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  1. Matthew Matthew says:

    My only yet exigent and looming criticism is the fact that's its too damn short Upon finishing this graphic novel type Wizard of Oz inspired thingumajig I promptly read at the back that this was made by the Disney corporation It made senseWhat could've been one entire novel has been chopped up into a handful of stories into a sort of Disney cash cow On it's story basis its a thoroughly enjoyable story and the illustrations are simply at best beautiful Yet this factor can't change my anger with Disney

  2. Kirsten Kirsten says:

    Kate's brother Matty disappeared five years ago Now fourteen year old Kate has been given a bauble by her elderly neighbor who claims that it will take her to the magical land of Abadazad the subject of Matty's favorite series of books very similar to Oz where Matty is being held prisonerI just didn't like this at all The story is meant to echo Oz which is fine but it ends up feeling extremely derivative and not particularly original Kate is an extremely annoying narrator And the plot seems to move achingly slowly despite the book being relatively short It's in a format that's becoming popular with children's fiction parts of the story are told in the conventional manner with sections done in graphic novel format I think it can work well but in this case I really didn't like Ploog's drawing style everyone's lips look really weird and I felt that the comic book style panels were poorly reproduced the text and pictures are vaguely blurry and the print in the word balloons is very small

  3. Kristi Kristi says:

    I read this one after Kelsey S and I spent a fair amount of time searching for a little gal who could only remember a character that had blue skin and it starts with an A Part graphic novel the story alludes to fantasy authors and illustrators of the past such as Baum Barrie and Ransome as well as the constant themes of lost children magical journeys innocence and evil etc The blue skinned witch in this story however appears to be based on an Indian goddess which makes for an interesting twist Readers who liked Hugo Cabret may want to check this one out

  4. Aly Peeler Aly Peeler says:

    This was one of my favorite books as a kid it describes an incredible fantasy world with enchanting artwork I loved just having these books out in my room where I could see them and be reminded of the magic that this book made me feel immersed in But reading it again as an adult gave me different feelings The artwork is still beautiful and the plot is still nice but the narrator slips sarcasm into every single sentence she writes The wit that is supposed to make Kate seem like a really smart funny interesting mature lol 14 year old just makes me feel exhausted In 2020 let's teach kids to value being soft Also and this is a big also the book seems to try and fail at discussing representation in books becoming kind of racist itself The book talks about the legend of original fictional stories of Abadazad which tell the many adventures of a little white girl called Little Martha and ueen Ija a warm hearted ueen who is blonde with blue eyes But in the real Abadazad where this book's story takes place ueen Ija looks completely different and weird with dark hair blue skin and three eyes Her character seems to be a genuine homage to a Buddhist goddess but the book doesn't mention any of the culture or stories that that entails only describing her how the white mc sees herThe real Martha too is not white When we first meet her she is an elderly woman living in 21st century New York City where she gives a clumsy and heavy handed monologue about how the world wasn't ready for a story about a black girl when the original books were written In the flashbacks to her story being written we see her as a child in a fancy dress and cute hair bow She presumably lived in NYC all her life But somehow when Martha dies and returns to Abadazad in child form she for some reason appears as a caricature of an impoverished black farmer from times past wearing too big unbuttoned overalls and a floppy straw hat This woman who is 115 years old and has lived through so much remains in this outfit for the rest of the book and becomes a happy go lucky goofy sidekick for the white main character What?? Why did the authors decide to talk about how representation of people of color needs to be better and then write another book forabout white people with racial stereotypes? This likely doesn't deserve 3 stars but giving it the extra one for the pretty scenery and nostalgia

  5. Nick Nick says:

    This series was an attempt to convert a comics series from a failed publisher into a children's book series under Disney For whatever reason sales were apparently not good enough and the US publication stopped after only two volumes with a third one coming out in EnglandI will say that after reading the first two I immediately ordered a copy of the third one from a store over there because the tale is remarkably weird but uite good Not great but uite goodThe basic premise has since been used by other authors that at least one of the classic children's fantasy series from long ago was based on a real place and real events In this case Abadazad is an Oz like world of strange things happening and the original tales were of a little girl from out world being carried off to theirs and having adventures for many storiesMany years have passed and the stories have become the favorite of a young boy Matty His sister Kate reads the stories to him at his reuest Then the little boy disappears at a street carnival Neither his sister or his mother take this well and the father has already abandoned the family so he's no help So the story is of a young teen girl who lost her brother now getting dragged into another worldthat of his favorite storiesThis concept is so weird and twisted that it could have turned very dark but DeMatteis managed to keep it from being entirely so The magical world is one in which things tend to turn out right but that doesn't always feel correct because Kate's experiences in the fantasy world suggest that the author and his editors changed things either for marketing purposes or because they simply didn't understand the real version of the fantasy worldOverall the first volume is the introduction of a lot of concepts and characters combined with the start of the plot for the series The packaging appears to have been designed to compete with things like the Spiderwick Chronicles thin uick little books with a fairly advanced reading level These are better in some ways though because of Mike Ploog's color art which is mostly excellent I don't care for a few of the faces he drew but that's just me

  6. BookWormYami BookWormYami says:

    I love this book I love the formatting the story the characters just everything This book is full of magic and it'sa fast read To me it's a combination of The Wizard Of Oz and Alice In Wonderland but yet it's still it's own story I can't wait to read the other books in and continue on this adventure with Kate

  7. Mela Mela says:

    The story and illustrations were great which led me to searching for the other Abadazad series just to find out the story never got to finish This book's one of those perfect fun while it lasted reads

  8. B8 B8 says:

    It was a really good book

  9. Georgette Georgette says:

    Five years ago little Matt Jameson got on a ride in a street fair and disappeared without a trace His older sister Kate Jameson and mother Frances are freuently at odds with each other ever sincereturnreturnKate is now 14 your average rebellious teenager with a taste for heavy metal and being difficult with her deeply hurting motherreturnreturnOne day their neighbour Mrs Vaughn cornered Kate and told her she knew where Matt is He has been taken into Abadazad a fantasy land known to the real world as the setting of a popular children's book series This series was Matt and Kate's absolute favourite before he vanishedreturnreturnHow does Mrs Vaughn know all this? Kate originally thought she was a huge fan herself but it turned out that her old neighbour was the little girl who travelled into Abadazad in the stories returnreturnHow could any of this be possible? The Little Martha of the stories was a red haired green eyed girl not a African American And Abadazad is just a story not a real land you can go toreturnreturnMrs Vaughn explained that in her time the general public won't take kindly to a little Negro girl being the heroine of a book Franklin O Davis the writer she worked with changed her into Caucasian girl and applied some artistic liberty to the stories that Mrs Vaughn supplied himreturnreturnKate decided that Mrs Vaughn was absolutely nuts and left But certain events occured after giving Kate no choice but to believe and take the journey into Abadazad to find MattreturnreturnThe Road to Inconceivable serves as an introduction ours and Kate's to Abadazad She is reunited with Mrs Vaughn in the form of Little Martha and meets ueen Ija ruler of Inconceivable Kate learns the difference between the real Abadazad and Davis's version returnreturnA great deal of this book also established Kate's background She is not anybody's idea of a dream child Kate represents that difficult age where nobody understands her and she is freuently in trouble at school returnreturnIt's only in the second book The Dream Thief where get over Kate's astonishment in finding herself in storybook land and we finally get into the business of her finding Matt returnreturnThe tale starts with an attack on the ueen's castle Apparently whoever took Matt realises that Kate will soon be his problemreturnreturnUpset that ueen Ija is hesitant on letting her start her search Kate runs away with Master Wix a boy made of candlewax and minor character who happens to be Matt's favourite in the bookreturnreturnWe see of The Lanky Man our six armed man villian and discover his objectives for taking Matt prisonerreturnreturnI spotted these books in one of our local book stores and thought they looked interesting It is a hybrid of journal style storytelling and a graphic novel I got one at first because it isn't exactly cheap then found myself back first thing the next morning for the second book returnreturnAbadazad originally was a comic When their publisher closed shop Disney bought the series over Abadazad is reborn as a high uality and beautifully illustrated children's book returnreturnKate's narration and the comic parts of the book flow smoothly in and out of each other It's a good example of how the two medium can complement each otherreturnreturnAbadazad is the Place where sorrow has no home where time has no meaning where joy lives forever The catch phrase has a high level of cheese for those of us above 15 but at least they don't throw that at you before they have you deep in the storyreturnreturnWith hints of Wizard of Oz and Narnia Abadazad contain elements that I love in fantasy the transplanting of an everyday person from real life into a whimsical fantasy worldreturnreturnHold on tight The journey is only beginningreturnreturn2006

  10. Amy Amy says:

    I read this book and then immediately read the second in the series back to back so I am doing a sort of joint reviewThe books came to my attention when Elder Brother plopped them down in front of meRemember him? he askedI looked down and saw the cover of The Dream Thief which features a rather snarky evil looking purple top hatted goatee ed red eyed red beak nosed yellow teethed six armed Fagin type nasty male type figureUmmmmno It was only the truth I know no one who wears a purple top hatThen I noticed the Author Oh I don't know him as JM but by another name I met him eons ago in India Since then we've each headed different paths and his has been really interesting You can read about him in Wiki or in a recent interview I remember him as having a most engaging grin and dark hair He's still got the grin and has acuired a 11 or 12 year old daughter Kate Elder Brother tells me that this series which started as comic books originated because he wanted to do something that young Kate could read Hence Abadazad was born I'm told that Disney has just concluded some major deal with Mark and that he's working on a full series of books number three due out soonEnough about the background The book is grand Great format going between the old original books Kate's enchanted diary and the world of Abadazad Street wise Kate with cynicism than any child should have to have finds herself off to another world to find her lost little brother Vibrant colors great characterizations and the promise of seuels What could be bad? The best part is that as I was out doing some errands yesterday I saw a girl about 11 clutching a book with a three eyed blue skinned figure on the cover The girl looked like she had found a treasure she just beamedGood book I said to herShe had a moment of skittishness and I could see that the warnings of don't talk to strangers ran through her mind But I must have looked fairly harmless and besides I was talking about the bookOh yes she replied with a sigh of pleasureI know the author I told her and watched her eyes grow round with wonder He's got a daughter about your age named KateAnother oh of sheer wonder escaped her lipsDo you think it's real? she asked regarding the storyUndoubtedly I replied and watched her wander away lost in the thoughts of a world called AbadazadReview continues in the next book journal The Dream Thief

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The Road to Inconceivable ➽ [Download] ✤ The Road to Inconceivable By J.M. DeMatteis ➲ – Kate's little brother Matt is missing and Kate thinks she will never see him again But then she finds out that Matt is trapped in the world of Abadazad Will Kate have the courage to look for her broth Kate's little brother Matt is missing and Kate thinks she will never see him again But then she finds out that Matt is trapped in the world of Abadazad Will The Road PDF or Kate have the courage to look for her brother And if she leaves home will she ever return.