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Myrren's Gift [Reading] ➶ Myrren's Gift ➽ Fiona McIntosh – Encore adolescent Wyl Thirsk doit assumer le rôle pour leuel on le destinait depuis sa naissance commandant en chef des armées de Morgravia Une responsabilité ui le conduit à la cour du prince Cel Encore adolescent Wyl Thirsk doit assumer le rôle pour leuel on le destinait depuis sa naissance commandant en chef des armées de Morgravia Une responsabilité ui le conduit à la cour du prince Celimus un despote sadiue Là un geste de bonté envers une sorcière condamnée au bûcher vaudra à Wyl un don miraculeux ainsi ue la colère de son seigneur et maître Contraint de lui obéir Wyl est envoyé au Nord où la guerre menace pour une mission suicidaire à la cour ennemie avec pour seule arme un mystérieux pouvoir dont il ne soupçonne pas même l'existence Or s'il n'embrasse pas le Dernier Souffle il signera sa perte et celle du pays u'il a juré de défendre.

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  1. Camden Camden says:

    This book is so bad that I started rewriting it before I even finished it Which I have not yet And have no intention of doing unless I run of material in the rewriteHave some reasons why I had to leave a public space while reading it because I thought I was going to screamthrow up This books hits a level of misogyny that I wasn't aware was possible given the writer is a woman There is a moment of rape apologism rape apology? that made me want to puke There is a systematic and state condoned destruction of the disabled The entire book is rah rah white men boys club forever to the point where I started marking down points at which it would be convenientless annoying if the character just had sex and got it over with There are really bizarre race politics that I don't know what to do with And I'm only up to chapter fourteen I will probably not go on Aside from the above offenses the writing sucks the main character is boring as hell the plot is contrived and too much time is spent describing how attractive the men are

  2. Matt Matt says:

    Sooooo rant time? Rant timeThe prologue ticked me off when it tried to make me care for a dying dude Honestly nobody needed to see the moment the King promises to like the hero it's Fantasy Either the king is a bastard or he likes the hero It's a given Frankly though if that was the only problem with this book I'd have taken itThe concept of Myrren's gift is interesting and there's potential for really interesting things except instead we get1 RacismCelimus' mother was married at twenty to a man twice as old as her who raped her twice the latter resulting in the birth of their sonDespite this the fact that she hated her husband was attributed mainly to the place she came from considering she's the only black woman in her kingdom that we know of at least this is enough of a tick tbhThe problem gets bigger when Celimus turns out to be Evil too and all of it is attributed to a his mom b his father not being around although king Magnus is still mostly blame less but I'll get back to this in a moment c his nature considering no whiteMorgravian character gets the same treatment it's easy to guess which side Celimus got his nature fromThen of course there's the part where GoodWhite King Magnus probably had his wife assassinated or at least the characters who know him say he definitely could have done it but we're still supposed to sympathize with him becauseer he's the Old White King of a Fantasy book?At no point does the narrative or any of the character acknowledge that maybe growing up universally hated and completely left behind by his father at least contributed to Celimus' later tendency to humiliate people so they remember who's in chargeNo that's all because he's naturally cruel as the only alive POC in the book I don't think I need to explain why the decision is super fucking shady at best2 Sexism 2a Fridging GaloreEveryone's mom is dead Every Single Character Lost their mom when they were young Wyl did Celimus did Valentyna did and Fynch did Even the baby who's born about a uarter to the end loses his mom just as he's bornAlso I feel like I should mention one of those mom is killed specifically so a romance between a barbarian man and a non barbarian woman can happen makes it particularly grating Plus as the barbarian can conceivably be read as brown yeah One yeurk pointMyrren herself is fridged for the sake of turning Special Snowflake Wyl into a SUPER Special Snowflake no really She could have been the heroine but no A Man had to do it I'll get back to Myrren in 2b btwAt least one character is created solely for the sake of dying in the most gruesome way possible beyond Myrren I mean and as for the assassin we meet toward the end well we'll get back to her 2b Sexualized violence against womenSo Myrren Myrren's introduction is short at best We learn she's been in hiding all her life with nameless parents She has a dog But mostly she's a witch and she's pretty guess which of these traits is the most important?You're right it's the prettiness In fact we get reminded that she's pretty a lot as she gets tortured for two and a half chapter or so with plenty of details including the fact that she's naked And pretty And naked Given how much Wyll thinks about that I'm pretty sure he gets an off screen boner Wyl gets his own point later on btwThe other female character who gets tortured is a nameless prostitute glamoured to appear like Elspyth the non barbarian woman in the romance I mentioned above while she's tortured to death Again she's naked and again we're reminded she's really pretty as she dies Then the book reveals it wasn't Elspyth after all and we're all supposed to feel relieved and all right because prostitutes dying just isn't that big a dealSidenote One male character gets tortured in the book too His sufferings however happen offscreen and possibly with some form of clothing on 2c Some women are better than othersIt's already obvious in the way Ylena the protag's sister is introducedShe's pretty and kind and motherly and she doesn't talk about clothes like all the other girls therefore she's better Which in turn makes her worthy of becoming the best friend's Prize For Existing I mean Love Interest at the young age of idk 10? When said best friend is about 14? Smells a little like pedophilia to me tbhNext comes Elspyth She doesn't talk about clothes and she doesn't scream when there's blood around but she's also mom like and wants nothing else in life tbh and also she's pretty not like Ylena because Ylena is blonde and I'm fairly sure Elspyth is a brunette but she's still pretty This makes her worthy of uh being mentionned at all? Oh and falling in instalove with Lothryn the Mountain ManBarbarian for no other reason than he didn't kill me yet or at least no other reason I can discernAnd finally at the top of the Better Women pyramid ValentynaValentyna is the princess of Briavel Wyl's love interest and the bestest of women because she doesn't give a shit about clothes and dressesbehaves like a man all while remaining pretty and sweet and mom likeSidenote I don't think HollywoodMainstream publishingHeteronormative culture realizes that this whole 'I can only love a woman if she's as close to a man as possible' makes it sound a little gay 2f Women aren't allowed any agencyMyrren of course gets torture porn ed to death for the sake of Wyl's specialness and that's about all she's allowed to think aboutElspyth gets kidnapped then broken ou of prisont then sent back home and never gets to make any decision of her own and in fact when she's told not to go back to her dying Aunt she agrees pretty fast imoValentyna despite being described as a super badass princess who knows how to use a sword and rule a kingdom is never allowed to touch a blade and receives political advice from a six years old boy Tell the Hillary Clintons of the world all their diplomas are for nothing anyone with a penis no matter how inexperienced they are can do the job as well as them In fact I suspect Valentyna knows this since every single one of her decisions revolve around menFirst she wants to please her father then her counselors then RomenWyl then Fych the 6yo then she's just making her decision according to Celimus and his moods Now the last item is perfectly reasonnable and justified in context Put next to the other though it becomes another line on the list of offensive authorial decisions3 Super Special Snowlfake Protagonist 3a I'm so ugly He says while everyone else swears up and down he's prettyAccording to the book Wyl's main flaw is to have red hair Sorry red haired people Apparently the author only likes you when it's time to hammer the fact that Wyl Valentyna are made for instalove homeFor the rest he's pretty much perfect Everyone loves him he's hot he's rich he's practically besties with the king who by the way openly prefers him to Celimus the actual prince and he's genetically good with a sword Either that or the histories of his world willfully erased any male member of his family who wasn't good with a swordSidenote This isn't how talent works and while we all sort of wish it was I mostly want the fallacy to stop 3b I'm so Good and Right all the time He says while I gagAlright I might be getting a little passive agressive here but picture this we're supposed to love Wyl and agree with everything he does but1 He jumps on the let's hate Celimus bandwagon disturbingly fast too fast in fact for me not to read it and think racism again2 While watching Myrren gets torture porn ed to death his main thought is that she's really pretty even with every articulation of her body dislocated Second comes I hope she doesn't think I'm ugly because clearly when you're tortured you still have time to think about how pretty the protag is Oh and also he's jealous of Celimus because when Myrren looks at Celimus obviously she must be thinking he's so pretty Because again fuck thinking aboutanything that's not a dude3 When he recounts his first time having sex he feels obligated to mention it wasn't with a prostitute as if it made him better but with a village girl of some sort whom he still paid after taking her virginity So charming4 He's supposedly hell bent on protecting Morgravia and later on Briavel Valentyna's kingdom but when the time comes to execute a plan to do just that Wyl compromises it because he can't handle Celimus flirting with Valentyna No really the plan is basically work him up then refuse to marry him and RomenWyl gets upset when Celimus gets a little overheated which causes RomenWyl to disturb the plan and later almost kill Celimus despite knowing full well it could send both Briavel and Morgravia into complete chaos And still his main regret is that now Valentyna is mad at him4 Conseuence and effort free magicAlright this is the bigest spoiler of this review it's hidden for a reason but Myrren's gift to Wyl is that view spoilerwhenever someone kills him Wyl's soul swaps with theirs at the last minute so that he stays alive in their body Hence when a dude named Romen tries to kill Wyl Wyl ends up in Romen's taller hotter body Hence RomenWyl hide spoiler

  3. Kylie Kylie says:

    45 stars I realize that this book had some problems but I honestly just had a ton of fun while reading it and it made me excited to pick it back up which I haven't felt in uite some time I really enjoy the story and can't wait for my physical copy to arrive at my house

  4. Raerae Raerae says:

    It started off with potential but pretty much destroyed it later on The Gift was an interesting one but rather ruined it for me in having access to memories and body languageit would create interesting conflict to have seen Wyl struggle through thatGood guys are good bad guys are bad Anyone in between pretty much get killed off Good guy falls in love with Love Interest bad guy wants Love Interest Cue pointless journey and dogs appearing out of nowhere to help whenever a fight doesn't go the good guy's wayNow the above is all well and good but for the fact that both sides figure complex plans to simple problems and never listen to warnings ever It was honestly too frustrating to finish slogging through

  5. Kristi-anne Kristi-anne says:

    I don't know why so many bad reviews I found this trilogy awesome I couldn't stop reading it I couldn't put it down till done such awesome twists I loved it

  6. Dead Stuff Dead Stuff says:

    Myrren's Gift is a brilliant example of how treating the text as unreliable improves it beyond measureThis could be the story of Celimus a boy born into a tragic fate he cannot hope to uphold His mother has been forced into an arranged marriage with a much older king to secure trading rights not for love Refusing to bend her will she raises her son to be brilliant ruthless and stand up to his fathernot understanding that a boy born in a house of no love cannot lead his people Too late his father has his mother assassinated But the boy is already old enough to hear whispers and soon discovers he will never be able to trust his fatherThe two mens' paths diverge Seeking to assert his flagging manhood the King of Morgravia stokes the fire of war anew with the neighboring nation Obediently General Thirsk and his son Wyl ride off to battle only for the General to throw his life away Reaching out for the son he feels he never had the King does not allow Wyl Thirsk to be sent off to a military academy Instead the King keeps Wyl close by at court and the bond between king and prince is forever sunderedPrince Celimusfor his part clings to religion to give himself some direction Witches with their inhuman abilities to resist pain and their terrible curses could have been treated as very real threats to the security of Morgravia When Celimus' agents find one the witch curses Wyl with heterochromia andstuff To protect himself and to give Wyl Thirsk the training he needs if he is to lead the Morgravian army Celimus wisely sends his new general off to the mysterious northern borderah but Fiona McIntosh is no Vladimir Nabokov Heck she isn't even Danielle Steele The whole story is played tragically straight If you're the author's favorite you are good noble and pure; if you're one of the author's targets you are irredeemableTo motivate myself I took a drink of scotch every time I found a proper name with the letter Y in it I got drunk around page 100 and gave the rest of the book up

  7. Lisa H. Lisa H. says:

    I am so disappointed in this book and its seuel and I'm assuming will be eually disappointed w the third one but hey I spent the money on it I'm going to read itFirst off a glowing recommendation by Robin Hobb author of TWO of my favorite fantasy trilogies Farseer Tawny Man What a damn lie Hobb is an amazing writer and I can't imagine she would honestly rave about this trite piece of barely adeuate crap I should know better than ever go by rave author blurbs except Harlan Ellison I think Ellison would be outraged by the idea of puffing a book he didn't actually likeSecondly the transparently telegraphed set ups ie He left this meaningful bracelet tied to a branch in the middle of absolutely nowhere in hopes that XYZ character who would know what it meant would come along that EXACT PATH to the far back of beyond and see it and understand that he had been there and would follow him AND LO AND BEHOLD THAT'S EXACTLY WHAT HAPPENS I know I am just as stunned as you areAnd there's a fucking magical dog Which understands human speech and can communicate on a rudimentary level like barking once as confirmation And apparently can on occasion transport itself from point to point And may be able to transport humans in a similar fashion although the details are still murky on that The dog's abilities are becoming numerous as the story goes on It's fantasy Lassie man And there there's a mass of piddly little kvetches like using the word boon twice in one paragraph and the second time it's not even really the right word WHERE WERE THE COPY EDITORS??? Gah The I think about it the I think two stars is overly generous

  8. R R says:

    In some respects Myrren's Gift is an average fantasy romp with everything you'd expect in a fantasy novel; court intrigue battles magic a bit of romance etc etc At times it's just a little tedious because it feels like I've read all of this stuff before Certain charters seem to lack depth and perhaps also intelligence and it is frustrating to watch said characters trying to solve problems when the answer is so so obvious However the book certainly isn't terrible There are well written sceneschapters scattered throughout and ultimately this is what kept me from giving up I especially enjoyed reading of Wyl's time in the Mountain Kingdom Of course the concept of the Gift itself is also an interesting and original one and I look forward to seeing how this magic unravels in the next two books

  9. Katilian Katilian says:

    The concept behind this series is an interesting one Unfortunately the execution is weak The three book plot relies on character stupidity to keep it going and the prose reads like a Harleuin parody I kept reading mainly to see how bad it could get

  10. Neeta Neeta says:

    Terrible TERRIBLE series I was silly enough to buy all three books at once and so i read or skimmed when i just could not take it any the whole series 05 I'd give it less if i could I recommend it to no one Ever

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