The Prophecy of the Sisters Book Two: Guardian of the Gate

The Prophecy of the Sisters Book Two: Guardian of the Gate [Reading] ➶ The Prophecy of the Sisters Book Two: Guardian of the Gate By Michelle Zink – In this highly anticipated seuel to Prophecy of the Sisters sixteen year old orphan Lia Milthorpe continues her uest to end an ancient prophecy that has turned generations of sisters against each othe In this highly anticipated seuel to Prophecy of of the Epub Ú the Sisters sixteen year old orphan Lia Milthorpe continues her uest to end an ancient prophecy that has turned generations of sisters against each other Having now accepted the responsibilities tied to her role as Gate Lia journeys to the unchartered isle of Altus to continue her search for the missing pages of the Book of Chaos the pages that could tell her how to end the prophecy once and for all Along the way her courage strength and soul are tested in ways The Prophecy Epub / she never could have imagined Meanwhile twin sister Alice continues to hone her spellcasting abilities completely ignoring the rules that govern the Otherworlds Alice will stop at nothing to reclaim Lia's role of Gate and that's not the only thing she wants There's also Lia's true love James The outcome of this battle between sisters will have conseuences of Biblical proportion In the end only one sister will be left standing.

  • Paperback
  • 352 pages
  • The Prophecy of the Sisters Book Two: Guardian of the Gate
  • Michelle Zink
  • English
  • 13 April 2014
  • 9781905654512

10 thoughts on “The Prophecy of the Sisters Book Two: Guardian of the Gate

  1. Sarah Mac Sarah Mac says:

    Wowthis was nosebleed worthy That's right kittens It's time for the spiritual apocalypseHere's a summary of the plotless wonder known as Guardian of the GateLia her friends ride through the forest Evul People try to make Lia wear the deadly medallion Lia escapes because Good People save her More Evul People try to make her wear the medallion Lia escapes because Good People are marginally smarter than she is Everyone rides around the forest Lia has insta love with some one dimensional freakazoid Lia Freakazoid Good People ride around the forest Evul People try to make Lia wear the medallion Lia narrowly escapes because Good People save her Lia Freakazoid Good People reach a cheesy pagan island Lia Freakazoid have insta love Sarah vomits up her dinner Lia Freakazoid leave the the island ride through the forest to find a mysterious book Lia is saved by the laughable incompetence of Samael's minions Alice says threatening things Lia swears their final confrontation will be EPIC Though my summary is obnoxiously repetitive I'm sorry to report that it doesn't match the dullness of the source material For all that I was disappointed in the first book this one surpassed the negatives I'd braced for All the positives in book 1 the romance with James the menace presented by Alice were tossed aside in favor of cliched insta love a dishrag love interest a bimbo heroine with no sense of constancy to anyone Everything positive simply evaporates Where was the Victorian setting? Where was her beloved James? Why don't we see Alice doing anything dangerous? Saying it over over doesn't make her scary And what the hell are Lia's powers anyway? awkward silenceOkay I have no idea Everyone keeps repeating how she's so strong powerful wise but I don't see it All she does is whine about her difficult life drool over Dimitri As for the villains shakes head Lia is continually amazed that Satan's minions would try to confuse her sense of reality Really? If you're battling a spiritual apocalypse you'd suppose such underhanded tactics to be a matter of course But nope The least glimpse of Lia's dead brother or some magical beast sends her wandering off yet again at which point her escorts have to stop her from unleashing the end of the world Classy The sort of high tech trickery Lia repeatedly falls for Between Lia's dumbness Dimitri's EPIC perfection their vomit inducing romance had me searching for my Mary Sue puke bucket Dimitri is exhausting in his dullness He's wrapped in a fabulous cloak of Gary Stu perfection thereby ensuring his powers are continually revealed as awesome than the day before There's nothing he can't do apparently because he's sworn himself in service to Lia's oh so important role in defeatingsome kind of evil that's never completely explained by anyone See? EPIC D So what does Lia Dimitri's awe inspiring fated wuv mean for the spiritual apocalypse? Not a damn thing Two books into this trilogy we've seen nothing of the True Eviltm in store for humanity if the Souls take over How they repeatedly fall to these brainiacs o' goodness light who knows My guess is bad management Perhaps Samael's Souls should increase their telephone polls before barging into this spiritual plane? Klingons hate bad YA trilogies

  2. Cat Cat says:

    I’m going to get the negative out of the way first and I think I am one of the only people who feel this way and I offer humble apologies to Michelle in advance The Negative I hate this cover I hate the new covers I loved the original cover for Prophecy of the Sisters and I thought it added so much to the feel of the story itself and had I not already known how much I loved the first book I NEVER would have picked up the books AT ALL had they the covers they have now I might even go so far as to say I loathe these new covers And I don’t mean to hurt feelings I just don’t think they fit the story being told one bit My one saving grace is that I was lucky enough to get an ARC at the Teen Author Carnival in NYC where I got to meet Michelle in person – finally and the cover isn’t anything like this It’s just black with viney swirls on it and much appealing to meSo there’s my rant on the covers And now on to the better part of the review – like how much I adore this seriesThe Positive Guardian of the Gate is the seuel to Prophecy of the Sisters which was haunting and gothic and suspenseful and beautiful The first thing that struck me with the second book was how beautifully Michelle writes I had forgotten how much I loved the writing style in PoS as I have read many books since but once I picked up this book I got the same feeling I had reading the first one I can’t even describe the feeling it’s like being underwater and seeing a rainbow and silk red ribbons all flowing in the breeze That won’t make sense to you but it’s a mish mash of that to meI did not find this book as suspenseful as the first I was not on the edge of my seat the entire time ready to jump out of my skin at the next creepy surprise but there was this connection to the adventure and the uest to reach the secret island Mostly I just loved the dialogue and the description – and I HATE descriptionI like where this series was taken and where it is going There were a couple of “reveals” that I guessed fairly early on but it wasn’t off putting at all I tend to have decent hunches about books and movies so it wasn’t something that was glaringly obvious pretending to be foreshadowing I was pretty proud of my correct hunches though I’ll tell youThis book was also as beautiful on the inside as the first one was I was worried about that what with the cover changes and all Also? The ARC I had smelled wonderful Sort of sweet like candy mixed with book I don’t know what glue they used for binding it but it just made the book all that much better for me I sometimes read with my nose it would seemI am rather sad that I have another year to wait for the third and final? book Michelle Zink is now a 100% auto buy author for me Seuels are always tricky but she kept up the beauty of the writing and the story in this second book and therefore passed the test Her way with words is like a painting coming to life Brilliant HA HA I just noticed in my review of PoS I ended with a mention that Michelle might just have become an auto buy author for me I guess I just fulfilled my OWN prophecy

  3. Sandi Sandi says:

    Guardian of the Gate is the following up to Michelle Zink's Prophecy of the Sisters In this installment we follow Lia as she searches for the missing pages to help her end the prophecy She travels with her two companions and keys Sonia Luisa to Altus a safe haven for the Sisters to meet her Aunt Abigail She discovers much about herself love betrayalGuardian of the Gate moves us closer to a final showdown between Lia Alice I can't wait to see what comes next edited bc I caught a misspelling today

  4. Alia Ros Alia Ros says:

    Slams the book closeOMG I'm having mixed emotions right now I just really wanted to finish this book So i just went through a few pages Couldn't help it Omg I don't know where to start I mean I think I would totally got a better understanding if I read the first book but since I didn't have it I Thought this would do But nope nuuh This book I'm sorry to say but was uite boring I've been stretching the time of reading it for almost a month Dude thats the longest ive left a book I think There was way too much talking And it was that in every page And let's not even talk HOW COULD SHE LEAVE JAMES LIKE THAT Like???? Dude ur w Dmitri now but then u hear ur sis is cozying up w James u be like that? Dude u left him And the ending OMG I dont even wanna find out any I suffered through this book but still the ending isnt there?? I'm so disappointed that it couldnt just end here I dont think i could go through that anyWell best of luck to those whose gonna start reading it Don't change ur mind bcoz of this this was just not my cup of tea Enjoyy D

  5. Carina Carina says:

    This book started out ok although it wasn't great but then it really started to go downhill fast I was expecting so much from this book after reading the first one in the series but overall I found myself very disappointedThe big reason I didn't like this book so much was due to the new love interest Dimitri Markov who was introduced Very uickly an unnecessary and forced romance developed I was so angry at Lia for not staying loyal to James He was everything that Lia had wanted and she threw it all away for this pretty boy I also didn't know what Lia saw in Dimitri other than his good looks his charm and the fact that she felt that she had 'somehow known him her entire life' Ugh can someone please gag me now? I may not have minded this romance so much if it hadn't been for the fact that it overpowered some of the other major points in the book which I may have enjoyed a lot I was also disappointed because I was hoping this book would focus on Lia and Sonia trying to find the missing keys and come closer to understanding and finishing off the prophecy for good but instead Sonia becomes 'possessed' by the Souls they travel to some freaking island Lia gets all huggy kissy with Dimitri and only at the end do the major points of the prophecy come into the storySo after all of that I still thought the book was pretty decent Zink's descriptions are truly spellbinding at times and I love her writing for that but I feel that all the potential that this seuel once had was wasted in the form of unnecessary romance and a lack of focus on of the key plot points I'll most likely read the last book in this series so that I will know how exactly it ends but I'm probably not going to spend my hard earned money on it

  6. Ashley Brooke Ashley Brooke says:

    Lia knows it’s essential to find the missing pages of the prophecy her and her twin sister are woven into With Alice still aligning herself with the darkness Lia is working towards ending the prophecy and closing the gateway to hell on earth before the need consumes her With two human key’s missing and pages of important text missing Lia goes on a uest that takes her to the mystical city of Altus home to her magical bloodline of the Sisters who know her cause and the protective yet authoritative Brothers of the Grigori Note Slight spoilers on future romantic entanglements—YOU’VE BEEN WARNEDSeuel to the fantastic “Prophecy of the Sisters” “Guardian of the Gate” does not disappoint I devoured this book It’s been a while since I read “Prophecy” so I was a bit worried about jumping into this Thankfully the transition between “Prophecy” and “Guardian of the Gate” was pretty seamless Where the first book was based heavily on character development and setting “Guardian of the Gate” was purely story driven The actionadventure elements were present throughout but were never over done to the point where I would usually start skimming Like the first book in this trilogy it read like a movie—I could see the scenes in my headThe writing style is a lyrical as “Prophecy” and the romantic scenes between Lia and Grigori Dmitri are perfect The emotions Lia faces when thinking of James the beau Lia left to save him from her troubles and Dmitri the protective companion who willingly accepts to stay by her side are realistically portrayed and believable to the readerOverall I really enjoyed “Guardian of the Gate” It is a page turner you’ll want to clear an afternoon for “Guardian of the Gate” hits store shelves August 2010 but you can pre order it online or at your local bookstore nowMore Reviews at

  7. Gerasimos Reads Gerasimos Reads says:

    What a disappointment I really like the idea of this series and I love the characters The first book was pretty good actually It was slow but the beautiful atmosphere and mystery kept me reading But this book was so boringEveryone was talking about doing something rather than doing it The characters did nothing than talking walking riding horses talking and walking Which is sad because this series is filled with beautiful uniue ideas and a gothic atmosphere that I love The ideas in this book were even better than the ideas of the first The characters were well developed and the love story was interesting But the plot was lacking The last few pages were really good though I hope that the third book will be better

  8. Tammie Tammie says:

    I would give Guardian of the Gate 25 starsI have mixed feelings about this book While I didn't altogether dislike it I was disappointed in the direction this one took One thing I enjoyed about The Prophecy of the Sisters was that it was set in the 19th century In this book we pretty much leave that behind Most of the book is spent traveling through a forest and then on an Island in an in between reality called Altus It's so far removed from the surroundings and feeling of the first book that I had a hard time liking this part of the book I dislike the fact that Alice and James were hardly in the book at all I feel like we are told that Alice is sinister a little too much instead of being shown that she is This was a complaint I had about the first book as well And what about James did Lia ever really love him? Could he not have gone after her to find her? Or how about Lia trying to protect James from Alice why doesn't she? One thing I liked about her relationship with James was that it seemed mature and rooted in their past history It was believable They truly seemed to love and respect each other I realize she is 16 and most 16 year olds don't know who they really love but it was disappointing that she jumped into a romance with Dimitri all too easily A romance that is passionate but not rooted in anything as she hardly knows himThere is one point where Lia realizes that there is another path she can take other than the stuffy 19th century ways of her world True the 19th century was overly strict and repressive to women in many ways but there is a lot in between 19th century ways and the ways of Altus She certainly doesn't have to throw everything that she has believed her whole life out the window Is it because on Altus it's viewed as okay? It does bring to mind these uestions though Is something okay just because others think it is? What makes something right or wrong? I'm wondering what message the author will convey in the next book I don't expect Lia to be perfect but I feel like Lia succumbs far too easily to it all and completely loses her head Not to mention the fact that she starts kissing Dmitri passionately before they ever get there She hardly knows Dimitri yet she is kissing him like she never kissed James and is willing to do It's Dimitri who stops her and says he respects the culture and rules of her world I'm really getting tired of YA books where the female characters are so weak when it comes to hot looking guys and intoxicating kisses I also found it a little inconsistent too because in one part of the book she seems to be completely smitten by Dmitri and is willing to go all the way with him but at a couple of other points in the book she thinks of James Maybe it is an attempt to show that she is torn between her feelings for both of them but it just makes her seem shallow to meAs of the end of the book Lia hasn't decided what path her life will take She hasn't made any life changing decisions about how she will live her life whether it be according to 19th century ways or the hedonistic ways of Altus I haven't decided if I will read the next book yet eitherOn a side note I really liked the original cover to Prophecy of the Sisters much better than the one they are using now It would have been nice to see what this cover would have looked like if they had kept the statue theme

  9. Mateja Mateja says:

    This book was so good I am emotionally exhausted after reading it I truly think this whole series has the best thought out and written plot of all the series that I've read The storytelling is beautiful and so realistic my stomach was clenching from nerves the entire time Some of the situations that Lia was in were so hopeless I didn't think she would make itThe book has a lot romance than the previous one Always a big plus While I found myself wanting to shout at James in book one to kiss Lia like he means it society rules be damned I’m happy that Dimitri didn’t need any such encouragement He just went for what he wanted including Lia That boy is a serious eye candy And when I read the words he said to Lia when he came to her rescue at the river I went “awwwww” He is so sweet but also capable of kicking ass when needed I loved the time Dimitri and Lia spent on the island of Altus So romantic I never wanted them to leaveThere's also betrayal in Guardian of the Gate from the one person I least expected We were told in the first book that the Souls can reach out to Lia through anyone in her life but I never imagined in what a horrifying way and I didn’t see it coming at allThere is still a lot to be accomplished before the prophecy ends so I expect Circle of Fire to be eually if not even intense Can’t wait

  10. Dana Al-Basha دانة الباشا Dana Al-Basha دانة الباشا says:

    Review missing here as well I remember that this book was a big disappointment after the first one I didn't like the whole change in rhythm characters society and the relationship between Alice and Lia

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