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Changing Places ❰Epub❯ ❧ Changing Places Author Susan Smith – Who would believe it They’d switched bodies Changed placesJosh slipped his feet into fluffy pink slippers while he gaped at Jenny’s bedroom Jenny stumbled over baseball euipment and groped her way Who would believe it They’d switched bodies Changed placesJosh slipped his feet into fluffy pink slippers while he gaped at Jenny’s bedroom Jenny stumbled over baseball euipment and groped her way to Josh’s closet Had they really changed placesThey’d had a lot of arguments lately—about schedules about ballet and baseball about the differences between being a boy and being a girl They’d talked about walking around in each other’s shoesThey never thought they’d get the chance to do it.

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  1. Rosa Rosa says:

    Josh and Jenny are typical middle class American teens of the eighties They’re very fond of each other but lately they’ve been having trouble empathizing and communicating with each other Josh doesn’t understand how important ballet is to Jenny and she can’t understand why he doesn’t understand if I recall correctly Josh also wants to take their relationship to the next level and Jenny isn’t sure she’s ready Before the gap between them can grow too wide their fairy godfather appears on a computer screen and tells them that to stop their bickering he’s going to have them switch bodies and lives for the weekAnd so they do After the initial period of upset and bewilderment they start to learn about the struggles and fun of the opposite gender the roles they have to play how they act in packs the difference between male and female friendships Jenny has to throw and catch a ball for the first time since adolescence so she won’t let Josh’s team down; Josh has to memorize and successfully perform Jenny’s all important dance routine for a big tryout They have to use their bodies and minds in ways they never had before each needing the other to teach them but also adding their own spinConvincing the other’s friends and family that they are them is also difficult and risky They decide that pretending to be each other would be easiest rather than explaining the whole fairy godfather prescribed switcheroo situation Josh learns and appreciates how Jenny helps take care of her family They get to know each other’s friends better offering them surprisingly insightful advice about the opposite sex Josh learns how girls tell each other everything expect him to listen have parties for no real occasion and dance with each other at them; Jenny learns how boys playfully insult each other and why they sometimes walk into telephone poles when girls go byAt the end of the exhausting but successful week their fairy godfather comes back onscreen confirms that they have learned and changes them back Josh and Jenny are really happy because they understand each other than most couples ever will kind of like Tony Curtis and Marilyn Monroe in Some Like It Hot Their relationship is strong and it’s become less of a chase—it’s a softer less self centered thing This is good magicI really like these kinds of stories—empathy is a very good thing This one definitely could have been written better but the message was cheering Sometimes I think everyone should switch bodies for a short period to experience life from other sides Not everyone at once but a few at a time Starting with close minded insular people who take their sex role for granted—and might abuse it

  2. Trin Trin says:

    Eighties teen bf gf switch bodies because of a fairy godfather who lives in a computer of course and the sex obsessed boy never feels up the breasts he suddenly hasYou can guess which part of this I simply don't believeLook this book is not very well written No human being has ever behaved or spoken like the characters in this book ever But beyond the stiltedness of the prose you can see Smith trying to get across some real honest messages about the pressures teens feel to have sex to succeed to conform to societal norms Smith is clearly constrained by the time and the medium or maybe her own discomfort hey I don't know this lady and the inability to actually talk about bodies when talking about sex makes even the book's best moments feel corseted And yet ultimately this is a screed against toxic masculinity A uiet restrained 1986 teen lit screed but one nonethelessSo four for you Susan Smith A noble effort

  3. Wysterria Wysterria says:

    don't ask me why but this book still sticks in my mind as a favorite from my young days a girl and her boyfriend wake up to find they are in each other's bodies and experience being the opposite sex for a day i found a copy of this at a yard sale and bought it need to read it again now as a twenty something than likely i'll wonder why i ever liked it

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