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Baby Proof [Download] ➾ Baby Proof Author Emily Giffin – From the author of the smash hits Something Borrowed and Something Blue comes a novel that explores the uestion is there ever a deal breaker when it comes to true love First comes love Then comes marr From the author of the smash hits Something Borrowed and Something Blue comes a novel that explores the uestion is there ever a deal breaker when it comes to true love First comes love Then comes marriage Then comes a baby carriage Isn’t that.

10 thoughts on “Baby Proof

  1. Nicole Nicole says:

    I loved Giffin's first two books Something Borrowed and Something Blue so I had high hopes for this book Instead I was left with a resentful disappointmentFirstly why is it that novels set in NYC have to be gushing odes to the city? This book name drops worse than a D lister trying to get into a hot Hollywood club Restaurants street names the Brooklyn Bridge there's even a paragraph devoted to the skyline post 911 WE GET IT THE BOOK IS SET IN NEW YORKThe plot is ludicrous formulaic and trite Woman decides she never wants children meets man with same view marries said man said man changes his mind After a brief argument she packs up moves out and files for divorce Literally overnight Claudia the protagonist is annoying to say the least Self centered whiny and narcissistic Her two sisters are cardboard stereotypes Daphne married her high school sweetheart teaches grade school and is desperate yet unable to conceive Maura married the good looking slick talker and lives in a mansion drives a luxury SUV has catered birthday parties for her children and turns a blind eye to her philandering scumbag of a husbandDon't even get me started on the mother I wanted to shoot her in the faceIn sum if you like Giffin's earlier stuff skip this one

  2. Jennifer Jennifer says:

    I have mixed feelings about this book I had picked this up as the third novel by Ms Giffin having already read her first two Something Borrowed Something Blue All the characters in her books seem to be somewhat interrelated and the back cover looked interesting especially since I like the heroine am a thirty something woman exceedingly tired of being asked when I will have children Like Katherine Hepburn I suspect I am just far too selfish to make a decent mother and I think it should reflect WELL on me that I know this and don't have kids not POORLY on me that I am actualized enough to realise this before they were born I was very happy with the beginning of the book Boy and Girl Meet Boy and Girl Don't Want Kids Boy and Girl Get Married Have Lovely No Kid Life I was thrilled to finally have a literary heroine But then for me the book took a disappointing turn Spoiler AlertI realise in real life that many times people make the decision that the love of their life is important or that some women do decide later that they want children But for those of us who purchased the book thrilled that a woman was finally taking a stand and saying I don't want kids and I refuse to make excuses or be embarrassed by it it was a great disappointment at the end of the book that she took her husband back and seemed to be waffling on the baby issue There are some things I don't think one SHOULD compromise on and for once I would really like to have seen the heroine take the hardline stance whether she got the husband back or not Since one of the fundamental reasons I purchased the book was defeated through an overly cautious plot choice by the author I need to knock stars off you can't do half stars this would be 35 However the writing is up to Giffin's normal standards and it's a fast easy engaging read

  3. Melissa Melissa says:

    Ugh It's very rare that I get this pissed off by a book especially such random chick lit This review contains spoilers so don't read any if you ever plan to read this bookOk here goesThe story was about a NYC couple Ben Claudia that are madly in love They both agreed before marriage that they never want kids but after a close friend had a baby Ben changes his mind It's out of the uestion for Claudia and since neither will compromise they promptly divorce and this was the fastest divorce I ever heard of fictional and all No counseling no conversations nothing just divorceClaudia then starts dating this hot guy from work and after he takes her to Lake Como and gives her this wonderful cocktail ring she decides that she doesn't want to be with him WTH? The only way I wouldn't want to be with him after this would be if I met George Clooney at Lake Como Nope she decides that she wants Ben back and will do anything even have a baby to get him back This is where I really got pissed off at the author I'm all for twists in a book but really? You portray this strong successful woman that wouldn't back down on her stand and now she leaves a good relationship and will sacrifice everything she believes in for her ex? Why didn't they explore counseling instead of just getting a divorce? Why couldn't she have watched her sister's kids and had a change of heart? Or make her fall in love with the new man to only find out he has a child then what would she do? I'm no author but I definitely could have thought of a better twist or plotline I felt conned But not as conned as this future fictional baby would mommy never wanted you she just wanted daddy The other plotlines in the story were also ridiculous Her best friend always dates bad guys and right now she's with a married man To keep him she tricks him into a pregnancy Now this friend is also friends with Claudia's sisters one that's desperate to have a baby the other has been cheated on multiple times by her husband Why would these 2 sisters even be friends with her it's like she's rubbing it in their faces? She ends up miscarrying and then dumped by the married guy but no worries as she ends up in a serious relationship about 2 minutes laterThe sister that wants babies asks Claudia for eggs and the plot goes like this let me think about it maybe no because I'm saving all my eggs for when I get Ben back But that's ok too because she meets a very pregnant teenager at the shoe store around Thanksgiving and adopts her baby right in time for Christmas And both birth parents are tall so the baby won't be short like his adopted dadBen refuses to cooperate with Claudia when she doesn't want kids but takes her back no matter if they have kids or not Ummm so you divorced over this but now it's all okay? Good grief I hope they never have babies because they might change their mind and not want it give it away and then ask for it back againClaudia also bad mouthed the cheating brother in law but when her sister temporarily forgives him all is okay with him he's not that badThe author had some witty lines and would probably be okay if this was a short story I think she wanted to please all the readers and not try to stir up controversy but she managed to annoy me to no endJodi Piccoult could take a very controversal issue and still give a satisfying ending without pissing off a lot of people I wish this author can learn something from her I picked this up at a yard sale thank God I didn't pay a lot for this or I'd be really annoyed along with her other books they're all going directly into my yard sale pile I'm not wasting my time again

  4. Qiana Qiana says:

    I'm only a few pages in and I'm hooked This woman is me plain and simple I'm sitting here wondering when Emily Griffin found the time to sit down and write a book all about me I'm really hoping the main character doesn't sell out in the end to garner the mass appeal of chick lit readers If she does I might have to swear off Ms Griffin for good So far though she understands me which lets me know that there are other women out there who feel exactly the way I do about the prospect of having kidswhich is insert obnoxiously loud vomitting noises hereLaterSPOILERS AHEADSo I finished it Normally I'm not the sort to bash a book because I'm butt sore about the ending but this one struck a chord with me The heroin decides that she'll have a baby if that's what it takes to get her husband back? I'm guessing that to even things out the husband decides that he'd live without a child to be with her butthat's what the agreement was between them to begin with Living without a child is reversible Having one is NOT The moral of the story is You'll do ANYTHING for the one you truly love WTF? Really? Because I'm not jumping off a cliff or doing anything else I can't reverse especially something that I truly do not want to do that will forever alter my destiny and the destiny of a heretofore nonexistent innocent HUMAN FUCKING BEING just because the one I love says that it would please them This is our LIVES we're talking about here Why would she put this out there as if it was ok? We didn't need a happy ending here In reality there was no good ending for these two It was a tragedy from the begininng Griffin didn't have to put that you have to be willing to do anything in order to keep your man bullshit out there for young girls and women to read It's already everywhere we look and has been FOREVER Feminism is a thing that happened out of necessity to change the culture by introducing the radical idea that the sexes are eual in their value Relationships and marriages are based on euality and MUTUAL love and respect now not that roll over and do whatever he tells you to crap from olden timesAll in all I enjoyed reading the book until the end which is the ONLY reason it got two stars instead of one It seemed like a complete sell out on Griffin's partas I predicted It's always fine to throw non childbearing women under the bus in the end of novels tv shows and movies They almost always end up disregarding their own wishes for their lives and giving inbecause that's the way it is written I wish SOMEONE would write something in which a woman is simply OKAY with not having children that she DOES NOT WANT We women are not BORN to sell out and give in EVERY time some man or woman or other significant other asks for something they don't wish to give Young girls should stop being subliminally told otherwise in everything they read or watch on television and in all the media they consume from the time they are old enough to understand language onward Shame on you Griffin You have shamed yourself your vagina and all of womankind with this one

  5. Elizabeth Elizabeth says:

    Emily Giffin has the literary capacity to create the most aggravating unlikable characters in all of chick lit that I positively can't stand and yet somehow by the end of the novel I am empathising with and rooting for every single one She gets me every time and uite frankly I'm sick of your shit GiffinI'm going to come right out and say it people who say they don't want children astound me It's fine I respect it It just really surprises me So I struggled to grasp the concept of this book for a long time a 35 year old woman abandons her incredibly happy marriage because she simply refuses to have the child her husband desperately wants She didn't want to discuss adoption either It just seemed really extreme to me The couple in this book are financially sound in their thirties with stable careers a good home and in a happy loving marriage in a way Claudia's decision almost seemed immatureAnyway I got on board She got a divorce she ploughed ahead as a baby hating workaholic singleton and I was with her the whole way until suddenly it became very clear to me how the book was going to end view spoilershe was going to give in and have a baby after all hide spoiler

  6. Bren Bren says:

    “There are no absolutes in relationships You can't take anything for granted You can count on absolutely nothing but the unexpected You only get in trouble when you start thinking that you're some kind of exception to the rule” ― Emily Giffin Baby ProofI chose this because the premise seemed interesting I too chose not to have children as did many of my friends So I wanted to read this and I had already read the Something Borrowed seriesWhile not uite up to that level I did enjoy this book about choices and the ramifications of the ones we make I thought the book was uite realistic As a woman myself I cannot even say how many times that same uestion has been askeddon't you want kids and it has been asked to many of my friends who are childless too It does get annoying and I could relate to the heroineI also was reading this while in the waiting room at a doctor's office The receptionist saw what I was reading I'd just started and said to me you are going to love this book We then talked about the book a bit She was a major fan That was pretty coolSPOILERSI did not have any issues with the ending at all The book went pretty much like I'd have predicted and it moved at a brisk fresh pace Baby Proof was a pretty good read anmd an interesting one at that Highly recommended

  7. Stephanie Stephanie says:

    Yet another Emily Giffin novel and I think it was okay for the most part The thing I HATE about Giffin as a writer is she makes a really interesting difficult scenario that makes you sympathize with her characters and then she can't think of how to solve the moral dilemma so near the end of her books she pulls something COMPLETELY horrible whether it's a cliché plot development or a seriously erroneous logical argument for making her characters change motives an anti feministanti individualist argument in this case The fact that one of her good characters references Romeo and Juliet as an example of true love is truly sickening and yet this is the turning point argument that makes one of her main characters change their mind on a crucial issue Ugh Other than that which for a while seriously made me want to just stop reading since I could see where the story was about to go the rest of the book is decent for its genre

  8. Carrie Carrie says:

    This book annoyed me I couldn't figure out why at first and then I realized it I don't agree with the author's message The protagonist spends the whole book trying to get over her ex husband who left her because she didn't want children In the end they reconcile because while she still doesn't want children she'd consider having them to be with her soulmate I think that is a selfish notion yes it seems unselfish to procreate because you love your husband so much and that is what he wants And to me that works for everything I'll convert for you I'll live in Des Moines for you EXCEPT children Because a child should be wanted and loved by both parents for the family unit to work Enough ranting go read Something Borrowed instead

  9. Erin Erin says:

    This is one of the WORST books I have ever read Please do not torture yourself

  10. Tamara Evans Tamara Evans says:

    Usually I tend to shy away from books in the chick lit genre When I saw Baby Proof on the shelf I was instantly drawn to this book for some reason After reading the book jacket I knew this was definitely going to be an interesting read to say the least Claudia and Ben are the perfect coupleat least to everyone around them anyway Claudia is a successful book editor and Ben is a successful architect who are both enjoying their married childfree life Although they both agreed in the dating stage that neither wants to have children the issue come back up when the find out that their mutual friends are going to have a baby Claudia sticks to her guns about not wanting children but Ben is now not so sure and decides he may want kids after all Claudia forces Ben to make a choice in the matter; either be happy and childfree with her or be single and have a child with someone else Once they realize that neither one is willing to compromise they get a divorce During their separation and divorce Claudia does a lot a soul searching to figure out why she doesn't want kids She likes kids loves her niece and nephews yet she doesn't view herself as the motherly type I completely share the same opinion as Claudia when it comes to kids I like kids but can I see myself as mother? Not so muchFortunately she has a great support system to help her figure out her feelings on both side of the issue which include her friend Jess as well as her sisters Daphne and Maura Also during Claudia and Ben's time apart she begins to uestion whether or not he really was her soulmate After all if he was her soulmate wouldn't her want the same things she wants in life? Should she be willing to compromise what she wants for the man she loves? Are children the ultimate deal breaker in marriage?These are just some of the uestions that are tackled in this book While I was planning on just skimming through this book I could not put it down It was very well written and the characters were extremely thought out The dialogue was realistic as well as the situations that occurred within the book I really enjoyed this book and am happy with the way the book ended Having read this book I think I might give Chick Lit or at least other books written by Emily Giffin another try

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