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Diamond Solitaire ❴PDF / Epub❵ ☃ Diamond Solitaire Author Peter Lovesey – Buyprobolan50.co.uk No one saw the small Japanese child hiding in the furniture department at Harrods She was abandoned and unable to speak yet she caused a major alert Spotting any intruder after the store closed had be No one saw the small Japanese child hiding in the furniture department at Harrods She was abandoned and unable to speak yet she caused a major alert Spotting any intruder after the store closed had been ex CID man Peter Diamond’s job Had been The oversight has gotten the overweight Diamond sackedagainWorking as a security guard is at any rate far below the superior talents of an experienced homicide detective Unable to forget the frightened eyes of this strangely silent little girl Diamond takes on a challenge befitting his skills—uncovering her identity And when Japan’s top sumo wrestler takes an interest in the case Diamond is back in the sleuthing business bolstered by the wrestler’s international influence and his heavy walletBut Diamond soon discovers he has to throw his considerable weight around when the trail leads to New York and Tokyo to “smart” drugs and suicideto the mafia and murder With the girl’s life in the balance he needs to tip the scales any way he can even if it means playing the heavy in a shocking climax that may shatter Diamond’s heart—or cost him his life.

  • Hardcover
  • 345 pages
  • Diamond Solitaire
  • Peter Lovesey
  • English
  • 10 October 2015
  • 9780892965359

About the Author: Peter Lovesey

Peter Harmer Lovesey born in Whitton Middlesex is a British writer of historical and contemporary crime novels and short stories His best known series characters are Sergeant Cribb a Victorian era police detective based in London and Peter Diamond a modern day police detective in Bath Loveseys novels and stories mainly fall into the category of entertaining puzzlers in the Golden.

10 thoughts on “Diamond Solitaire

  1. Ammar Ammar says:

    Interesting seuel to The Last Detectivetwo separate storylinesone is Englishthe other American they merge somehowa child muteautisticfound in Harrodsand a pharmaceutical giant shady business withthe mafia Book 3 soon

  2. Faith Faith says:

    I love this series Diamond is such a solid presence This one has an abandoned autistic girl corporate chicanery and a sumo wrestler

  3. Bettie Bettie says:

    Read by Simon PrebbleTotal Runtime 10 Hours 46 MinsDescription Stripped of his Police rank ex detective Diamond is working as a Harrods' rent a cop until a young Japanese girl is found hiding in the store during his watch and he receives another pink slip With time free he investigates the identity of the youngster now named Naomi who remains silent and unclaimed When she is abducted Diamond traces her to New York and Japan where a Sumo wrestler agrees to bankroll the ex copper's highly unofficial investigation Lovesey's grip on the plot never loosens as Diamond with gentle humor bluffs his way past authorities by feigning a clout he no longer possesses At the beginning of the book a drug company is rocked by both the death of its president and an explosion at an Italian chemical plant The ensuing corporate power struggle suggests to ever observant organized crime factions that a buck might be made and a murder is arranged How this fits into the moving tale of the mute girl who draws diamonds on paper to symbolize her new friend is clarified only near the conclusion It's a powerful moment in a book that without gimmickry or cross genre splicing delivers superb unashamedly traditional crime writing No part of this story is the least part realistic which meant total immersion was impossible That is not to say Diamond Solitaire was a total waste of time there were redeeming sections however overall this wasn't my cup of teaOn an up note Prebble makes Diamond sound like Hoskins3 The Last Detective Peter Diamond #12 Diamond Solitaire Peter Diamond #2 3 Bloodhounds Peter Diamond #43 Diamond Dust Peter Diamond #7

  4. Deb Jones Deb Jones says:

    I'm finding the Peter Diamond series of police proceduralscrime novels to be good reads with interesting characters enticing plots and well paced momentumIn Diamond Solitaire the former CID detective loses yet another job but inadvertently finds a new one when an abandoned child catches his attention Diamond's detective skills are put to the test as he must unravel a scenario that becomes complex as the days go byAuthor Peter Lovesey has done a nice job of allowing each of the books in the Peter Diamond series to be read as stand alones because he catches the reader up on previous details However as with any series reading them in order allows for the enjoyment of seeing the main characters grow and change over time

  5. Lynn Lynn says:

    Diamond Solitaire is the second book in the Peter Diamond series Peter lost his detective job in the first book Diamond Solitaire starts out with Peter being a security guard at Harrods on floor seven Floor seven is the furniture store and computer security goes off regarding movement on that floor The police arrive and a small Japanese girl is discovered under the cushions Peter loses his job at Harrods He and his wife 's standard of living has gone down considerably since the loss of his detective job Peter is overweight gruff with a hidden soft interior and a tenacious personality when he is on the trail of solving a mystery He becomes involved with finding out who the child is The child is exhibiting autistic tendencies The intrigue begins travel to several countries a fire murder and a star sumo wrestler I enjoyed this read very much and am looking forward to continuing the series I can see why it is a long lasting series

  6. Kathy Kathy says:

    I had forgotten about this series but found my library had recently purchased the kindle books for circulation This was a rather fun book that starts off with downers Diamond is fired from his security job at Harrod's because a little Japanese girl is found in the furniture department on Floor 7 after hours so off he goes home with the intent of repainting a ceiling and not doing a good job of that eitherThe little girl stays on his mind and he takes up the investigation that includes drug company market manipulation Along the way he gains support of a famous Sumo wrestler allowing him to fly in pursuit to New York Interaction with NYC police is great fun

  7. John John says:

    I loved Lovesey's The Last Detective which introduced the character Peter Diamond This follow up while palpably far fetched is even entertaining Fired er resigned from the cops Diamond is reduced to working as a night security man at Harrods One night the alarm goes off and it's discovered an autistic Japanese toddler has been dumped in Diamond's area Sacked for negligence he decides to solve the mystery of where the little girl came from a uest that takes him eventually to NYC and to Japan There are plenty of laugh out loud moments some to do with Diamond's non prowess as a home handyman others concerning this very British bobby's interaction with the NYPD but what stick in the mind are the moments of genuine emotion This is a gloriously fast read get it and read it gloriously fastI have a confession to make Many years ago I took a small daughter to an Author Event at the Exeter UK Waterstones One of the authors was Peter Lovesey He has the look of an English vicar whose tea parties are the scandal of the parish He also has extraordinarily bushy eyebrows He's got extraordinarily bushy eyebrows said my daughter in one of those whispers that may one day reach Alpha Centauri Lovesey looked across at us and if ever eyebrows could be said to twinkle his did

  8. Janet Janet says:

    One of my all time favorite mysteries The final scene has stayed with me for years

  9. Trish Trish says:

    I loved this dang thang Diamond is such a curmudgeonly old pushover what is it that reminds me of the best of men I don't mind someone being impatient with the slowest among us as long as they have a better idea And Diamond always does And not only that he is kind and well meaning and willing to put his mouthwell where his mind readstomach is anyway This is one mad cap race around New York and Tokyo His observations about NYC manners and cops are priceless and sumo wrestlers also come in for some good natured jabs with chopsticks in their amply displayed naked buttocksBest of all Lovesey combines some pretty wide ranging events ie a Japanese autistic child abandoned in Harrods in London with a stock manipulation in New York a factory fire in Italy and a researcher at a Japanese university It's a wild and improbable ride but there is something recognizable and uite vulnerable about old Diamond being fired yes again for the second time I like the guy and what an ol' softie he is when it comes to children

  10. Deanna Deanna says:

    35 stars More of a hopscotched story than others I’ve read in the series This was distracting for me and I was interested in some of the story lines than others A fairly interesting and loveable detective just manages to hold the book together

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