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  1. Corina Corina says:

    The Search is still my all time favorite novel by this author I read it at least once a year And if you are a dog lover – this is a BOOK I would recommend you to readI should start by mentioning that I always wanted a dog but unfortunately it hasn’t happened yet But every time I read this book my desire of wanting a dog goes through the roof Just be warned – lolFiona Bristow dog trainer extraordinaire who survived a kidnapping years ago finally lives a peaceful and content life on Orca island north of Seattle She is a kick ass heroine busy training dogs and with this I can do it myself attitude but also has a good head on her shouldersSimon a grumpy taciturn and blunt hunk of a wood artist and new owner of an energetic puppy is in dire need of help – which Fiona can provide They meet under not the best circumstances Simon’s puppy just ate the head rest in his new truck and all he wants is HELP or one of her dogs in exchange for his misbehaving puppyWhen Fiona an independent and strong female collides with Simon socially stunted and cynical it gets uickly interesting Even so they are different in disposition it’s surprising how well they compliment each other And that’s mostly because both respect boundaries and each other’s way of living Although neither expected this kind of change in status uo Fiona is game whereas Simon is the one that takes a little longer to accept what’s happeningThe relationship between them starts slowly Jaw the puppy is the glue that brings them together but their individual personalities is what draws them closer I love the slow burn and love how their relationship grows with mutual interest attraction but also moves along naturallyThe book had a whole cast of interesting secondary characters human and canine The search and rescue portion of the book was incredibly detailed and full of fascinating information It’s one aspect that always stands out in a NR novel – the details and deeply researched topicsI believe this book would be a perfect and enjoyable read for any dog lover and owner

  2. Alp Alp says:

    WOW This is one of the BEST romantic suspense stories I’ve read this yearI can always count on Nora Roberts to deliver an engrossing and thrilling read In spite of my high expectations the author still knocked me off my feet and surprised me with this brilliant story The Search is a very well written story with the perfect mixture of breathtaking romance and heart pounding suspense I don’t want to spoil any plot details so I will try to keep this as short as possibleAfter losing her fiancé to a serial killer who failed to murder her Fiona Bristow moved to Orcas Island in order to rebuild her life She’s become a professional dog trainer and part of Canine Search and Rescue team She feels safe and secure with her three super smart Labs who are her best friends and protectorsSimon Doyle is a wood artist who relocated to the island for the solitude the stillness and the uiet When his mother foisted a puppy on him he had no idea how to manage this little monster Apparently he was in desperate need of some help so he went to see Fiona and this was where their paths first crossedFiona has become one my favorite female characters She’s smart strong and logical Very logical For the fact that she was the sole survivor of the Red Scarf Killer and after all she had been through never again would she put herself in danger or made herself an easy target I admired Fiona for her positive attitude her hard work her honest mind and her intelligenceAnd Simon I fell deeply in love with him He’s the real imperfect hero He’s not uite sociable; he’s solitary messy blunt and cranky But he’s a very forthright person and everything he says comes from his heart He never speaks much but he really cares for Fiona I’m a true believer in ‘Actions speak louder than words’ so Simon will always hold a special place in my heart Melt “You’re not beautiful”“There you go again Mr Romance”“You’re not but you grab hold I haven’t figured out why” They started off as complete strangers and then their relationship had gradually built up In Simon’s eyes Fiona isn’t beautiful not even his type But there is something about her that draws him to her And to Fiona Simon isn’t what she imagined for herself and he is certainly not her perfect fantasy But the sweetest thing is that she loves him still despite all his flaws And that means she loves him for who he really is Sigh “You don’t have any neuroses which is annoying You have uirks which make up for it a little But you’re mostly irritatingly stable and normal You’re still not my type”“But you’re still going to bang me”“At every opportunity”She laughed and he felt her fully relax against him “You’re rude socially stunted and cynical But I intend to be available for said banging whenever possible I’m not sure what that makes us but it seems to be working”“You’re who I want to be with” There were many sweet moments when Simon and Fiona were together Their lovemaking was so sensual passionate fiery and exuisite especially view spoilertheir first time on Simon’s dining room table in the middle of the day hide spoiler

  3. Jilly Jilly says:

    You get to see photos of my doggos They are the most awesome dogs ever All other dogs should be ashamed and bow in their presenceOkay maybe they aren't exactly boundless balls of energy any but this works for my book reading lifestyleThis is SunnyThis is CocoaThis is TinkerbelleThis book was made for dog lovers Our heroine is Fiona a dog trainer with three Labs who are almost as awesome as my dogs Almost So we get lots of dog training advice along with funny doggy personalities She meets our hero Simon when he gets a lab puppy that he aptly names Jaws Since we were here last he’s tried or succeeded in eating a TV remote a pillow an entire roll of toilet paper part of a stair tread most of a bag of barbecue potato chips two chairs and a mallet“You should try crate training him” “I got a crate He ate the crateI think maybe he’s brain damaged or just psychotic” This all sounds about right I lost so many shoes when my labs were pups that I tried to start a new style of wearing unmatching shoes It didn't workGreat He's the only one who gets me? I feel a shame spiral coming onFiona was the survivor of a serial killer and now someone else is copycatting the killer He intends to kill Fiona and succeed where his idol failed But first he's got a lot of warm up killing to do you know because it would have been too easy if he had started with her Now she knows he's coming I thought serial killers were supposed to be smart killers?At least he will have a close shave after removing the tape So we have the serial killer thing going on while Fiona and Simon are falling in love And it took me a while to warm up to Simon I like sarcasm but I also like men who are oh I don't know NICE to women And Simon was a total ass at first He tells Fiona that he doesn't find her attractive is rude as hell and then calls her bitchy when she is freaking out over the serial killer thing I spent the first half of the book planning his painful neutering Because yeah like other idiotic men children he didn't want to neuter his dog Grow the fuck up And grow a pair or extract a pair You know what I mean Men and their testicles sheeshI don't get why you guys even like those things They seem inconvenient Also apparently itchy?Luckily as the book went on I started to appreciate Simon's grouchy sarcasm I can appreciate the fact that he considered having a door knocker made that said Fuck off in Irish Personally I don't have a mat that says Welcome on my doorstep because that would be lyingThat worksAlong with the mystery romance and dog training we get times when Fiona takes her dogs to do search and rescue missions She is part of a team of people with dogs but she always seems to be the one who finds the lost person I guess they don't really need all those other people at all And what the hell is wrong with those other dogs? Are they just a bunch of losers?Yeah I'll take a dozen of those tooThis book was fast paced and entertaining Fiona is very likable and easy going Simon is like Oscar the Grouch And the dogs were the best part of the book

  4. Vicki Vicki says:

    I read the Search by Nora Roberts and this is one intense read The characters Fiona Bristow and Simon Doyle are hilarious which helps during the tense scary parts Fiona is a dog trainer and works on the search and rescue canine team Her dogs are brilliant and when Simon comes over with his unruly ill mannered dog Simon is about ready to wash his hands of him until Fiona helps him teach Jaws to be a smart puppy It was so nice to see the dogs being trained over and above the typical obedience training There was a serial killer that captured Fiona when she was younger and when she escaped from him he stalked and killed her fiance She has not really opened her heart to anyone since The relationship that Fiona and Simon have made me laugh out loud on several occasions Simon who I love by the way was so unwilling to have a woman or a dog in his life So he had both popping up all through the story Great writing on Nora Roberts' part She as always gave these two so much personality and background that you really got to know them One of the best Nora Roberts books I have read and I have read a lot by her as she is one of my most favorite authors Her humor and her intensity are so well balanced that you feel like you have been through the gritty and grimy events with the main characters The dogs were so on point They almost stole the book away from Fiona and Simon Excellent story with a lot of intense moments and many creepy moments with a couple of serial killers

  5. Pamela Pamela says:

    If you have a dog and want to train himher then by all means pick up this book as this reads like a how to guide I like dogs but this was overkill Seriously page after page on how to train your dog and what's involved in search and rescue missionsShe gets a point for starting off the book really well but that's about it There was no suspense and the killer storyline could have been so so much better What I found to be unbelievable was the romance between Fiona and Simon Nothing about these two made them stand out as they are so not interesting In fact I find it hard to believe that any woman would put up with a man like Simon who is bossy irritating and plain rude A total turn off As for Fiona I have to agree with another reviewer that it felt like she was training Simon like she trains her dogs I just didn't understand the attraction between the two He even tells her that she's not beautiful and she still wants him For people who can't even figure out their own feelings about one another she Roberts has them conversing several times as psychologists assessing what the killer is feeling and why he's doing what he's doing as well as acting like profilers of killers Yeah whatever As for the ending pretty bad It's as though after 480 pages Roberts realized she better wrap it up and she did Badly I've read a few of Nora Roberts' books and some are hits and some are misses Guess where this one belongs

  6. ♡Karlyn P♡ ♡Karlyn P♡ says:

    Scratch head Was this a romance story or a training guide for dogs? I enjoyed it but I swear this read like a training guide for dogs with a romantic suspense story thrown in for good measure While I do love a good Nora Roberts book I find too many are just filled with waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much ‘filler’ content Fortunately for me I love dogs to pieces so it wasn’t always boring stuff but once I finished the book I realized how much of it was just filler fluff and not all that relevant to the story OK now that I have that off my chest I really did like the romance aspect of this story The heroine Fiona Bristow was a likeable enough heroine and her love interest Simon Doyl grew on me over time In the end I became a full believer in their love for each other They took the romance slow and steady and I loved how Simon dealt with his changing feelings His simple bachelor life was melting away right in front of him and he begrudgingly found himself enjoying the changeThe rest of the story centers around dog training uh I mean a serial killer reaching out from prison to get redemption for his one and only botched kill Eight years earlier Fiona escaped his clutches so he took retribution by killing her fiancé She identified him and he was sentenced to life in prison but even now he is plotting her death by enlisting and training a copy cat serial killer The suspense part of the story was minimal and not overly gripping We follow the new serial killer from time to time to watch his endeavors as he plots to kill Fiona but for the most part she is busy teaching us about search and rescue techniues with her volunteer K9 unit The ending wasn’t what I predicted and I found I liked this ending much better so it did end on a high note for me Overall I give this one 3 milk bones

  7. Cyndi Cyndi says:

    My favorite characters in this book had four legs Don't get me wrong Fiona and Simon were great But Newman Peck Bogart and little Jaws stole the show Fiona survived a serial killer Now she lives on an island where she trains dogs or as anyone who has ever trained a dog knows trains the dog's human Fiona also heads up a search and rescue team with the dogs The whole thing is amazing Simon is a wood carver and carpenter He is a kind of temperamental artist and has no intention of falling in love So when he does it is endearing He is surprised by it and a little frightened at the feelings A great book We have a serial killer and we have romance That is all great But did I mention the dogs? They are soooo cool

  8. ⊱✿⊰ Alicia ⊱✿⊰ ⊱✿⊰ Alicia ⊱✿⊰ says:

    5 StarsIn my top 3 reads from Nora LOVED everything about this book

  9. Phrynne Phrynne says:

    I read Nora Roberts's books when I want to be entertained and this one certainly fit the bill I must admit a lot of time was spent on talking about training dogs but as someone who likes dogs I found it interesting and informativeAs usual there was a feisty heroine and a hunky hero who are obviously destined to be together but that's what a romance is all about These two were pretty funny as well which helped keep me involved There was also some murder mystery and danger along the way which added spice to the story For me it was an ideal piece of light reading to pass a few hours very pleasantly

  10. Jessi Jessi says:

    I've been getting a little worried because the past couple of Nora Roberts books haven't really tripped my trigger But this one was awesome Fiona Bristow was kidnapped almost ten years ago the only survivor of a serial killer who would find single athletic women kill them and then bury them in a shallow grave in a national park After Fiona managed to escape the killer went back and killed her boyfriend and his K9 unit In his memory Fiona opened up a dog training school which does everything from simple obedience to search and rescue Simon Doyle is a gifted carpenter who sells his wares in Fiona's stepmother's art gallery He has a puppy in need of some training and comes to Fiona for help He's somewhat attracted to Fiona but not really sure if he wants it to go any further than attraction after all it's a small island But then someone starts imitating the serial murderer who went after Fiona and she is once again thrown into dangerSome fun dog training tips A little annoyance on my part that Simon felt like he was being trained but got over it pretty uickly and who does that? I read this book in a uick couple of days and loved it

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