story is of a government doctor working desperately to try and understand the virus and hopefully find a cure for it Morningstar is not your simple zombie virus; the dead do walk for certain but the living who are infected are also a menace The virus and its impact is well thought out plausible and uite interesting Our two main characters Lt Colonel Anna Demillio of the US Army Research Institute of Infectious Diseases and General Frank Sherman who is initially stationed in Africa begin this story swapping emails about the virus and its spread We return to their correspondence in the early stages of the book to further develop the tale but much of the book is of their actual experiences General Sherman must face off against the plague with his troops on land and later at sea trying desperately to get back home to the US Anna is fighting her own battles with the government as well as the virus in a laboratory environment The virus is spreading globally but the government wants to keep the public unaware that it has reached our shores or that any of them are in danger Both sides of the tale are intriguing and have some good solid action seuences Mr Recht did an excellent job of researching viruses how they spread past history with them etc He also has a solid understanding of the military and the hardware they use Even importantly he gives us compelling characters in a well written story This is an excellent first chapter in what I believe will be a trilogy of books on the Morning Star Virus This book goes on my list as a must read for enthusiasts of Zombie fiction There are plenty of zombie books out there ranging from some really bad fan fiction to top uality stuff that matches up with any other horror writing This is one of those top notch ones that I heartily recommend

  9. Robin Wiley Robin Wiley says:

    I watched the trailer for the new AMC series The Walking Dead and couldn't wait until Halloween night to get my zombie on so I'm on a bit of a benderMonster Islanduh NO see my review for detailsFeed LOVED IT see my review for detailsForest of Hands and Teeth Did not love but I am still thinking about itsee my review for detailsAnd now Plague of the DeadThis has the most action since World War Z The book starts in Setember 2006 with a few emails from two of the main characters Anna Demilio a military virologist and General Sherman They converse in hypotheticals about this Morningstar virus and what it could do how fast it could spread etc In December about 40 pages in is the first real world Morningstar case and the book covers the next 60 days at which point the world is in smoking zombie filled ruinsIf you want good solid zombie killing action here's your winner Basic archetype characters no one to really put on my favorites list but that's OK I went in for the zombies anywayThis book has infected or carriers like 28 Days Later meaning they are fast and the blood is toxic They are still alive but not self aware They can be killed like any human but unless you got the head they reanimate into your classic shambler zombieI complained to my husband about Morningstar being a stupid name for a zombie virus then he explained like he was speaking to a toddler that a morningstar is a big pointy mace used for blugeoning a person's brains outOh NevermindFast fun read and there are I could be wrong but I thought I saw a #7 on the computer screen as I was looking over the shoulder of the gal at the bookstore this book was in the Lit section just down the row from Nicholas Sparks can I get a WTF?

  10. Jamie Jamie says:

    What a great story I grabbed this on a whim at the library I knew nothing about this book at it was my first ever zombie novel A perfect blend of action and survival with a side serving of zombie horror A new virus strain has been discovered called Morningstar While scientists meddle in making new discoveries a few people are soon infected While nothing is amiss at first the virus slowly works through it's victims The strain is very contagious A bite or scratch is guaranteed to infect you They touch your blood and you are screwed But their blood and bodily fluid touching your skin can be just as bad This virus will spread through any contact it canThis book focuses on that spread How it could travel and effect the whole world The concept is uite disturbing since it would make sense Yet when it finally mutates the infected go a bit attack crazy Chaos ensues One thing I loved in this book was the types of infected You had carriers who have had contact but are otherwise still normal Once it has gone through it's incubation period they go crazy are are on virus steroids or something These are referred to as 'Sprinters' they are fast and loud They sound the alarms to other zombies and will chase you down Once an infected dies they rise again These are referred to as 'shamblers' They are slow but uite Can sneak up right behind you but if spotted at a distance you might be okay My guess it its the rigor mortis kicking in that slows them down The problems are you have to kill the infected twice Also regardless of speed they DO NOT tire They will track and chase you for miles So being on foot is bad since humans still need sleep and restThen you have the crazies who when the world falls apart go nuts and destroy things hurt and kill people etc And you have those who want to help and you have the survivalists This book shares of the crazies but the focal points are from the helpers and survalists This story has a heavy military emphasis The story focuses around mostly them From trying to control the outbreak to trying to get away and then figuring out what the hell to do next It is an interesting ride We get a lot of different viewpoints and perspectives in this book From the military to the scientists to Red Cross to a reporter Each character has various strengths and weaknesses that we get to see giving the story a very real feelsome of the characters can get a bit confusing with names and the changing perspectives but about halfway though it does get a lot easier While I like many of the characters you do not get attached to them They are not too deeply created for the most part But that is a good thing This is a zombie novel after all Many will not make it But there is enough deep and backround to understand and relate to themWhile lots of death occur it is not grotesue More action style but the zombie survival with the feel of 'What if' that this book gives adds the element of horror This is not for young readers This is an adult novel While maybe suitable to older mature teens can be debatable Fast paced easy to read and lots of action in this first book of The Morningstar Strain trilogy Almost 45 stars

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Plague of the Dead ❴Download❵ ✤ Plague of the Dead Author Z.A. Recht – The “zombie apocalypse” once on the fringes of horror has become one of the most buzzworthy genres in popular culture Now in Plague of the Dead ZA Recht delivers an intelligent gripping thriller t The “zombie apocalypse” once on the fringes of horror has become one of the most buzzworthy genres in popular culture Now in Plague of the Dead ZA Recht delivers an intelligent gripping thriller that will leave both new and die hard zombie fans breathless The end begins with a viral outbreak unlike anything mankind has ever encountered before The infected are subject to delirium fever a dramatic increase in violent behavior and a one hundred percent mortality rate Plague of Epub / But it doesn’t end there The victims return from death to walk the earth When a massive military operation fails to contain the living dead it escalates into a global pandemic In one fell swoop the necessities of life become much basic Gone are petty everyday concerns Gone are the amenities of civilized life Yet a single law of nature remains Live or die Kill or be killed On one side of the world a battle hardened general surveys the remnants of his command a young medic a veteran photographer a brash Private and dozens of refugees all are his responsibility—­all thousands of miles from home Back in the United States an Army colonel discovers the darker side of Morningstar virus and begins to collaborate with a well known journalist to leak the information to the publicand the Morningstar Saga has begun.

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