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Monsters ❮Reading❯ ➽ Monsters ➶ Author Ken Dahl – Part fiction and part deranged educational film strip Monsters focuses both on the physical symptoms and the traumatic emotional damage of an STD that rarely affects two people the same way Following Part fiction and part deranged educational film strip Monsters focuses both on the physical symptoms and the traumatic emotional damage of an STD that rarely affects two people the same way Following his acclaimed collection of short comics Welcome to the Dahlhouse Ken Dahl cements his status as one of the best cartoonists of his generation with this brutally honest account of disease and self acceptance.

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  1. Kenny Kenny says:

    “Let's face it No one wants to fuck a monster ” ― Ken Dahl MonstersThe funniest book about herpes you’ll read all yearLet me make this clear this book is superb truly a work of geniusWhat do you know about herpes? Some readers might know that it’s a disease that almost three uarters of Americans have and it’s incurable except of course there’s to it than just that If you finish reading Ken Dahl’s Monsters with nothing than a better understanding of what herpes really is and how it can affect you that’s a good start With his semi autobiographical graphic novel though Dahl does than just simply educate about the herpes simplex virus Instead it’s a harrowing and in places extremely uncomplimentary journey into his own psycheI could not put this book down; it made me laugh out loud snicker and wince and the air was punctuated with lots of eww’s Herpes obviously isn’t funny but Dahl is funny his drawings are funny the way his characters morph into dogs viruses and monsters is funny and his observational humor is funnyThe story it is ‘semi autobiographical’ Ken has a cold sore He’s blissfully happy with his girlfriend Rory until view spoilerhe transfers his Herpes Simplex 1 to her ‘nether regions’ at which point things start to deteriorate His love life and emotional well being take a big turn for the worse He manages to infect at one other girl who never forgives him and is publicly humiliated by his friends who by now all know what he has done As pain and guilt eat into his psyche he starts to see himself as an oozing STD monster He seeks solace in abstinence but finds the lack of human contact unbearable He has no health insurance and cannot afford expensive antivirals so he arms himself with an arsenal of dubious naturopathic remedies Redemption is found however in self education and the love of a good woman and the story has a hopeful ending hide spoiler

  2. Fabian Fabian says:

    Monsters aptly displays the animals that we all are you know inside also it becomes Ren and Stimpy obvious to the discerning admirer on the outside We are drinking drugging fucking monstersWe are all in on this us sexually active or used to be adults as a group as human beings And it is mega shaming And unexpectedly uproarious Its a shareable condition after all STIs Within seconds in this uite unskippable graphic novel the atrocious becomes charming sublime Even capital M arrrvelousBombastic graphics; clever entendres that are eually sad funny It's 51% cold hard statisticharsh clinical factoid 49% hysterical farceThis guys is kinda one of a kind

  3. Jon Nakapalau Jon Nakapalau says:

    A truly disturbing but important GN

  4. Lee Klein Lee Klein says:

    Five stars? Really? Really? For a freakin' comic about the authorartist's experience with herpes? Indeed There's enough humor and pathos and artistry and anti everyone sweetness and STD information to make this book wholly individuated informative entertaining emotional eye catching reading Very talented deployment of drawing characterization storytelling oomph thematicexistential heft balance of dramatization and exposition distortion of frames to match the author's psychic sense at the time But mostly it's informative and funny and I couldn't stop reading till it was done Sort of like Maus for my generation? OCD re STD five stars for me Not because I have herpes Not that I'm aware of at least

  5. Nate D Nate D says:

    This is an account of cold sores oral herpes as a kind of vaguely educational confessional horror story It is actually a really good use of the medium with latent viral panic lurking in every frame and lots of neat visual free associations to guide the eye through the pages And so much enjoyable and interesting than most memoir comics By the end though it's rather inconclusive about just what the 70 or so percent of the population with some form of the herpes simplex virus should feel or do about it Actually frustratingly soI've had cold sores before but only minor ones and not for years but that doesn't mean I can't transmit but also cold sores don't mean oral herpes necessarily anyway and also not getting cold sores doesn't mean not having and transmitting it either Normal STD tests don't even test for it it's so common What? Ack I'm going to employee health right this minute At least I'm real good at not making out with anyone ever practically so I can be pretty confident I haven't been spreading anything around I guess

  6. Robert Robert says:

    So glad I finally read this book It's intense and hilarious and highly entertaining often in a suirmy way featuring truly superb cartooning by Ken Dahl aka Gabby Schulz It deservedly won a couple of Ignatz Awards several years ago and is being reprinted by Secret Acres this spring yeah I'll be talking some about MONSTERS in my review of the author's newest book called SICK–coming soon on tcjcom

  7. Derek Royal Derek Royal says:

    Finally read this in anticipation of an interview with Gabby Schulz

  8. Maureen Maureen says:

    I've wanted to read this book for a long time having seen copies of it at uimby's Books in Chicago a bunch of times But I'm a major tightwad so I ordered it in from an obscure college library that had a copy of it the only one in Illinois Anyway I'm glad I went to such great lengths because this is a pretty good bookThe medium chosen was well used The author wants the reader to feel uncomfortable at times with the graphic representations of the disease's manifestations in order to understand his initial discomfort regarding the situation Which some might say is a gimmick but whatever I think it worked What I liked about this book was the various comic techniues and styles used throughout the book and the depiction of the struggle faced by a man who lost his sense of human ness not to mention a girlfriend This is something a lot of people fear and for good reason The stigmas attached to this kind of thing are no joke but Dahl manages to make this book really humorous I imagine it must have been liberating to create something so public about something he was felt was best to keep personal for so long and for that I'm glad this book exists

  9. Seoda Seoda says:

    Everyone should read this book As someone whose job reuires them to discuss HSV 1 and 2 regularly usually with people who are recently diagnosed and panicked I think this is amazing The artwork is fantastic make sure to look at every little detail because they are priceless Plus I'm pretty sure I've been to some of the same partiesWhen I saw a dreadlocked girl wearing patchwork hippie pants in one panel I laughed out loud with recognition So extra stars for the portrayal of the crappy jobcreative but frustratedtoo old to be a hipster sceneAnd there's even a cool twist at the endSeriously though people working in health care take note An honest calm discussion of what it means and doesn't mean to have HSV can save a patient so much anguish I will be recommending this to my co workers

  10. Emilia P Emilia P says:

    Is it weird to totally love a comic about herpes?Heavens noThe basic concept of this was guy figures out he has herpes gets upset about it and breaks up with his girlfriend over it Then feels really bad and monstrous for ever wanting to have sex or kiss anybody and imagines himself as all kinds of freakish things because he has this disease Imaginary monsterized illustrations are sort of my favorite thing in the world if they're done well and these wereanother example Joann Sfar And so appropriate for the topic When he finally figures out that 75 percent of the population has some form of herpes he feels a little better and the ending made me laugh out loud I was educated entertained and it was a good story to bootVery surprised by how great it was

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