Lost in the Mirror: An Inside Look at Borderline

Lost in the Mirror: An Inside Look at Borderline Personality Disorder [Reading] ➷ Lost in the Mirror: An Inside Look at Borderline Personality Disorder ➭ Rick Moskovitz – Buyprobolan50.co.uk Borderline personality disorder accounts for almost 25 percent of psychiatric hospitalizations in this country Lost in the Mirror takes readers behind the erratic behavior of this puzzling disorder ex Borderline personality disorder accounts for almost percent the Mirror: PDF ↠ of psychiatric hospitalizations in this country Lost in the Mirror takes readers behind the erratic behavior of this puzzling disorder examining its underlying causes and revealing the unimaginable pain and fear beneath its surface.

10 thoughts on “Lost in the Mirror: An Inside Look at Borderline Personality Disorder

  1. Ajae Corbett Ajae Corbett says:

    As a reader who has been diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder for nearly 26 years now BPD has played a huge part in my lifeIf only this book was around when I was in my 20's Emergency room doctors had no idea what to say or do and neither did psychiatrists or therapists I was treated horribly because everyone ASSUMED things about me For example yes I have self harmed literally hundreds of times but I NEVER intentionally tried to commit suicideMy family and friends need to read this book to really understand who I am and what is BPD

  2. Arnav Sinha Arnav Sinha says:

    Though I found the book a little too simplistic particularly with the examples cited and despite my reservations with Freudian explanations for human behavior I think this is a very helpful sensitive and compassionate guide for both patients of BPD as well as people who live with and love these patientsParticularly in a society where a visit to a psychiatrist is meant to be kept under wraps and where many view even depression as a way to garner attention it would be very helpful to understand the complicated animal that BPD isI was diagnosed with BPD a few months back and the diagnosis and the subseuent research that I have done on the ailment has helped me better understand and come to terms with many recurring problems I have faced through my life and the pain I have caused people close to me BPD can be a very confusing and traumatic experience for the patient and hisher family and a book like this is very useful in helping explain some of the symptoms without seeming like a justification for truant behaviorWhether you are a patient or know someone who suffers from BPD and there is a very good chance you do or are just interested in learning about a still little understood condition this book can be a very effective first step

  3. Kathleen Kathleen says:

    Author Richard Moskovitz is a psychiatrist and he portrays the intense suffering people with borderline personality disorder experience and explains how the condition is often the result of some really nasty childhood traumas It helped me have empathy towards those who have some of the common characteristics which include extreme emotionality as well as the tendency to fall into a pattern of idealizing people then turning around and villainizing them Although this book is a little dated from 1996 I appreciate its insights It is kind and generous to both the sufferers and to those who marry or are otherwise involved with them

  4. SheAintGotNoShoes SheAintGotNoShoes says:

    A very good book written by an extremely compassionate and giving psychiatrist on many aspects of being and treating a person with BPDI must say however in all my years dealing with this and seeing professionals than I can count and taking pills than is even reasonable that I have never had anyone like this author He claims to worry a great deal about his patients so much so that his sleep is sometimes disturbed he takes calls at 3 am makes room in his schedule for someone in crisisMaybe they are out there just that I have never come across one

  5. Annette Annette says:

    I would highly recommend this book to someone that suffers from Borderline Personality Disorder as it helped me to understand the many facets of what can cause a person to have andor develop this disorder as well as methods for treating it and learning to live with and deal with it

  6. Elizabeth Merchant Elizabeth Merchant says:

    Well known books on BPD are aimed at the loved ones advocating for them and providing information and coping techniues This one advocates for the patient speaking from inside the disorder with understanding and compassion

  7. Amanda Amanda says:

    Taught me things I needed to know Expanded my horizons

  8. Linda Linda says:

    This book was very well thought out and easy for the average person to understand I really enjoyed the story of Sara woven through the book at the end of each chapter Also towards the end the suggestions for how to deal with the different areas in someone's life that BPD effects seem really helpful Not just for the person with BPD either but also the people who love them Understanding behaviors is hard enough but sometimes dealing with them for everyone involved can be a real challenge For those caught up in the push pull cycle drawing the line diagram chart so the person with BPD can assessment how they are feeling about the closenessdistance in the relationship sounds great I think in the future if I use this system with my friend she will be abke to voice when she might be needing a break instead of just pushing me away so we can part amicably for a few weeks whole still keeping communication open All of the suggestions seem really helpful and I cannot wait to try them Great book and I would highly recommend it

  9. Maggie Maggie says:

    A heavy emphasis on the link between sexual abuse and Borderline which isn't currently a key concept This book was originally written in 1996 and the second edition in 2000 which leads me to suspect that the theories are a little out of date Other than that it was a very easy read but not a book I will bother with again There are much better books out there eg Overcoming Borderline personality Disorder by Valerie Porr Out of the Fog by Gary Walters The essential family guide to Borderline Personality Disorder the new tools and techniues to stop walking on eggshells by Randi Kreger and Stop walking on eggshellsby Paul T Mason

  10. Dawnene Dawnene says:

    Mehnothing new here and the case study of the patient Sara was absurd and very un BPD IMHOThe woman disappears 12 hours on her way to work or home and drives 200 miles with absolutely no recollection of the events come on nowthis book was another far fetched extreme portrayal of the crazy btch label that so often gets slapped on people diagnosed with BPD another irritant was the proclamation by the author that if you have BPD you can pretty much count on multiple involuntary psych hospitalizations nope wrong

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