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Never Cry Werewolf [PDF] ❤ Never Cry Werewolf ✮ Heather Davis – Moonlight can totally change your life And it all starts so simply You Him The moon You’re toastOkay so maybe Shelby has made a few mistakes with boys lately But her stepmother totally overreacts wh Moonlight can totally change your life And it all starts so simply You Him The moon You’re toastOkay so maybe Shelby has made a few mistakes with boys lately But her stepmother totally overreacts when she packs Shelby off to brat camp Suddenly it’s good bye Never Cry ePUB ´ prom dress; hello hiking bootsThings start looking up though when Shelby meets fellow camper and son of a rock star Austin Bridges III But soon she realizes there’s to Austin than crush material—his family has a dark secret and he wants Shelby’s help guarding it.

  • Paperback
  • 212 pages
  • Never Cry Werewolf
  • Heather Davis
  • English
  • 14 January 2015
  • 9780061349256

About the Author: Heather Davis

Heather Davis is the author of A Curse So Dark the first book of the new Young Adult Paranormal Romance series Pioneer Falls Her previous books include Never Cry Werewolf and its two novella seuels Sometimes by Moonlight and Always in Shadow She is also the Never Cry ePUB ´ author of Wherever You Go and the RITA Award finalist for Best Young Adult Romance The Clearing Heather loves writing about strong sm.

10 thoughts on “Never Cry Werewolf

  1. Emily Emily says:

    Did you ever wonder what life would be like if you somehow ended up stranded in the woods with Jack Osbourne and Miley Cyrus? What if you weren't stranded at the woods but were in fact imprisoned at SUMMER CAMP? And what if Jack Osbourne wasn't actually a human being at all but a human being who could turn into a wolf? If so you are indeed in luck as that right there is basically the story of Never Cry WerewolfI'm going to come right out and say it so set your phasers to stun please I did not enjoy this bookI came into this book excited to read it interested in the premise I love werewolf stories wanting to like it wanting to enjoy the hijinks of the characters and the ultimate resolution of the story and I don't know whether it was because the whole shebang was only 215 pages or if I've just left that phase of my life where I can connect to stories like this but I felt just as uninspired and unimpressed on page 215 as I did on page 1Shelby by herself isn't unlikeable; she's boy crazy self absorbed and unable to conduct a conversation without naming every label on every piece of clothing that she's wearing don't call her a fashionista though but she does have a few moments where her personality starts to shine and she's definitely had to overcome some serious things in her past I don't know if she's an accurate portrayal of girls in high school now or what but hers was definitely the most developed character of the storyI honestly have no opinion of Austin whatsoever; he didn't really receive a lot of character development and all we really learn about him is that his dad is a rock star who certainly reminds me of Ozzy Osbourne accident? on purpose? he's superdreamycute and he has some bizarre medical condition that other kids think is just straight up drug addiction As the story goes on it also becomes clear that he and Shelby share a lot of the same issues and emotional baggageI think I would be hard pressed to recall a single other character's name Seriously I can't recall anything about the camp where the kids all stayed or anything else that happened in the story Oh apparently Austin's lycanthropy can be pharmeceutically controlled I'm not really sure why this was a necessary part of the story There a couple of plot points that revolve around that little tidbit before the story just gives up on being about anything and fast forwards to the epic fight scene and the stunning makeouts also known as the conclusionLet's take a moment and talk about the conclusion I appreciate that the target audience for the book is probably not my demographic and that concepts of relationships are certainly different for everyone but I guess a dude surprising me at boot camp sucking on my tonsils and then that being the end of the story just doesn't appeal to me If Mystery Science Theater 3000 featured the song that reminded me of the book as a whole the ending of the book reminded me of a warped version of John Cusack holding up the radio at the end of Say AnythingDespite my hopefully obvious lack of connection with the book it wasn't a complete wash I can definitely see a much younger audience enjoying the story and connecting with the characters and anything that keeps people reading at an age when reading isn't a cool thing to do is certainly okay by me If someone was reading this I wouldn't slap it out of their hands or anything but will I be recommending it to anyone I know? Probably not Different strokes for different folks I guessOverall Grade D Read reviews at What Book is That?

  2. Rebecca McNutt Rebecca McNutt says:

    I wouldn't take my review too seriously if I were you; this is not a bad book I am just not really a romance genre person is all I do enjoy werewolf stories and this book definitely has some interesting elements of supernatural fantasy history and folklore as well as a chilling yet captivating atmosphere

  3. Lissa Smith Reads& Lissa Smith Reads& says:

    5 Stars Overall Never Cry Werewolf was a good debut that may not hook all readers but will definitely stand out It contained uniue characters and a plot that occasionally dragged but I loved how clean it was Her spin on the werewolf story was very distinctive This was a fun book The romance was slow to transpire I feel like she rush the ending I wanted to know what happen after Red canyon If there is to be another book to continue the story I will be in line to read itMy absolute favorite and will read again and again I strongly recommend It has outstanding ualities The characters are wonderful and surprising and multi dimensional The writing is luring engaging and well crafted enough to keep me interested from cover to cover and beyond The plot is astonishing with twists and turns weaved into a well thought and planned story There’s no pretense and romance was well balanced and done entirely correctly with properly distributed amounts of hints behaviors and incredible undeniable chemistry Predictability is at an all time low With the exception of series based books that follow the same path but are just as good Overall Favorite must read again recommend

  4. Trisha Trisha says:

    “Its a cold comfort to have people pity you”Cute and interesting loved the obvious werewolf love story However all the mention of what's cool and what technology everyone uses definitely ages the book I also think someone younger would appreciate Shelby's frustrations but I only heard whining and being spoiled but someone younger is definitely going to notice that the technology and slang don't make sense any Meh It was just okay but I don't think it ages well

  5. Kristi Kristi says:

    Never Cry Werewolf is a very fast paced fun and cutesy type novel The overall idea was a little unoriginal and there really wasn't any mystery to the story since we already knew there was a werewolf amidst the campers and it isn't hard to figure out whoThe characters were a little underdeveloped for my tastes and they weren't really all that interesting I thought Shelby was a bit on the annoying side actually She's a smart and strong character I just wish she would have acted like it I wish we would have seen of Austin pre I'm going to turn to a werewolf You didn't really get to see much of him as just a person Except what we learn from ArielI really enjoyed Davis' writing style it's very simplistic and easy to read I think that may have been the reason I was able to devour the novel so uickly And the plot itself was entertaining enough to keep me engaged in the storyOverall even though it lacking in the character department and a little on the creativity it's still a fun read for werewolf fans

  6. Shep Shep says:

    Hmm Well I can't say there was anything particularly special about Never Cry Werewolf No dazzle or sparkle and not just because there weren’t any vampires in it Though this book didn’t annoy me as much as I thought it would it did nevertheless annoy me at times I think what bothered me the most was Davis’s overly cliché take on teenagers It’s almost an insult to our intelligence because I can say with confidence that most of the teens I know reading books for fun do NOT say things such as “Sooo like totally” and all that That’s the problem with some YA authors out there is that they think they know how the majority of teenagers think and talk but we are in fact much complicated than they assume Granted there are definitely teens out there that talk like valley girls but it’s so annoying why even bother creating a character based off of one? I would almost laugh with all the so’s and like’s and totally’s thinking Oh hey there’s another one It’s as if Davis added them in every other page or so because she felt like it made her teenage voice sound authentic As for the actual writing skill and techniue there wasn’t really any It was pretty simple prose for the most part The cast of characters were alright the plot was basic No twists or turns since it’s pretty obvious from the start who the werewolf is Again nothing dazzling About the cover I like it but I distinctly remember them saying girls couldn't wear makeup at campso why is it the girl on the cover is wearing it? Wouldn't it make sense for her not to have any on at all in the picture? And I'm pretty sure the cover model is older than 15 But maybe that's just me Did I hate the book? No It’s just one of those books that simply is At the end of the day it doesn’t do all that much to effect you I will admit I liked the ending though The last paragraph or two was reallysweet However cheesy it made me smile I guess I’m just like that though A sucker for happy endings and fairytales and lessons learned If you were to ask me what I thought this book’s best feature was I would say it’s that however cliché Shelby can be she in the end came away from her experiences at camp having learned something That as long as you have people around who love and care for you somehow everything will turn out alright

  7. Nasty Lady MJ Nasty Lady MJ says:

    To see full review clickhereOh lordYou know part of this reread project I’m doing is to give second chances But upon rereading Never Cry Werewolf I think I hated it than I did way back when it was releasedHave publishing standards really changed that much since the book was released?Well no Obviously Otherwise Halo and a host of other horrible YA novels wouldn’t have been released But Never Cry Werewolf is just wellbad on so many levelsLevels that are almost too boring to talk aboutI have to though And I think the best way to start off this so called glorious conversation is to talk about the era it was published in 2009Five years ago which doesn’t seem that long But in the terms of YA publishing it’s a lotFive years ago Twilight fever was at it’s height and if you had anything with a vampire werwolf or hot guy who had paranormal ability with abs automatic publishing contractI can just imagine how the uery letter wentDear AgentPublisherYou should representpublish my book because it has a hot guy with an accent and a paranormal creature in it The hot guy takes his shirt off a lotSignedAuthorOkay Davis probably went into a little bit depth than that but the substance of the book really didn’t go that much beyond thatA part of me wants to say that it’s eerily similar to Born at Midnight but even that book in all it’s sheer awfulness is better because it actually attempts at a plot And doesn’t just try to push the YA tropes to the max and then well forget having an actual plotI’m seriousI can basically sum the book up like this Evil stepmother sends our innocent heroine to a camp full of evil campers But never fear there’s a hot guy at the camp so it’s not that bad But our heroine has to get herself in trouble because she’s as brave and stupid as Clary Fray Except unlike that lackluster series there’s not even an attempt of a plot made hereYep that sums it upYes we have a character who has Clary Fray level of stupidity thereThat’s a pretty big insultIf you have no idea who I’m talking about and I hope you do you really need to be spared that pain Clary Fray is the insipid heroine of The Mortal Instruments series She thinks she’s Batman But she’s notThat’s about how stupid Shelby is but since she has no supernatural powers whatsoever I’d say she’s a shade dumberThat’s hard for me to admit that someone is dumber than Clary FrayI’d almost feel sorry for her Almost At the beginning I did think her stepmother was over reacting by sending her to brat camp for missing curfew Actually a lot of the adults I thought were overreacting to the point that the were caricatures but at the same time I sort of think Shelby deserves to be sent to TSTL schoolHum TSTL school You know I could make a lot of money from such a schoolShelby would be a prime candidate I mean if you were being sent to brat camp would you openly defy your counselor to search for a complete stranger in the middle of nowhereAnd yeah even if you’ve been camping before it’s still the middle of nowhere In an environment your not familiar withOh but wait He’s British and that means according this book that he lacks the skills to survive in the wildFunnyThis book forgets that the British empire colonize a large portion of the world centuries in the past and had to survive in the wild Well let’s not count RoanokeAdd that with the all British people are hot because they have an accent never mind that there are several types of British accents I start to feel sorry for anyone who lives in the United Kingdom when reading this bookAs for the hot guy with the British accent Well Austin is well as dull as they come If you imagine Jack Osbourne looking like Heath Ledger in 10 Things I Hate About You that’s Austin But add a boring streak And that’s really him Funny she used Ledger he’s Australian not British But I guess that’s close enoughI don’t get how Davis can think her audience is so shallow Add an accent a pair of abs and that’s all you need for characterization apparentlyBesides having to extremely dull and stupid characters as are protagonists there are the side characters to contend with The best friend character Ariel surprisingly did not offend me but what did offend me were the adultsAs I already said total caricatures

  8. Kelly Kelly says:

    Shelby’s been caught one too many times breaking curfew with a boy And this time her awful stepmother means business she decides and convinces Shelby’s dad to send Shelby to a summer camp for moneyed but rebellious teens Brat camp that is At least it’s woodsy Camp Crescent and not Red Canyon Ranch — where the kids have to do military boot camp in the desert — but she’s still none too thrilled At camp she meets Austin Bridges III who wants her help with something that’s strictly against the rules She has no intention of getting in trouble with the counselors and possibly getting sent to Red Canyon but then she learns that Austin’s issues are way stranger than she ever imagined Never Cry Werewolf is a YA paranormal tale about you guessed it werewolves It’s nothing earthshaking but it’s cute and entertaining It’s really short at just over 200 pages and this mostly works in its favor — no paddingThe romance between Shelby and Austin is sweet and unfolds in a way that makes sense for teen characters Often in paranormal YA a relationship will be touted as an epic love for the ages when the characters have known each other only a few days which tends to annoy older readers but at the same time I can see where these authors are coming from — I remember being a teen and how everything seemed so momentous then Heather Davis strikes a good balance between respecting that teenage intensity and keeping adult readers from rolling their eyes Shelby and Austin comment that they feel like they’ve known each other longer than they really have but Davis doesn’t throw in any unrealistic outward manifestations ie they don’t get married or find out they’re cosmic soulmates Never Cry Werewolf also touches upon the issue of grief Shelby’s mom died a few years ago and that loss and her father’s subseuent remarriage has driven a wedge into the father daughter relationship I really felt for Shelby every time this plot thread surfaced and the main reason I’d want the book longer would be to deal further with thisOther good points are the sarcastic humor that peppers the book and Shelby’s solution to the problem at the climax in which she combines taking responsibility for her actions with protecting Austin’s secretThis is a light read that will entertain you for a few hours Davis has released a novella length seuel in ebook format Sometimes by Moonlight and I might just buy it sometime for my Kindle Never Cry Werewolf ends with an ominous plot hook and I’m also curious about how the dad situation will be resolved

  9. Heather Heather says:

    Never Cry Werewolf was unexpected in a very good way The characters setting plot – all different from what I was thinking I would read I really liked Shelby; for all her family’s belief that she’s wild and unruly she seems to have a good sense of right and wrong and a strong passion for helping the underdog She shows a surprising amount of respect for her father and even the evil step mother ESM considering how little they both show her If I were her I would have moved on and found a way out of that family But instead she’s forced into brat camp by the ESM and the fun really begins when she meets attractive secretive Austin He and his family have a big secret one that someone at camp will do anything to find out he and his father are werewolves This is a uick read and a great spin on a story told over and over lately in YA fiction I genuinely liked both the main characters and found the secondary characters told a solid story as well Would recommend this for most fantasy readers

  10. Krista (Miura Haruma-san, I will always miss you) Krista (Miura Haruma-san, I will always miss you) says:

    Okay so the first thing to know is that this book is not uniue or special in any way So why did I love it? I'm not entirely sure The main character was just all right but she ended up growing on me Though I must admit I was pretty smitten for Austin Bridges III There was just something about thetoneof this book that made me want to keep reading and reading I liked the idea of the summer camp and the little bit of wilderness survival that was thrown in I just can't say what it was but this book just tickled my fancy The characters weren't flat but they're not unforgettable nor is the writing itself The dialogue is pretty good though some of it is a bitWhat are they talking about? The werewolf thing isn't uniue but there was one aspect about this particular werewolf that I hadn't seen before God I don't know This book was just like candy for me Fun fast and sweet You want when your done though AlsoI have to say I'm a big fan of cheesily happy endings so this one made me very happy though if you don't like that kind of thing

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