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Thinking Write ✰ Thinking Write Epub ✶ Author Kelly L. Stone – Writer's block Creative freezeArtistic burnoutIn this book professional counselor Kelly L Stone teaches you how to use the power of the subconscious mind to capitalize on your writing sessions Proven Writer's block Creative freezeArtistic burnoutIn this book professional counselor Kelly L Stone teaches you how to use the power of the subconscious mind to capitalize on your writing sessions Proven techniues for accessing this hidden tool are revealed with a mix of anecdotes exercises and guided meditations You will hear from well known and award winning authors such as Jacuelyn Mitchard and Stephanie Lossee and how they utilize these methods Writersboth professional and aspiringwill take awayA working understanding of the subconscious mind and its benefits to writersPractical techniues for developing a bridge to the subconscious mindEasy to use strategies for using the power of the subconscious mind to assist with writing endeavors and become successful as a writerProven psychological methods for building self confidence as a writerAs a bonus the book includes an instructive CD with guided meditations specifically for writers The exercises on the CD bolster the material in the book and will have you putting pen to paper in no time.

10 thoughts on “Thinking Write

  1. Rebecca N. McKinnon Rebecca N. McKinnon says:

    Non spoiler summary in one sentence A self help book geared toward wanna be writers spouting advice for creative productivity based on pseudo psychological science Initial thoughts I bought this one on a whim and have been reading it on and off for years I was initially intrigued by the sample I read in the bookstore and had high hopes the rest of the book would be just as intriguingGenres IMHO Nonfiction self help psychology Writing style So soConclusion What this book has going for it that other 'self help for writers' books don't is a totally different perspective It focuses on how to get your brain ready to write not how to write and this perspective is extremely refreshing I plan to take some of this book's advice to heart sound ideas like creating a writing routine a space to do your writing and overall trying to be positive However I don't plan to follow all of its advice; some tips were based on flaky science and seemed to lack the kind of evidence I'd expect a good nonfiction book to cite Some methods sounded downright spiritual which may be surprising to the reader who picks this up based on its cover's description the psychology of 'thinking write'Overall for Thinking Write The Secret to Freeing Your Creative MindThis book may be some people's cup o' tea but I'd understand why many readers wouldn't be able to get through it Rebecca N McKinnon's Rating System Key 'Did not like it' means I probably didn't finish it and I definitely would not recommend own or re read 'It was ok' means I probably finished it but would not recommend own or re read 'Liked it' means I finished it and might recommend it to some but not all people I would not own it or re read it 'Really liked it' means I finished it and would recommend it but only after my 5 star favorites I would not own it or re read it 'It was amazing' means I finished it would recommend it own it and re read it

  2. Kit Kit says:

    When I first saw Thinking Write on a shelf in the Augusta Maine Barnes and Noble I was struck by the descriptive phrase on its cover “the secret to freeing your creative mind” Also on the cover was a birdcage with a typewriter nestled inside it with the cage door wide open I think something about this image struck a cord with me the idea of freedom expression and creativity and the thought of achieving these wonderful things This book is helping me do just thatThe author Kelly L Stone a licensed mental health counselor and writer dives into the science of the brain and the conscious and subconscious mind The book is divided into three distinct parts Your Incredible Mind Accessing Your Subconscious Mind and Programming Your Subconscious Mind The layout of the book is very helpful and Stone’s friendly yet informative language is definitely a plusThe book talks a lot about relaxation and how to obtain it We all have such busy lives filled with scheduled activities and learning about how to find time to actually sit down and write has helped me so much even thought I have only had this book for three weeksThe book comes with an instructive CD with guided meditations specifically made for writers I have yet to try out these meditations but if they are anywhere near as good as the book they should be great and extremely useful in tapping into the subconscious mind in order to writeI highly recommend this book to anyone who has difficultly focusing and setting aside time to write Heck I’m sure everybody could learn something from it I got it for seventeen dollars at Barnes and Noble which is on the expensive side of things for me but I’m sure on it is less expensive Check it out here and buy it here

  3. Willis Willis says:

    Kelly Stone wrote an interesting book on practical ways to try and tap in to the subconscious mind for creative purposes She does a good job of giving a small discussion on the 3 parts of the mind and what the function of each is Most of the book is spent on ways that writers or any creative persons for that matter can access the vast storehouse of information and observations that the subconscious mind holds Most of the methods are relaxation techniues akin to meditation and self hypnosis I look forward to trying some of the techniues on a longer term basis to see if they do help Already I experiencing some interesting dreams as I use her techniues to remember record and even encourage dreams I will be re reading this book over the next few weeks as I try to incorporate the techniues in my daily life

  4. Stephanie Lawton Stephanie Lawton says:

    This book was exactly what I needed to jumpstart my stalled writing I've heard the author speak twice to regional writing groups and I'm so glad I finally picked up THINKING WRITE Start to finish it's filled with ways to get creative and tap into your subconscious your muse to get the solutions you need to writing issues Additionally many of the techniues she teaches can be applied to other aspects of your life not just writing My only small complaint is that some of the sections especially near the end devolve into kindergarten projects we don't need to be told to get markers scissors glitter etc to make a collage But on the whole this was very eye opening and well written well organized well researched I'll be returning to this book and browsing certain sections as the need arises Great stuff

  5. Sean Huff Sean Huff says:

    This book was very informative and inspiring for me Kelly Stone offers plenty of advice for aspiring writers including ways to meditate for creativity methods for getting into a productive state of mind and provisions of wisdom from other successful authors The techniues discussed in the book have helped me get through writer's block and have stimulated my imagination beyond any other self help book I've read thus far The things I learned from this book were well worth the price I paid for it I highly recommend it to anyone who hopes to pick up a few tips to enhance their craft

  6. Rosalind M Rosalind M says:

    Some of the tips will be repetitive to anyone with a collection of writer's references but THINKING WRITE does offer some good advice on how to tap into your subconscious mind and why that's important to your creativity

  7. Fredrick Danysh Fredrick Danysh says:

    The author sets forth that writing originates in the sub concious mind The book discusses the different level of awareness in the mind and ways to reach each Relaxation techniues are suggested as well as a CD ROM Tips for overcoming writer's block are provided

  8. Garrett Dunnington Garrett Dunnington says:

    Very weak method Didn't get a lot out of it It taught nothing I didn't already know

  9. Vmichelle Skinner Vmichelle Skinner says:

    Love the non linear approach to using other parts of your mind to stir up some inspiration

  10. Anita Agers-Brooks Anita Agers-Brooks says:

    Interesting and different ways to inspire yourself to get busy and write that book

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