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  1. Book Concierge Book Concierge says:

    Ed Wilcox and his wife Aggie Sloan Wilcox have been in Emerald Springs for a little over a year The congregation at their church seems to have taken to the new minister and his family but now Gelsey Falowell the matriarch who is a major benefactor and also runs the Women’s Society seems bent on getting the minister fired Aggie is doing her best to smooth any ruffled feathers but things take a turn for the worse when the naked body of a murdered woman is found on the parsonage’s front porch Rumors circulate uickly and suspicion falls on Ed who had been counseling the victim before her death This is a cozy mystery featuring an unlikely amateur sleuth – the minister’s wife Of course she is helped by her new best friend who is a realtor in town and privy to lots of secrets and “under the covers” relationships She stumbles on the first clue and despite being warned to stay away from the investigation by the local detective she cannot help but follow her nose I liked that Aggie and Luce are intelligent women with a great deal of common sense I also liked the portrayal of a strong family – there were several parentchild issues that were handled uite well I don’t think there was any need to introduce the underlying attraction between Detective Roussos and Aggie nothing happens it’s just mentioned – than once I had guessed part of the mystery pretty early on though frankly it was a lucky wild guess On the other hand I was surprised by a significant turn of events Final verdict – an entertaining fast read with characters I like and enough twists to keep me interested I’ll probably read of this series

  2. Linda Linda says:

    This was a great start to the series I only wish it was the beginning for me instead of the end I guess this is why you read things in order The setting is fun and the characters are like able The story moved along well and kept me on my toes It was definitely bordering on too many characters to try and keep track of #readforkimberly

  3. Suad Shamma Suad Shamma says:

    It has been ages since I've read a mystery novel and a good one at that I was thrilled to have purchased Emilie Richards' Ministry is Murder series as she has yet to disappointBlessed is the Busybody is the first book in the series and I admit it started out a bit slow for my liking That only seems fair now as Richards needed to present us with the whole picture giving us a thorough background on Aggie Sloan Wilcox and her minister husband Ed as well as her children her mother in law her own mother moving to this small town in Ohio that goes by the name of Emerald Springs and living in the parsonage with very little privacy her neighbors the townspeople and so onAfter that introduction we finally get to the exciting part when an unidentified body is dumped and later found on Aggie's front porch fully naked The ladies on the Women's Society Board are aghast and their leader Gelsie makes it her mission to get Ed fired by pointing all fingers at him as the prime suspect for the murder especially after it is revealed that Ed knows the woman's identity and has been counseling her before her untimely deathmurderAggie is such a fierce woman mother of two daughters and wife of a minister she is anything BUT boring She is interesting exciting crazy smart and very witty I loved getting to know her and I loved the fact that she took it upon her to find out what really happened partly because she was curious and intrigued but mostly because she was trying to protect her family and mainly her husbandI love her relationship with Ed and I love her relationship with her daughters I think it is all very realistically conveyed so kudos to Richards for that The mystery itself is so much fun to unravel right along Aggie's side Every time you think you're close enough to figure it all out Richards throws another curve ball at youIt's a classic mystery tale the likes of Agatha Christie and I enjoyed reading it immensely In fact I finished the book in a matter of hours I could barely put it down to get some work done and when I did my mind was constantly with Aggie trying to put the clues together to figure out who the killer isVery good read and very solid plot line executed seamlessly Look forward to reading the next in the series

  4. Kathryn Kathryn says:

    1st in the series and Emilie Richards has created a super sleuth who is witty and makes a great minister's wife friend and mother

  5. Lori Lori says:

    This was such a cute story I loved it I'm looking forward to reading the other books in this series

  6. C. C. says:

    I appreciated the uniueness and skill in Blessed Is The Busybody 2005 A non pious minister's family in Ohio USA is unexpected Having discovered Phil Rickman I know a reverend's family is observed in demand and a little about how a board approves clergy and provides their residence It also builds tenderness when we learn other sides to a cantankerous person Gelsey was a rival introduced to us until a murdered lady was left at the parsonage the church family's home I understand it must be the euivalent to what the English have for so long called a vicarage; which seemed pretentious and antiuated I always find that fiction teaches me real detailsI don't judge uality on a solution being tricky Praiseworthy stories do not hinge on fooling readers Great writing and entertainment in its many facets heralds success However the road to this mystery was concealed and rooted circuitously in a past we could only glean as Agate sleuthed a little at a time I would only call two clues lucky breaks and a scrapbook was plausible given Agate's archiving project Our protagonist is engaging and humorous and the pages are eventful enough early enough My criticism derives from a narrating style I would admire in much smaller instancesDo you know how the television shows Corner Gas Modern Family and Family Guy insert clips to demonstrate something silly? Emilie did it with words but constantly; making the whole narrative heavy without skimming space between the wry observations I think I'll stop at the seuel I own I admire most of the creative metaphors but they are a sluggish barrage with general descriptiveness in superfluity Also I found Agate's age thirty four uncomfortably incongruous with the harried fiftyish tone she received Slightly younger in 2005 I comprise a computer whiz generation

  7. Nicole Nicole says:

    So I took incredibly long to finish this book Various reasons but mainly because the book didn't grab me as much as I hoped The storyline is great the characters are great that's why I gave it 4 stars but it just wasn't a book that made me feel I NEED TO FINISH TODAY but Meh I'll grab it when I have nothing to do As said the storyline was great I had no idea who the murderer was and the story unfolded piece by piece gradually over the book which is a big plusI will give book 2 a go if it is the same feeling as book 1 I guess this isn't a series for me

  8. Brenda Brenda says:

    This was an enjoyable cozy mystery I did like the references to how churches run I had not figured out who the murders were until they were revealed I really enjoyed that the mystery was solved by a lay person and not the cute police officer The story was believable and well crafted

  9. Erin *Proud Book Hoarder* Erin *Proud Book Hoarder* says:

    The story doesn't stay consistently gripping but there are a surprising number of actual twists for a cozy mystery later on Major secrets and things not guessed The mystery itself is interesting and I liked that it had a dash of humor from time to time For being a minister's wife the lead is realistic she's not pious she's a bit judgmental at times she has a sense of humor she's not afraid to get the groove on with hubby and the scene where she accidentally mixed in some real life photos in her powerpoint presentation was the funniest scene Toss in a mother in law that doesn't like her feeling used because she's the wife of the pastor and you have a uniue look into her station in life that feels legit than usual Is it just me or do I wish she were single and could purse the steam with the local hunky detective? I like beginnings of mystery series to also be beginnings of relationships for the most part so I had to get used to the husband patrol as sweet as he may beFull review to come

  10. Connie N. Connie N. says:

    I very much liked the main character in this cozy mystery Aggie is a warm and friendly woman wife of a minister who seems genuine and is a good person She is a stay at home mom who raises her daughters in a no nonsense but warm and humorous way She and minister husband Ed have a nice normal relationship and I appreciate their closeness and how well they are suited to each other I got such a nice feeling about their home and their values Of course Aggie also got involved in a murder mystery but she is an intelligent woman who gets caught up in something that literally ends up on her doorstep She goes a little further than I would have gone in her investigations but that's pretty much par for the course in a story like thisFavorite uote about mysteries in general It's never a good sign when the bad guy starts clearing things up

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