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  • 09 August 2015
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10 thoughts on “Retribution Falls

  1. Petrik Petrik says:

    An entertaining and fun beginning to a steampunk fantasy series filled with great charactersA few months ago when I finished Wooding’s newest book The Ember Blade my review was flooded with comments along the line of “I can’t wait for this one I loved his Tales of the Ketty Jay series” and because I absolutely loved The Ember Blade knowing that there’s so much love for Wooding’s previous series immediately seal the deal that I MUST give this series a try; and I’m glad I gave it a go Retribution Falls is the first book in Chris Wooding’s Tales of the Ketty Jay uartet The main story follows the sky pirate Darian Frey—the unlucky captain of the airship Ketty Jay—and his ragtag team of misfits The plot began when Frey was offered a heist mission that will make him extremely wealthy and as usual the mission immediately went completely wrong Honestly speaking the first half of the book was really weak in my opinion The majority of the story in Retribution Falls were very predictable; that’s just the nature of the book after all Not only the story was predictable in the first half of the novel I was mostly bored because I found the excellent characterizations that Wooding implemented in The Ember Blade was completely missing With predictable story and non engaging characters I found myself thinking whether the book will ever get better and oh my god it certainly did The second half of the book was significantly better in every way possible that every page since the 51% mark became addictive to readThe aerial dogfights the writing the setting they were all engaging in the second half but it was how invested I am in the characters that enhanced the enjoyment factor of this book by a LOT The second half of the story was where Wooding finally displays his talent in characterizations The cast of the Ketty Jay is a uniue bunch They have different personalities agendas backgrounds but then through each difficult circumstances seeing them eventually bonded as a team was heartwarming and satisfying All the crew of Ketty Jay came with baggage from their past and this theme ran throughout the entire book; maybe even the entire series As their past slowly unraveled their characterizations also were improved Although this is just the first book of the uartet there were already plenty of growth and development to the characters’ personality and relationship; even Darian Frey started out as a completely despicable selfish asshole but by the end of the book my perception towards him has started to change and I have come to care about his predicament From what I have gathered it seems like what we’ve seen so far in the first book is just the tip of the iceberg of Wooding’s talent in characterizations Frey and Crake received the most spotlight within this book and I can’t wait to know about these characters and their misadventures “Regret's just a way to make you feel okay when you're not making amends A man can waste a life with regrets” Lastly I want to talk a bit about the world building of the book and my experience with steampunk Despite experiencing and LOVING tons of steampunk fantasy genre in another medium such as video games movies and mangaanime somehow I haven’t read a lot of steampunk fantasy novels In fact the only other series that’s considered as steampunk fantasy that I’ve read and enjoyed was The Books of Babel by Josiah Bancroft I may have to read out of this genre because this ended up becoming another steampunk I enjoyed That said Retribution Falls seems to receive a lot of comparison with the TV series Firefly which I have heard only great things about and somehow haven’t watched yet Because of that I can’t elaborate upon the comparison but from my experience there’s plenty of similarity with the anime Cowboy Bebop and other steampunk anime I’ve watched and enjoyed In this first installment Wooding did a great job in world building his steampunk series and leaving a lot of rooms to be improved in the seuels The aerial dogfights the airships the settings the elation of flying they were all well written Also I found Wooding’s prose to be super enjoyable and pleasant to read; his prose was simple never gets in the way of the story and combined with the fun tone of the book Retribution Falls was both relaxing and entertaining to read Retribution Falls may have a predictable story I won’t even deny that But boring? Yes for the first half but absolutely not for the second half of the book I was so engaged by everything that I just can’t wait to read the predictable parts of the story unfolds Overall I found Retribution Falls to be a great beginning to a series If it weren’t for the subpar first half of the book it would’ve received an even higher rating from me; I simply enjoyed the second half immensely Now that I’m already attached to the world and characters I’m very eager to continue with the series; which majority of the fans seems to agree that it gets better with each seuelYou can order the book HERE You can find this and the rest of my reviews at Novel Notions

  2. Melissa ♥ Dog/Wolf Lover ♥ Martin Melissa ♥ Dog/Wolf Lover ♥ Martin says:

    Well that was fun 😄

  3. Samir Samir says:

    I wanted to try steampunk genre for a long time To be honest this isn’t my first steampunk read I’ve read Senlin Ascends a couple of months ago and even though it had some steampunk elements and steampunkish vibe I wouldn’t label it as a steampunk novel per se That label belongs to Retribution Falls; a full blown steampunk adventureYou’re probably asking yourself how can I assume the role of the expert on the field and label this or that if this is my first read of that kind Well you’re right I’m not an expert far from it but I do have some experience from playing a lot of video games over the years so I picked up a thing or two Retribution Falls is the first book of the Tales of the Ketty Jay series If you’re coming late to this party like I am I have some great news; this is already a finished series so there is no waiting for the next book to come out Whilst on the topic; there are readers who prefer binge reading and there are ones who like to take a break between books Well great thing about this series is that it can be eually enjoyed either way because Wooding intended for each novel to be a standalone and there are no cliffhanger endingsThe blurb reminded me of the TV show Firefly To be honest this is what got my attention in the first place because I was a huge fan of the show Firefly was the show about the crew members of the ship Serenity This crew fights criminals and schemers Alliance security forces the utterly psychotic and brutal Reavers and the mysterious men from the The Blue Sun Corporation The crew is driven by the need to secure enough income to keep their ship operational set against their need to keep a low profile to avoid their adversaries Before I draw parallels between the show and book I want to state that I'm not in any way calling this a TV show rip off I'm simply wondering if Wooding was a fan of the show as well and was he influenced by the show in any wayAs stated in the blurb the main character of this novel is Darian Frey the captain of the airship Ketty Jay leader of a small and highly dysfunctional band of layabouts or as the author calls them a group of sarcastic cynical wisecracking liars He and his gang make a living on the wrong side of the law avoiding the heavily armed flying frigates of the Coalition NavyBesides the Navy there are other forces in this world to be reckoned with; a mysterious religious order called the Awakeners and the Archduke with his personal army the Century Knights Even though those two opposing powerhouses maintain some kind of a truce between them the tension is palpable and the Awakeners are always scheming something to seize the reins of power while the Archduke is doing everything in his power to lower their influence in the world and banish them for good This book starts a bit sluggish and it took me some time to get immersed in this world and its characters but that changed very soon when the crew was hired to do a seemingly easy job to attack another airship and retrieve its precious cargo The job sounded too good to be true and it was Things go horribly wrong and shit hits the fan big time From this moment on I was hooked The story picked up the pace and it got interesting and exciting with every pageWooding has a great talent for writing action seuences especially the airship dogfights which I very much enjoyed They were suspenseful gun blazing extravaganza rocketing my adrenaline levels sky highEven though this is a story driven novel we learn about the characters through their back stories and that gave them another dimension rather than just being a stereotypical band of misfits It's hard to say about the story and the characters without revealing important twists so that endeavor is up to you The story wasn't original and some developments were predictable but I couldn't care less It was action packed light and importantly it was fun and that makes this swashbuckling adventure a perfect summer read

  4. Evgeny Evgeny says:

    You can't take the sky from meThis steampunkfantasy story starts with the captain of flying ship Ketty Jay and one of his passengers being politely interrogated about the launch code to operate his ship A gun against the head of one of the people in uestion makes a very convincing argument for cooperation; all in all not a very good beginning for the captain and people that ended up on his ship It only gets worse much worse If somebody asked me to describe the book in as few words as possible I would say it is Firefly in steampunk settings You do not have to read than the first couple of pages to convince yourself this is the case the first scene comes straight from that TV show wisecracking and all So does the next one Here comes the first problem of the book Firefly managed to have excellent fleshed out characters The guys and girls here and stereotypical and not that exciting They do get better by the end but still not good enough for me to care about any one of them Complete predictability was another big problem for me The moment it was clear what is going on somewhere around the first POV switch I realized how this book would end To my complete but expected disappointment I was right view spoilerA bunch of misfits which overcame all the odds and became a real crew? Look at practically any movie about modern military life for an example hide spoiler

  5. Nataliya Nataliya says:

    Nataliya Gushes About This Book Picture Frenzy More Book Gushing I Want To Be An Airship Pilot Oh did I mention how much I love Jules Verne esue chapter titles? Retribution Falls is a well crafted steampunk novel that immediately won me over It is a very entertaining and refreshing read that has everything you want for 400 plus pages of delightful fun I am serious I mean there are airships sky piracy GOLD legendary pirate city revolvers adventures danger undead conspiracies betrayal camaraderie debauchery and plenty of tight corners for our characters Whew What else do you need? Plus did I mention there is a golem a charming Bess eight feet tall and five broad a half ton armoured monstrosity This is a story about a bunch of misfits who are forced together by circumstances and end up developing real bonds of friendship Among others we have a captain with a truly rotten luck a demonist haunted by a dark secret and a navigator who appears undead heartbeat challenged Living on the edge of the law constantly broke hiding their dark secrets and having a knack for getting tangled up in the conspiracies that seem well above their heads this rogue pirates wannabe bunch somehow manages to wriggle themselves out of endless tight corners while winning over the readers' hearts They start as a bunch of outcasts with no better prospects; they end up as a crew and gasp friends Ahem almost unless gold is involved Darian Frey the captain starts as a classical antihero He does not care that much for his crew much to freuent and well deserved dismay of Crake Actually the list of the things he cares for initially is pretty short and if you are not on it and are not a hot girl but need Frey's help well you're pretty much screwed The aforementioned list is below But a heist gone terribly wrong combined with a few life lessons may just do the trick This rogue Johnny Depp esue captain just may turn out to have a heart of gold after all The demonist Crake will definitely appreciate it given that he has a propensity to end up in situations where a gun is held to his head Frey may learn to grudgingly appreciate his crew in the end once there is no chance to obtain gold Frey couldn’t keep down a grin As he looked at the laughing faces of his crew he was consumed by a surge of affection for these people these men and women who shared his aircraft and his life They were happy and free and the endless sky awaited them It was enough The story is very much character driven but definitely not at the expense of the plot The politics of this world are well weaved into the story and it does not have the clunky exposition feel of many other stories out there The pacing is excellent the world building superb the writing is good crisp and engaging As for the setting for me it was so much fun to trade the fun but well used worlds of either spaceships and star travel or swords dragons and magicians for the steampunk setting with airships and revolvers Excellent read So good Loved it Great concept excellent execution Can't wait to read the rest of this series Also I want to pilot an airship Easy 5 stars

  6. Mayim de Vries Mayim de Vries says:

    I am sure I’d hate Darian Frey if I met him a rebellious Peter Pan with ego overgrowth But may wasn’t it fun to read about the scoundrel And his airship And his crew What a merry band of misfitsBecause The Olympian Affair went GRR Martin on me I am substituting myself with other steampunk series The first volume of the “Tales of the Ketty Jay” introduces us to Captain Darian Frey who as befits a lesser pirate barely makes ends meet and gets into trouble every now and then The only thing Darian Frey seems to be good at is growing a list of ports he is not coming back to and a list of women who dream of the m word that will be either “marriage” or “murder” sometimes both Oblivious to the writing on the wall he gets caught up in a conspiracy and becomes the most wanted man in the country pursued both by determined law enforcement forces and dangerous bounty hunters And then there is Ketty Jay yes I was consistently reading this as Jetty Kay an aerium powered skyship ugly bulky thing valuable to the captain than all his crew put together two pilots an engineer a doctor a navigator and a resident guest whose best asset is his golem and a golden tooth there is also a cat It is a jumble of random losers and derailed individuals who have their own reasons to be on the run But then competence is not a prereuisite for joining it is rather the lack of viable alternatives and a pinch of desperation “Grab yourself a gun Welcome to the crew” Among this ragged collection of vagrants there are a non practising physician Malvery silent mechanic Silo two outfliers Harkins and Artis Pinn the first as cowardly as the second is stupid navigator Jezibeth Kyte called simply Jez passenger daemonist Grayther Crake and the resident cat called Slag This bunch of mismatched social outcasts and outlaws gets entangled in a power play by their snot of a captain who accepts a suspiciously easy and lucrative task Predictable? Perhaps “Retribution Falls” has all these elements that can be expected fast pacing a dose of pirate humour numerous battles and pursuits explosions and escapes stratagems and plans with no chance of success and a political and religious conspiracy on a global scale The world building elements are eually colourful from technology to magic demonology? to politics or religion And although the world building is somewhat sketchy I don’t hold a grudge as this is a short novel packed with action so obviously some sacrifices had to be made There is no need to worry about the boredom because after the deceptively unprepossessing beginning the course of events does not slow down even for a moment and the characters smoothly get out of the fire into the frying pan and then into yet another bigger predicament “You weren’t giving the cat rum again were you?”And so while the book does not surprise it does not disappoint either It is a solid portion of adventure and entertainment full of action and humour seasoned with a pinch of drama and conspiracies Mr Wooding liberally draws upon the literary canon of the genre hence pirates smugglers and the Navy that hunts them ports or less shady or derelict imprisoned lady Amalicia Thade and a secret hideout Naturally there had to be spectacular aerial battles but there is even a cursed ship Pirate stories or stories about a group of people balancing on the border of the criminal world have their uniue charm “Retribution Falls” also has this “something” The lightness of narrative dry humour characters that were not bleached for the sake of convenience Mr Wooding managed to breathe life into a group of individuals who are far from crystal protagonists Their decisions are often controversial and the past choices and life priorities are morally doubtful Despite this the characters can arouse sympathy “Let’s get out of here and stab some backs”Although some of the crew members are a bit two dimensional they are all the same expressive with uirky flaws and each with their own mystery I was eagerly waiting for the riddles to be solved though I cared about the personal stories than the one that propelled the main tale On the cons side except for Frey and maybe Crake the rest of the heroes were treated neglectfully and their backstories were somewhat banal And unfortunately all the mysteries are explained all the uestions are answered and the Author left nothing to the imagination or anticipation This was necessary for the Internal Transformation trope that changes a group of random people with problems into a real crew that not so much stops running from something but rather starts running in the same direction It was cheesy but believable Almost Darian Frey an immature dodger and gander who dreams of freedom and independence but never bothers to reach out for them after the cathartic reveal remains an absolute loser and rascal and his personal drama when juxtaposed with Trinicia’s story and the subseuent Amalicia fling was just too much to grant him absolution Nevertheless “Retribution Falls” is one of those pleasant casual books; an excellent breather in between the heavier books It is easy light and fast read devoid of depth nostalgia romance unnecessary descriptions and philosophy For lovers of pirates in skyships it is a must But I am sure that the readers who appreciate an odd steampunk or a space opera here and there will also be pleasedAlso in the series2 The Black Lung Captain ★★★★☆3 The Iron Jackal ★★★★☆4 The Ace of Skulls ★★★★☆

  7. carol. carol. says:

    Four and a half stars First read through have to say it was very good Probably my favorite steampunk to date and a fine novel all around Airships gunfights pirates a golem daemons lots of fun ingredients but also fully developed characters A little bit of the shades of grey protagonists; the captain of the airship seems to resemble Captain Jack Sparrow charming as all get out but you have the sneaking suspicion he isn't trustworthy In fact first couple of incidents we witness cement it I had a little trouble with the narrative at times as it jumped from person to person and the in between the prior narrator gets lost when the next takes over There's some complicated politicking in the background and that's where I got a little lost but I think the plot hangs together in the context of the setting There is a redemption angle that becomes very satisfying as the band of motley almost pirates eventually learns to trust each other I'll likely be adding it to my own library and I'm not adding books unless they are re reads

  8. Dan Schwent Dan Schwent says:

    When they accidentally blow up The Ace of Skulls and with it the archduke's son in a misguided act of piracy Darian Frey and the misfit crew of the Ketty Jay wind up in the soup Their salvation seems to be the mythical pirate port Retribution Falls But can they reach their safe haven before they wind up dead?Retribution Falls is one of those books that's hard to classify At first glance it might be called steampunk but it's like fantasy with an odd tech level There are airships that remind me of something out of Firefly late 19th century level guns and magical things like golems and daemons Low tech science fantasy maybe?The crew of the Ketty Jay are a bunch of losers and misfits There's the cowardly selfish captain Darian Frey Jez the mysterious new navigator the daemonist Crake and the rest Actually Frey Jez and Crake are the only ones that are developed enough to really care about although I did have soft spots for Slag the cat and Bess the golem By the end of the book the pasts and personalities of all three are fleshed out and Frey proves to have some redeeming ualities after allIt took a while for the story to get going but once the Ace of Skulls was destroyed there was a lot of running fighting and airship battles The action reminded me of some of the old Star Wars X Wing books only better written Speaking of the writing there's a surprising amount of humor in the dialog and the writing itself is actually fairly goodRetribution Falls is a fun read I wasn't ass over tea kettle in love with it but I liked it enough that I'll read the next book in the series Three stars

  9. ✘✘ Sarah ✘✘ (former Nefarious Breeder of Murderous Crustaceans) ✘✘ Sarah ✘✘ (former Nefarious Breeder of Murderous Crustaceans) says:

    BR with the BBB gang starting November 27 2015 I read this book while buddy reading The Chronicles of the Black Company BAD idea The series is so mind blowingly awesome that any book pales in comparison♦ Retribution Falls – What should have been ♦This book was a 5 star rating waiting to happen Why? Because sky pirates inveterate womanizerrogue mc gang of dysfunctional misfits The mere presence of Captain Frey our resident rogue should have triggered this Pavlovian response in me BAM Kidnapped► I'm afraid this didn't uite work out as expected Sigh♦ Retribution Falls – What actually was ♦→ Yes even Batman is sadThe book isn't badly written it's not uninteresting it's not boring And it actually meets most of my OMG I'm In Love Reuirements✔ Fantastic original premise✔ Great world building✔ Interesting plot✔ Fast pace✔ Lots of action✔ Cool aerial fights✔ Potentially awesome cast of rascals and villains ← there might be a hint there A hint that starts with p and ends with y ← just pointing this out in case you hadn't noticed ← you're welcome✔ Great banter✔ A rum drinking cat and a delightfully charming golemWhat went wrong? The potentially awesome cast of characters wasn't awesome Far from it The potentially awesome cast of characters was bland The potentially awesome cast of characters was flat The potentially awesome cast of characters was as emotional as a truckload of bricks The characters are one dimensional They lack complexity and depth They feel distant and detached which makes it nearly impossible to connect with themThis book is a lesson in bad characterization Wood tries to explain the characters' past and present behaviours at length He tries so hard that he makes a mess of it You end up feeling confused as hell What are the characters' motivations? No freaking idea What drives them? If anyone figures it out please let me know How are you supposed to care about a cast you can't connect with and don't understand? Beats me→ NO this is not a picture of my little self people It's just a lady with greying hair making a face Then again I might be lying this might actually be me Who knows? By the way am I the only who thinks this woman who might or might not be my little self should have been cast in one of the Harry Potter movies? I am? Okay never mind►► And the moral of this review is① This book should have been epic But it wasn't② The characters in this book should have been an awesome gang But they weren't►► And the moral of the moral of this review isCharacterization is crap but the world and story were pretty cool so I'm going to give book 2 a try Optimism is me→ NO this is not a picture of my little self people It's just a horribly optimistic guy with a ridiculous mustache giving the thumbs up with disgusting glee Then again I might be lying this might actually be me Who knows?· Book 2 The Black Lung Captain ★★★★ · Book 3 The Iron Jackal ★★★· Book 4 The Ace of Skulls ★★

  10. seak seak says:

    What happens if you combine The Lies of Locke Lamora with air ships then add some Pirates of the Caribbean? This This is what happens Chris Wooding nailed it in Retribution FallsI'll get this out of the way I've been told it's a lot like Firefly You may have to take away my geek card here but I've never seen Firefly The movie Serenity was excellent but I'm still looking forward to checking out the show This means I can't confirm or deny the comparison I apologize for any non Firefly comparisons I've been reprimanded beforeDarian Frey and a rag tag crew of misunderstood and much maligned individuals seeking a place where uestions are few engage in smuggling operations but decide to take on piracy even though it hasn't worked well for Frey in the past The price however will make him set for life especially if he fails to share the proceeds with the rest of the crew Thus sets off the events that follow in a rip roaring page turning blast of a read I hate to use such cliche's as if I'm innocent of their use in plenty of other reviews but in this case there is no better way to describe this bookI've read Wooding before his middle grade books Malice and Havoc and I learned his ability to plot is up there with Matthew Woodring Stover for me Add the ability to make the pages blur by and Wooding not to be confused with Woodring is another author to add to the buy new releases immediately listI had tons of fun from the first page which btw throws you right into some action and I can't recommend this enough Airships and piracy and a main protagonist as clever as Locke Lamora You can't lose45 out of 5 Stars very highly recommended

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Retribution Falls❮Read❯ ➲ Retribution Falls Author Chris Wooding – Frey is the captain of the Ketty Jay He and his gang make a living on the wrong side of the law running contraband robbing airships and making a nuisance of themselves An easy heist and a fast buck so Frey is the captain of the Ketty Jay He and his gang make a living on the wrong side of the law running contraband robbing airships and making a nuisance of themselves An easy heist and a fast buck sound great until a heist goes wrong and the freighter explodes Suddenly Frey isn't just a nuisance he's public enemy number one.

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