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  1. Sierra Alexandra Sierra Alexandra says:

    ualities of Light follows Molly through the summer when her life basically falls apart; her young brother ends up in a coma and her parents blame her Her friend Chad tries perusing her but she is too focused on the new girl Zoe Personally I felt like this book just missed the mark The first half was slow and felt like a chore to read through Molly seems to cycle between two feelings It's all my fault my brother is in a coma and Who is this Zoe and why won't she pay attention to me? The second half sped by so uickly I would have to reread parts The last few chapters went incredibly fastMany of the characters felt incredibly flat including Zoe who's back story appears way too late in the book for my taste However the exploration into the relationships we got to see were interesting in concept her mother dreaming of flying away her father dealing with past griefs and her aunt trying to hold things together from the sidelines However a lot of these character 'facts' seemed to just be tossed in at will and left a lot to be desired

  2. Marietje Marietje says:

    I read this book because I took a writing class with the author The class was called ¨How to plan write and develop a book¨ I wanted to see what her books looked like Even though Mary Carroll Moore is mainly a non fiction writer I picked her so far only novel to find out Yes the book is a prototype of what comes out if you follow her teaching It is definitely very carefully crafted but it has some flawsSixteen year old protagonist Molly Fisher tells the story of a eventful summer at a lake Molly's voice sounded too mature for a sixteen year old; here is very little teenage slang Moore does every effort to keep the language poetic and 'clean' which hampers the credibility of the teenage point of view There are delicate descriptions of nature but when it comes to describing people and events the descriptions tend to get superficial and stereotyped I want to try one of Moore's non fiction booksNevertheless if you are looking for a gentle beach read this is a good choice

  3. Ruth Sims Ruth Sims says:

    ualities of LightBy Mary Carroll MooreSpinster’s Ink 20099781935226062Young Adult Lesbian RomancePENFaulkner nominated bookFrom the jacket “An early summer morning a forbidden boat ride An accident that puts Molly Fisher’s seven year old brother in a coma And Molly’s life plummets out of orbit”ReviewSixteen is difficult and the summer of the sixteenth birthday Molly Fisher is plunged into life altering situations she could never have foreseen Life in general has become and of an uncertain trail leading who knows where She is convinced her pilot mother and her artist father are splitting up and Molly and her parents have become distant from one another She feels as if her family is splintering apartA or less normal teen angst filled summer at the lake takes a horrifying turn when Molly yields to her little brother’s pleas to take him for a secret birthday boat ride on the lake Sammy adores his big sister and the feeling is mutual They slip out at dawn; Molly is sure she can get the speedboat back to the dock before her father wakes up Laughter and forbidden fun suddenly shatter in one of those split seconds that change lives As Sammy leans out to reach something that fell into the water he falls overboard and he is trapped underwater He is rescued by his sister and one of her friends but the rescue took precious seconds of his life For the next few weeks Molly and her parents take turns sitting vigil at the bedside of the silent unmoving little boy not knowing if he will ever awaken not knowing if the time underwater without oxygen will leave him with brain damage Ms Moore portrays the thoughts situations and emotions surrounding Sammy and his family in such a realistic and honest way that the reader really cannot predict the outcome for SammyMolly not only is guilt ridden over her part in her brother’s life or death struggle she is dismayed to realize that the rift between her parents has become wider Will she lose her brother and also her family before the summer is over?At this time a newcomer shows up at the lake—beautiful athletic grey eyed redhead Zoe Novato who is a champion water skier Brash and outspoken Zoe is the opposite of the introspective and shy Molly At seventeen Zoe’s a tad than a year older but she’s years older in life experience Zoe as you might expect becomes Molly’s close friend and before the story is over she becomes than a friend They do make love in a dark cabin but it’s not sudden it’s not exploitive it’s not seduction The scenes involving love and sex are beautifully written touching in their portrayal of vulnerable first loveWill little Sammy ever again hide beneath the cab in’s porch and make up happy little songs? Will Molly’s parents split as happens so often when there is a major trauma or will they find their way back together? Will Molly ever again feel close to her parents? And will she be able to confide in them the explosive discovery she has made about herself this summer? Will Molly and Zoe go their separate ways at the end of summer and have to face that what they had was just a sweet fleeting teen romance ? Or will it turn out to be than that? Please read this lovely book and find out Although it’s considered a Lesbian romance it’s much than that It’s most of all a story of a young vulnerable girl and her family who are facing the most devastating situation any family can face Molly and her father are both born artists and the author permeates many scenes and many of Molly’s thoughts and feelings with color and light the way a painter permeates a canvas It’s an elegantly simple book Lovely in every way

  4. C.M. C.M. says:

    A poetic and original take on first love I fell in love with MC Moore's fully realized 'summer on the lake' and her organic prose Like the main character Molly I didn't want to see it end What's really interesting and authentic about this novel is the push and pull in Molly's life Dealing with family hardship while finding herself attracted to the indelible Zoe? Life rarely hands out joy and despair in evenly spaced helpings And that's what makes this a good read The writing is accomplished and yet not formulaicI look forward to what's next

  5. Cindy Cindy says:

    A sweet coming of age story Beautiful writing

  6. Raquel Raquel says:

    Couldn't tell if this was supposed to be YA or not It was a uick read with some strong writing but there just wasn't uite enough conflict for me and few of the relationships felt fully explored or developed

  7. Lauren Lauren says:

    A sweet coming of age story about falling in love and learning how your actions affect those around you I confess i only read this for the lesbian romance angle and I think my teeth rotted out from all the sap Some of the teen angst felt really manufactured especially in light of the greater tragedy happening with Molly’s family More than the romance I appreciate the attention to the individual relationships with each of her parents something rarely seen in young adult literature

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Qualities of Light ☆ [PDF / Epub] ★ Qualities of Light By Mary Carroll Moore ✩ – Buyprobolan50.co.uk An early summer morning a forbidden boat ride An accident that puts Molly Fisher's seven year old brother in a coma And Molly's life plummets out of orbit Steeped in self blame she reaches out to her An early summer morning a forbidden boat ride An accident that puts Molly Fisher's seven year old brother in a coma And Molly's life plummets out of orbit Steeped in self blame she reaches out to her parents But they occupy their own elliptical orbits grief stricken distant estranged from her and from each other Into Molly's anguish and solitude intrude two people Chad Qualities of PDF \ whose awkward courtship meets her even awkward response; and Zoe at seventeen a year older than Molly and seemingly light years ahead in the frankness of her interest and the boldness of her pursuit of Molly ualities of Light explores the budding of unexpected romance in the face of family tragedy the forging of a new relationship between a daughter and her gifted difficult parents and an adolescent girl's confrontation with her own ualities of light and darkness.

  • Paperback
  • 264 pages
  • Qualities of Light
  • Mary Carroll Moore
  • English
  • 09 September 2015
  • 9781935226062