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The Rich are Different ➹ [Download] ➵ The Rich are Different By Susan Howatch ➼ – Dinah Slade was young enough to be Paul Van Zale's daughter But she didn't care She was a very ambitious and beautiful woman with her eye on Van Zale's tremendous fortune However she hadn't counted on Dinah Slade was young enough to be Paul Van Zale's daughter But she didn't care She The Rich ePUB ´ was a very ambitious and beautiful woman with her eye on Van Zale's tremendous fortune However she hadn't counted on falling in love Paul found himself attracted to Dinah in a way he had long forgotten Her vitality her sensuality consumed him With her he could forget his past his wife his enemies his empire.

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  1. Deborah Pickstone Deborah Pickstone says:

    Re read last year but am writing reviews for all the early novels in light of their historical back stories This review is substantially the same as for the seuel Sins of the FathersI love Susan Howatch's psychological writing More I love her method of taking a historical context and transposing it to a modern one; in this case the story of Julius Caesar I see very few people seem to read the back story of Caesar as they review this book so I thought I would make a detailed review than usualAll of Howatch's books are written in this way including the Starbridge series and the St Benet's trilogy However this is one of the earlier novels all written in a Gothic novel style and all covering an historical epoch This is part 1 of the storyThe cast of characters is as followsPaul Van Zale Julius CaesarLucius Clyde Lucius Cornelius SullaDolly Cornelia Caesar's first wifeMarietta Pompeia Caesar's second wifeSylvia Van Zale Calpurnia Caesar's third wifeElizabeth Clayton ServiliaCornelius van Zale Caesar Augustus OctavianSam Keller Marcus Vipsanius AgrippaKevin Daly MaecenasJake Reichsmann probably Herod this is not entirely clear but seems the best fit to me as a he's Jewish and b he heads a rival bankcountryDinah Slade Cleopatra VIIVicky Van Zale Julia Caesar's daughterAlan Slade CaesarionEmily OctaviaSteve Sullivan Mark AntonyLuke Sullivan Lucius AntoniusCaroline Sullivan FulviaTony Sullivan Marcus Antonius AntyllusScott Sullivan Iullus Antonius Rose and Lori Sullivan Antonia Major and MinorJason Da Costa Gnaeus Pompeius MagnusGreg Da Costa Sextus PompeiusBruce Clayton Marcus Iunius BrutusCharley Blair Cassius LonginusTerence O'Reilly Publius Cornelius Dolabella possiblyMildred AtiaWade Blackett Lucius Marcius PhilippusLewis LepidusElfrida Edred and George Sullivan Cleopatra Selene Ptolemy Helios and Ptolemy Philadelphus Mark Antony's children with Cleopatra VIIVivienne ScriboniaAlicia Foxworth LiviaRalph Foxworth Tiberius Claudius Nero Livia's first husbandSebastian TiberiusAndrew Nero Claudius Drusus GermanicusThe other thing I love is the way she shifts from one character to another so that you get told a part of the story from a completely different perspective PLUS getting a different view on a character as we slip behind his or her mask who may have been represented uite differently when someone else was the narrator And they are ALL complex psychological studies just like real people areI am not entirely in agreement with the way she develops some of the characters Elizabeth for instance is a very gentle Scribonia but that's part of the charm of the thing; after all we all see people differently In the seuel I am taken aback by the brainlessness of Andrew Nero Claudius Drusus GermanicusSo you can read this straight as a Gothic novel or you can read it with one eye on the back story Either way it's engaging writing but the latter way it becomes mesmerising as Howatch demonstrates that all human stories are able to be repeated over and over again; just the context changes

  2. Anna Anna says:

    I loved Cashelmara and The Wheel of Fortune and can't wait to read Penmarric Howatch's series which takes the infamous Plantagenets and places them in 'modern day' settings and was therefore looking forward to The Rich Are Different which retells the story of Ceaser Cleopatra Mark Antony and Augustus Unlike the Plantagenets who I know well I've never read about the Romans and was keen to discover their story as well as get swept away in a big fat family saga full of love lust hate and murder but it didn't really happen for me Perhaps not knowing the story held me back; perhaps the 1920s Wall Street setting wasn't my era; perhaps the differing narrations between the main characters were too samey; perhaps it was all just a bit too blokey and boardroomy for my tastes? Whether it's my fault for not fully embracing the Roaring Twenties Romans or Howatch's fault for not selling them to me I don't know; all I do know I'm massively disappointed Still really looking forward to Penmarric though

  3. Roberto Roberto says:

    I am in awe with Susan Howatch as this novel was the most pleasant surprise for me I bought a battered copy of this novel a old one from the 70s with a misleading cover on a charity sale and after a couple of years standing in my library I decided to give it a go but expecting it to be a romance novel No sir not at all I loved it from the beginning and being so pleased with the book I made a little research about it and found it was a modern? retelling of Julius Caesar Cleopatra Mark Anthony Octavius set in the roaring twenties in New York and England What I most admire about Howatch is her skill to make such unlikeable characters sympathetic we do not agree with their choices nor opinions nevertheless we care for them and what will happen to them though I admit I made a effort about Stephen as I think he was the less likeable character in a novel full of unpleasant people Everything in this novel is to savour descriptions and dialogues are truly authentic and despite this novel has 700 pages it flowed fuidly as this novel was indeed riveting making me read 100 pages each day at least Now you can count me as a Susan Howatch fan as I intend to read her other novels as well

  4. Christy Christy says:

    This book sucked me in It took place during the post WWI economic boom and crisis and continued to WWII It mirrored the lives of Cleopatra Julius Caesar Augustus and Mark Antony but it took place on Wall Street and in London It was so creatively done that I didn't realize until I was half way through it that the story sounded familiar This was a dream for me as a student of history because of the constant references to historical events and people I found each character interesting because I couldn't decide whether I admired them or hated them The economic background was a little intimidating because I am not knowledgeable about financial history but Howatch did a great job dumbing it down enough for ignorant readers like me There was some language and a little sex in this book as well as plenty of adultry so don't read it if that makes you uncomfortable Other than that it was a fascinating and enjoyable read

  5. Misfit Misfit says:

    England 1922 Wealthy New York banker Paul Van Zale decides to entertain himself by investing in Dinah Slade's cosmetics enterprise Despite the great difference in their ages the two begin an affair but Paul's past sins eventually call him back to his wife and the cut throat world of Wall Street and maybe a gangster or two I'm in a bit of a review slump and not up to a full blown recap of events so I'm keeping this short and sweet Paul and Dinah have plenty of ups and downs and dirty dealings plus there's his wife and his heir and nephew to deal with The book begins in 1922 and the banking focus gives the reader a real inside look at the stock trading bonanza of the late 20s plus a chilling look at the crash of 1929 Fans of big fat juicy family suabbles should put this one on their list and as always Howatch excels at the alternating first person POV She should give lessons to today's writersslightly spoilerish going forward so I'll mark with the spoiler tag even though I'm not spoilingview spoilerReaders familiar with Howatch's books know she'll tie her characters and story with parallels to real historical people events Penmarric Cashelmara and Wheel of Fortune parallel the Plantagenets of England The parallel this time around is that of Julius Caesar Cleopatra and Marc Anthony How she ends up that sordid little mess you'll just have to read for yourself hide spoiler

  6. Catherine Catherine says:

    My first Susan Howatch novel I was only half through this story when I purchased 10 of her novels Yeah she's that good

  7. Theresa Theresa says:

    This book reminded meof why I love to read Well written engrossing plots peopled with fully developed characters who stimulate the gamut of emotions from like to loathing make for a book in which I can become totally immersed The Rich Are Different is just such a bookThe author's depth of financial and social knowledge of America in the 1920's and 30's is outstanding Her descriptions of the final heady days before the October 1929 stock market crash are suspenseful and heartbreaking and lead to eually upsetting images of the golden dream turned nightmare The plotting scheming and backstabbing of the captains of finance mostly men with little or no moral compass makes for compelling reading and invites comparisons to 'the too big to fail' institutions of the early 21st century Apart from the financial events of the times is the story of family friend and business relationships All of them are messy tenuous and at times downright frightening None of the major characters seem to have any morals and very little conscience but they are riveting nonethelessThere is a seuel to this book which I plan to purchase and begin reading as soon as I finish writing this review While 'The Rich Is a complete novel I can't wait to find out what happens next in the lives of Cornelius and Dinah as well as the second generation of the Van Zale and Sullivan families You may find yourself adrift in some of the economic machinations but persist as this novel is well worth your time and effort

  8. Kendra Kenny Kendra Kenny says:

    Still great 20 years laterI read this book in my teens and always remembered how engrossed I became in the soap opera like lives of Dinah Paul Sylvia Steve and Cornelius I've always wanted to re read and now that I have I love it just as much as I did then and that each of these main characters had the opportunity to tell their side of the story Although it's a hefty book it's an easy read and has solidified itself as one of my favorite books

  9. Katya Katya says:

    I've read this book when I was 20 or so then again when I was in my 30's and just re read it again in my 40's There's just something about this story and I pick up different things I didn't notice before or didn't understand on every reading I just recently relized that it mirrors the story of Cleopatra Julius Ceasar and Mark Antony but set in the 1900's Love it Wish the author picked a different title it very misleading

  10. Monica Monica says:

    Oh my goodness I remember reading this years ago with my first reading group in Austin and love love loving it Read several others by the same author back then though they were hard to come by Don't remember too many of the specifics shocker just that it opened up a whole new world of historical fiction for me Glad to see it's out in kindle format now and looking forward to reading it again and reliving all the family drama

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