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  • Mother India
  • Katherine Mayo
  • 15 May 2015

About the Author: Katherine Mayo

Katherine Mayo was an American white nationalist researcher and historian Mayo entered public life as a political writer advocating White Anglo Saxon Protestant Nativism opposition to non white and Catholic immigration to the United States and opposition to recently emancipated African slave laborers She became known for denouncing the Philippine Declaration of Independence on racialist and r.

10 thoughts on “Mother India

  1. Jayesh Shah Jayesh Shah says:

    This is a much criticized book by all Indians People have condemned the book for showing India in a very negative way I believe the book does portray India negatively and as Mahatma Gandhi claimed it is a gutter inspector's report But it is not the fault of Ms Katherine Mayo that the whole country is like a gutter People can read the book and easily find out what is wrong in India rather than what is wrong with the book The Indians should rightly be offended by the content of the book but instead of blaming the author they should fix the situation India is sadly one of the dirtiest places in the world

  2. Pushpam Singh Pushpam Singh says:

    One sided badly researched full of lies and written to self glorify one's actions This book tells us only one thing that most of the things we see around ourselves MAY BE FULL OF LIES While the issues raised by Katherine were genuine the intent wasn't She had an agenda in mind to justify everything that the British Empire was doing in India at that time and to prove by sometimes employing silly illogical and dumb arguments I would have appreciated if she had just shown the problems and not given her irrational commentary on top of that The trouble begins when she starts generalising and stereotyping Indians As an author that is the first thing you SHOULDN'T DO Further ahead her basis of making an argument is lame She just comes up with a random figure and writes her version of the story and presents it to the world Bear in mind it is an academic book and hence we need evidence not your cock and bull dirty mind's version on everything Every time you present a case in isolation it shows how immature and incapable you are of handling such a topic which definitely demands a certain level of maturity There is a very thin between criticising someone and trying to humiliate degrade and attack their self respect Katherine is trying to do attack people with her words Would it be fair to say that she might be suffering from inferiority complex disorder Grow up Act like a respectable author On several occasions she has presented facts which sound like a kindergarten comic book Silly and lame examples Clearly she hasn't done a great deal of research which comes out in her writing Definitely not a literary piece of work not because it criticizes but because it is badly researched and handled and presented and backed by data and it is certainly full of lies

  3. Satyabrata Mishra Satyabrata Mishra says:

    The only reason I picked this book up was to understand what the hype around it wasMother India is a narration of the conditions in India during the pre independence period; from the POV of a foreignerI agree; some words and passages feel very prejudiced but the sign of a mature nation is to accept criticism in whatever form and work for itAll in all it's very detailed and well narrated Some parts may open your eyes or close them with the same prejudice you are complaining about I still don't understand why it was banned

  4. M M says:

    Some books need to be chucked in the bin this derogatory piece is worth just that Filled with lies and racist taunts this book is no wonder banned in India

  5. Eschargot Eschargot says:

    She was a racist absolutely no doubt about that that comes out loud and clear in her writing 'fine cut faces of the northern Persian Muhammadan strain coarse faces of the South' etc etcHer dislike for Hindus as a people is blatant But if you can pick out some of the issues she writes about she was probably not too far off in spite of her hyperbole The treatment of women child marriage caste system filth Brahmin elitist attitudes all get the reuired scathing treatment It is not an easy read in the sense it does rile one up a bit I almost wanted to throw the book out of the window a few times but realized it was on my kindle Takes some swallowing of anger too But read it anyway it gives you a look into a deeply flawed patriarchal society set some 90 years agoand then look up and see the changes that have been made We have come a long way and have a long way to goHere is Gandhi's uote on the book from WikipediaThis book is cleverly and powerfully written The carefully chosen uotations give it the false appearance of a truthful book But the impression it leaves on my mind is that it is the report of a drain inspector sent out with the one purpose of opening and examining the drains of the country to be reported upon or to give a graphic description of the stench exuded by the opened drains If Miss Mayo had confessed that she had come to India merely to open out and examine the drains of India there would perhaps be little to complain about her compilation But she declared her abominable and patently wrong conclusion with a certain amount of triumph 'the drains are India'

  6. C C says:

    As many here have said a hard read It cannot be denied that Ms Mayo would be by the standards of our time considered a bigoted woman and a racist She writes with the self assurance some would say smugness of someone who is absolutely sure of the broad superiority of her own ways over those of others That said this is not a bad book For the sociologist Ms Mayo's proto feminism in deed if not in words contrasting with her strongly orthodox views makes for a fascinating bit of subtext for the modern reader to consider For the historian While the author obviously feels very strongly about the subject she cites wherever possible sources Indian sources to back up that yes much of the awful words she puts in the mouths of Indians did in fact issue from their mouths as she said it did Read it as a historical curio That said many Indians here note that Mayo was not entirely wrong and that many of the complaints she levels against what was then the Hindustan still hold true today It's uite the book if it can make you feel simultaneously uncomfortable for its tone as well as for the accuracy of some of its content

  7. Andrew Suskins Andrew Suskins says:

    Great book and well researched and written Much as been said about Mayo being racist but it is unfair to call her that for merely saying the unsaid India was a deeply divided society and still is today by some standards but that change in dynamics cannot be understood without its historical context Mayo provides a fairly balanced historical from today's perspective background of India Was India a racist Country? Or the author a Racist for depicting it so? Until a few years back from advertisement to Indian movies fairer people were always depicted as righteous and desirable and people with darker skin in traditional Indian movies were villain with hidden dis honorable motives in movies and primarily from southern part of India Almost all movies had rape scenes depicting a darker skin person raping a fairer skin person The point is understand the background instead of condemning India as a whole in an unfavorable light To ignore such is to subjugate and perpetuate stereotypes about Indian population Perhaps one should read the book with an open mind without a pre conceived conception on the author being a racist

  8. Debashish Debashish says:

    I read the book of 1925 in 2020 I felt it is written about my times though with some unimportant changes in the surface I am sad that Gandhi Tagore and Annie Besant found it so outrageous Every Indian should read it for knowing how India is perceived by an honest outsider It becomes our duty as Indians to make corrections where necessary and go ahead Human beings are at the end of the day members of the unversal homo sapiens family and not as we tend to believe bound to racial geographical religious segments Katherine Mayo observed that our educated middle class and moneyed class talked of noble religious theories while practicing false corrupt destructive actions She said the Hindu leadership wanted Swaraj but did not work on reforming our religious superstitions abuse of women abuse of cattle development of healthy agriculture and trade I find this 100% true in post colonial India which would sure replicate in Pakistan and Bangladesh as well Bangladesh army killed its father of nation soon after they gained independence after a bloody Muktijuddho

  9. Kunal Kunal says:

    Of course Miss mayo is a deeply racist woman Idea here is not to behave as jury of a tribunal set up to judge the author Books such as these give an insight to the society of those times as the author saw it NOT as it was That in fact would be true for any societal or anthropological account Mayo uotes and shares testimonies of practicing doctors high ranking Baboos and Priests She talks about India of 1927 but India of 2014 still is cursed with a lot of issues she brings putIN THE SAME INTENSITY Efforts the author puts in are clearly visible The deep rooted ideology is not hidden The author is honest about her expressions and thought processes I think it was a valuable insight into the era and makes me sensitive to the issues of women not just in India but all nations where poverty and ancient customs put the well being of women on a nugatory position

  10. Sheila Sheila says:

    Definitely not an easy read especially the descriptions of socio economic s regarding young girls and women in pre Independence India Dr Mayo's book was hard hitting and graphic for the time published late 1920s 30s I can see why many have objected to its content That said it was of its time and the author was I feel trying to get the world to take notice of a situation which was largely ignored by the West

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