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Armadilha ❮PDF / Epub❯ ☆ Armadilha Author Kitty Sewell – Buyprobolan50.co.uk Moose Creek é uma peuena cidade do Árctico Ali vivem descendentes de índios Dene e Inuit mestiços e inadaptados uando o jovem cirurgião Dafydd chega todos uerem saber porue se esconde este promis Moose Creek é uma peuena cidade do Árctico Ali vivem descendentes de índios Dene e Inuit mestiços e inadaptados uando o jovem cirurgião Dafydd chega todos uerem saber porue se esconde este promissor médico em tão remoto lugar Do ue foge Conseguirá regressar ao seu mundo Kitty Sewell autora de origem escandinava ue viajou desde cedo pelo mundo conta a história de fuga e reencontro de um homem O frio e o isolamento são apenas alguns dos elementos ue ajudam na construção de uma intriga de amor traição e a procura de um lugar de pertença «Cenas eróticasnegro e intrigante» Kirkus «Sombrio e erótico» Mail on Sunday «Brilhante estreia Um bom livro de suspense psicológico ue nos agarra do princípio ao fim» Publishers Weekly USA Suspense drama reencontro Dafydd Woodruff chega a Moose Creek no ano de Ali exerce medicina por um ano numa cidade tudo menos acolhedora Com o tempo cria contudo laços ue os vão acompanhar para o resto da vida Catorze anos depois de se ter refugiada nauela cidade gelada recebe uma carta dizendo ue tem dois filhos Regressa então a Moose Creek lançando se numa procura da verdade ue o vai levar ao reencontro consigo mesmo Suspense psicológico assinado por Kitty Sewell Natural da Suécia Kitty viveu também ela numa cidade do Árctico pelo ue capta como ninguém o ambiente e dramas de uma peuena cidade os seus afectos e crueldades.

About the Author: Kitty Sewell

I was born a Swede and like many wholesome girls spent my adolescent years crazed with love of horsesWhen I was my parents sold their farm in rural Sweden and on a whim moved to the Canary Islands From one day to the next the horses were gone and I was living in Franco’s Spain There was a German school the only one which offered a reasonable education so I had no choice but to become an.

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  1. Lori Titus Lori Titus says:

    This book has a misleading title Someone at the publishing house decided calling it a thriller would get better sales for it This is a shame because it's really a drama If you come expecting a John Sanford type novel set in a northern clime you'll be dissapointedHowever if you like a drama with a forbidding beautiful setting characters who decieve each other and a slightly naive though lovable main character who feels remorse for his mistakes you may enjoy this bookMy main gripe about the novel is that what should have been the mystery of this story was very easy to figure out I felt a little angry that the protagonist Daffyd didn't see how this was going to play out He accepts that a woman whom he has no memory of ever sleeping with bore twins for him Suffice it to say that this is a plot that has been handled on daytime soaps many times and let's face it handled better A trip to the Maury show could have cut this book in halfWhere this book does succeed is in the description of the location a small town in Canada near the edge of the arctic The characters until the very end of the story are imbued with a sort of hopelessness that comes with the atmosphere a paralysis that keeps many of them stuck in the past There is a dash of romance in this story as well and these portions of the book were well written I stuck through the end of the book because of the setting and because I wanted to see Daffyd get some sense knocked into him Unless you are looking for a slow paced drama skip it

  2. Paul Pessolano Paul Pessolano says:

    Surgeon Dafydd Eoddruff is leading a pretty good life That is until he receives a letter from the sub Artic wilderness of Canada A young girl writes him telling him that he is her father and that she has a twin brotherDafydd fifteen years ago found himself in this desolate area of Canada because he was trying to overcome what may have been a child's death A child's death which he may have caused due to an oversight during a routine operation The oversight may well have been the result of his being hung over from a night of drinkingHe cannot remember any actions of his that would have made him the father of these twins however he is unable to convince his wife He agrees to a DNA test and the test comes back proof positive that he is the father Still he is unable to accept that he is their father so he travels back to Canada to confront the mother of the childrenHe goes back to tha small hospital that he was working at and renews his relationship with his former workers some good some bad He finds that the mother was the head nurse at the hospital and that he had a very rocky relationship with herDafydd is convinced to help out at the hospital while he is there and befriends an old native who becomes a very important part of his life He enters into a relationship with his daughter that leads to difficulty in his life Remember he is married and has a wife in England he is faced with positive DNA that he has fathered twins in Canada to a nurse he cannot remember having relationships with and presently he is having an affair with a native girl while he is trying to unravel his lifeAlthough you will probably work all of Dafydd's problems out before he does this does provide a very satisfying read One should be aware that there is uite a bit of sexual content in the book Some of it was necessary to the telling of the story but unfortunately some of it could have easily been left out

  3. Karen Karen says:

    Dafydd Woodruff was a very young surgeon when he made a nearly fatal mistake on the operating table Shaken to the core by this event he takes a locum position in the northern Canada wilderness to recover from his guilt and reassess He spends a year in Moose Creek just enough time to experience the frontier style life Fifteen years later Dafydd is a consultant surgeon in Wales trying to start a family with his wife the marriage struggling under the pressure of infertility when he receives a letter from Moose Creek The letter is from a young girl who says she believes she and her twin brother are his children Their mother Sheila is the head nurse at Moose Creek but Dafydd is adamant that he was never involved with her despite a blood test result that shows that one of the twins is definitely his son ICE TRAP moves between current day Cardiff Moose Creek in 1992 and then Moose Creek again in current time as Dafydd goes back to see the children despite his confusion about how they could be his Much of ICE TRAP is about watching Daffyd deal with his own life In his early time in Moose Creek he's learning to deal with a world about as foreign to him as you could possibly get When he returns after 15 years he's dealing with the crumbling remoteness of his marriage; the different reactions of the twin children that he can't remember fathering; the antagonism of their mother Sheila; the disintegration of the local doctor that had helped him so much in his earlier years; the changes in other friends and contacts and even in the town itself In ICE TRAP the crime element is fraud deception and theft The community of Moose Creek is a small isolated insulated community with a lot of secrets and past baggage being dragged around This change in focus from the traditional crime story involving murder kidnapping or personal threat of some kind makes for a significantly different styling One of the major impacts of this is that the story moves very very slowly taking a considerable part of the book to fill in the back story and then the current circumstances of Dafydd's time in Moose Creek before getting to any indication of the extent of the crimes The other impact is that the story is all about Dafydd it's seen through his eyes and because he is ultimately a victim of those events it's self involved even self indulgent in some places Not having a traditional form of crime investigation solution is not a barrier to having a good book in fact if handled well it provides a difference in approach that is extremely refreshing Whilst there were some good elements of that change in approach in ICE TRAP there are also elements that let the book down The focus on the central character of Dafydd in the role of victim did get a bit tedious after a while There were some inconsistencies in how he was reacting to the disintegration of his marriage and the amount of space in the book that the subject got that element of the storyline could have been tightened up and given a realistic feeling The true story of the fathering of the children was pretty well telegraphed early on in the book and it wouldn't have hurt to bring out the truth of the goings on in Moose Creek earlier to keep the interest level higher Throughout the book there are a number of points where the reader's attention is allowed to wander with nothing much being revealed and the story going nowhere Towards the end of the book when the full story of the people and the town is being revealed and Dafydd is forced into taking some positive steps towards answering his own uestions about the parentage of the children and the circumstances around their mother and the local hospital personnel; the pace picks up the story becomes interesting and the reader's attention is firmly held

  4. Lisa Marie Lisa Marie says:

    I was so sure I was going to stop reading this book I didn't like the main character and there was so much 'bad luck' around him I thought what a moron But I stuck it out curious to see what happens to him It's like watching a bad movie its terrible but you can't turn the channel Once part 2 started in the book and the back ground of the story had been told the story really progressed much faster in 'real time' and honestly I couldn't put it down I had to see what happened and I finished it late into the night WOW This book is about a guy down on himself who runs away from his problems only to meet a psychopath who eventually takes everything he held dear but inadvertently gives him the path to peace and happiness in a way the never expectedI recommend this book

  5. Scott Smith Scott Smith says:

    This debut novel by Ms Sewell is ambitious and for the most part beautifully done She populates a world with characters who are freuently flawed in ways that make them vulnerable but never weak at least not in the traditional sense Her characters are as real as any you'll ever read and Ice Trap is definitely driven by them than by the plot At times in fact it seems unclear what that plot will be except in very general terms It comes together fairly uickly in the back half of the novel which trades in the back in forth in time narration style for a purely present day one Though parts of it are a bit predictable by the end a no no for a self proclaimed psychological thriller which this book really isn't it still manages enough surprising moments to make it worth sticking with it even after you've had your ah ha moment as a reader I enjoyed it and would recommend it to readers who enjoy rich realistic imperfect charactersuickly the premise of the plot is that Dr Dafydd Woodruff who committed a surgical blunder while intoxicated years before and who fled to Canada to temporarily avoid coming to terms with his error finds out he is the father of twins back in the little Canadian province in which he found refuge for nearly a year The difficulty for him is that he never had sex with the children's mother a beautiful but cold and calculating woman When proof emerges that he is the father he decides to head back to the frozen north to find out for himself what happened those years before Could he have blacked out and slept with a woman he despised? Stranger things happen in Moose Creek every day What he finds when he arrives is both and less than he expected not the least of which is an obvious mystery surrounding the twins' mother and his former best friend and colleagueWill Dafydd expose the truth he finds in Moose Creek a secret much deeper and darker than the one he came to investigate? And can he live with the conseuences for those he's come to care about if he doesn't?

  6. Martha Martha says:

    Ice Trap is a clever novel written from the point of view of the classic unreliable narrator Sewell weaves a tale of a Welsh doctor who finds himself in the Northwestern Territories of Canada after performing a botched medical procedure after which he needs to get away and regroup This temporary assignment has permanent conseuences for the young surgeon who undergoes spiritual and psychological upheaval due to his experiences in the bleak town on the edge of the Arctic I liked the portrayal of native spiritual beliefs and the power of a transformative experience in one's life The mystery if there is one is that of Dafydd Welsh form of David himself and the process of understanding the character and sorting his perception and faulty memory from reality as the story develops Anyone who has a soft spot in their heart for any town in the Northwest Territories will probably not like Sewall's portrayal of the life there as bleak and depraved and the people lawless and unprincipled There are a few good characters in the end which or less save the story from being a tale of Dafydd against the universe But basically the author sees the NW Territories as an overall nasty place where no one would want to live I think it was well done and I would like to read another novel by this author

  7. Shonna Froebel Shonna Froebel says:

    Published in Britain a couple of years ago this was released in Canada this year The book is set in the far north of Canada mostly in a town called Moose Creek and in Cardiff Wales Shortly after Dafydd Woodruff ualified as a surgeon he made a huge mistake in an operation on a child While he was cleared of any blame he cannot forgive himself and runs to a job in the Canadian north covering for a doctor on leave While there he makes some friends some enemies and finds some peace Thirteen year later when he and his wife are unsuccessfully trying for a child he gets a message that he fathered children back in Canada and yet he is sure that he didn't until the DNA test comes throughWhile his marriage becomes fragile he finds himself trying to make sense of the situation and returns to Canada to face the situation head on But he finds uestions than the one he came to solveI loved the description of the arctic beauty that Dafydd sees and feels drawn to as well as his confused thoughts and feelings The story flowed well and although I could guess some things before they were revealed it seemed to be natural for the characters to miss things because they were too close to the situation This is definitely a writer I will look for from

  8. C.C. Rising C.C. Rising says:

    Welch surgeon Dafydd Woodruff cannot forgive himself after making a heartbreaking mistake during a child’s operation His life in disrepair he relocates to Moose Creek a desolate outpost in the Canadian sub Arctic where a typical winter day hits 40 degrees below zero The town’s motley inhabitants seem to embrace the harshness the nights that last for months because they also seek solace from past deeds After a year in this clime Dafydd is ready to let go of the past He returns to Wales resumes his practice and eventually marries Fast forward 13 years A seductive Moose Creek nurse makes an outlandish claim—Dafydd is the father of her 13 year old twins and demands money for their care What’s DNA tests bear out the nurse’s claims though Dafydd swears to his wife he was never intimate with the nurse Dafydd’s wife however begins to have doubts and the couple’s marriage—already strained by childlessness—descends into free fall Dafydd returns to the Canadian sub Arctic to learn the truthThis is an engrossing book I loved how the landscape became a central character—at first cold harsh unbelievably desolate—and later a source of unexpected beauty and Dafydd’s salvation

  9. Robert Robert says:

    An enthralling and tense psychological thriller set primarily in the arctic which draws you in until you reach the stage you can't put it down as it explores the impact of a long lost secret on the relationships between a number of people It is an emotional journey as we see the main protagonist's marriage break down despite his best efforts while at the same time he is subject to emotional blackmail of the worst kind by a brilliantly drawn evil character In fact the principal characters are very well defined and one can feel empathy sympathy and intense dislike as appropriate for each of them The creation of atmosphere via vivid descriptions of the arctic location and the characters' actions not only demonstrates the author's knowledge of the region but also her knowledge of the motivations behind people's actions Overall a great read without any violence it's all mind games

  10. Kristen Kristen says:

    In the thriller debut from Kitty Sewell in Ice Trap you'll be in for a cold thrill ride from both sides of the earth For Dr Dafydd Woodruff it all started with a letter from a thirteen year girl claiming she's his daughter and that she has a twin brother named Mark That's when the flashbacks started for him which took us to Moose Creek a tiny outpost in Canada where he worked over a decade ago From the past to the present in Cardiff Wales we get to know him better while his marriage to Isabel comes unraveling apart We watched Dafydd interact with his friends and colleagues at the small clinic where he worked at especially with one cold hearted conniving manipulating woman named Sheila Hailey the twins' mother who have a wicked bone to pick with him Later on Dafydd return to Moose Creek to notice how things change and how wicked she was then and learned the truth behind the secrets with a shocking conclusion

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