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  1. Debbie Debbie says:

    I think the women who will most benefit from this book are those who were moving up in a company but now feel like they've hit the glass ceiling they're being passed over for promotion or leadership responsibilities or are feeling like their input is being deliberately ignored The information in the book can help them understand how their actions may be perceived by their co workers and not always just by men and what they can do to fix the situationUnlike her previous books very few survey uestions were actually shown the exact uestion with the results which disappointed me Instead especially in the first half of the book each chapter was mostly references to problems she heard mentioned freuently by men and the real life examples they gave to illustrate the point Shaunti usually tied this in to how men are geared differently than women and thus behaved differently in the workplace or were at a loss of how to deal with women who act differently in the workplace At the end of each chapter she gave excellent and do able advice on how to deal correctly with those situationsI have the Christian edition and I really enjoyed chapter 12 the Counsel from Experienced Christian Women I also thought that chapter 10 had information that all women working or not would benefit from readingHowever I found some sections and chapters especially in the first third of the book confusing than enlightening Often the issues raised weren't really male female differences and I'd agree that the behavior in the example wasn't appropriate work behavior for men or women Other times I was ticked at the guys because the woman in the example picked up on something because she was female but lacked experience in dealing correctly with the situation If trained how to do it correctly or allowed to learn from the experience she would have become a real asset in the same situation in the future Yet the men assumed that the mistake was also inherently because she was a female and gave up on her insteadThese sections left me feeling frustrated and depressed Why? Because I didn't feel like this book was intended for or could be used to open dialogue and clear up misunderstandings in the workplace The book was intended to help women change their behavior if they choose to avoid triggering these misconceptionsSo as I said I think The Male Factor would definitely be helpful to women who are stuck on the corporate ladder Women who work in a male dominated job and who want to learn how to get along better with the men at work will also find the book usefulI received this book as a review copy from the publisher

  2. Hilary Hilary says:

    As a woman in business who works with lots of men at various levels including executive levels I found some useful nuggets of information that I can apply to my life As a feminist I found myself getting frustrated with a need to change myself to make men comfortable However the author was very clear that her goal was simply to provide insight to the male thought process She was not supporting the male perspective nor was she saying women need to change to make men comfortable She was trying to help women understand how their actions may affect their progress in a male dominated world I would recommend this book to women who have 1 been in business long enough to know how they are most successful as an individual woman AND 2 have encountered struggles with male coworkers that they don’t understand There is a lot of great insight in this book but it could cause younger female professionals to place too much focus on what their male coworkers think as opposed to understanding themselves and being successful as a uniue contributor

  3. Jennifer Pohlhaus Jennifer Pohlhaus says:

    This book was spot on and because of that it was extremely frustrating I found myself getting aggravated and complaining to the person who recommended this to me about how irritating it was Another woman who I recommended this book to has been doing the same to me Reading this has changed my view on how I and other women are perceived in the workplace and I am making adjustments to how I communicate and interact with others to counteract andor utilize these misperceptions

  4. Geneva Geneva says:

    This was both interesting and boring at the same time It has some interesting points from copious survey based research but even with ok writing if I hadn't been listening to it as an audiobook I'm not sure I would have finished it

  5. Deborah Deborah says:

    This book is so relevant and necessary for today's women of authority and influence I highly recommend it It is a fun read even though it is steeped in research

  6. Keiki Hendrix Keiki Hendrix says:

    Women who work outside their homes or women who work with even one male coworker would do well to read Shaunti Feldhahn `The Male Factor The Unwritten Rules Misperceptions and Secret Beliefs of Men in the Workplace'Why? Because is fundamental career research Because some of your perceptions of life in the working world may need to be adjusted Or because the research found in this book and the advice offered could advance the cause of women in the workplace by untold measuresThe The Male Factor provides women results of an eight year study into men's view of women in the workplace and the marketplace Truthfully men and women are different but this has no bearing on eualityReading research on what men really think about the women they work with is as important as knowing a prospective client personality interests and goals prior to your initial meeting with a make or break clientIt goes beyond the personality classifications these are hardwired differences silently residing in every man's DNA and to ignore that fact is to view it from a purely feminist approach which is what the majority of women tend to do is tantamount to spitting in the wind for the good that does youThis kind of information can have a direct bearing on your future your career and ultimately your pay These twelve chapters cause the reader to become aware that It does matter if your emotions govern your personality Ch 5 It does matter what you think so keep that chip off your shoulder Ch 7 It does matter what you choose as your dress code Ch 10 It does matter that you get to the point Ch 11I have great respect for Shaunti Feldhahn's work I've read her fiction and non fiction books This is a handbook of collected feedback that a woman can use to first become aware of how she is perceived and to adjust her lifestyle and manage and perhaps reduce potential conflictsRead this research material and understand your coworker's in an entirely different wayTo a add a personal note my favorite part of the book was Chapter 12 Putting it in Perspective Counsel from Experienced Christian Women because it offered great tips from Christian women who have learned from these `unwritten rules' working with them and not against them to foster success and long lasting working relationshipsI highly recommend this book for those women already in the workplace but especially college students preparing to careersDisclaimerThe review copy of this book was provided by Waterbrook Multnomah Publishing free of charge and was donated to the library of Westwood Baptist ChurchReviewed by Keiki HendrixReviewed for Waterbrook Multnomah

  7. Nicole Nicole says:

    This book investigates the inner thoughts of men and their attitudes toward women in the workplace Now I am 4 years removed from having any sort of workplace and the only male I deal with all day can be sent to time out if he starts to act out So why would I care about this book? I do plan on returning to school then work at some point so I may as well get some advantage in dealing with them And I thought there would be some aspects that could apply to personal interactions as wellOne of my friends from my former workplace and I used to talk about how perception IS reality In other words it doesn't matter what you say and do it matters how others comprehend what you say do That concept is the essence of what this book tries to explain Three points in the book really drove that home for me First she explains that when a woman asks for help or clarification on a task men see it as she couldn't figure it out A second point is that when women ask why uestions it directly challenges a man's judgment belittling them in a way a better approach is help me understand howAnd the last idea that really struck me hit closest to home working women with families While the men didn't begrudge a woman asking for flextime or reduced hours they expected her to understand that they could not be considered eual In fact Ms Feldhahn attributed some of the discrepancy in malefemale wages for the same job to this ineuality We may have the same title but he works late hours and on weekends so his compensation is higher She acknowledges the inherent unfairness and shares the hope that over time 'euality' will mean the demonstration of eual capability not eual contributionsor eual time p194I enjoyed reading this book and learned some new things about that mysterious male brain While I initially had some skepticism about what she would say I thought there would be suggestions to alter yourself to fit into the male design but at every turn she recommended practices that could be applicable to men as well as women such as respecting co workers or managing the perceptions of othersThis book was provided for review by the WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group

  8. Jennifer Defoy Jennifer Defoy says:

    Got this one as a review copyShaunti Feldhahn spent many years collecting data about how men think that led her to start collecting information about how men perceive women in the workplace At first I thought that this would be a bunch of statistics and charts There were some statistics and charts but that was not the meat of the book Most of the book explains what men are thinking about working women why they think that way and what changes a woman could make to be better accepted by the men she works with There were so many things that I didn't really think would actually hinder a woman's ability to move up in the corporate world But most of these things were things that all or most women do instinctively that men think are unprofessional Then there were the things that I've learned in my own experiences that I thought were fairly common knowledge amongst women but apparently they are not One of the things that was most shocking to me is the way women dress even when we think we look professional can be very distracting to men I won't go into specifics but I think it's interesting especially when you go to her website and see some examplesI liked how she looked at the inherent differences between how men and women think and how the brain is wired for each gender to have these differences of thought Even though I've recognized these differences on my own I never even realized that they would affect how a woman is perceived at work I also liked how each fact was followed up with a uote from a man that she had interviewed The uotes were very pertinent and really made me think about the point the man was trying to make I really liked this book Not only was it interesting but I think that it was enlightening Just as Feldhahn says you may not agree with everything she discovered about men but if you can at least understand it then you could be doing yourself a huge favor

  9. Pamela Tucker Pamela Tucker says:

    The research gives no information on techniues to deal with men only a perception in what men are like The best reasonable thing to do is remember history tells us about in how powerful men are and the same respect comes when speaking with them in a professional manner They do not need to be told what to do just what they should think about to make the situation better in communicating with women at work is basically sticking with the facts Men are all about facts and their perception does not always follow through as they sometimes have assumptions are do not always know what the problem is Personally I think women pass the opportunity to work as a team instead of looking at them like an enemy These men of today were not the ones who set the ground rules You should at least get a few things you didn't know about how men in the workplaceperceive women in the workplace in this book even if it is repetitively written Research is exciting to some and boring for othersShaunti never said it was a book in how to but telling of the misconceptions which is normal between groups of people and of men and women in their perceptions of what a workplace functions as This is related to the workplace and not living with a husband having a boyfriend and this is why men are not the same at work as at home They are there for purpose and some will be there for their own benefit or they will try to look for ways to grow a team in concern and caring The process that she claims is just the beginning of an area that should be researched but I think this should be handled better with someone with experience in relationships who has a side of professionalism in psychologyI think this also allowed inspiration in my up coming work in research and this was very helpful studying the way it was constructed on a personal basis

  10. Naomi Inman Naomi Inman says:

    I had the opportunity to hear Shaunti speak in the Portland area last month and bought the Male Factor out of great respect for Shaunti's research model and practical approach to understanding men practical because she truly wants women to thrive in their work and relationships with menThis book was right on target for me especially as it relates to understanding how men perceive women what we do say and how we express ourselves emotionally As women we lose a great deal of power and potential if we either insist on operating with this blind spot or maintain a hostile attitude We might buck against these realities all we want but we won't succeed without understanding and operating within the male mind Everything here affirms what you might instictively know about men but with tangible evidenceAnd there is new information to consider as well There are stereotypes about men that Shaunti obliterates to cultivate a workplace and relationships built on mutual respect and partnership of our ying and yang potential Great work Shaunti I'm very proud to say I have read your book

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The Male Factor [PDF / Epub] ✅ The Male Factor Author Shaunti Feldhahn – Millions of women gained eye opening insights about the inner lives of men through Shaunti Feldhahn’s best selling book For Women Only Now with this faith based edition of The Male Factor Feldhahn b Millions of women gained eye opening insights about the inner lives of men through Shaunti Feldhahn’s best selling book For Women Only Now with this faith The Male MOBI :º based edition of The Male Factor Feldhahn brings her innovative research approach to the workplace to help women understand their male colleagues In this Christian edition Feldhahn speaks directly to the interests and uestions of women of faith whether their workplace is a part time ministry or a Fortune corporation This version of The Male Factor also delivers invaluable advice from senior Christian women who have broad experience in dealing with these uestions understand and share the reader’s values and want to help other women achieve the best possible work relationships   Even women who have navigated male dominated work environments for years have expressed surprise at the revelations in this book Some readers may find them challenging Yet The Male Factor delivers a one of a kind opportunity for women to understand how male bosses colleagues subordinates customers and ministry partners privately think and why they react the way they do These vital insights enable each woman to make informed decisions in her uniue workplace situation.