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The Name of the Game Is Death ☉ [PDF / Epub] ☆ The Name of the Game Is Death By Dan J. Marlowe ❤ – Two guys with guts and a go to hell with you Jack regard for conseuences have about three chances in ten of pulling off a big well planned smash and grab If one of them can shoot like me the odds are Two guys of the PDF/EPUB ¼ with guts and a go to hell with you Jack regard for conseuences have about three chances in ten of pulling off a big well planned smash and grab If one of them can shoot like me the odds are a damn sight betterIn the course of his line of business the man who calls himself Roy Martin has robbed a bank in Phoenix The Name Epub / killed three men and caught a bullet in his arm Safety—and one half of —awaits him on the other side of the country All that separates Martin from his destination are two thousand treacherous miles and three lethal temptations to trust the wrong friend to love the right woman and Name of the Game Is ePUB ´ to start believing that a man like himself can ever be safeThe Name of the Game is Name of the eBook ↠ Death combines a narrative as taut as a hangman's rope with chillingly authentic insights into the psychology of casual murder.

About the Author: Dan J. Marlowe

aka Albert of the PDF/EPUB ¼ Avellano Jaime Sandaval Gar Wilson house nameDan J Marlowe was a middle aged businessman who in the personal turmoil after the death of his wife of many years decided to abandon his old life He started writing and his first novel was published when he was Marlowe's most famous book and his best known character arrived from Fawcett Gold Medal Books in The Name Epub / The Name of the.

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  1. Dan Schwent Dan Schwent says:

    When a bank robbery goes pear shaped and he is wounded Roy Martin aka Chet Arnold and his partner split up with the plan being Roy will receive payments in the mail When the money dries up under suspicious circumstances Roy goes on a road trip to investigate Will Arnold get his money?The Name of the Game is Death is a hardboiled gem that's been on my radar for a long time Why didn't I take it from the mountainous unread pile before now?It reads like one of Richard Stark's Parker books told in the first person The man known as Roy Martin Chet Arnold and later Earl Drake is a slightly less mechanical version of Parker a man that doesn't kill indiscriminately but does what it takes to get the job done In this case the job is finding out why the bank job money stopped being sent The main character is pretty brutal especially by the standards of the time this was written Women and men alike fall beneath his gunsMarlowe's prose is economical and punchy again similar to Richard Stark's The plot has some wrinkles in it but it's pretty much a detective yarn with a criminal doing the detecting This isn't literary fiction and doesn't try to be It's full of bullets booze blood and broads everything a pulp detective story needs It also has great lines like It was as cold as a whore's heartFun Easter Egg The name of the bar Chet Arnold freuents is The Dixie Pig the same name as the bar in The Dark Tower I know Stephen King was into detective yarns at some point so it's a pretty safe bet he read this oneThe Name of the Game is Death is a pretty slim book but it's as long as it needs to be Maybe the advent of e books will user in a new golden age of detective novels that are 200 pages are less They don't make them like this Fawcet Gold Medal classic any 4 out of 5 stars

  2. Kemper Kemper says:

    This is 100% hard boiled funA bank robber temporarily going by the name of Roy Martin pulls off a heist but things get messy during the getaway Roy and his partner Bunny are forced to split up with the understanding that Bunny will hold the loot until they can hook up later However after Roy makes his escape he learns that something has happened to Bunny and their money in the small town his partner was living in Roy makes his way there and posing as a traveling laborer begins to insinuate himself into the lives of several people including a friendly real estate agent a world weary woman who runs a bar the local postmistress and a sheriff’s deputy with a bad reputation in order to learn what happened to Bunny and the cashThis is one fantastic example of the old dime store crime paperbacks at their best The story and the writing are extremely well done but it’s the lead character that Dan J Marlowe created that really stands out here It’s made absolutely clear through the first person narration that Roy is a man who would rather die than compromise or uit and he’ll murder without hesitation anyone who stands in his way We learn enough of Roy’s personal history to understand why he chose to be a criminal and has nothing but contempt for the law but there’s no excuses made or forgiveness asked There’s also precious little compassion or mercy in him for people although he’s distinctly soft hearted when it comes to animalsSetting a guy like this up in a plot where he’s acting as sort of undercover detective makes for some excellent fireworks once the fuse is lit and even before that Roy’s mad scramble to escape the aftermath of the bank heist is the kind of entertaining heist story that fans of Richard Stark’s Parker series would also love

  3. Algernon (Darth Anyan) Algernon (Darth Anyan) says:

    I pulled the38 and shot her in the throat three times Tell your story in hell if you can get anyone to listen I told her She trashed on the floor blood pulsing between the fingers of the hands clasped to her neck If they can patch up your lying voiceI stepped over herI had work to do Bad Boy Bad Boy What You Gonna Do?He's pissed off and he's coming for youIt's not like we haven't been warned by the title This guy doesn't fool around with the sipping of tea while he makes clever deductions about who stole Aunt Agatha's diamond'd necklaceThis guy shoots first and asks uestions later If there's anyone left alive to ask uestions toIt all starts with a bank robbery gone wrong and it goes downhill from there A nightmare roadtrip from Phoenix Arizona to Hudson Florida with a hop across the border in El Paso You can follow the route by the trail of bodies left behind by the Man Without a Name And in Florida things really start to heat upOur narrator has a name it's probably Drake since this is what the Dan Marlowe series is called in some editions He just chooses not to share it with us He's got got a bunch of aliases and fake identity papers and fake car plates He needs them all because he's at war with the world in particular with coppers On the day they sentenced Oily Barnes to fifteen years I uit the human race I never went back to my job and I've never done a legitimate day's work since I bought a gun in a hockshop and was surprised to learn how easy it is to knock off gas stations The roadtrip from Arizona to Florida is doubled by a trip down memory lane as 'Drake' takes us back to the key moments in his criminal career He starts early in primary school and some readers might find attenuating circumstances in the way the world treats him bullies at school inflexible father police incompetence doubled by bullying Drake's way of dealing with these circumstances puts him in a class of his own though The only time I was ever in the pen the boss headshrinker gave me up as a bad jobYou're amoral the prison psychiatrist told me You have no respect for authority Your values are not civilized values No they're not And what's so great about civilization anyway? It's just a con game to keep the rich guys up and the poor guys down Drake sets out to do a little wealth redistribution from the vaults of the banks to his own pockets He's not only ruthless he's clever and patient spending long months planning his heists and importantly his escape routes It's usually his partners who let him down When the one partner that he could rely on goes missing in Florida Drake is interested in revenge than in getting back to considerable stash from the last hitThis was my first novel by Dan J Marlowe and it was brutally good There's no compromise no soft spot no ray of sunshine in the storytelling Drake is a killer he loves his guns than he loves his women and there's a couple of beauties in this story since death and sex walk hand in hand in most noir tales He pays back tenfold every perceived slight civilization throws at him He has no friends because he will let nothing stand in the way of his line of fire He would rather die than bend his neck in submission As a human being he is despicable As a literay construction he is one of the most formidable criminals in the pulp canon I have read the whole book in one sitting turning the pages faster and faster as the final act came closer I will probably check out the seuels but I am a bit wary of recommending Marlowe to other readers It's a ride with the Devil 'Drake' and any enjoyment in the pacing and in the presentation style is tinged with this ueasiness about the graphic depiction of violence and about the uestionable moral choices of the driver

  4. James Thane James Thane says:

    His name might be Roy Martin; it might be Earl Drake; it might be Chet Arnold or it might be something else altogether In the end we never know and it doesn't really matter What counts is the fact that he's a classic pulp fiction criminal a bank robber in this particular case in a book that's one of the best examples of the genreMartinDrakeArnold is the creation of Dan J Marlowe a writer who began his career relatively late in life and whose career ended all too soon in 1977 when he contracted a mysterious case of amnesia and was no longer able to write For a brief span though from the late 1950s through the mid 1970s he produced a number of pulp novels some of which he wrote alone and others which he wrote with a co author The Name of the Game Is Death is generally considered to be his best book and it's a terrific read a lean story stripped to the bone that pulls you in from the opening page and races through to the startling conclusion It starts with a bank robbery in Phoenix that goes bad although Martin and one of his partners manage to escape with 178000 a pretty good haul in 1962But three people are dead including the third robber and a couple of bank guards Worse from Martin's perspective is the fact that he's been shot in the arm and can't travel With their plans shot all to hell Martin will lay low and attempt to heal while his remaining partner Bunny takes the loot to a small town in Florida Martin will catch up when he can and in the meantime Bunny will occasionally send him money to live on care of General DeliveryBriefly things go as planned but then one day there's no envelope at General Delivery on the scheduled day and none appears thereafter Martin trusts his partner implicitly which means that something has gone badly wrong in FloridaOnce recovered from his wound Martin makes his way cross country to Florida where he becomes Chet Arnold a tree surgeon Having established himself in the community he begins searching for Bunny and the missing loot Inevitably in a book of this sort he will have to contend with brutal crooked cops; sexy treacherous dames and a host of other obstacles But what sets this book apart from so many others of its day and genre is the skill that Marlowe brings to the effort The plot is compelling; there's plenty of action; the characters are fully realized and you once you start the book you can't put the damned thing down until you reach the climaxIt's very unfortunate that Marlowe's career was cut so tragically short and because his career was relatively brief he's largely faded from view But crime fiction fans owe a huge debt of gratitude to Charles Kelly who has done a great deal to resurrect Marlowe's reputationKelly has recently written an excellent biography of Marlowe Gunshots in Another Room The Forgotten Life of Dan J Marlowe and he has provided an introduction to a new edition of The Name of the Game Is Death which has just been re released by Stark House in a double volume alone with another Marlowe classic One Endless Hour As a result of Kelly's efforts Dan J Marlowe is enjoying another moment in the sun and those who love classic hard boiled pulp fiction will certainly want to find the new Stark House edition of these books

  5. Jack Tripper Jack Tripper says:

    Here's the 1973 Fawcett Gold Medal mass market I have Can you get '70s than that? Love it

  6. Jim Jim says:

    I can't believe I liked this book so much since I didn't like the main character at all I guess he's a psychopath He can read people very well but has absolutely no real feelings for most of them His back story explains that to some extent but he's incredibly cold divorced from society He does like animals though This one redeeming feature along with the horrible people he runs into explains why this was even readable but it went beyond that for me It was a fascinating journey told from his perspective as he tries to retrieve what is his well he stole it so he believes it is hisI definitely want to read of both this series any other books by this author Very well written with great characters

  7. Melki Melki says:

    Marlowe's shrewd antihero is one of the most determined bullheaded characters I've ever come across He is without doubt one stubborn sonofabitchSo when he needs to make a cross country trip to get back the money that he rightfully stole you'd better believe nothing and no one is going to stand in his way except maybe a dog If you're looking for a uick read with plenty of action and a high body count check out this taut crime thriller from 1962

  8. Steve Steve says:

    Very tight noir about holdup man and crack shot Earl Drake Some have mentioned that Drake reminds them of a first person version of Parker Richard Stark's bad boy I can see the parallels but they're two different cats Both are tough and smart though Drake shows some surprising vulnerabilities that in the end make him a believable character Interestingly Marlowe supplies us with a few chapters on Drake's growing up It doesn't explain why he does the things he does but his show him as being well different But that's OK Drake's a big boy and he'd be the first one to tell you he was born that way The novel opens with a big bank robbery and shootout that has Drake and his fellow robber Bunny on the run They get the loot but they leave bodies behind and Drake himself is wounded They agree to split up with Bunny taking the loot to a small town in Florida Drake heals while Bunny ships him installments of cash And then the cash stops coming Drake has a good nose for talent and he knows Bunny wouldn't do him wrong Drake decides to hit the road in order to sort things out Drake is the kind of guy that does sort things out no matter the odds Drake as amoral as he is can be loyal and make friends In this case he takes a lover who he sincerely likes which kind of sets him apart from other hardasses I've encountered in the American Night And he even loves animals Just don't cross him I was really impressed with how Marlowe closed this one up With about ten pages to go I was thinking the author had backed himself into a corner and would have to race to finish it Wrong Jim Thompson would have loved the wrap up If you like them mean and lean there isn't a wasted sentence in this oneNote This one is available in a cheap Kindle version It's a good value

  9. Dave Dave says:

    Dan Marlowe packs action and intensity into the first five or six pages of this novel than most writers pack into a lifetime of work It is the story of a bank robbery gone bad But what a robbery Two guys with guts and go to hell with you Jack regard for conseuences have about three chances in ten of pulling off a well planned smash and grab If one of them can shoot like me and the other one is Bunny the odds are a damn sight better Bunny is six foot four or They walk in and slam a solid chunk of Smith and Wesson into the guard's neck A few well placed shots later and a huge canvas bag of dough walks out with them and all the bank's employees and customers are in shockThe principals are forced to split up The narrator Drake Roy Martin who goes by several aliases is wounded and sends his giant friend ahead to Florida with instructions to send him 1000 at a time general delivery But when the money stops coming and it appears that Bunny got into some kind of trouble then what follows a cross country adventure seductive women untrustworthy allies and the like This short novel is one of Marlowe's best and it is full tilt pulpy writing through and throughThough in some ways similar in feel and temperament to Westlake's Parker character the narrator here is rougher prone to violence less worried about leaving a trail of bodies and determined to avenge any wrongThe narrator at some points offers some background as to his upbringing and his cold ruthless soul Especially of note is how he deals with the fat kid at school who wronged him and how he deals with the police force in his small townThis character created by Marlowe is nasty and hardboiled This is a book filled with pure fun for the hardboiled enthusiast Marlowe eventually continues on with the Drake character through a number of other novels

  10. Jamie Jamie says:

    Excellent hardboiled crime pulp with the ruthless bank robber protagonist who's real name stays a mystery reminiscent of Donald WestlakeRichard Stark's Parker the thieving brute from his renowned Parker series In very short order Marlowe manages to paint uite a deep picture of his protagonist with some excellent backstory and tell a taut story of a bank robber on the lamb looking to recover his take from a partner that's mysteriously gone missing As much as I enjoyed Parker I think Marlowe does an even better job giving some real depth and soul to his characters

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