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  1. Carol Carol says:

    You have to wonder why I read this book after only giving the first one two stars This is what happened I was headed to an out of town swim meet and needed something to read I ran into the library and couldn't find two books that had been recommended to me I went over to the new shelf and there was Knit Two staring me in the face I thought Well at least the first book is still fresh in my mind and I grabbed it I will say that at least no one dies of a terminal illness at the end of this book so that's an improvement Otherwise I have the same complaints I had the first go round The characters are implausible They are also too successful in all their endeavors You think you might want to go to law school? Then your LSAT scores will be through the roof You think you might want to open an antiue store? You will be bored with its success You think you'd like to start a purse business? A rock star will pose nude with them in Vogue Come on None of these women try something and fail That said I am sure there will be a third book and you know what? I will probably read it

  2. Jean Jean says:

    It’s been five years since Georgia walker died of cancer leaving her daughter and friends to manage the knitting store Knit Two picks up the dropped stitches and unfinished projects that are the lives of Georgia Walker’s daughter Dakota shop manager Peri and friends of the Friday night Knitting Club Catherine Anita KC Darwin and Lucie Dakota’s father James is now an active figure in her life as well as a friend and confidant of Catherine Life has moved on for each of these dear friends of Georgia yet for each and every one there remains a lingering grief for the friend who meant so much to every one of them for Dakota most of all as struggles to become an adult Now a freshman at NYU she seeks the freedom to seek her own path James tries hard to be father he was never able to be while Georgia was alive and although Dakota enjoy spending time with her dad she also wants to establish her own identity and independence She’s not the only one struggling with identity issues and change Catherine a divorcee in her 40s still longs for the perfect relationship Anita on the other hand has found the man of her dreams in Marty The 78 year old woman just can’t settle on when and where to have the wedding Finally she admits that it is because the wedding cannot be complete without her estranged sister’s presenceLucie and Darwin are learning the joys and frustrations of motherhood Lucie must balance career single motherhood and sharing responsiblities for an aged parent while Darwin finally gives in to her mother and mother in law to accept help with her newborn twins I too found myself missing Georgia She seemed to be the glue the held everyone together So the first third of the book felt a bit scattered to me while the author caught up to date with to the characters Bit by bit each woman seem to come to the conclusion that she needed to move on with her life and in that way honor Georgia Oh there are plenty of missteps and regrets Catherine in particular find herself taking a step forward and then step back before she gets herself untracked To her surprise she discovers that she is much appreciated and well liked than she ever thought possible Knit Two has humor It has a romance It has adolescent angst and midlife crisis; it has senior moments It has adventures It has sadness It has happiness Above all it features the power and perseverance of female friendship35 rounded to 4 stars

  3. Britany Britany says:

    What a wonderful seuel to The Friday Night Knitting Club It was wonderful to pick up 5 years later and check in with the gals of the club KC Peri Dakota Anita Darwin Lucie and Catherine Weddings babies promotions Italy and good old fashioned girl gossip brings this book together and makes for the perfect followup to our old friends Perfect chick lit book

  4. Darlene Darlene says:

    Knit Two by Kate Jacobs was like meeting up with old friends again In short it was wonderful and I loved it I've been a fan of Kate Jacobs since I first read The Friday Night Knitting Club which was an awesome book This past year I read Comfort Food which I also really enjoyed However to find out there was a seuel to The Friday Night Knitting Club was the best news ever for me and it didn't disappoint in the leastAgain Kate Jacobs draws you into all the characters lives and this time because you already know them it's even better This novel finds us five years after after the passing of Georgia and this time we get to spend time with Dakota who is 18 years old Anita Peri KC Lucie and her now little girl Ginger Catherine and of course Darwin This time we also heard a little from the men throughout the novel James Marty and othersThis time around everyone is struggling with their own issues Dakota is torn between what everyone in the Knitting Club wants for her including her father to what she wants for herself Peri who has been running the shop mainly for the last five years with some help from Dakota is wondering if this is all there really is for her Lucie is torn between her little girl her mother and her career KC is KC she's funny and witty I always liked her; she is just who she is without any apologies Anita who didn't love Anita She is the same loveable character and this time she is struggling with her grown up children not approving of her life choices and other personal issues Last is Darwin who I always liked She has had troubles having children and is terrified of anything going wrong now that it looks like she may have some I think one of the things I liked most was the character of Catherine I had really wanted to know about her in the last novel and this time her character was much developedThe story takes us again through the lives of these women and their love and friendship for and with each other Woven into the story is little notes on their knitting and how it and Georgia brought them together I really missed Georgia throughout the novel but at the same time you can feel her spirit within all the members of The Friday Night Knitting Club in the things they say and do and in the ways they continue to celebrate her lifeSo I've managed to write this review without giving away anything that you can't find out about the book online other than my personal feelings As with reading the first novel this one too left me craving the kind of love and friendship these women share I'm a knitter myself and would absolutely love to find myself a wonderful group of women like this to build such a lifelong friendship withKnit Two will be released on November 25 and for those who've read The Friday Night Knitting Club I have to say that reading this one is a must For those who haven't this book can stand on it's own It tracks back enough not to leave you lost but reading both leaves you much fulfilled with the story Oh and also I do believe that Kate Jacobs has left this story wide open for yet another seuel at least I hope so

  5. Sue Gerhardt Griffiths Sue Gerhardt Griffiths says:

    45 starsAnother wonderful story told by Kate Jacobs Knit Two is the second book in the Friday Night Knitting Club series Fast Forward five years and the knitting club members are still continuing their weekly get togethers minus Georgia who is terribly missed The members are still grieving the loss of Georgia 5 years after her death which seems reasonable to me I uite enjoyed the fact that she remained a significant part of the story throughout the book Readers also learn about the lives of each club member which was fantastic I enjoyed every section of this book and loved how the members not only met at the knitting store but socialised outside of the knitting club Half of the club members flew to Italy so part of the book was set in Rome it was a lovely change of scenery and made the story come alive to a greater extent Love Marco a beautiful character and hope to read of him in Knit the Season After the unbelievably sad ending of the first novel I wasn't sure how I'd feel about this story well it exceeded my expectations I absolutely loved it and maybe a tad than the first book I found the storyline to be believable and the characters well developed Each one had a definite personality The change in Dakota was refreshing she became a lovely independent young woman At first I wasn't too keen on Catherine but I ended up loving her story And Anita's hidden secret was fascinating I even adored Rosie but sad about her condition Many minor characters in the book also made the story interesting Looking forward to reading Knit the Season

  6. Sharon Sharon says:

    It took me a bit longer to get into Knit Two I really missed Georgia Walker for a while She was such a huge part of the first book However there are so many other interesting things happening to the other characters that I finally got over it and began to enjoy the story My favorite character this time around was Georgia's friend Catherine She definitely had the most issues to deal with I really came to sympathize with her and I couldn't wait to see what was going to happen to her next I also enjoyed the whole side story with Anita and trying to find her long lost loved one Her story kept me entertained and really made me think a lot about forgiveness While I didn't enjoy this one as much as first the stories were still emotionally charged and thought provoking It looks like their might be another seuel coming along This series has some of my favorite characters in it so I really hope that there will be another book coming along soon I would recommend this book in a heart beat You don't have to read The Friday Night Knitting club first but you should

  7. Linda Linda says:

    I expected a lot from this book The first one was so good I shared it with everyone This one is set 5 yrs after the first one and they are still bemoaning the loss of their common friend They also raised the child in this moaning groaning we miss your mom manner At what point do you realize she's gone you're living in the present and the child should be raised to live in the moment not bemoaning the fact that her mother died and no matter what they all do to keep everything the same she's not coming back to life Where is the support to raise the kid to look to the future maybe modeling her life after her mother but not trying to do everything the same? When is the dad going to snap out of it and decide to move forward instead of continuing the oh I wish she was here I'd change everything line of thinking That's 5 years of their fictional lives and a week of my life wasted

  8. Barbara Powell Barbara Powell says:

    I wish I could have given it 35 stars cuz it was a little better than 3 but not uite 4 It was definitely not as good as the first one which often is the case This one focused on life after Georgia and it was a lot of sadness The friends carried on and so did her daughter but it wasn’t the same without her Meh

  9. Kendra Kendra says:

    I read the Friday Night Knitting club about a year ago It was a fun uick read and I really enjoyed it I felt especially close to the plot line since I am a knitter and the story sort of centers around how knitting binds this interesting group of women together So fast forward to Knit Two the seuel It just wasn’t the same I mean yes I really wanted to know what had happened to the group and I got some answers in that area butIt was slow to take off I felt like I had to relive the whole first book again just to get to the good stuff Then the plot went way off center It focused on outside characters that I didn’t care so much about in the first book and totally ignored others And the last reason I was disappointed there wasn’t any focus on knitting They did sort of discuss knitting a little but it wasn’t as much of a core issue as it was in the first book The characters didn’t even spend any time knitting together in this bookSo read it if you were really in love with the first book Don’t even try to read it if you haven’t read the original You will be terribly confused and it won’t be worth it Just read the original and check out some other better knitting fiction books like Debbie Macomber’s Blossom Street series to give you inspiration

  10. J.H. Moncrieff J.H. Moncrieff says:

    I hate leaving negative reviews as it seems like cultivating bad karma since I'm a writer myself But talk about suspense of disbelief being blown to smithereensEvery now and then I like to read something lighter and I thought I'd remembered enjoying the first Friday Night Knitting Club but based on this experience and the reviews I've read for the first I wonder if I had it mixed up with something elseIt's hard to pinpoint where this book went wrong but I can tell you it completely implodes in the final chapters Unless you like your endings wrapped up in a completely unrealistic maudlin everyone's related to everyone bow this one will have you rolling your eyes so hard it hurtsIt's also difficult to know who to like or root for the self righteous know it all? The selfish one who can't stand her own daughter and who abandons her ailing mother? The young woman who thinks she knows better than everyone else? The vain middle aged woman who can't survive without a man and whose major triumph in the novel isn't immediately bedding the latest one? The other self righteous one who's always feeling sorry for herself? The lawyer who starts smoking but whom we really don't know anything about apart from her knitting skills or lack thereof?Oy vey Most of the book is a rambling slice of life with part of it set in Italy for some reason and then the saccharine ending Not really sure what story Jacobs wanted to tell but whatever it was it didn't resonate with me Maybe diehard knitters would get out of itThis genre call it chicklit or women's fiction seems the most difficult to do well

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Knit Two ➮ [Read] ➪ Knit Two By Kate Jacobs ➺ – Following the beloved #1 New York Times bestseller The Friday Night Knitting Club is this charming story of sisterhoodAt the Manhattan knitting store founded by Georgia Walker the members of the Frida Following the beloved New York Times bestseller The Friday Night Knitting Club is this charming story of sisterhoodAt the Manhattan knitting store founded by Georgia Walker the members of the Friday Night Knitting Club including Georgia's college age daughter Dakota rely on each other for help even as they struggle with new challenges for Catherine finding love after divorce; for Darwin the hope for a family; for Lucie being both a single mom and a caregiver for her elderly mother; and for seventy something Anita a proposal of marriage from her sweetheart Marty that provokes the objections of her grown childrenAs the club's projects an afghan baby booties a wedding coat are pieced together so is their understanding of the patterns underlying the stresses and joys of being a mother wife daughter and friend Because it isn't the difficulty of the garment that makes you a great knitter it's the care and attention you bring to the craft as well as how you adapt to surprises.