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10 thoughts on “Beauty Before Comfort

  1. Karen Karen says:

    I found the information about Homer Laughlin and Fiestaware just as intriguing as the overall story of Glock's grandmother A well written memoir

  2. Linda Linda says:

    This was one of those books I picked up at a book sale just cuz it looked interesting Turned out to be pretty good I liked how the author mixed what was happening in the woman's life with what was happening in her area of Ohio the economy the war the changes roles of women etc

  3. Kathy Ferrell Kathy Ferrell says:

    I read this several years ago and really enjoyed it Glock takes us into her family's lives with humor and warmth It's a brave enjoyable book and as a West Virginian I can vouch for her genuine voice There aren't enough West Virginian memories being told about the fairly recent past Instead when one of us does decide to write it's often some stilted thing about the Civil War or the Hatfield McCoy feud This book is nothing like that There is joy here and I think you'll enjoy reading it

  4. Tiffany Tiffany says:

    This book was OK There is uite a bit of interesting history about West Virginia and the pottery industry interspersed with tidbits of the author's grandmother's life which wasodd to say the least The book was not unenjoyable it was just a bit tedious The picture of West Virginia life was uite interesting if the family history was not uite so much so

  5. Diane Bosser Diane Bosser says:

    I enjoyed the details about pottery ware and the pre and post WWII industrial growth and change in WV The author did a good job showing the limited and hard choices people made including those who stayed and those who left I did not enjoy the run down of every boy her grandmother dated and repeated descriptions of photographs

  6. Carrie Carrie says:

    I enjoyed this book The grandmother in this story reminded me a lot of my sister and her obsession with makeup and men Gave me a better understanding of women who put thier outer beauty before their inner beauty

  7. Ginny Ginny says:

    I loved this book because I love Fiesta Ware It contained so much history within the story I just couldn't put it down

  8. Juneus Juneus says:

    I read this book for Southern flavor since I was attempting to do some writing in that genre I enjoyed it

  9. Libscigrl Libscigrl says:

    Couldn't get past the 20th pagesupposed to be a granddaughters recount of her grandmother's younger days when it was important to look good and flirt Bored me out of my mind

  10. Ginny Ginny says:

    Interesting book; talks about the glass pottery companies that thrived in West Virginiaspecifically in the ChesterNewll area of WV

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Beauty Before Comfort ❴BOOKS❵ ✯ Beauty Before Comfort Author Allison Glock – “The first lesson my grandmother ever taught me was that dancing matters    When she did come across men she fancied who didn’t dance she sent them away until they did They always learned becau “The first lesson my grandmother ever taught me was that dancing matters    When she did come across men she fancied who didn’t dance she sent them away until they did They always Beauty Before PDF or learned because my grandmother was bitingly beautiful and that is the second lesson she taught me—that beauty inspires all of God’s beauty but especially hers”So writes Allison Glock at the start of her irresistible memoir of her maternal grandmother Aneita Jean Blair a woman who came of age during the Depression in a West Virginia factory town yet refused to succumb to the desperation that surrounded her Instead Aneita Jean rouged her cheeks and kicked up her heels and did her best to forget the realities of life in an insular community where your neighbors could be as unforgiving as the Appalachian landscape Before it was all over Aneita Jean would have seven marriage proposals and her share of the tragedies that befall small town girls with bushels of suitors and bodies like Miss America girls “who dare to see past the dusty perimeters of their lives” In lyrical and often breathtaking language Glock travels back through time assisted by a fistful of old photos and the piercing childhood memories of her grandmother “a skinny eager child with disobedient hair and bottomless longing” Together they guide us through the cramped dankness of the pottery plants the dense sweetness of the holler and into the surging promise of the Ohio River capturing not only the irrepressible vitality of Aneita Jean Blair but also the rich ambiance of working class West Virginia during the twenties the Great Depression and World War II Expertly written lovingly told Beauty Before Comfort is stirring testimony to the vanished dreams and powerful spirit of an extraordinary person and place.