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10 thoughts on “Groo: The Most Intelligent Man in the World

  1. Diz Diz says:

    I like the art a lot It has a sense of fun and energy The comedy is a bit clunky though It does explore the way that the government and corporations profit from the drug trade while at the same time making ineffective efforts to fight it which helped me look past some of the groan worthy humor

  2. Ryk Stanton Ryk Stanton says:

    I like Groo than I like Spider Man and you know how much I love Spider Man I read this again because I found I could get it for free from my public library using Hoopla I actually have the individual issues store safely somewhere and I am glad I did Geez I should go back and just reread my whole collection; I do own them allIf you have not yet read Groo don't start with this trade paperback Before you can appreciate Groo's intelligence you must first realize what a buffoon he really is But this series is so much fun to read I recommend it to all

  3. Nicholas Driscoll Nicholas Driscoll says:

    Ive been a big fan of Groo for years but I haven’t read most of the Dark Horse run so it is fun to go back and read these I love the silly humor the energetic somewhat sketchy but often gloriously detailed artwork I love the running gags It was great seeing many of my favorite charactersAnd of course the moral was fine tooNow mind you you kind of have to have a dark sense of humor Groo is the main character but he kills people for fun as does his pet Rufferto He ruins loves on accident as well and tends to accidentally kill people and ruin their livelihoods if they manage to get away with their lives And really these comics aren’t necessarily meant for little kids given the kinds of jokes that appearIf you can get into the mood for very silly dark humor though these are really funBy the way what is mulch?

  4. Kevin Kevin says:

    Hace mucho había escuchado sobre el trabajo de Sergio Aragonés pero ahora es ue tuve la oportunidad de leer mi primera aventura de Groo en la ue parece ue se explota el inverso de la costumbre de Groo El humor funciona conmigo y los dibujos aunue sencillos y caricaturescos me causan lo mismo ue en Lucky Luke Lleno de vida tanto en las multitudes y fondos Aragonés aprovecha el espacio para rellenar los paneles con detalles interesantes Todos los personajes fueron divertidos desde el personaje titular a los extras Pero el ue más me llamó la atención fue un trovador ue solamente hablaba en rima lo cual es algo ue uiero implementar en mis escritosEl final fue interesante Fue un retorno a la normalidad con un twist Osado y con un mensaje muy lindo

  5. Pascal Pascal says:

    I have to say that I really enjoyed the humour and various adventures of Groo character that I didn't know before coming across it in the 1001 comics to read Hilarious stories and situations great drawings A true reference

  6. Jennice Mckillop Jennice Mckillop says:

    Interesting story line Not really funny but hold the attention What in the world caused this walking bag of chaos to become intelligent and helpful? I'm not telling Colorful and bright Art work My first Groo read Not sure if I'd do another but this was worth the time

  7. Dimitrios Mistriotis Dimitrios Mistriotis says:

    Adding it so that I can get recommendations I rediscovered Groo recently and really like him Read that from Comixology 1 to the publisher for not being able to download a PDF

  8. Kelley Kelley says:

    Good BookGreat book full of fun and laughter for all ages You need to read this Groo with its message Good book

  9. Hamster Hamster says:

    This graphic novel wasn't necessarily funny but I loved the cartoonish art and the storyline kept my interest When I got to the end and found an outstanding moral I had to give it an extra star The one problem I had with the drawings and ultimately why I stopped reading it to my kids was the busty women with barely concealed ta tas It's almost a given that medieval wenches must show as much surface area as possible of the breasts while still keeping them in place Not a habit I'm anxious to press on my three year old girl

  10. Justin Lynn Justin Lynn says:

    Careful you might just learn something

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Groo: The Most Intelligent Man in the World [PDF / Epub] ☆ Groo: The Most Intelligent Man in the World By Sergio Aragonés – When the barbarian with the lowest I in the world starts passing out words of wisdom and advice all of his old cohorts and enemies come out of the woodwork to find out what's wrong and no one's confus Most Intelligent PDF Ê When the barbarian with the lowest I in the world starts passing out words Groo: The ePUB ´ of wisdom and advice all of his old cohorts and enemies come out of the The Most Intelligent PDF ´ woodwork to find out what's wrong and no one's confused than Rufferto the most loyal The Most Intelligent Man in PDF/EPUB or little dog in Plentia.

  • Paperback
  • 117 pages
  • Groo: The Most Intelligent Man in the World
  • Sergio Aragonés
  • English
  • 13 February 2016
  • 9781569712948

About the Author: Sergio Aragonés

Most Intelligent PDF Ê Sergio Aragonés Domenech is a cartoonist and writer best known for his contributions to Groo: The ePUB ´ Mad Magazine and creator of the comic book Groo the Wanderer.