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You Can Write a Memoir (You Can Write It!) ❴Reading❵ ➸ You Can Write a Memoir (You Can Write It!) 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10 thoughts on “You Can Write a Memoir (You Can Write It!)

  1. Rachelle Graham-Bernal Rachelle Graham-Bernal says:

    Very helpful read as I start my fourth novel and first memoir I am getting older so I felt it was time and as I feel my illness is draining me and I may not have much longer to live I need a book to teach me how to write memoir I took a class at Portland State over a decade ago that was helpful and informative in an astounding way but this novel is a great brush up to get me started and on track to make me feel I have some semblance of where to start my memoir and how to put together all the gibberish I have collected over about 100 diaries and to pick out what is most important and how to say it in a way others would relate to and want to read Hauser did a good job

  2. Kimberly Patton Kimberly Patton says:

    I probably wasn’t her ideal reader because it seems this book was written for older people writing their life memoir But I still learned a few nuggets here and there about writing

  3. Liz Kurz Liz Kurz says:

    Good basic writing suggestions on writing your memoir I will finish mine one of these days even if it's trite and something authors turn to when they've outlived their creativity Nice reference to have on hand

  4. Rona Rona says:

    Reference Book

  5. Jade Lovgren Jade Lovgren says:

    Great book gave me lots of good ideas

  6. Nolen Nolen says:

    Some good basic suggestions on finding sources and writing style

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