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The Ice Cream Girls ✩ The Ice Cream Girls pdf ❤ Author Dorothy Koomson – As teenagers Poppy Carlisle and Serena Gorringe were the only witnesses to a tragic event Amid heated public debate the two seemingly glamorous teens were dubbed ‘The Ice Cream Girls’ by the press As teenagers Poppy Carlisle and Serena Gorringe were the only witnesses to a tragic event Amid heated public debate the two seemingly glamorous teens were dubbed ‘The Ice Cream Girls’ by the press and were dealt with by the courtsYears later having led very different lives Poppy is keen to set the record straight about what really happened while married mother of two Serena wants no one in her present to find out about her past But some secrets will not stay buried The Ice PDF or – and if theirs is revealed everything will become a living hell all over again.

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  1. Elaine Elaine says:

    Don’t be fooled by the cute pastel cover on this one It isn’t the light summery girly friendship story that I was expecting In fact it is probably one of the darkest reads I have read in a long time and Poppy Carlisle and Serena Gorringe are certainly not friends but love rivals The object of their love is Marcus an older man and Serena’s teacherThis is a story of two young naïve girls who are reeled in by Marcus a predator of the first order in this story of seduction first love manipulation control domestic violence and murder When Marcus is stabbed to death one night the two girls are tried for murder Serena is found innocent but Poppy is sentenced to life imprisonment but now she is out and determined to clear her name It is a story that really gripped me and that I found hard to put down as we delved from the present day back to the late 1980s and watched the relationships with Marcus unfold It would be so easy to sit and read it and say “why didn’t they just walk away” but these girls had been deliberately chosen and groomed by Marcus for their loneliness naivety and lack of experience We all remember our first loves and the agonies of “If I don’t do what he likes he will dump me” etcetera and that is with teenagers up against the sophistication of an older man these girls didn’t stand a chanceFor the most part I loved the story and couldn’t put the book down but there were parts of the book that didn’t seem realistic at all in particular the court case itself In reality the girls would have been dealt with as victims due to their age and not seductive murdering temptresses I also couldn’t understand how the girls managed to keep their injuries secret especially broken ribs which really do hurt and restrict your movement Why did their families not notice? However putting all my niggles aside this is a very good gripping read that really captured my imagination In fairness I would say 35 out of 5

  2. F F says:

    I read this a long time ago I remember liking it I do remember the storyline but not the ending

  3. Bren Bren says:

    “I did not know that when you drop a stone of a stupid choice in the pool of your life it can cause a tidal wave to surge outwards destroying everyone and everything in its path” ― Dorothy Koomson The Ice Cream GirlsEveryone has heard of them Have you? The notorious young Ice Cream girls Not then kids really So young They are flashy they are wild and rebelliousAnd they are murderersAt least one of them is according to the courts Poppy and Selena were tried One was sent to jail One was notBut the reputation the STIGMA has never left Oh the shame of it all How could those young girls DO what they did? Murder and in such a chilling way? Don't get close to those Ice cream girls Who knows what they are capable of?Such gossip Such lascivious behavior Such a pack of BULLSHITBut heyit does make for good media copyUnless you happen to BE one of the Ice Cream Girls One of the frightened broken girls whose actual story is of coarse nothing like the blood sucking media makes it out to beDorothy Koomson maybe one of the best writers in the world today I do not say that lightly I have read many of her books my favorite being the masterpiece The Rose Petal beach But this one is up thereThe Ice Cream Girls is written with such heart It is NOT a light and fluffy read People may think it is because of the light and fluffy cover but this is a serious and intense book that explores the lives of two ladies who as children were accused of murder This book explores their lives as adultsTrigger warning and spoilersThere are some Sex abuse triggers Like all of Koomson's books the characters are fresh and realistic and go through heart breaking situations There is brutal terror in this book but it is not the Ice Cream girls who are doing the evil They are the victimsThis book is darkso darkwonderfully written and I'd highly recommend it It is an evisceration of the media the courts the perceptions that so many of us hold without knowing the real story But most of all it is a character study of two fascinating and inherently strong females and how they move on from traumas that nobody should ever have to go through 45 stars Read this

  4. Tea Jovanović Tea Jovanović says:

    Dorothy Koomson's masterpiece I fell in love with her writing with My Best Friend's Girl I and was acuiring Serbian editor of that novel This title despite the chick lit covers is serious book having serious theme of child abuse murder and impact on lives of two girls and their families Perfectly researched topic and masterfully written#mustread

  5. Barbara Elsborg Barbara Elsborg says:

    I like Dorothy Koomson but this one was tricky The whole premise of two teenage girls being independently seduced by their teacher and how that relationship was brought to an end was fine The legalities of it not fine I found it impossible to accept that neither girls' parents didn't notice changes in behaviour bruises etc that any judge or jury in the UK would accept that this man was a gentle soul and that the girls were evil when he'd been abusing them since they were 15 that one girl would go to prison and the other wouldn't that the wife would never even be asked about her ex husband's character that the girls didn't speak out and say that the truth didn't come out sooner well I could go on The plot just didn't work for meBUT I did like the writing the relationships etc and it was a book that kept me reading Yes the real culprit was obvious though I think Ms Koomson could have muddied the water better by letting a sister find out what was happening and suggest they did the deed Trying not to spoil the plot here Not her best but still compelling in its way

  6. Siany Siany says:

    I could NOT put this book down So different to Dorothy Koomson's other books but her best book in my opinion I love the characters of Serena and Poppy and is a shame they couldnt stand each other because they are so alike Serena was a very strong character much stronger than Poppy at times But I did prefer Poppy She went through a lot despite being innocent And in the end it was good to see her catch a break as far as her personal life went Marcus was scum of the earth and he deserved what he got but I did guess who killed him I was hopeful that person would come clean but I guess it would have tied the ending up too nicely I hope Dorothy Koomson writes another one like this because it was a brilliant book And I most definately look forward to her next book

  7. Dem Dem says:

    The Ice Cream Girls by Dorothy Koomson was an interesting and easy to read novelAs School girls Poppy and Serena were the only witnesses to a tragic event They both end up in different ways paying the price and become known as the Ice Cream Girls Years later Poppy is keen to set the record straight about what happened while Serena wants no one in her present life to find out about her past But secrets have a habit of coming back to haunt and this is certainly the case for the Ice Cream GirlsThis is my first Koomson Novel and I have to say I enjoyed the story and the characters I found myself happily turning the pages to find out The story is set in the present time with flashbacks to the 1980s and I thought that the author did a great job switching between time frames and at no stage did I find it confusing I did however have issues with the fact that the plot was not creditable There was so much I uestioned while reading that it spoiled the story a little for meI don't want to go into detail here as it would spoil the book for othersAn interesting read and I will certainly read something else by this author

  8. Dale Harcombe Dale Harcombe says:

    Two and a half stars I debated for a long while over a rating for this In the end I gave it two and a half stars because it was okay but I couldn’t say I liked it That no doubt has a lot to do with the subject matter Serena and Poppy stand trial for the torture and murder of Marcus an ex teacher Poppy is convicted of the murder and gets sentenced while Serena does not However she still lives each day with what happened and the secret she has kept from her husbandWhile it kept me reading I have to say at times it left an uneasy taste in my mouth Felt like a voyeur as the novel flashed back to the way Marcus seduced and then abused Serena and Poppy Thankfully these flashbacks were done in small bursts Marcus was a perverted creature I won’t say human being and there was part of me I admit that felt he got what he deserved Awful to say I know but that was how I feltThe other thing I struggled with was that once he revealed his true nature that the girls would still stay with him and subject themselves to such behaviour A lot of the details don’t come out in the trial and are kept hidden by the girls That I also found hard to believe Claiming to be in love or only 15 years old to me is not enough of a reason to put up with treatment such as they were subjected to I can’t believe parents didn’t notice either that something was up with their daughters while they were with Marcus But maybe that says as much about the parents as anything else I don’t handle books about abuse particularly sexual abuse well so I’m surprised I even finished it Maybe that says something about the writing l will certainly read something lighter after this

  9. Anne Anne says:

    The Ice Cream Girls is one of the most cleverly crafted novels that I have read for a long time It would be so easy to judge this book by it's cover and assume that it's going to be frothy chick lit don't fall for the cover this is a psychological thriller that gripped me from page one and kept me hooked until the very last pageThe story is narrated in turns by Serena and Poppy the 'Ice Cream Girls' of the title Serena and Poppy were never friends but their lives have been linked together by a tragic event that happened over twenty years ago This event shaped their lives and their futures moulding both of them into the adults they have becomeWith flash backs to the event and alternately narrated chapters this story twists and turns on each page The story covers some very emotive and often horrific events it is a novel about growing up about falling in love and about betrayal and hate Poppy and Serena are two excellently written characters both have their faults but both have been shaped by falling in love with the wrong man and it is this man that is so central to the story lineA compelling and often breathtaking read with a uniue storyline and fantastic characters I cant recommend this highly enough

  10. Blair Blair says:

    The cover and title which both suggest a fluffy chick lit book didn't attract me to this I'm really annoyed that I now have to have those hated pastel colours messing up my 2011 Reading Challenge page; but I'd gathered from several sources that it was actually a gripping thriller and from all I'd heard and read about it I was intrigued enough to pick it up when I spotted it in the library The Ice Cream Girls the title referring to a nickname bestowed upon the main characters by the tabloid press tells the story of Serena and Poppy two girls involved in the torture and murder of a teacher who had manipulated seduced and abused them as young teenagers In the present day Poppy who was convicted has just been released from prison while Serena who walked free has built a happy life with her husband Evan and two children The twist is that Poppy is convinced of her own innocence and determined to see justice done while Serena appears to be dogged by guilt and is constantly paranoid that the evils of her past will catch up with her In flashbacks we slowly discover what really happened between Serena Poppy and the teacher the detestable Marcus who maintained an abusive relationship with both girls to lead to the murder in 1988 Meanwhile back in the present day Poppy searches for Serena and vows to confront her about the crime The book is a page turner but the writing isn't good; there are lots of sentences that just sound clumsy or appear to have words or punctuation missing The mysterythriller element is compelling but the book often gets much too bogged down in the interactions between various family members rather than focusing on the main subject which can be frustrating However Koomson has done a wonderful if that word's appropriate job of replicating both the behaviour of an abuser and the mindset of the victim The author has obviously done some serious committed research on the subject because in parts it's one of the most realistic depictions of an abusive relationship I've ever encountered The fact that the girls realise their involvement with Marcus is destructive and are aware that he is the one in the wrong but still continue tolerating his abuse and feel trapped by their feelings and the isolation he has imposed on them is particularly strikingWhat I didn't find so realistic was the fact that Marcus was able to carry on physically abusing the girls so severely while they were still living at home with their families We learn that Marcus beats Serena and Poppy so badly that he regularly has to take them to hospital wouldn't their parents have been informed since they were 15 at the time? Wouldn't their families who are portrayed as caring and protective have noticed the injuries the constant pain; wouldn't they at least have noticed the girls were away from home so often? And given the extent of the abuse wouldn't there have been plenty of physical evidence against Marcus when it came to the trial? As well as eyewitnesses who would have seen him taking them into the hospitals doctors and nurses who might have wondered why these middle class teenage girls were covered in bruises and cuts and if Marlene was seeking a restraining order against him would this not have been at least brought up in court even if she refused to testify? It's not the extent of the abuse I find unrealistic nor the fact that neither Serena nor Poppy walks away sadly these details are all too believable but the idea that everyone would automatically believe two underage girls had 'seduced' and killed a man who was rarely allowed to see his own son apparently without even asking why they had so many mysterious broken bones and scars Even if the girls held back on telling the whole truth out of residual love for Marcus their parents and defence lawyers would surely have been able to piece together a damning case against him without very much difficulty at all Poppy even mentions that during her prison sentence she received letters from six other girls who had been abused by Marcus Why wouldn't these girls have come forward or been sought out by the policethe girls' solicitors? What about all the sexy underwear and clothes he was constantly buying them he must have been into shops to get them had receipts wouldn't that have cast a bit of a different light on the 'they seduced him' story? I could go onI'm not a great lover of this genre the chickfamily lit meets crime thriller sort of thing and I always seem to end up giving them 3 stars at the most yet I keep reading them anyway What can I say? Maybe this is the true definition of a 'guilty pleasure' I really don't think the plot of this book is up to much at all there were numerous other plot holes as well as what I've outlined above but I think it deserves recognition for the author's obvious commitment to her subject matter and the fact that through writing this book she is clearly trying to help raise awareness of abusive relationships and domestic violence Koomson impresses on her readers the importance of 'spotting the signs' through both the narrative itself towards the end present day Serena reaches out to help a neighbour she suspects is a victim and an author's note at the end I find this very commendable particularly in a book aimed at the chick lit market even if I didn't love the book itself

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