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Batter Off Dead Pennsylvania Dutch Mystery #17 ❰PDF❯ ❤ Batter Off Dead Pennsylvania Dutch Mystery #17 Author Tamar Myers – New in the national bestselling series Magdalena Yoder solves a case of hotcake homicideDuring a church breakfast Minerva J Jay known for her prodigious appetite slumps over after ingesting several st New in Dead Pennsylvania PDF Å the national bestselling series Magdalena Yoder solves a case of hotcake homicideDuring a church breakfast Minerva J Jay known for her prodigious appetite slumps over after ingesting several stacks of pancakes Police Chief Chris Ackerman wonders if the serving of the fatal flapjacks is a case of assault and batter Magdalena has her own bun in the oven but that doesnt stop the chief from asking for her help with the investigation Before Magdalena can begin however she has to make a special delivery of her ownand just when she thinks shes found Off Dead Pennsylvania Dutch Mystery PDF \ her Batter Off PDF \ number one suspect he turns up dead suished flatter than a pancake by a driverless cement truck Now to stop the killer from cooking up another crime Magdalena has no choice but to jump from the frying pan into the fire.

10 thoughts on “Batter Off Dead Pennsylvania Dutch Mystery #17

  1. Sandra Sandra says:

    This was one of the weirdest most confusing most frustrating books I have read in a long time I only forced myself to read the entire book because the last book I started I was unable to finish and I felt guiltyThe heroine was emotionally stunted I couldn't take all the whining and wailing of a supposedly 48 year old womanShe is way too full of herself and is constantly annoyingShe spends far too much time on childbirth circumcision and Christianity The mystery is insignificant as is her husbandThe only character in the story that I had any sympathy for was a teenager with an attitudeThe title of this book was by far the best part and I would give it a half a star if I could

  2. Janice Janice says:

    This was the first book I've read in this series and it was the last too Hands down the worst book I've read maybe ever? Why did I finish it? I was away from home and it was the only book with me

  3. Erin Erin says:

    I've been reading this series for years and I'm completely torn about how I feel about the books now I love that Magdalena has changed and grown but the books are becoming and caricature I almost feel like the author annoys herself while she's writing makes jokes about what annoys her but continues the series because she feels like she has to resolve any loose ends of the series The mystery is secondary to parading Magdalena through Hernia and seeing what will come out of her mouth next The constant interjections and arch phrases used to be very cute and funny but now they're just irritating

  4. Davey Davey says:

    How are there 17 books in this series?? The protagonist was relatively undeveloped and what was supposed to I assume pass for wit and sass came off as childishness and rudeness instead I left the book caring nothing about anyone in it the entire town could fall into a sinkhole at this point for all I care I’ve read hundreds of cozy mysteries even a few self published ones and this is easily one of the worst

  5. Rebecca Rebecca says:

    I giggled A lot But now I have to bid farewell to Magdalena at least for a few days while I wait for the last three books currently in the series to come in And I HATE that Reading the newest one knowing I'll have to wait forEVER for another will be a real blow I pretty much gulped down all 17 books to date one after the other without coming up for breath and that's saying something for me

  6. Marie Marie says:

    didn't like this one at all the story was annoying than anything I didn't find the characters at all interesting they were very one dimensional and there were way too many stupid cliches it has recipes and is suppsoed to be a culinary mystery but other than the victim dying after eating pancakes there was no culinary in this story the recipes were just plopped in randomly and had nothing to do with the story If you want an entertaining culinary mystery read Diane Mott Davidson

  7. Susan Swansburg Susan Swansburg says:

    I'm not even sure it should really get one star I found this book awful A good edit might have helped There was way to much prattle it was trying too hard to be funny the characters were not well developed or likeable and I don't think the mystery was solvable by the readerI will never read another entry in this series I only finished it because it looked like a uick light read that would fit the winter reading challenge at my library

  8. Jeanne Jeanne says:

    Sorry but the title was a lot intriguing than the book I liked the character of the Mennonite private detectivemayornew mother but the storyline for a mystery was silly and frankly boring Don't think I would read another one of her novels

  9. Gloria Gloria says:

    Magdalena has had her baby Jacob She is helping out with the pancake fundraiser Minerva J Jay has been eating pancakes for uite some time She took a whole batch to eat Then Minerva J Jay dies Police investigation determines that she was poisoned Magdalena with numerous trips back to her house to breastfeed Jacob uestions all the members of the cooking staffSusanna and Ida Rosen join together in the Sisters of Perpetual Apathy One of the suspects Elias is flattened with a steamroller The Chief is arrested in another town and decides to give up policework view spoilerWanda Hemphopple undid her bun to save Frankie from the holes surrounding Minerva's house Those holes blew up because of the machinery explosion Murder explanation All the cooks were old James Neufenbakker had pills that fell into the batter It was an accident and bad timing that Minerva took the whole batch with the pills in it However Frankie Schwartzentruber took offense that Elias could have helped James and didn't so she flattened him like a pancake hide spoiler

  10. Lacy Lacy says:

    I did not like this book I do not like to leave a book unfinished but I considered dropping this book several times I did learn some new wordsThe main character Magdalena Yoder Rosen is a rich Mennonite woman who runs an Amish style Bed and Breakfast charging customers extra for the full Amish experience which includes doing chores She is the mayor of the fictitious Hernia Pennsylvania married to a Jewish doctor and is an amateur detective helping the sheriff who is homosexual crack murder casesMagdalena is rude at first blaming it on her pregnancy though the delivery does not help anything She is full of herself often boasting on her looks memory and intelligence The other characters are just as rude as Magdalena and are mainly described as having very poor character the victim was a glutton and hated by all; the teachers one of whom is a suspect are messy as toddlers leaving food smeared on lounge chairs; Magdalena's relationship with her mother in law and the one with her husband I would describe as mutually disrespectfulThe story is interrupted with notes about various grammar usage including puns alliteration and run on sentences The recipes also interrupt the story They have nothing to do with the plot except that the victim died after eating some pancakesCrudeness nudity innuendo adultery and pseudo swear words are scattered throughout the storyAll this was meant to be funny but I just felt yucky reading it

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