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  1. Wren (fablesandwren) Wren (fablesandwren) says:

    I read this as a collection so I wanted to rate the first Volume all together To see my reviews as Issues you can click on the links belowBuffy The Vampire Slayer All's Fair Buffy Classics #1Buffy The Vampire Slayer The Origin Buffy Classics #2Buffy The Vampire Slayer Viva Las Buffy Buffy Classics #3Buffy The Vampire Slayer Dawn and Hoopy the Bear Buffy Classics #4Buffy The Vampire Slayer Slayer Interrupted Buffy Classics #5Main thoughts I love anything involving Buffy the Vampire Slayer I mean as I am writing this I am wearing my Sunnydale sweatshirt and my claddagh ring I have made a few of my friends watch the show purely because I love it so muchOne of my favorite things about this volume is the fact that Dawn is apart of the story now As many of you know and if you don't then this does not make sense Dawn doesn't show up until season five in the magnificent show But from the point on Buffy's memories all include her even though they didn't include her before then I would like to think that Dawn was there from the beginning and she should be include It's nice to see it interpreted this way since we already saw it interpreted without herThere is still the witty banter that we well I have come to love and there are still those moments that a tear is threatened to drop from my eye I am excited to continue on to the next volume

  2. Adam Adam says:

    I have a soft spot for the Buffy comics for two reasons 1 I like the show to an embarrassing degree and 2 I was an assistant editor on the comics in fact I'm credited with that in this volume though I don't think I actually worked on any of the issues in this collection they all came before or after my time on the titleAnyway I liked this collection They are good comics Not great but good They capture something of the spirit of the show even if they can't uite capture the show's economy of action dialog characterization etc The best issues are those written Joe Casey and Fabian Nicieza That's a good thing since they wrote most of the stories here Cliff Richards handles the art on the bulk of the stories and I always found his art workman like if somewhat uninspired He captures the likenesses of the actors very wellIf you're a fan of comics and of the Buffy TV show you should probably check out this collection If you're not a fan of those two things then you should probably stay away

  3. Ronyell Ronyell says:

    Introduction Now I have to tell everyone who reads this review somethingI am a HUGE FAN OF “BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER” I have always loved that show and when I heard that they were making comic books out of this series of course I had to check them out So when I picked up the “Buffy the Vampire Slayer Omnibus Volume One” I was wondering what this volume was going to be all about and to my excitement and delight this volume detailed the early years of Buffy Summers when she first moved to Sunnydale and how she became a vampire slayer and I was uite impressed with the whole experience What is this story about? This volume contains five stories that details Buffy’s first year as a vampire slayer and also features other characters during their early years such as Angel Spike and Drusilla These are the five stories featured in this omnibus All’s Fair Written by Christopher GoldenArtwork by Eric PowellIn this story Spike and Drusilla Dru go off to the World’s Fair in 1933 causing mayhem as they suck out the blood from various unfortunate human beings while discovering a demon who wants to be freed from its prison at the same time Buffy The Origin Written by Dan Brereton and Christopher GoldenArtwork by Joe BennettBased off of Joss Whedon’s original script for the origin story of “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” this story details how Buffy Summers first became the vampire slayer we all know and love and the character development that she goes through to realize her true destiny Viva Las Buffy Written by Scott Lobdell and Fabian NiciezaArtwork by Cliff RichardsAfter Buffy gets expelled for burning down her old school she and Pike run away from home and ended up in Las Vegas to start a new life But Buffy will soon learn that she cannot run away from her problems when she encounters a sinister ring going on inside the casino Dawn and Hoopy the Bear Written and artwork by Paul LeeDawn Summers Buffy’s younger sister ends up getting a cute little teddy bear named Hoopy the Bear from a total stranger and while she loves her teddy bear unconditionally she will soon realize that Hoopy the Bear is not what he seems at all Slayer Interrupted Written by Scott Lobdell and Fabian NiciezaArtwork by Cliff RichardsInspired by the “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” TV episode “Normal Again” Buffy’s parents ended up admitting Buffy to a rehab center since they believed that Buffy has gone insane when she started talking about her vampire slaying business Has Buffy really gone insane and her vampire slaying business is really all in her head or is Buffy’s destiny truly real? What I loved about this story The writing Oh my goodness Who would have thought that several separate stories about Buffy’s early years as a vampire slayer would be mind blowing good? I have to tell you that I enjoyed each story in this volume although the only story that I thought was half way decent was “Dawn and Hoopy the Bear” and I think that each writer had done this series a true justice I was always curious about the origin story of “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” since I was only familiar with the TV series created by Joss Whedon and I have never seen the original 1992 movie that detailed the origin story of “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” although I did see bits and pieces of the movie when I was younger When I first found out that the original 1992 movie was not what Joss Whedon originally intended when he scripted out the origin story for “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” I was a bit surprised and yet not really since this is Hollywood we are talking about and I was glad that we got a closer interpretation of Joss Whedon’s vision of the origin story of “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” in this omnibus since I wanted to see how Joss Whedon really wanted Buffy’s origin story to go I also enjoyed the fact that we get to see not only Buffy’s early years but other characters too like Spike Drusilla and Angel I really loved Spike and Drusilla’s story since they are truly funny together and I always wanted to know what Spike was like before he met Buffy I was also really excited to see Angel in this omnibus since I love Angel as a character even though I wished that Angel had his own story in this volume so we get to learn about his character during his early yearsThe artwork The artwork in each story is truly beautiful and effective to look at especially with how each artist manage to capture the actor and actresses’ true facial expressions I think the artists that really captured Sarah Michelle Gellar’s facial expressions the best were Joe Bennet and Cliff Richards as they truly draw the characters realistically and it felt like I was really watching a TV episode of “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” since each character look like their live action counterparts from the TV series What made me feel uncomfortable about this story For anyone who does not like language and gory violence in a graphic novel this omnibus does have some language and gory violence mostly revolving around Buffy staking vampires in gory ways Also I have mentioned that the short story “Dawn and Hoopy the Bear” was a story line that I could have done without since I felt that this story did not really bring anything to the main stories and was just there to tell a story about Dawn Final Thoughts Overall “Buffy the Vampire Slayer Omnibus Volume 1” is a truly fantastic volume for anyone who is a huge fan of “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” in general and who wants to learn about the origin stories of our favorite vampire slayerReview is also on Rabbit Ears Book Blog

  4. Gary Sundell Gary Sundell says:

    45 stars I didn't care much for the artwork in the first story which features Drusilla and Spike All of the stories are set before season 1 I enjoyed the rest although seeing Dawn is a bit weird I know when she was introduced on the show it was stated reality was altered and she was always there as Buffy's kid sister

  5. Iris Iris says:

    Challenge #49 A book based on or turned into a tv show POPsugar reading challenge 2015 I FINALLY FINISHED THE CHALLENGE

  6. elizabeth • paper ghosts elizabeth • paper ghosts says:

    I'm going to be upfront and mention that probably any and all Buffy andor Angel graphic novels are going to be totally biased on my part I kind of have a borderline unhealthy obsession with Buffyso yeah I'll still try to be critical but they're pretty much all going to be five star ratings from me ;As in my Charmed graphic novel reviews I'll be breaking these down by issue I don't discuss too much of storyline because I like to stay mostly spoiler free ;1 All's Fair Loved starting it all off with Spike and Dru It's the 1930's the World Fair is in town and our two favorite baddies are creating a little mayhem This chapter is a little on the short side but it packs a punch I'm looking forward to potentially seeing characters from this one make an appearance later onThe script was very good The dialogue sounded pretty much exactly how the show would have sounded especially Drusilla She's that lovely balance of crazy and poetic However the art style does not resemble the actors especially poor Dru and the overall style is a little stereotypical comic book Perhaps a little uninspired The colors were absolutely wonderful though full and saturated I also don't believe that Spike was blonde in the 30's But besides that minor detail still a good addition to the Buffy lore2 Buffy The OriginIn this volume we go back to the original Buffy film and kind of zip through the whole plot in one huge whirlwind of action The art style was much to my liking and even though the character art did not resemble the actors it didn't bother me at all The script is snappy but it somehow still lacked a little bit of that Buffy fire I also appreciated the lack of boobalicious I hate when graphic adaptations of shows take characters and give them bodies that in no way resemble the actor who played them Skin tight clothes I can handle but overflowing chests I cannot I was glad to see a distinct lack of that in this But I'm not entirely sure why some vampires were greenOh and Lothos? Hothothothot3 Viva Las BuffyThis is where things definitely picked up for me I loved seeing what went on in the gap between the movie and start of the television show Plus I'd always wanted to know what happened to Pike Speaking of which I loved Pike's narration in this chapter It's lovely and just a little bit sad The artist team really captures the essence of most of the characters as well Buffy looks pretty much just like Sarah Michelle Gellar which I loooove Giles and Angel look pretty amazingly accurate too I was very pleased with Dawn and Joyce as well and yay for Wesley cameoI also have to mention how much I love the inclusion of Dawn in these Yes she wasn't really there but her entire family would have the memories of her It just seems fitting and I always loved Dawn as a character anyway I loved the separate storylines going on as well One in London one in Vegas It gave the story a sense of depth to me The conjoined twin villain was awesomely weird and the action panels really had a chance to shineThis chapter definitely had me uestioning some things and wondering if my memory was faulty on a few finer details But overall really entertaining Fantastic artwork great action Definitely a favorite out of this omnibus4 Dawn the Hoopy BearThis lovely little Dawn centric episode was uite entertaining Little Dawn is just too freakin' cute and her dialogue was just like I would picture a young Dawn's to be The art style was a little different and maybe not my favorite but it was still pleasing to look at My only real problem was the one vamp calling dawn Nibblet No That's Spike's nickname for Dawn PI also felt kind of bad for Hoopy at the end Poor sad bear But overall an entertaining little bit of story even if it doesn't really add anything of importance to the overall story 5 Slayer InterruptedThis was definitely my favorite volume out of the entire omnibus The script and art teams were the same for this one as Viva Las Buffy and they really outshine the others in my opinion The character art looks so wonderfully accurate to the actors from the show and the action seuences are just beyond amazing and dynamic The script is wonderfully written and just the overall feel was great Buffy has the appropriate level of snark the split storyline seeing Giles as Ripper Yeah just all of it was greatAnd that Alice in Wonderland inspired spread? Stunning My overall thoughts for the first volume of these omnibuses are really positive I love seeing all the things that happened before Buffy arrives in Sunnydale We get closure with Pike see how Giles becomes Buffy's new Watcher how Buffy comes to terms with being the Slayer and sadly see her parents' marriage fall apart I can't wait to get to the next volumes This is a definitely must read for any fan of the show

  7. Brittany Brittany says:

    Being a huge fan of the Buffyverse and Joss as a whole there is nothing about this collection that I dislike The artwork is gorgeous even with the different artists styles changing up every comic or so The stories fit in beautifully with the Buffy series lending witty comments uirky facial expressions and story arcs that tie everything togetherI suppose you COULD read the comics in the order that they actually came out if that's what strikes your fancy However if you're a fan of the show or just want the continuity that this has to offer reading the omnibus' as they are is perfectEvery single BtVS fan should read this Every single Joss fan should read this You should all read this

  8. Shan( Shans_Shelves) & Shan( Shans_Shelves) & says:

    Not the best comic ever but also not the worse Out of all four short comics I liked 3 of them which wasn’t bad I feel like I’m just gonna leave the comics for now and go watch the show I’m curious 🤔

  9. Edmund Edmund says:

    This was a really fun read All the issues collected in this comics felt in line with the tv show and Buffy of course doesn't fail to deliver her one liners while slaying I have to say I enjoyed all the comics but my favourite definitely was Slayer Interrupted Buffy faces new challenges as a new slayer and slowly learns about her destiny What really surprised me was that Dawn was included in the comics so early I expected it to be in line with the show but I have to say I'm glad she was there The issue about her and the bear was really cool even though it was uite shortSo overall 4 stars and a big recommendation for all Buffy fans Can't wait to see all of the Scoobies together soon in the next issues

  10. Ela Ela says:

    All’s Fair 3 starsBuffy The Origin 4 starsViva Las Buffy 4 starsDawn Hoopy the Bear 45 starsSlayer Interrupted Chapter 123 4 45 stars

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