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Batman The Wraith ☉ Batman The Wraith PDF / Epub ❤ Author Tony Bedard – Two stories 25 years apart The first involves Batman and the other Written by Mike Barr and illustrated by Michael Golden The second story told in four parts involves Batman Nightwing and possibly the Two stories years apart The first involves Batman and the other Written by Mike Barr and illustrated by Michael Golden The second story told in four parts involves Batman Nightwing and possibly the return of the Wrath This time written by Tony Bedard and illustrated by Rags MoralesBatman and the Wrath have two things in common The date of their parents deaths and the cut Batman The eBook ✓ of their costumes Otherwise one fights criminals and the other is a criminal Batman and Nightwing become embroiled in the return of a major nemesis who was long believed to be dead The Wrath has returned and he knows too much about Batman and the deaths of his parents.

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  1. Sam Quixote Sam Quixote says:

    Two parents are shot on the streets of Gotham one night leaving their son an orphan That son grew up to be The Wrath? Right first? I’ma eat some crow Ever since Year Two Fear the Reaper I’ve called Mike Barr one of the worst Batman writers ever Tony Bedard never wrote anything as heinous but he’s never impressed me either So I’m glad that I occasionally give these bad writers a chance to redeem themselves because credit where credit’s due Batman The Wrath positively stunned me with how good it wasThe book starts with Batman Special #1 by Michael Golden and Mike DeCarlo from 1984 Usually I hate reading ‘80s Batman comics as they’re almost always bad but this story The Player on the Other Side surprised me by being entertaining and interesting; it’s also essential in understanding BarrBedard’s succeeding comic It follows a gun toting Batman wannabe in a purple outfit calling himself The Wrath now I see where Mark Millar got his inspiration for Nemesis I knew he couldn’t think originally who blames Jim Gordon for his parents’ deaths and is out to assassinate the Commish It’s a silly comic even by ‘80s Batman standards The Wrath’s origins are sketchy at best the dialogue is very stilted and Grayle the mob daughter and forced love interest for The Wrath is a joke – and yet it was readable and compelling Then we’re into modern day Batman and the bulk of the book with BarrBedard’s Wrath Child A new Wrath is in town and determined to finish his predecessor’s job but who is he? Wrath’s origin is explained far clearly this time around and the cat and mouse story is even exciting as the writers push the new Wrath further He remains an intimidating enemy whose dark past makes him compelling as an alternate Batman He’s also a genuine challenge to both Batman and disco era Nightwing this book is part of the Batman Confidential series which was set in past Batman continuity BarrBedard build on 1984’s The Player on the Other Side developing a richer story using that history to draw closer parallels to Batman and Robin’s lives There’s also an awesome chase seuence with the Batmobile and Wrath’s Mad Max esue car The only real flaw is that they spend so much time on that scene that the final battle between Batman and Robin and Wrath is extremely abrupt and wrapped up in a single page Well that and Rags Morales gives Gordon an unforgivably naff bowl haircut Maybe I liked this because my expectations were rock bottom going in but I was still pleasantly surprised to find The Wrath to be a very enjoyable read I’d recommend it to any Batman fan and I’m glad I challenged my beliefs on Mike Barr and Tony Bedard because otherwise I’d’ve missed out on a great Batman book

  2. Scott Scott says:

    Superman had Bizarro Green Lantern had Sinestro Now Batman has 'The Wrath' a doppelganger of sorts Whereas Bruce Wayne's childhood trauma sent him in a good ahem direction his opposite number became misguided and has a chip on his shoulder the size of Texas In this two part saga first one published in '84 the second from about 25 years later we also learn about some skeletons in Commissioner Gordon's closet Leslie Thompkins who is wonderful in a Aunt May Parker way adds some much needed kindness and heart amidst the testosterone Oh and Nightwing looking like he's ready to fill in for Deney Terrio on Dance Fever just kidding NW you're a good guy shows up in the latter story to lend capable assistance Not a bad book but at the end it felt like something was missing

  3. Beckiezra Beckiezra says:

    The cheesy 80s story was a little painful mostly because the detecting was painfully easy and the characters didn't know things they should A map with the area circled? Does anyone actually do that? And would Batman be so dumb as to show up in costume every year at the site of his parents' death? Why didn't anyone else figure out who he was And why didn't Leslie know who he was AND WHY DIDN'T ALFRED KNOW WHY BRUCE WENT TO THAT SITE? I am only a casual Batman fan and I know better than the writers of the first story? That seems unlikely so probably I know things that were established later and were used as canon after 1984 Though it's possible there was just terrible editing comics didn't expect people to want a continuing coherent story The art seemed very good for the time Comics have different sensibilities now but I enjoyed the drawings The story itself had potential but it was just so corny with the player on the otherside I guess I just don't see Batman feeling so connected to the guyThe second part of the book is modern and I enjoyed it mostly for Nightwing I liked that it tried to fill in some of the holes left in the first series though it made some holes of its own how's an orphaned preteen boy continue his vigilante training to reach Batman levels? I'm torn on whether or not I like the art I think it's good but I don't always like its style They managed to make Nightwing's costume not totally cringe worthy which is generally how I feel about his first costume

  4. Lexxi Kitty Lexxi Kitty says:

    A story from 1984 by Mike Barr Michael Golden gets a seuel of sorts 25 years latter this time by Tony Bedard Rags MoralesThe first story involves a man saw his parents gunned down by a cop the same night Bruce Wayne saw his own parents die The 'other one' became one of the best assassins around specializing in targeting coos Meanwhile Wayne became BatmanThe second story told over several parts 4 involves a reunion of sorts with Batman RobinNightwing and tge Wrath ChikdInteresting concept Wasn't the best thing I ever read but interesting concept

  5. Arto Arto says:

    Once again Batman story that felt old dozens of times read before This made me believe even that I'm never going to be a Batman fan Even though New 52 Green Lanterns have been good I'm still Marvel man Batman and Superman are just boring

  6. Frederick Frederick says:

    35 pretty cool just refreshing myself before reading the Wrath's debut in New 52 continuity

  7. Ben Truong Ben Truong says:

    Batman Confidential The Wrath picks up where the previous trade paperback left off collecting the next four issues Batman Confidential #13–16 of the 2006 on going series with the 1984 Batman Special #1 and cover two storylines Player on the Other Side and Wrath Child Player on the Other Side is a one issue storyline Batman Special #1 tells a parallel story between Bruce Wayne and an unknown man On the same night when Thomas and Martha Wayne were murdered by Joe Chill another child was left an orphan when both his parents were murdered by a police officer as they committed a crime Ever since that night Bruce Wayne and the other kid dedicated their entire lives to become the ultimate avengers Bruce Wayne became Batman and fought on the side of justice and the law while the other kid became Wrath a force of evil against the law and order Years later Batman and Wraith goes head to head Wrath Child is a four issue storyline Batman Confidential #13–16 has Bruce Wayne as Batman and Dick Grayson as Nightwing teaming up to solve a string of murders where all the victims are policemen attending an annual law enforcement convention in Gotham City He suspects that the Wrath who he thought was dead but soon found out that the Wrath had a sidekick Elliot Caldwell who has donned his mentor's costume and is behind the killingsWith the exception of the special which was penned by Mike W Barr Tony Bedard penned the entire trade paperback For the most part it is written somewhat well Barr’s parallel and opposite origin story between Batman and the Wrath was rather interesting albeit a tad dated Bedard’s continuing story based on the protégés of Dick Grayson and Elliot Caldwell respectively and their mentors' relationship with them was rather interesting as well despite both stories taking place in different continuitiesLikewise with the exception of the special which was penciled by Michael Golden Rags Morales penciled the entire trade paperback Since he was the main penciler the artistic flow of the trade paperback flowed exceptionally well For the most part I enjoyed his penciling style albeit dated but not as dated as Golden’s penciling but it was visually pleasant regardlessAll in all Batman Confidential The Wrath is good continuation to what would hopefully be a wonderful series

  8. JD Comics JD Comics says:

    This graphic novel contains two stories ie The Player on the Other Side TPOS Batman Special #1 and Wrath Child Batman Confidential #13 16 I've never read anything written by Barr but TPOS is pretty good considering that it was written in 1984 I'm not really a fan of 80s comics However the real gem of this graphic novel is Wrath Child which is a continuation of TPOS Wrath Child is a Batman Confidential story I'm not sure if DC Comics intended to create a seuel when they released TPOS since there is around a 24 year gap between the two stories but Wrath Child fills in the gap in TPOS It also explains why Gordon left for Chicago Also Rags Morales' art is amazingThe Wrath currently has a 317 score on Goodreads and I don't really know why For me this is definitely an underrated Batman story

  9. Scott Scott says:

    Goodreads needs half stars this was than a 3 but not uite a 4

  10. M M says:

    For every action there is an eual and opposite reaction In the case of this Batman volume that opposite reaction is dubbed the Wrath The orphaned son of a pair of criminals an unnamed child dedicated his life to the destruction of law enforcement With an origin story that syncs up perfectly to Bruce Wayne's tragic night to the very day the Wrath spent his debut targeting Jim Gordon and eventually meeting a fateful end Yet the identity was resurrected by Elliot Cadwell who had been groomed in much the same way that Batman prepared Robin Acting as a dark reflection of the Dynamic Duo the Wrath was to represent the polar opposite of the Batman Despite presenting a uniue perspective the forced origin of the original Wrath proved difficult to swallow The career of the second version does allow the possibility of a realistic take on the violent assassin yet falls flat in characterization The only wrath felt here is that of a comic reader seeking a better Batman story

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