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The Lost Ones [PDF] ✈ The Lost Ones ⚣ Norah Lofts – A novel based on the life of George III's sister Princess Caroline Matilda whose marriage brought her to the throne and whose secret love brought her to disaster This is a story of high romance and tr A novel based on the life of George III's sister Princess Caroline Matilda whose marriage The Lost ePUB ´ brought her to the throne and whose secret love brought her to disaster This is a story of high romance and tragedy a moving drama of human frailty set against the implacable demands of a royal crown With careful attention to the historical record Norah Lofts has recreated Caroline Matilda's life in a tale that vividly evokes the stark contrasts of th century Denmark; the cruelty poverty and oppression of existence under an absolute monarch sinking into madness; the royal court with its pomp and pageantry and the hatreds and intrigues that swirled around the young lovely figure who was briefly its ueen.

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  1. Susan Susan says:

    I had been spying this book sitting on my ignored to be read bookcase while I happily read away on my Kindle Having decided earlier this month to make a dent in my TBR bookcase I pulled this book off it It is the tragic story of Caroline Matilda youngest sibling of King George III and her marriage to the insane King Christian VII of Denmark This tale was recently told in the Danish film A Royal Affair which was nominated for a Best Foreign Film Oscar I've read another novel about this The Visit of the Royal Physician by Per Olov Enuist and a nonfiction on King George III's siblings A Royal Affair George III and His Scandalous Siblings by Stella Tillyard so I knew the story When I read royalty nonfiction I like to focus on royal women I have a soft spot for them since so many of them were marriage pawns and sent away to another country many of them never to return to their homeland or see their families again Caroline Matilda's story is no exception At the age of 15 she is sent to Denmark to marry a first cousin she has never met and who is uite unstable mentally I don't want to spoil the story but the true plot unfolds in an epic tragedy I thought I might be disappointed but I wasn't as I appreciated that the novel was told with sympathy towards Caroline Matilda I also wasn't yelling at the book for historical inaccuracies although I don't recall a side story towards the end of the novel and have to investigate that George III was reluctant to marry off his six daughters Three never did marry one married at age 29 and two married late in life age 48 and age 40 after George III was permanently insane and his eldest son and heir was the Regent I bet what happened to Caroline Matilda was partially the cause

  2. Maryse Maryse says:

    I hate tragic stories but for some reason I'm drawn to them I bought this book on sale because it had the word ueen on it and I'm a sucker for historical books about royals Compared to other historical books on royalty I've read this is pretty good The story is interesting the pacing is good and the writing does not become stale It implies a lot of things whose veracity I am not sure of but it nevertheless makes for a colorful if not romantic story But like most books of this genre it eventually leads to tragedy For some reason I was really saddened by the ending This is one of the few books I've read where I really wish the ending could have been different In fact had she exercised her artistic license and changed the ending I would have loved her for it Life is harsh enough as it is But if you don't mind reading about someone else's sad life then I suppose this one is for you

  3. Lisa - (Aussie Girl) Lisa - (Aussie Girl) says:

    After recently viewing the wonderful Danish Movie A Royal Affair I eagerly began searching for a historical fictional account about the scandalous love affair between Caroline Matilda the ueen of Denmark and Dr Johan Struensee Physician to her husband King Christian VII I was amazed to find not a lot of books out there using their romance as the basis for a novel The Lost ueen written by Norah Lofts and first published in 1969 unfortunately suffers because of its writing style common of the time It reads like a very dry historical account very slow and labourious to read and totally lacks the intense passion and involving story of the movie

  4. Mary Mary says:

    This is the story of ueen Caroline of Denmark and her love affair with Doctor Struensee Princess Caroline Matilda was King George III's sister and married King Christian of Denmark This historical novel is based on fact and brings to life eighteenth century Denmark I love Norah Lofts as a writer and give this story an A

  5. Amanda Amanda says:

    Pretty good Made me want to read about this period in Denmark

  6. M.M. Strawberry Library & Reviews M.M. Strawberry Library & Reviews says:

    This book is a bit dated published almost 40 years ago but it was a pretty good biography and it's hard not to feel for this poor girl She was raised in an age where as a high ranked princess she was little than a pawn in dynastic games and alliances

  7. Vivi Vivi says:

    view spoilerMy god this one was a depressing read In the first half its a mixture of sympathy and disgust Christian is portrayed as possibly? bisexual but closer to homosexual on the sexuality spectrum person whom others have thrust upon him high expectations while calling him stupid and starving him in his childhood and all sorts of abuses He also lives with a likely case of schizophrenia and reading through his mental illness and struggle of having “two heads” in an 18th century society is horrible And yet partly influenced by his disorder and part bc of his love for Knut he treats his wife as your standard abuser Gaslighting neglect verbal abuse forcing her to only speak Dutch removing the people she got close to separating her newborn children from herugh I just felt so sorry for the poor girl who didn’t deserve to be treated that way Her confusion loneliness and unhappiness was portrayed so well but in such a wrenching way Then when she finally experiences love that she should have deserved she’s removed of it and cast away by people who used her just like a pawn piece Her lover is an interesting character mortal and cowardly in the face of torture just like any normal person should be but wholly devoted to progressive reforms in a society that wasn’t ready for it Her loyal servants were all removed from her either by firing them exile or tortured to death Poor poor Alice 😭 Gosh it was hard af to read through his execution And in the end she dies right when she regains hope to see her children again hide spoiler

  8. Erinpad Erinpad says:

    In 1766 Princess Caroline Matilda travels from England to Denmark where she will meet her husband for the first time and become ueen of Denmark At just fifteen Caroline is anxious about the marriage and though many others are aware she is unfortunately kept in the dark that her future husband King Christian VII suffers from mental illness When Caroline first meets her husband to be he seems delighted with his new wife exclaiming how pretty she is and wanting others to acknowledge his good fortune But after the marriage things uickly start to spiral and she realizes something is very wrong Christian’s insanity not only drives him to cruelty but also to many other displays of immoral behavior Count Knut who is thought of as His Majesty’s dearest friend seeks out the help of a doctor who is rud to have rather unorthodox ways of healing Doctor Johan Strunsee uickly establishes himself as somewhat a miracle with his help the King is calm and even appears to be slightly normal During this time Caroline gives birth to a son and when Christian threatens to take her son away after just one year she turns to Strunsee for his assistance Grateful for his help she realizes that there may be something to this relationship and after a chance encounter they soon fall in love This is a story how a ueen took a chance on love and even though she lost the memories that she gained gave her a lifetime of happiness Very much enjoyed this book and recommend for any history lovers or anyone who enjoys the drama of romance

  9. Paula Galvan Paula Galvan says:

    I love historical fiction when it is accurate but also interesting and The Lost ueen did not disappointThe story of Princess Caroline sister of King George III who became the ueen of Denmark is a sad one A victim of an arranged royal marriage to King Christen VII of Denmark who was already showing signs of insanity at the age of 18 Caroline was only 15 when she was shipped off by her family to a cold backward country where she didn't even know the language She was immediately ostracized and mistreated by her deranged boy husband and only by a miracle managed to produce an heir to the throne She was a trooper though and made the best of her situation until her son was taken from her at the tender age of 3 months to be raised by her husband's step mother She fell in love with the only person that showed her any kindness the King's physician Dr Johann Struensee who also convinced the King to return her son to her Unfortunately Johann although he claimed to be in love with her was using Caroline for his own political gain By keeping the mad King subdued he passed several new policies into Denmark law that although for the good of the country were not welcomed by the wealthy aristocrats In the end he was beheaded and Princess Caroline branded an adulteress was exiled She died of a mysterious illness at the age of 30

  10. Yasmin Foster Yasmin Foster says:

    4 stars for the story 1 star of the Torc Tempus Publishing 2008 editionFirst things First I need to address the 2008 Paperback Torc editionGood Lord the 2008 Paperback Torc edition has so many typos I at first was laying the blame on the author thinking that this was just some self publishing amateur that couldn’t be bothered to proof read her work and the Daily Telegraph praise was either a lie or that reviewer was very forgiving – but nope Nora Lofts has been dead since 1983 was a bestseller in her time and this book was originally published in 1969 As luck would have it I found a first edition at a boot sale for 25p and purchasing that and comparing the two editions it's clear the fault lies entirely with Torc For goodness sake Chapter two beginnings with a misspelling of the country “Denamark” – really? and a clearly missing ‘and’ on the blurb not to mention characters names are spelt differently from time to time The freuency did seem to lessen further in unless I was becoming blind to it Finally it’s not just the typos it’s also the layout that is messed upYet despite all thatIt’s a story that grew on me as it went on mostly because it took some getting used to as it is written in the omniscient 3rd person the ‘Godlike’ perspective where you dip in and out of multiple characters minds a writing style that was common back when this book was first published than it is today At first the number of minor characters that get an internal voice felt a bit cluttered but those seemingly useless threads do weave together as the momentum picks up It also packs a lot of story in those 280 pages and doesn’t fluff it with pointless scenes that we can instead interpret through the interactions of the characters; on that note it’s tasteful in its descriptions no ‘bodice ripping’ sex scenes here wasting paragraphs with titillating details – sometimes less is All in all it’s not the best historical fiction I’ve read but it was still very readable once the momentum picked up and I would recommend it to anyone who wants a uick tasteful book just get an earlier edition or the Kindle version which judging from the preview hasn’t got the same problems as the Torc paperback

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