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Stepping Stone [Reading] ➶ Stepping Stone By Karin Kallmaker – Motion picture producer Selena Ryan has the impossible Fame and fortune and her integrity Her reputation for playing fair in an industry rife with games has earned her respect from other producers wri Motion picture producer Selena Ryan has the impossible Fame and fortune and her integrity Her reputation for playing fair in an industry rife with games has earned her respect from other producers writers and actors She's learned the lesson that plenty of people would like to use her to get what they want a starring role or some other way into the movies Most of them feel no obligation to return any favors she might give Burned badly by actress Jennifer Lamont who used her and left her with a devastating aftermath she's wary of everyone related to the industry Surrounded by gatekeepers to keep the hopeful at bay aspiring starlets have tried every trick in the book to make Selena's acuaintance When Gail Welles literally lands in Selena's lap she suspects another ploy Jennifer's sudden announcement that Selena is still her one and only is eually ill timed and suspect Selena wants everyone to leave her alone even if that means living without love Lights camera and action are the backdrop for this novel of taking chances by Golden Crown and Lambda Literary award winning author Karin Kallmaker.

  • Paperback
  • 206 pages
  • Stepping Stone
  • Karin Kallmaker
  • English
  • 11 February 2015
  • 9781594931604

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10 thoughts on “Stepping Stone

  1. mishi mishi says:

    The story moved awfully slow The main characters had good chemistry but they spent a lot of time apart So for most of the book I kept waiting for them to share a scene

  2. Arien Arien says:

    4 stars I really enjoyed this one especially the characters The Hollywood drama was engaging too No real downsides to this book besides the slow burn taking forever and the book ending with them getting together But it's satisfying enough and the rest of the book was excellent I always enjoy books with proper character growth

  3. hubsie hubsie says:

    My very first Kallmaker I have been waiting to start her books and I'd say this was a good first step so to speak Pretty pleased she has a collection of about 30 some to get throughMC Gail and MC Selena worked really well together as the leads in this book I actually uite enjoyed that Ms Kallmaker first appeared to describe them as rather plain using words like scrawny awkward dull brown hair poor haircuts etc But as the book goes on and the two get to know each other these descriptors change for their eyes alone Neat I found Selena to be the kind of strong assertive woman character that I enjoy dedicated to her craft powerful multi tasker but a soft and kind person underneath She was burned bad in the past by an actress Jennifer who is a very convincing villain Gail was a full on dynamic personality that I'm pretty sure i'd be good friends with However I found the book only took off after the half way point as there are a lot of dry details about the film industry to contend with I see why the author did this as it gave a fresh perspective on a career I know nothing about but the characters hardly spend any time together I did have to put this down a few times but continued due to the strength of the writer There is some sizzle and heat in a few short scenes but nothing that explicit

  4. Corrie Corrie says:

    ”There are three kinds of Hollywood parties—brawls benefits and bright lights As a rule when an evening had all three Selena Ryan attended them in that order After a polite appearance at a brawl she could be gone before the police were necessary still stay awake during the speeches lauding everyone’s favorite charity of the evening and arrive at the strut posture and pose after the A list had sated the paparazzi” Lights camera and action are the backdrop for this novel of taking chances by Golden Crown and Lambda Literary award winning author Karin KallmakerStepping Stone is all about Hollywood Not so much the glamour of it but the hard working side a movie producer faces making an independent movie And we get to see it all through the eyes of Gail Welles waitress by day but dreaming to get her break in the industry someday soonHer start is rather auspicious when she and a plate of food end up in the lap of top producer Selena Ryan Selena is far from impressed and even suspects it might be a ploy to get noticed It wouldn’t be the first time she gets used that way Burned too often Selena has become weary of actors and their motives for wanting to know her Her recent devastating heartbreak courtesy of the gorgeous Jennifer Lamont is reason enough not to ever mix business and pleasure againBut this being a romance and a lovely slow burn one at that we already know Selena will lose her heart again But it’s a wonderful journey as we follow our cast throughout the making of this movie Kallmaker really knows how to write Hollywood The book was originally published in 2009 I read the book 4 years ago Since then I forgot most of the details so listening to the audio book version felt like it was all new again I love that these older books get a new life now they are re published for the growing audio book marketThe narration was done by Abby Craden She of the fabulous voice There seems to be a growing demand for her voice acting and that doesn’t surprise me She can make any book sound good Not that this wasn’t a good book to begin with If you love Hollywood and are curious to know what happens behind the scenes this is your chance to find outI love how guileless Gail gets the break she has been longing for and in the process wins over the heart of once bitten twice shy Selena Selena’s ex the Luscious Lamont is not giving up without a fight Oh no There will be drama and joy glitz and glamour and plenty of gossip but ultimately there will be a Hollywood ending So get yourself some popcorn and press playLook out for the fabulous Buzztastic gossip sound bites They are a hootff explicitThemes Hollywood making an independent movie and what comes with it a broken heart Barcelona the tabloid press Hollywood agents auditions schmoozing reputation is everything5 StarsAvailable for free with a Scribd subscription

  5. Les Rêveur Les Rêveur says:

    This book is not written in a typical Lesfic romance format The story got off to a slow start I thought the characters where never going to have their moment but when it happens boy is it worth the slow burnThe book starts off giving a little background on Selena She’s a movie producer philanthropist and the owner of a broken heart care of the very gorgeous and talented actress Jennifer Lamont Selena is wary of love that could break her heart again and Gail Welles is everything that could wreck herGail is a struggling actress and has given herself a time limit on making it in Hollywood before heading back to her hometown and starting again Just when she thinks all is lost she gets her big breakGail never expected to be attracted to Selena and vice versa however the heart wants what the heart want Selena doesn’t want to get her heart broken by another actress and she also doesn’t want to create another media buzz about sleeping with a cast member There were so many moments for these women to make and every time I was left disappointed but wanting I enjoyed Stepping Stone 35 StarsI have just downloaded Kallmaker's next novel in the series Captain of Industry to keep going with Jennifer Lamont’s storyFavourite uote'Maybe because she was rare Rare and fine a one of a kind woman Sweet natured without being humorless Sexy God yes sexy Blood rushed in her ears remembering Gail's words The only power you have over me is what i give you'

  6. Clare Ashton Clare Ashton says:

    Loved the behind the scenes Hollywood setting for this book and also the atypical starheroine of the character actress Maybe slow to build for some but I loved the extra meat on this book beyond a short bare bones romance and I love it when a romance has another dimension The writing is of course divineA tie with Captain of Industry for my favourite Kallmaker and a perfect preuel for that book

  7. Alealea Alealea says:

    I'm binge reading Karin Kallmaker's books this monthI four stars this one for the mains There are so good characters I probably had a happy dance by myself reading their story on the coach ^^It's a feel good funny story and minor characters are great except the Awful ex but she has her own storyThe writer tropes seems to be awful birth families bereavement light miscommunication lava hot sex scene

  8. Best Lesfic Reviews Best Lesfic Reviews says:

    One struggling actress waiting for her break One scheming and self serving leading lady angling for an award One A listed good hearted hunk of an actor One indie producer and her sure to succeed new movieRead the full review

  9. Class Julie Class Julie says:

    My favorite Kallmaker book Reread for the XXXXème time with as much pleasure than the first

  10. Alena Alena says:

    I can hardly ever resist buying a new Karin Kallmaker novel I don't like all of them but when she has a good story to tell she tells it wellI have to admit I was a bit turned off by the Hollywood setting beforehand it seemed the perfect setting for a shallow storyI'm happy to say it wasn't shallow Both characters and story are developed well It moves slowly and presents the perspectives of both main characters you really get inside their heads and the attraction is palpable The secondary characters are great as well and the story while not exactly taking unexpected turns does avoid some lesfic romance clichés it could have fallen into easily While reading I could point out certain scenes where things could have headed in a clichéd direction but didn't That made me very happy while reading itReasons that attributed to why I liked the story was its length 250 pages I think which makes it roughly 50 pages longer than the average lesfic novel These 50 pages really show in terms of character and story development Also the end didn't feel abrupt at all well rounded story from start to endOn the down side I once have to note that Bella is the undefeated typo champion

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