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  • Hardcover
  • 352 pages
  • Prisoner of Desire
  • Jennifer Blake
  • English
  • 14 August 2016
  • 9780727845887

10 thoughts on “Prisoner of Desire

  1. Misfit Misfit says:

    Update 12712 Picked this up as a reread on my kindle Same thoughts on storyline etc as first read but I did notice a few small typos in the new kindle edition Lots of missing apostrophes sp? Not terribly distracting but a bit distracting when they did pop up Her fiancé killed in a duel Anya Hamilton is content wallowing in her grief and running the family's plantation The man who killed Jean Ravel Duralde returns to New Orleans and promptly gets challenged to a duel when he accosts Anya at a masked ball Desperate to prevent it so that her sister's intended isn't killed as well Anya cooks up a hair brained scheme to kidnap Ravel and hold him captive at the family plantation Being a romance novel you just know sparks are a gonna start flying between the two but things get complicated when it appears that someone wants one of them dead or is the mysterious boss after both of them?As much as I enjoyed Blake's Love's Wild Desire this one didn't work as well for me The whole prisoner bit was a tad bit hard to swallow as was Anya's penchant for running out into the dark streets to strange houses inhabited by bad people only for Ravel to rescue her so they can have hot sex Wash rinse repeat I liked the New Orleans setting and I enjoyed the way Blake uses her knowledge of the city and its culture to immerse the reader into her world Anya is definitely not a TSTL heroine but you will want to strangle her at the way she keeps walking into one dangerous situation after another One big change between this one written in the 1980's and LWD written in the 1970's is the sex is a lot prevalent and in your face than the earlier book While still tame compared to what I've seen in some of today's romances this is not the first time I've noticed this pattern with other authors who wrote in both those decades This is a uick easy read and should do nicely when one is in the mood for some brain candy or a beach read

  2. Alicia Maybach Alicia Maybach says:

    I really wanted to like Prisoner of Desire by Jennifer Blake In fact I considered giving it stars simply for the fact it was well written But in the end I decided I just couldn't do itWhile the writing was very good and obvious the author put great time into development it read like a history book not a historical romance novel It did not in my opinion add to the development of the characters If anything it drew the readers interest awayI will just venture a guess that then half of what I read was the history of various events only loosely related to the characters at bestWhile I can understand being passionate about the history surrounding the romance's setting I don't think it should grossly overshadow the point until your lost Half the time I couldn't even recall where the author had left off with Anya or Ravel Duralde Where they were what they were doing The back story and history lessons filled pages upon pages before the characters actually could get back to the swing of things It drove me batty I wanted to put my kindle down again and again and just give up in frustrationStill I trudged through the book only because I did enjoy the character of Anya and her fresh take on solving problems The behavior of kidnapping when carried out by the heroine is an attention grabber given the time frame of this work Even still it was difficult to reach the finish and what finally developed into what I felt was a lukewarm ending

  3. Crumb Crumb says:

    I forget how much I love Jennifer Blake's historical romances She is why I started reading romance novels back in the 80s to begin with Her detailed and vivid descriptions of social s the sartorial customs the food the uotidian minutia that make up almost all of our daily lives as well as the interplay between different but adjacent cultures are all immensely gratifying I especially appreciate how little presentism she burdens her characters with All of her characters are honest and true to their time period and station there aren't any tedious monologues or lectures about any kinds of isms at least by the standards of the 21st century In all fairness I imagine that in 1984 the heroine was considered to be uite improprietous and headstrong but the fact that the heroine doesn't harp like a Sarah Lawrence graduate student is refreshing and rejuvenatingIf you like me grew up reading historical romance novels because you wanted to understand how people lived in a specific time and place outside of your own you will really enjoy Jennifer Blake's historical romances

  4. Patricia Poupart Patricia Poupart says:

    I love historical romances Being a native New Orleanian I especially love those set in my hometown or the pre and post Civil War south Jennifer's descriptions of New Orleans historical places and events is well written to the point that you feel you are there whether it be at a Mardi Gras ball or on the field of honor at the Duelling Oaks I look forward to reading the other novels in the Louisiana History Collection

  5. Cindy Woods Cindy Woods says:

    BoringThis book is a dead bore on every level Either write a history book or a romance novel This mixture does not work I thought the book would never endyawn It is not sensual not exciting not erotic not sweetIt is a poor attempt to educate via a romance story Although I have read author's capable of the mix but Blake does not pull it off Don't waste time or money reading this book

  6. Michelle Michelle says:

    Prisoner Of DesireJennifer BlakeHistorical Romance387 pagesCopyright 1986ISBN 0 449 90176 9Anya took Ravel as prisoner to save his life But in a small dark room on her lush Louisiana plantation it was Anya who became Ravel's prisoner of desire As she struggled to contain her emotions and Ravel strove to win her love they both faced the challenge of staying alive

  7. Poonam Poonam says:

    It was an okay read I like the hero Ravel Duralde It was annoying to see that Anya constantly doubting him throughout the story Only one thing I really love about this story is how much Ravel Duralde's deep love for Anya

  8. Mara Mara says:

    Color me surprised The first book of hers that didn't leave me in a snit I can't give 3 stars as I skipped half the pages I'm really not interested in a documentary chocked full of meaningless details They should give you the atmosphere not replace the story

  9. Autumn Storm Autumn Storm says:

    Jennifer Blake is one of my all time writers I enjoyed reading the history surrounding Mardi Gras and everything New Orleans it was well written and informative but the story itself was a ĺittle weak

  10. Lady Claire, Marchioness of Fancy Pants Lady Claire, Marchioness of Fancy Pants says:

    I read this one back in high schooland I believe I read it in large print and it didn't have that sweet cover

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Prisoner of Desire➨ [Ebook] ➣ Prisoner of Desire By Jennifer Blake ➳ – Anya took Ravel as prisoner to save his life But in a small dark room on her lush Louisiana plantation it was Anya who became Ravel's prisoner of desire As she struggled to contain her emotions and Ra Anya took Ravel as prisoner to save his life But in a small Prisoner of MOBI :º dark room on her lush Louisiana plantation it was Anya who became Ravel's prisoner of desire As she struggled to contain her emotions and Ravel strove to win her love they both faced the challenge of staying aliveAS MARDI GRAS FLARED IN THE GLITTERING STREETS OF NEW ORLEANS ECSTASYBLAZED IN A SMALL STARK ROOMTo prevent the duel she was sure would kill her sister's fiance AnyaHamilton took as her prisoner the magnificently handsome Ravel Duralde Butin a small stark room on her lush Louisiana plantation it was Anya whobecame Ravel's Prisoner of Desire For in that little room Ravel awakenedall of Anya's longings and satisfied them The protests running through hermind were no match for the heat coursing through her veins and Anyareturned again and again to Ravel's chamber to love and be loved toexperience pleasures' she'd never dreamed possible As Anya struggled tocontrol her raging emotions and Ravel strove to win her love they bothfaced the challenge of staying alive to enjoy again the paradise in eachother's arms.

About the Author: Jennifer Blake

A pseudonym used by Patricia MaxwellJennifer Blake has been called a “pioneer of Prisoner of MOBI :º the romance genre” and an “icon of the romance industry” A New York Times and international best selling author since she is a charter member of Romance Writers of America member of the RWA Hall of Fame and recipient of the RWA Lifetime Achievement Rita She holds numerous other honors including two “Maggi.