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Buffy the Vampire Slayer Omnibus Vol. 3 ✈ [PDF / Epub] ✅ Buffy the Vampire Slayer Omnibus Vol. 3 By Eric Powell ✸ – Buyprobolan50.co.uk ¡MÁS VAMPIROS A LOS UE PATEAR EL TRASEROEn este tercer volumen de la serie ue recopila todos los cómics de Buffy por orden cronológico Buffy y Xander practican artes marciales Buffy celebra a su m ¡MÁS VAMPIROS A LOS UE PATEAR Vampire Slayer Epub Û EL TRASEROEn este tercer volumen de la serie ue recopila todos los cómics de Buffy por orden cronológico Buffy y Xander practican artes marciales Buffy celebra a su modo Halloween el día de Acción de Gracias y Año Nuevo la chica nueva del instituto no es tan maja como parece Brad y sus colegas montan el cisco por duplicado el cine de terror llega a Sunnydale y unos peueños gamberretes revolucionan el Buffy the PDF or instituto.

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Eric Powell has contributed work on Vampire Slayer Epub Û such comics titles as Buffy the Vampire Slayer Angel Hellboy Weird Tales Star Wars Tales The Incredible Hulk Black Panther The Avengers The Hood MAD Magazine Devil Dinosaur Swamp Thing the Avengers She Hulk the Simpsons Arkham Asylum Living Hell and Action ComicsAlthough eking out a meager living in the comics field since Eric didn't find.

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  1. Michael Michael says:

    High School is hell Your life is ruled by grades tests and scores You´re constantly being compared to others with your failures judged and broadcastedOn top of that your fellow students are putting you in pigeon holes of jock geek cheerleader whatever And all this will affect the direction of the rest of your life

  2. Brittany Brittany says:

    Pink Taco Buddy Read with the Shallow Readers Female Lead this time Buffy Summers And Willow and CordeliaBuffy is always a win for me even though some of the comics inside this omnibus are less than stellar Because of this my review will be shortJoss created an incredible world filled with vampires and demons and witches and regular kids just being assholes and sprinkled it with stars The people who helped create these separate comics try and often times succeed There are many issues involved in omni3 that could have easily been episodes usually the hokey maybe have a musical number episodes but nonetheless The artwork changes in pretty much every comic but every person has a cool take on the characters My favorite still is Cliff Richards who took the actual actors and brought them to the page facial expressions and all So goodWe're still given the humor of the Scooby Gang especially Xander And the relationships of Willow and Oz and Buffy and Angel are definitely prevalent in this omni Giles as always is such a perfect manWe all know I will continue reading so I'll stop typing and get on that

  3. elizabeth • paper ghosts elizabeth • paper ghosts says:

    I'm going to be upfront and mention that probably any and all Buffy andor Angel graphic novels are going to be totally biased on my part I kind of have a borderline unhealthy obsession with Buffyso yeah I'll still try to be critical but they're pretty much all going to be five star ratings from me ;As in my Charmed graphic novel reviews I'll be breaking these down by issue I don't discuss too much of storyline because I like to stay mostly spoiler free ; 1 Wu Tang Fang Plot So basically a creepy demon ninjasamuraiman in a straw hat has come to Sunnydale looking for a worthy opponent to fight him After creating some mayhem he gets with fight vs Buffy he's been looking for Xander is also having some issues I'm guessing he's feeling a little less masculine and tough when compared to Buffy ;D but he gets his moment to shine at the end There's lots of great action and it's definitely an entertaining villain I just wish it had been a little longerScript Ah ma zing Andi Watson definitely rose to the top for me as script writer I can imagine the actors from the show saying these lines There were puns and humor with just the appropriate dash of cheeseArt Just not my favorite style I prefer it when the drawn characters resembled their actor counterparts Because seriously when did Xander turn into such a hottie? He's got muscles and facial hair and looks about ten years older And can we talk about the clothes for a minute? These take place in the 90's not the 80's 2 Halloween Plot It's Halloween again and even though all the baddies should be minding their own business on amateur night Willow still manages to get kidnapped by a group of vampires Buffy proceeds to kick a lot of ass in a rather boring costume though it's not a slutty costume thank god This one is really just all about the action Though someone may turn up again later onScript Same writer as #1 so yeah Pretty much perfect It's spot on with the balance of serious humor and cheeseArt Same art team as #1 again not my favorite Willow's lack of red hair really bugs me It's the same colorist in every chapter of this omnibus so the lack of consistency is baffling to me 3 Cold Turkey Plot It's Thanksgiving and while Buffy is complaining about being tired of turkey a certain someone from the previous issue has been lurking underground and plotting her revenge This one is short and simple and to the point but there's a really hilarious food fight at the end Script Same writer as #1 and #2 so obviously fantastic I could really see all three of these as episodes on the show Fun filler episodes but stillArt Same team still not my favorite I will say though while the anatomy may go towards the typical comic book disproportionate style at least they stayed away from the boobalicious I appreciate that 4 Dance With Me Plot Incredibly short As in only five pages long short Just the typical teenage angst always turning to the supernatural to fix things It always fails guys when are you going to learn?Script From my previous omnibus readings I've always liked Christopher Golden and his script remains tight It works with the characters Art Different team but still not a favorite of mine either Again I'm just really picky And seriously where is Willow's red hair? 5 White Christmas Plot Buffy needs a job to afford a new dress for the dance She finds one in the mall serving ice cream but of course the supernatural follows her everywhere Icy demon badness ensues Also Angel randomly is back in the picture He can also magically appear in panels out of nowhere and no one uestions itScript Andi Watson returns and all is right in the Buffyverse Believable dialogue snappy comebacks it's all goodArt Same crew as #4 which is not my cup of tea It gets borderline boobalicous every now and then The characters also tend to look too old and too generic and the clothing is pretty blah The action however is great I love how they can get away with bigger and badder villains on the page as opposed to the screen You're uninhibited plotwise when it comes to a graphic medium 6 Happy New Year Plot There's a demon dog on the loose Willow and Buffy are having a spat and Cordelia is a badass with a crossbow There's also a cursed ginger running around bearing a striking resemblance to Russell Brand in some panels Regardless all is solved just in time for everyone to ring in the new year Except I'm not really sure what happened at the end One minute certain people are knocked off a platform the next they're cheering at midnight It's kind of confusing and I was left a little let down with this one with no solid answer Dead body or it didn't happenScript Andi Watson is the master I am convinced Art Same as before though I do like the saturated color palette this time around I prefer richer colors They also hit on similarity to the show's actors every now and then but it's a rarity 7 New Kind on the Block Plot Girly slumber party gone horribly horribly wrong A pool explodes Angel is back again This one had great action and it felt like the perfect length Not too long but not too short either It would be nice to fully know where we are in relation to the show however I find myself missing things in between and feeling unsure about where exactly we are plotwise Script Andi Watson need I say ?Art Pretty much the exact same as the previous given it's the same art team Personal preference though 8Food Chain Part I Plot Buffy tries to befriend the new girlrebel in town but soon finds out that appearances are deceiving Script Christopher Golden is back and I think he and Andi rank about eual in how much I enjoy their writing They write in a way that just makes it so easy to read the lines in the actors' voices Not everyone can pull that offArt A little better While not consistent they really hit the nail on the head resemblance wise in a few panels The clothing choices are also a million times better The only downside is they get borderline boobalicous but if it's not in my face the entire time it doesn't really bug me 9 Play With Fire Plot Buffy Giles and Willow come across a haunted house and help the spirit within This one was really short but it was just a great little side story Definitely entertainingScript Christopher Golden is golden ;DArt Back to a not so favorite style for me At least Willow's hair is red even though her shirt changes styles 3 times 10 Food Chain Part II Plot We continue on from Food Chain Part I It seems getting rid of the demon lady did not fix the demon problem since there seems to be a minotaur like creature running around and killing all the boys from Part I This one had great action and I really loved the ending It gave me lovely creepy crawly feelings Again I love that we get to see bigger and badder villains in the comics as opposed to working within the limitations of tvScript See all previous comments on Christopher GoldenArt The same art team as Part I returns and I like it The resemblances are pretty good the action is great and there's only a few shots of cleavage every now and then My only ualm is that Xander would not wear a speedo to the beach not in a million years Boy is not that fit or confident 11 The Final Cut Plot This was probably my favorite episode out of this omnibus It starts out strong with a really amazing action seuence then picks up on a nerdy creepy high schooler obsessed with making it big in movies He finds a possessed reel of film and creates all kinds of mayhem when the old black and white movie starts sucking people inside There was a lot of humor mixed in with this one and I loved it Again though not a fan of the lack of continuity Angel and Buffy are all smoochie again out of the blueScript Andi Watson returns and the puns abound You can tell they had fun with this one and who wouldn't? The plot is just a delectable little piece of almost slapstickArt Yes Cliff Richards returns He is by far my favorite artist of all the ones who have tackled Buffy For such a simple art style he manages to capture the actors perfectly on the page from Buffy's pout to Cordelia's fanatic grin And really that final fight scene just cracked me up 12 The Latest Craze Plot The newest trend has mysteriously descended on Sunnydale Hooligans Tiny little fluffy demons that are so creepyugly they're cute are the latest craze and everyone who is anyone has one the expensive the better At night the little creepers come alive and steal items for their energy to help bring their big ole mamma through to this side When people start getting violent over these little dolls Buffy knows something is up In the end it's all a scam for money from a familiar face but then againaren't all trends? This was definitely right up there with my favorites for this omnibus It makes me kind of wish those cute little Hooligans were realalmostScript Christopher Golden closes out this omnibus and it's fantastic I really really wish this one had been a real episode I would have loved to see it in actionArt My only complaint was that there weren't Cliff Richards episodes The art is absolutely perfect All in all this was a great omnibus I think this one in its entirety was the best scripted of the 3 I've read so far Every chapter was just that amazingly perfect balance between action humor and the reuired puns This one is a little all over the place plotwise and there aren't really any major story arcs but it's definitely worth a read even if it's just for the last two episodes Oh and not enough Spike Definitely never enough SpikeI do want to note that all art critiue is strictly from my own personal tastes Everyone likes different things so don't let that deter you from picking these up

  4. Curtis Schofield Curtis Schofield says:

    First 'Story' in the omnibus is epic in length compared to all other buffy omnibus stories to date Continues to be fun buffy fix reading It's the best of pulp vampire camp w excellent enjoyable characters

  5. McKayla McKayla says:

    The only thing I have to say about this collection of Buffy stories is that I wish they would have been on screen Most of them were very interesting and I think would have been great to see in live action Hopefully that will be the case for all the future stories

  6. Adam Ross Adam Ross says:

    The least interesting Buffy volume yet These represent some of the earliest issues which had no involvement from anyone on the show They are really struggling to come up with material Hopefully the later volumes will return to the interesting level of the first two volumes

  7. Louise-Andree Louise-Andree says:

    42 if such rating existedI may be a die hard Buffy fan and the show and fandom being my #1 fore ever and ever but I have to say this this Omnibus Vol 3 is completely out of whack It's not bad at all considering this started as all individual stories but I have a feeling that nothing really followsI mean what we got in every episode didn't uite follow one another but there was still a sense of time and pacing? Something You could advance in time for lack of better words whereas this felt like a jumble of stories put together just for the purpose of being put together I didn't feel any sense of time or anything I don't knowI'm missing Volume 2 so I can only base from Volume 1 and even that is not giving Vol 3 justice seeing as Vol 1 was what happened pre Sunnydale AnywayIndividually I liked every stories from this Omnibus I can recognize the banter between CordyXander the sweetness of WillowOz and they even managed to sueeze in BuffyAngel Giles was true to himself I felt every story was resolved easily and most times felt too easy even I was left hanging sorta wondering if it was really it and it was In the show Buffy manages to always win basically but it never felt that easy somehow? Not sure how to explainI still got Omnibus 4 and 5 to read I wish I could get my hands on 2 6 and 7 though So far this one isn't my favorite at all but I am glad it exists anyway I wouldn't be a true fan if I didn't enjoy it huh?

  8. Ashley Hart Ashley Hart says:

    This is my least favorite Omnibus so far These contain the first issues of the original Buffy the Vampire Slayer comic that ran concurrently with season 3 of the show My understanding is that the writers were presented with certain challenges so the stories seem independent from what's going on in the show With that I can excuse the lack of Angel and Faith but what I cannot excuse are the flat story lines and confusing artwork Most of the stories were boring and a few didn't really resolve or had resolutions that came from unexplained situations There were a couple of times reading where the artwork did not make it clear what was happening and I had to scour the panels to figure out what what going on There were a couple of fun stories like Play With Fire and Food Chain parts 1 2 however one does have to overlook the now problematic treatment of Xander forcing himself into a slumber party for girls that he was not invited to or wanted at in Food Chain The artwork is okay though it would be hard to recognize the characters if you saw them outside the context of Buffy As mentioned in other reviews Xander is turned into a smoldering beefcake who wears a Speedo to play volleyball at the beach If I had read these in high school when the show was on I might have loved them but reading them as a thirty something I was not impressed Supposedly the Omnibus collections really improve with Volume 4 but since they are out of print I don't know ifwhen I'll be able to confirm that claim

  9. mad mags mad mags says:

    Decapitation with a smileThe third volume of the Buffy the Vampire Slayer Omnibus features an even dozen stories all of which are concurrent with Season 3 of the television seriesWu Tang Fang The Scoobies dust the Mickey Rourke of China a traveling vampire named San Sui who feeds on the blood of vanuished foes Halloween The night before Halloween Willow storms out of the house after an argument with the 'rents and swiftly falls into the clutches of a group of vamps Cold Turkey Buffy brains a vamp with her frozen turkey when he tries to make a Thanksgiving meal out of her The night shopping? Still harrowingDance With Me When Buffy repeatedly turns Gary down at the dance he decides to become a vampire so that she'll have no choice but to pay attention to himWhite Christmas Buffy takes a job selling popsicles at the mall only to discover that her boss is summoning demons in the walk in freezer Choice uote I don't wear clothes only to impress guysHappy New Year Oz manages to escape during his time of the month An American Werewolf in Sunnydale forcing Buffy to break his arm Leg? Paw? A distraught Willow refuses to talk to the Slayer who kicked her boyfriend's ass but a hell hound and an immortal alchemist slash backstabbing excuse for a friend reunite the BFFs New Kid on the Block In which Joey McIntyre cameos as a vampire terrorizing the tweens of Sunnydale Joking The Scoobies welcome new girl Cynthia into the fold only to find that she's not as she seems Xander as always makes his contribution to rape culture by crashing the girls' sleepover Food Chain Part 1 Sandy is smart pretty friendly and has just generally got it going on So why is she hanging out with the lowlifes the Scoobies wonder? Turns out that they're her cult and she's a low level demon feeding off their energiesPlay With Fire We see Wicca Willow start to come into her powers here as she succeeds in freeing a boy named Bryan from a possessed house to which he managed to attach himself in 1988Food Chain Part 2 Sandy may be dead but something's killing off the surviving members of her cult Amy the rat merits a mention at the beginning of the story which made me sueal Love me some rat AmyThe Final Cut Through his uestionable dealings with demons and loan sharks alike 1930s movie star Fair uinn managed to get his soul locked in his final film until aspiring filmmaker Marty discovers The Final Cut and strikes his own dealThe Latest Craze The latest craze are Hooligans a clip on toy that's a cross between Beanie Babies and mogwais Only they come alive at night and steal all your shit Able to feed off the emotional attachment of the owners these baby Hooligans hope to provide Mom enough power to bust through to this world from another dimension Giles's friend Ethan Rayne makes an appearance here; bonus points for Will's Pez Witch with which she is ultimately reunited In the introduction editor Scott Allie explains the difficulties inherent in writing comics that took place during Season Three while Season Three was still in production We were only a little bit ahead of viewers; we were being sent scripts as Fox Licensing got them Our receipt of the scripts was usually only a couple of weeks before the episode would air For example evil Angelus was figured into the plot early on until Buffy killed him at the end of Season Two So he was written out And then the writers learned that he was to be resurrected as good Angel You get the ideaThus those characters whose story arcs were in flux namely Angel and Faith are underrepresented in this omnibus Angel only makes three brief appearances while Faith is absent altogether Conseuently Volume 3 focuses exclusively on the Scoobies Not that I'm complaining; the Oz the betterThings I liked Giles visits the beach Spoiler alert his beachwear involves tweed The copious '90s references And is that the Buffy the Vampire Slayer movie the vamps are watching in Halloween?? We're treated to some character developments outside of the television show For example Buffy takes a job hawking popsicles at the mall in order to earn a little extra scratch for Christmas making the Doublemeat Palace her second job in the service industries White Christmas; and when her grades begin to slip Willow and her parents rumble over her relationship with Oz Halloween Oz What didn't work for me The artwork and story writing are rather so so White Christmas is easily my favorite of the bunch During the witch trials and in a fit of jealousy a dudebro named Nathaniel Filmer accused his best friend Ben and Ben's wife Mariana of witchcraft alchemy Nathaniel was interested in Mariana but she married Ben Cue up the Tiny Violin Nate's father the judge had the lovers burned at the stake but not before Ben uttered a curse that turned Nathaniel's dog Magnus into a hell hound The hound's been chasing backstabber Nate for centuries; desperate he breaks into the school library in search of a spell to lift the curse The Scoobies try to intervene um why? but Nathaniel is eventually mauled by the houndThe story has great potential I just wish they'd done with it If any of the stories in this omnibus deserved a Part 2 it's White Christmas Why do comic book artists insist on reinventing Xander as beefcake? No offense to Nicholas Brendon but Xander's supposed to be an everyman a bodybuilder not so much Honestly if this was anything other than Buffy I'd give it three stars for eh; but nostalgia compels me to grade all things Buffy on a curve no matter how hard I try to be objective Fans will most likely be satisfied begrudgingly; at best with this collection but non fans? Why are you even reading this?

  10. Brittany Brittany says:

    The Buffy gang is back again in the third volume of Dark Horses Omnibus collections This volume while somewhat lacking in character development even though Dark Horse explains the lack of Faith it's very noticeable it still has the heart and soul of season three of the showWu Tang Fang The most Xander centric story of the volume and possibly the comic series is not as great as it deserves to be Written by Andi Watson this story places Xander Harris at the scene While Buffy and the rest of the gang are busy trying to figure out how to stop a evil demon who is killing the black belts of Sunnydale Xander realises that he needs to spruce up his martial arts There he encounters the demon and all hell breaks loose This story was the first of the series and it does show The plot is weak and it could have been much longer than the 22 pages that it is The art by Joe Bennett is pretty good and one of the high points of the storyHalloween This is the start of the continuity problems for me and probably others that have read this series 'Halloween' This is part one of a two part series which ends with the next story It revolves around the Scooby gang having to once again chaperone a bunch of children for trick or treating With Willow missing Buffy ends up on a mission to rescue her friend from a bunch of vampires Written by Andi Watson the story is great for a two parter unfortunately for the art which again is by Joe Bennett Willow and Buffy switch from being busty to not busty page by page Plus this is the start of trying to identify Willow from Cordelia as they have both long brown hair in this volume which bugs me since Willow clearly has short red hair during the third seasonCold Turkey Part two of the previous story finds Buffy and the gang celebrating Thanksgiving but not all is calm in the town of Sunnydale One vampire got away after the fight between Buffy and the vampires to save Willow and this vampire is out for revenge Written by Andi Watson art by Joe Bennett the story is a great follow up to the first part of the story The only problem I had was again how Willow was drawn Besides that this two parter is the highlight of this volumeDance With Me Written by Christopher Golden this very short story shows us what Buffy's story is all about Seeing people you knowlove turn to the dark side Buffy ends up having to fight a kid from school who liked her sadly though Buffy didn't return the favour and because of this conseuences happened White Christmas Since when did Sunnydale become Sunnyvale? The annoying misspelling of the shows own town is very obvious Written by Andi Watson and art by Hector Gomez this story takes place in the Sunnyvaledale mall where Buffy takes a job to pay for a new dress for the school dance For Buffy though this isn't your typical job Besides the annoying mispelling the art is fantastic and does the plot justice All in all this story is a nice uick read with wonderful artHappy New Year Written by Andi Watson art by Hector Gomez this story again like 'White Christmas' is a fantastic read Hector Gomez has a way with drawing action scenes so phenomenal it's breathtaking The plot centers on Buffy and friends about to ring in the new year but a curse gets in their way and Buffy and friends take matters into their own handsNew Kid on the Block Part OnePart Two Buffy Willow and Cordelia have a sleep over for the new girl Cynthia but what was supposed to be a fun night turns into a night of horror for Buffy and her friends Written by Andi Watson and art by Hector Gomez this series another one of the highlights of the volume A very nice plot with again very great artThe Food Chain Part OnePart Two I'm going to be completely honest with you The Food Chain is a hit and miss with me Part one is really good but part two is not that great Written by Christopher Golden in this two parter we see Buffy try to befriend a girl named Sandy who seems to be hanging out with the wrong crowd Buffy ends up being worried when she overhears Sandy and her friend Brad talk about a spell that they are going to try Buffy ends up trying to find out exactly what Sandy is up to and what she sees is a shocker Part two takes place about a month later I believe when the survivors of the previous disaster are being killed off one by one The art is by Christian Zanier who does a wonderful job at actually making the characters that you see on the page look almost exactly like the actors themselves I'm starting to really love Zanier and Gomez in these volumes as they seem to really have a sense at how to draw the action and the way the actors bodies are Golden packs a punch with the first part but the second part falls short with an uneven plot and a very short ending I would still recommend this story to anyone that wants to read it if not for the art alonePlay With Fire Written by Christopher Golden with art by Hector Gomez this story is a cute short comic which centers majority on Willow Buffy and Giles They end up encountering a haunted house which ends up being not so haunted Cute short and fantastically chargedThe Final Cut Written by Andi Watson with art by Cliff Richards this story was never released in a graphic novel and now for the first time you can read it in this collection One of my favourites this story centers on Buffy and her friends who end up being sucked into the cinema literally It's a fun plot maybe a little short but it's a must readThe Latest Craze Finally to end the volume you have one of the most interesting stories in all of Buffy comic history Like 'MacGuffins' from volume 2 this story is another one of my must read all the time favourites Written by Christopher Golden and Tom Sniegoski with art by Cliff Richards 'The Latest Craze' introduces us to a new enemy and an old enemy If I would tell you any I'd give away the whole plot Just read it for yourself to find out how hilarious and fun this story is

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