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Hunger [Reading] ➿ Hunger Author Jackie Morse Kessler – “Thou art the Black Rider Go thee out unto the world”Lisabeth Lewis has a black steed a set of scales and a new job she’s been appointed Famine How will an anorexic seventeen year old girl from “Thou art the Black Rider Go thee out unto the world”Lisabeth Lewis has a black steed a set of scales and a new job she’s been appointed Famine How will an anorexic seventeen year old girl from the suburbs fare as one of the Four Horsemen of the ApocalypseTraveling the world on her steed gives Lisa freedom from her troubles at home her constant battle with Hunger and her struggle to hide it from the people who care about her But being Famine forces her to go places where Hunger is a painful part of everyday life and to face the horrifying effects of her phenomenal power Can Lisa find a way to harness that power — and the courage to battle her own inner demons.

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  1. karen karen says:

    five stars for INtent three stars for CONtent so the premise of this book is that an anorexic teenage girl is chosen to fill the office of Famine yeah Famine as in four horsemen of the apocalypse Famine that one awesome right? as someone who de voured all of piers anthony's incarnations of immortality books as a teen this is right up my alley incidentally for fans of that series did you even know that a new one came out a few years ago that he self published?? Under a Velvet Cloak not many people know about it so i use this space to shareso i am sold on the premise it's the execution that troubles me things that make me unhappy Death is played by kurt cobaini don't have to explain why this is uncool do i? good remember what i said about the impressive swear manipulation in anna dressed in blood?? this is exactly the opposite this is punch pulling cutesy cursing that makes me hate being in the character's head it is not that i don't like that she doesn't curse it is that she overuses fake cursery nearly every page feels like it has it really was freaking cool how freaking awesome was that? and he freaking terrified herand it isn't like the character is talking to anyone so what she just blurts out grandma safe ejaculations in her head? for her own amusement? unlikely if you don't have anything cool to say don't say anything at allthe third problem i had is how facile this is not in its treatment of anorexia which is better done than in many books but in its treatment of world hunger the idea of an anorexic girl becoming famine is a fun ironic conceit but the reality of a book about a privileged white girl with her first world anorexia traveling to distant impoverished lands to single handedly end world hunger makes me suirm the anorexia parts are good though better than a lot of novels i have read on the topic there is a scene where another character is going through her bulimia ritual that gave me goosebumps it is so so horrifying and if this had just been some extended starvation induced hallucination where a young girl finally sees herself in a larger context of the world's problems and overcomes her own psychological disorder that would be fine a little trite but not terrible but it's notso i am kind of torn about this on the one hand death playing a guitar and singing nirvana ditties really displeases me on the other hand there is a good book about anorexia buried beneath all the trappings i will probably read the next book it is WAR but when the Death volume comes out i might give it a passcome to my blog

  2. Jackie Kessler Jackie Kessler says:

    What can I say? If I didn't love it I wouldn't have written it HUNGER was brewing for 10 years before I finally sat down to write it And then it all came pouring out It was cathartic I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did writing itA portion of proceeds will be donated to the National Eating Disorders Association So if you buy this book thank you for helping to make a difference

  3. Kristen Kristen says:

    I am confused as to the overall arc of this series And I am confused by Death telling our main character that she can die or be Famine and then when she doesn't want to be Famine any he just lets her out of it and she doesn't die Maybe I missed something although it would be hard to do that given how short the book wasThis book was not what I expected It was a trip through the mind of someone with an eating disorder Although it wasn't as horrible as I would have expected especially after seeing at the end that the author says she suffered from an eating disorder when she was younger it to be for a story trying to convey some of the horrors of an eating disorder Again I am lost as to what the overall purpose of the series is Some series have one story arc without smaller stories which are solved in each installment think Alyson Noel's immortal series and some have stories within the stories think Harry Potter or Percy Jackson Here I have no idea what the overall story arc is And to boot the individual story was confusing and inconsistent I was taken back by Lisa's ability to reject the post as Famine and then simply go back to life as usual Seems like we really didn't accomplish muchThe writing at times was excellent The character of Death was really uite amusing But this was overshadowed by the times where the writing was the opposite of excellent and the plot holes We don't know what the Rider is supposed to do Is the series supposed to be about bringing the Apocalypse? It would be a natural conclusion given the title of the series and the fact that you know we have the Four Horsemen here But I don't get the sense that this is the case It appears that we are supposed to guess that there simply must always be a Rider But I don't know I would like to see where this story arc is going It's hard to say much about a book so short Given my issues I am a little bummed that I just spent 8 for a book that i was almost as short as this review ii really doesn't seem to give me any clue as to where the series is headed and iii really gives me only one character that I like and that character happens to be DeathI am already half way through with Rage and am sad to say it seems to have the same trend But I will reserve final judgment until I am finished

  4. AtenRa AtenRa says:

    Thou art Famineyo How can you not love a book that has that line in it?It's impossibleWhen I first read Hunger's summary I thought that that is the book for meI love the Four HorsemanApocalypseHarbinger stories and I was so excited to read thisI can't even tell youTo be honest I was expecting it to be to the paranormalsupernatural side and it surprisingly wasn't and thank God for that because I find that the matter it approaches is way important than any paranormal story however goodAnorexia and bulimia are diseasesIf you're thinking of losing weight by not eating or by throwing up what you eat you are sick and you should immediately seek helpThat's an undeniable factNo way around it no loopholes no excusesLisathe lead is sickKessler herselfwas sick for a short period of time and through her amazing writingwe are witnessing Lisa's slow and painful demiseI am not even going to dwell on the myriads of negatives aspects of being anorexic or bulimicThe one chapterritual of Lisa's friend stuffing herself with anything she can find and then forcing herself to lose it was shocking to say the leastand if that doesn't make you want to even reconsider doing something resembling that I don't know what willButin the endLisa found herself and through her eye opening experience as Famine she learned first hand about misery and poverty and finallyactual hungerIt was not easyof courseEven in the end we see Lisa struggling to eat even though she knows it's the right thing to do it's what she HAS to do to help people in need and I loved how Kessler used Lisa's compassion for others as a way to make her start eating againShe was not able to care about herself because she neither understood nor believed that anything was wrong with her but she could still care about others and that was enough to save herThat being said there is also a fun side to this bookDifficult to believebut it's trueYou can't help but crack a smile at Kessler's clever humour and witty one liners a very welcome change to the otherwise gloomy and depressing contentI mean come onDeath playing Come As You Are on his guitar?AwesomeThe only problem I had with Hunger was its lengthIt was so shortI would like some character development especially WarAnd basically I wanted material to read printed wordspleaseSo even though Hunger left me wanting a lot pages to gnaw at it was an amazing start to a series and to all of you teens out there who don't even like paranormalyou should read this bookregardlessLooking forward to Rage coming out Spring 2011NoteA portion of the proceeds of Hunger will be donated to NEDANational Eating Disorders Association so go buy the book you guys

  5. Rachel Caine Rachel Caine says:

    I got tremendously lucky and had an opportunity to read an advance copy of HUNGER I can say without exaggeration that I loved this book It was fierce uncompromising fun shocking private painful and beautiful and I feel very privileged to have seen it earlyJackie's written a book that is as intense as anything I've ever had the good fortune of reading and I think that in addition to being a great book this is also a very personal book full of raw powerI wish I'd written it

  6. Alyssa Alyssa says:

    My job? Lisa said as Death helped her to her feet She was a seventeen year old high school junior in the suburbs; she didn't have a jobThou art Famine yo Death said Time to make with the starvation pg49Realistic but uniue? Funny but dark? Hunger sounds promising right? It does – Kessler's book certainly has an exciting premise The basic overlay of 2010’s popular debut is simply a twist that incorporates teenage eating disorders into the biblical myth of the Horsemen of the Apocalypse For contemporary and fantasy readers alike this tiny story seems like the perfect manuscript Hunger is about a young lady battling the third most common sickness amongst teens in America anorexia Sure there was some Death and War and Pestilence involved but all in all that sentence pretty much sums up the book I’ll start with the good things before I begin complaining the positions and scenes Kessler created for Lisa very accurately demonstrated the monster that is the popular condition amongst teens She did so very well and with lots of description Although having been schooled on eating disorders since I was nine years old Kessler put the condition into a real perspective and into a real life place actually giving me information and understanding towards the subject than any textbooks I’ve read The prose was decent and the idea was uniue This could have been an okay bookBasically though the book was boring For such a short novel I certainly felt it dragging ass In fact instead of it feeling like it was a 177 paged book I felt that number was tripled –information and pieces detailing anorexia is one thing whereas describing how it felt to be cold and what happened while Lisa took a shit she really included that wasn’t needed and didn’t make any improvements to the story I understand that anorexia does things to the human mind and that it can often confuse and meddle emotions – I also understand that Kessler needed to prove that Lisa was for lack of a better term sick by tossing in her confusions and her dizziness and her constipation I get it I fucking do But like I said I've been schooled on the subject for near forever as have the majority of those for which this novel is geared towards I know anorexia I don’t know Lisa Kessler by including so much information on how the sickness was affecting the human body and not Lisa specifically made anorexia define Lisa instead of what should have been Lisa's characterBecause truly by the end of the novel I didn’t know a single thing about her You could say that the condition had taken all of Lisa’s personality away because it was overcoming her – it’s not possible but sure you could say that I’d just uestion you with two comments do the deadly ill like to be known as only the sick and wouldn’t somebody notice a change in Lisa if the sickness had been taking away her personality? I felt like I lost I points for even writing thatEveryone who cared about Lisa her friend Suzanne aside; I’ll get to her later would have noticed something right? For one you’d think they’d notice her weight loss – baggy clothes can’t hide everything darling I mean Lisa’s boyfriend who had been dating her for a year must have either zero intelligence – did he not notice that their “special” talks had endedLisa’s mumbling responsesher boniness when touching her ‘when the mood struck him to be amorous’ – or zero feelings for Lisa – he noticed and just doesn’t give a shit How could a boyfriend who sees his “baby” everyday – I talk to mine than once and would damn him if he called me that– be completely oblivious to her disappearing personality? How could Lisa’s father – who was just “oh so cute” – not realize all of Lisa’s incredibly particular weight loss machineries on the basement floor? How was it that only Suzanne noticed something different in Lisa and was the only one to act on it?It’s either Lisa had no personality in the first place which isn’t even possible or Kessler’s decided that anorexia now defines a person Wasn’t the point of this book to announce that it was what was on the inside that counts? Wasn’t it? Where’s the inside in Lisa? So to sum up the issue at hand Lisa had no personality a missing uality that made the novel totally unrealistic and boring to me as a reader Unrealistic because the ending isn’t likely; boring because it was like reading about a brick wallAnother thing you’d also think that Hunger would focus on getting Lisa to understand her condition and on her gettingreceiving help In a book this tiny you’d have to start off doing that incredibly early on You’d also think that in doing so Lisa would grow a little as a person would change would become something different Although I’m not denying view spoilerwhat happened at the end hide spoiler

  7. hayden hayden says:

    HUNGER makes WINTERGIRLS look like TWILIGHT but worse Just throw in a little Apocalyptic lore and you're good to goIt's really interesting to get inside the head of a girl with an eating disorder Jackie really knows what she's talking about; she actually went through it herself Not for long but it happened Overall I just loved it from the Famine aspects and the eating disorder aspects I just loved the whole thing from beginning to endThe only thing that angered me a little was how petulant and scared Lisa was acting You're supposed to be Famine; suck it up She seemed to cower away from the most important scenes until the end of course and it kind of ticked me off to see such a weak character caving in to her weaknesses instead of trying to grow strongerOverall HUNGER was fantastic and I'm already almost finished with RAGE Hopefully it'll be nothing but compliments as well

  8. Mike Mullin Mike Mullin says:

    Insane genius in a slender paperback I read it at one sitting and cried my way through the end of chapter 17 and most of chapter 18 If those bits don't make you cry too you may not be a parent or child Easily ranks with Before I Fall and You as one of the best books I've read this year

  9. Donna Donna says:

    I don't normally set expectations for things because if whatever it is doesn't live up to those expectations you have no one to blame but yourself So outside of reasonable expectations I don't go into things like say most books all ramped up for it thinking it was going to be something great Usually Unfortunately I did that with this one and sad to say my expectations were not lived up to My badI guess going in the concept I had brewing of an anorexic girl as Famine was beyond what this story provided And that's okay but I wasn't all that impressed with where it went And I do think that's thinking outside of my original expectations of itLisabeth is anorexic and for some unknown reason Death knights her into Famine to spread the doom piece all over the world Her outward battle with her new found powers and the bitch that is War blatantly mirrors her inner struggle with her eating disorder I get that But I couldn't help but feel that the story was missing somethingThe writing's pretty good and it helped that the story was short so I zipped through it pretty uickly I liked how Lisa's problem is portrayed in conjunction with her friends that want to help her and her friend that enables her It's a good dynamic But tied in with being Famine I just felt the connector was a little flatLisa goes from petulant denial that's she's anorexic to fully accepting the fact that she's anorexic in only a matter of pages but there wasn't really any big revealing action that caused that epiphany One moment it was denial and the next she was kind of going over herself as Famine and the word just sort of fell into her thoughts And she was okay with that I didn't like thatBut the lack of a 'why' was what really turned me away from the story Death kind of latched onto this sick girl gave her these crazy powers all to teach her a lesson? Why? It just seems like such an infinitesimal thing for such an infinite being to do and the explanation for it wasn't anywhere near what I felt it needed to be in order to properly explain that why At the end of the book Lisa isn't suffering from Special Child Syndrome She doesn't differ from any of the other thousands of anorexics in the world So why her? That uestion wasn't answered for me and that really bothers meOverall it's a decent book I liked all of the characters and the situations they were put in but I just didn't feel it was strong enough to carry the premise There were a few too many holes in a very interesting topic for me the Horsemen that were left unexplained I honestly don't know if I'm going to venture further into the series as it comes out If I don't have anything in my pile to read maybe because I wasn't uninterested But I'm not itching to grab the next book

  10. Torzilla Torzilla says:

    Hunger is a compelling tale that elouently captures the mindset of a person suffering from an eating disorder From page one I found myself captivated by the text unable to put it down to eat There's something almost ironic about admitting thatReaders are introduced to Lisa the new Famine I've always been interested in the Horsemen of the Apocalypse They're one of those concepts that are fun to talk about but nobody every really explored further much to my chagrin When I heard Larissa Ione and Jackie M Kessler were both writing novels exploring the horsemen I suealed Then to read Hunger early? It pretty much made my monthSo Lisa has a problem she's anorexic She doesn't believe she is She also doesn't believe that she's the new famine Except she keeps randomly spotting her office's symbol and there's this weird phantom horse eating her mother's plants in the garden Even so our young heroine still does not believe the dream she had of DeathThe plot itself was so uniue I had no idea what would happen next Would Lisa die? Would she accept her job and eventually come to terms with her problem? I loved the fact that Jackie kept me guessing until the very end What made it even better was the huge plot twist And then the next twist Oh and that final battle? AwesomeDeath has got to be one of my favorite characters and I cannot wait to read about him in future books He's so un deathy Despite him being the grim reaper I would without hesitation want to give him a high five if I ever met him assuming I didn't die by doing so He bestowed a sense of levity within the tale with his goofy comments Plus to have Death act like that? It never gets oldI'd also like to mention the note that Jackie leaves her readers after the novel has come to an end It was moving It actually managed to make me tear up It is simply put beautiful Thank you so much Jackie for sharing that little piece about yourself with your readers I feel wrong for mentioning this now especially after my last paragraph but I have to say it The cover is amazing It's uniue and it captures the idea of the book so well I love it I want a poster of it Or maybe a stickerOverall? Hunger is a moving story It's an eye opener But you know aside from all that it was enjoyable too I never felt depressed like some books with heavy topics will make readers feel In fact the ending was hopeful It made me happy that things turned out the way they did So if you've been anticipating this book I am going to tell you now chances are you'll love it And if you're unsure about reading this? Give it a shot if anything it'll open your eyes about a serious problem plaguing society

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