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A Cold Creek Holiday ❴Read❵ ➲ A Cold Creek Holiday Author RaeAnne Thayne – Buyprobolan50.co.uk All Emery Kendall wanted was to flee painful memories of Christmases past She craved distraction and healing and the mountains of Idaho offered bothplus the key to a long buried family secret But when All Emery Kendall wanted was to flee painful memories of Christmases past She craved distraction and healing and the mountains of Idaho offered bothplus the key to a long buried family secret But when she met her host rancher Nate Cavazos she hardly got a warm welcomeThe former army ranger's smoldering good looks masked deep emotional scars And now he had his hands full as guardian of two orphaned nieces A Cold PDF/EPUB ² That seemed to be all the involvement he could handle right nowStill Nate couldn't ignore his fierce attraction to Emery or his nieces' instant attachment to her until Emery's secret shattered their happiness Would it be a lonely Christmas for four lost souls Or the best family holiday ever.

10 thoughts on “A Cold Creek Holiday

  1. Victoria Sigsworth Victoria Sigsworth says:

    Was sorting through the romance at work and saw this I read the synopsis Unusual for me but it struck a chord The author lives in Utah and the main character is called Emery Now being an Osmond fan this sparked my imaginationI once read a historical M and B which was uite good but was a bit too much for me but passed on an afternoon travelling to and waiting for an appointmentTherefore my expectations were not very highHowever I am pleased to say that I really enjoyed this and actually no sexy shenanigans except for kissing and the story is lovely It may be too cheesy and predictable for some but having looked on I've now found another author I enjoy Even though this is set at Christmas I found it perfect for summer

  2. Linda Linda says:

    Emery Kendall has arrived at the Hope Springs Guest Ranch for a uiet Christmas She has not counted on the two cute girls she meets who are desperate for attention Their parents were killed and their uncle Nate Cavavos has retired from the military to care for them He takes one look at Emery and decides she is a city girl and has no business in Cold Creek But with that look he is also attracted to her

  3. Marlene Marlene says:

    Amazing storylineOver the years I've read many Cold Creek books This one is one of the best for Christmas or anytime of the year You can't miss when you find great writing sweet little girls a tough military guy horses and new beginnings found over the holidays Loved this book Don't forget your Kleenex

  4. Cullen Cullen says:

    Emery and Nate Emery wanted a get through Christmas this year She lost her Mother and found out her Father wasn't She rented a cabin for a working holiday The grumpy manager was an Uncle to 2 reacentorphaned nieces

  5. Sue Stewart Sue Stewart says:

    Emery Nate had the girls sweet Christmas storyReally good series

  6. Cathie Cathie says:

    I love RaeAnne Thaynes booksShe writes beautiful characters with lots of love And I love books that children play prominent parts And this book really did that

  7. Sylvia Sylvia says:

    I loved this book Great story Love this author's books

  8. charmaine White charmaine White says:

    Good ReadA really nice romantic storyhas a little mystery and suspensebut most of all it's a really good family storyRaeAnna Thayne never disappoints

  9. Amy Amy says:

    Mine had great cover this cover I wouldn’t have checked into Chick lit but I liked it Sad women wants to be alone for holidays stays at cabin meets man taking care of two nieces

  10. Patricia Solla Patricia Solla says:

    This Christmas themed story is an interesting mix of why Emery has come to Hope Springs and what happens when she goes to check in at the guest ranch where she has a reservation Problems happening at the guest ranch having Emery clashing with Nate who has come to the ranch to raise his young nieces after the death of their parents The problems start with the young woman who worked for Nate and was doing the reservations for the guest cabins decides to run off with a cowboy Emery winds up helping Nate with celebrating Christmas with his nieces In the storyline we find out why Emery has come to the guest ranch what's going on with Nate and his neighbors and how Emery is also involved with them Christmas is a magical time and the ending is a worthy celebration

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